That'll Be the Day - Chapter One
Published Apr 5, 2013

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Chapter One:

'A New World'

Here's the next installment, I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter One:

'A New World'

Here's the next installment, I hope you enjoy it!
"Are you alright, then?" Caleb asked, passing her drink.

"Mm-hm" she said between gulps, a little shaky, and then put the glass down on the floor. She had been awake for an hour or so, the night had been hard and had reduced her to a state of turbulent shaking.
Katrina came into the room, Caleb stood up to face her.
"We're ready to go" Katrina said when she reached him. She glaced at Esme, then back to Caleb, who nodded, then she turned and walked away. Esme watched her jump off the end of the balcony, it didn't bother her anymore. She had seen it done many times over the past hour.

Caleb was hesitant to turn around, for one long there was uninterrupted silence.
He heard shuffling behind him. Caleb turned, facing Esme, who had since stood up. She looked at him. She looked straight into his eyes, searching for any reason to be afraid. She did not find one.

"Take me with you," she said, decidedly brave.

It was a polite request. No. It was a shy demand. Caleb saw it this way, and he was right to, but he wasn't going to give in so easily. Or, so he thought...
Katrina had seen the two coming, she seemed rather surprised, and unenthusiastic, about the situation. But didn't outwardly object, but she did wonder what was going through Caleb's head when Esme had asked. Katrina was positive Caleb didn't invite her. Esme fell asleep in the car, on the way to she didn't know where.

Esme awoke in a place she had never been, on a bed of some simplicity. She rolled over and opened her eyes wide. The drapes let little light in, she couldn't see as well as she might have wanted to.
She placed her hand next to her head and slowly lifted herself off of the bed. She could hear singing coming from the next room. And so, cautiously ventured through the house. Esme looked around the room, examining what was there. Not much of interest, a chest of drawers, a mirror, a pile of clean, neatly folded mens shirts, and a jewellery box.

She placed her hand on the doornob, and turned.
Esme saw a woman in the kitchen, she seemed to be in her own world, with a song in her head and dance in her feet. Esme slowly walked up to her. The woman turned around, sudden surprise entered her expression and she stopped singing, "Oh good, you're awake!" her voice was musical.

Esme let out a small, "Hello."
"I made you some pancakes," she gave a small laugh, "Given me the first excuse to use a kitchen in fourteen years."

"What are you?" Esme asked cautiously, and cautiously. Fourteen years? There's something not quite right about that.

She smiled wickedly, showing off her teeth, Esme stared. She then laughed, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you."
A muffled cry reached them, she tensed and placed the pancakes on the counter.

"Please, sit down, I'll be right back," and she turned to leave the room.
Esme stood alone for a time, not moving a muscle. Simply staring at the plate of pancakes. Was it alright to eat? She didn't know, and didn't want to risk it but her growling stomach convinced her otherwise. She picked up the plate and sat down at the table. Esme had only half finished her meal before the door opened. Esme turned her head and stood up. "This is little Jaycee," she said holding the child's hand.

Esme couldn't help smiling, she walked up to them. They looked very much alike, Esme supposed that she carried more of the mother's features. Esme waved at the girl, and smiled. The child reached out her hand and grabbed Esme's finger. She stared at it when a new thought crossed her mind, one that reminded that these people weren't human; the girl's touch convinced her that maybe they weren't so different.

"Where is Caleb? And Katrina?" she asked suddenly, but calm and still smiling at the little one.
Caleb and Katrina walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

"Come in," a voice from inside.
They scurried into the house and Esme turned to them, she wanted to ask where they had been.

"Thanks Delaney," Katrina said the the golden haired vampire.

"No trouble at all," she replied with a smile.
It was a short journey. They came to a house of some size, Esme was oblivious to the reason of being here, but felt it was a bit more involved than the first was. "Stay here," Katrina ordered, she and Caleb disappeared behind the door. Esme didn't know what to do with herself. She stood in the hall pathetically, looking around. She began to wonder what she'd gotten herself into. Her cold feet weren't helping much. Esme had thrown her heels over the edge of the balcony before they left, and she nad been glad to see them go. It was several minutes before they exited the mysterious room, Esme looked at them questioningly. Another man came to the doorway. One Esme did not know.

"May I see you, Miss?" he asked, without emotion.

Esme was hesitant. Katrina came up behind her and pushed her gently, "Just be calm," she said. Esme hadn't expected this reassurance from Katrina, but was grateful. She slowly passed through the door.
He did not face her, only stood behind his desk looking at the wall. Esme walked up to him, holding her breath.

He spoke formally, "My name is Lewis Hearth."
The others waited the outcome of the Esme's meeting with Mr Hearth. Neither of the young supernaturals knew what was to happen, they each had a faint idea of their own, but no one can predict Mr. Lewis Hearth. Except himself. After one last question Esme felt as if she had just been interviewed for a job, little did she know that's what it was. Mr. Hearth had asked her many questions, saying nothing about himself and only vaguely explaining what they did. It was quite dark by the time they finished, it wasn't yet midday when she had entered the room. With a sudden glance at her, the first proper look, he made his decision. He moved quickly to the bookcase and pulled out a book with leather binding and gold leafed letters. The bookcase opened.

"Come," he said, he did not look at her but walked onward.

Esme was followed with caution.
The bookcase closed behind them. But It was dark, but Esme did not panic. Mr. Hearth went down the steps that opened up to him as they went on.

Coming to a very dark place, Esme couldn't even see what was directly in front of her. When Hearth reached the bottom of the stairs he took but a few paces and stopped. The last sign of life that Esme could hear was now gone. Anticipation overwhelmed her.
And then...
Everything was alight. Magically, torches lit up along the stone walls, one by one until out of sight. It was a long passage, Esme couldn't see the end f it. Once enough torches were lit to see where he was placing his feet, Mr Hearth started forward again. At the end of the tunnel there was a single door. It opened with the touch of his finger, to a place very different from what they had just passed through. He opened the sixth door on the left. "Katrina, will you find Miss Carter some suitable clothes, please?" he requested of her. Katrina looked up from her book, wide eyed and astonished she nodded. With that he left. Esme focused her eyes on her, very confused about the whole situation. Katrina knew what was occurring. In the case at hand, there was not enough time to send for clothes elsewhere. Katrina did as she was bid, taking Esme further down the corridor. Someone came around the corner. Someone Esme didn't recognise. "Woah, woah, Katrina, who is this?" he said puzzled.

"Logan," Katrina began, an exhausted tone in her voice, "This is Esme,"

Logan looked suspitiously, and chuckled, "What's she doing here?"
"She works with us now,"

Logan raised his eyebrows, and turned to Esme, "Well you're certainly in for an adventure,"

Katrina rolled her eyes "This is Logan, our questioning expert," She pronounced the word 'expert' decidedly sarcastic. Earning her a look of annoyance from him, which she simply dismissed. He would say he wasn't an expert yet, but would be. He was only here for the training.
"Pleasure to make your aquaintance," Logan bent over to kiss her hand. Esme stood awkwardly, looking to Katrina for an explaination.

"Back off Logan, she's not accustomed to your ways," Katrina was annoyed at the immaturity that he had introduced here. Though he did act his age, there were times when he was wished eslewhere, which was often, she pushed Logan to the side.

Tumbling backward, Logan laughed, "Okay, okay, so what is she?"

Silence. "The boss man let a human join the team? He let a human into the house?!" Logan was just as surprised as Katrina had been, if not more, he didn't know Hearth anywhere near as much as she did.

Katrina nodded.

"Wow," he turned to Esme, "impressive,"
Katrina rolled her eyes, "Always nice talking to you, Logan." And she started back down the corridor.

"It was nice to meet you," he hastily added.

"You too," Esme said out of habit more than sincereity as she followed Katrina.
"This is where you will be staying," Caleb opened the door for Esme. Esme passed slowly through the doorway, and examined the room. She looked at Caleb, a grateful smile grew on her face. Caleb looked at her, it was so strange. Here she was with nothing, her last living relative had just passed away, she had rather unfortunate experience with a vampire and been taken to a place unfamiliar to her yet through it all she still seemed to smile. Caleb decided to leave her to her thoughts, he turned on the lamp and closed the door. Esme eyed the door, then took out something from her pocket. Esme sat on the bed and studied the thing for a moment, before slipping it onto her finger. Then she layed down to rest. Had Esme known how early they were going to wake up she might have tried harder to clear her mind and fall asleep. She was still rubbing her eyes when they got into the taxi. "Where to?" the driver asked. "The train station," Caleb told him. There you go, I hope you enjoyed it!

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#1stichtaskApr 6, 2013

Lovely. Worth the wait. \:\)

#2AlessaFayeApr 6, 2013

Amazing chapter! Looking forward to the next one! \:\)

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