Don't Hesitate - Chapter Nine
Published Apr 7, 2013

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This is my first story so please Don’t Hesitate to rate / comment.

I would like to thank all the TSR (and other site) creators for all of the CC that may appear in my story.

Thank you and enjoy.

Chapter One:

This is my first story so please Don’t Hesitate to rate / comment.

I would like to thank all the TSR (and other site) creators for all of the CC that may appear in my story.

Thank you and enjoy.

Chapter One:
Maggie stood there dumbfounded as I explained what was going on, then she rushed around the counter to hug me.

She just held me, not saying a word as I cried an ocean of tears, knowing that nothing she could say in that moment would help.

After a good ten minutes, I finally felt like my tears had dried up and I stepped back, but Maggie kept a grip on my arms.
“Oh, honey” she said, “You should have called me. I would have come home straight away”.

Sniffling I nodded at her and said through the thickness in my throat “I know, that’s why I didn’t call. You needed that time away, and besides, I didn’t know exactly what was happening until this morning and I thought it was pointless to worry you until I knew the truth”.
“That snake” she suddenly spat out, leaning back against the kitchen counter. “I knew things were bad but I never thought he could do this to you!”

I jumped at her sudden outburst and she looked at me apologetically. “I’m sorry, I’m just so mad at him for putting you through this”.

She took my hand and led me into to lounge room to sit me on the couch.
“Do you know who she is?” she asked,
I shook my head then reached up to rub the side of my head, I could feel a dull ache growing there. “I didn’t ask. I don’t want to know”.

“I do. I’d love to get a hold of her too” she said sitting beside me.

She sighed heavily and sat there with her hand on her hip looking straight ahead, probably contemplating what she would do if she could get her hands on the woman.
Then she looked at me suddenly, “You said something about Markus before and feeling guilty? We haven’t laid eyes on him in years. Where does he fit into this? Didn’t he leave town years ago to pursue his dreams of becoming a Five Star Chef?”
I grimaced.

“Well, he’s back” I said and filled her in on what had happened there.

“Well, that certainly changes things” she muttered leaning forward to place her chin in her hand and consider this news.

“I know what you have to do!” she said suddenly jumping up and pacing the lounge room, deep in thought.
I warily crossed my arms, dreading the thought of what she ‘thought I had to do’.

“You, my sweet, need to take a couple of weeks to get your head right, then go and see Markus. He is one Hot little potato pie who will most surely take your mind of things”, glancing at me she hurried on before I could interject.

“Hear me out will you? I don’t mean that you should get revenge on Joshua by sinking to his level. What I mean is, Markus is a great guy if I remember correctly. From what you’ve told me, if you let him he could probably show you what life could be like without Joshua. You can’t make a decision about the rest of your life based on your limited experience of love and dating in high school. You might find out that you really are in love with Joshua, and that it would be worth trying to sort things out. Or you might come to find that the romantic love is gone, that you only love him as the father of your child. You will never know unless you try it?”
Maggie came back over and knelt down in front of me.
“You have the divine right to explore every avenue of this trial separation Quinn. From what I understand, that’s what it’s all about. Taking the time to evaluate your life and try new things, in order to better understand what it is you want for your future.”

“But Charlie…..” I started, and she interrupted me.
“Honey, I don’t want to sound harsh here and I know you want what’s best for Charlie, but this isn’t about him. No matter what happens, he will be ok. He will have two parents who adore him, they just might not live under the same roof. He’s a smart kid, he’ll understand. Sometimes you have to put everybody else aside and think about yourself. You can’t keep sacrificing your happiness in lieu of everybody else’s.” She shifted her position in front of me and gave me a tender smile. “You asked me here for my talented advice so I ask you, have I ever given you faulty advice before?”

I looked at her scathingly, remembering an incident 11 years ago where my hair had turned a particularly nasty shade of orange, after taking her ‘advice’ to dye my hair.
She gave an embarrassed laugh and said “I mean about something that’s important?”

“No,” I sighed. I stood up and walked around her to the window.

“I’ll think about it” I said.
I turned to her smiling and, determined to get her to drop it, suggested we go to a movie to take my mind of things.
After Maggie dropped me back home late that afternoon, I busied myself around the house for a while then started to prepare dinner, glancing out of the window every so often waiting for Joshua to bring Charlie home.

When dinner was nearly cooked, I heard Joshua’s car pull up in the driveway.
The front door opened and I called out “I’m in here”.

Joshua and Charlie came into the kitchen, and Charlie ran over to see what was cooking.
“Mmm, Spaghetti.” Charlie looked at me appreciatively.

He looked over at his father, “Are you staying for dinner dad, before you go back?”

“No, I’m sorry I can’t. I’ve got a lot of paperwork to get through before tomorrow’s morning meeting” he said smiling apologetically.

“How about you go wash up for dinner Charlie, I need to speak to your mum for a minute”.
We waited for the sounds of Charlie’s footsteps at the top of the stairs, and wiping my hands on a tea towel, I turned to look at him.

“I think you should move to the city for a while” I said before he could ask.
“But I want you to promise me, that when Charlie goes to visit you on the weekends, you actually spend time with him. No working on the weekends while you have him.”
Joshua shifted on his feet, ready to interject but I gave him a look that stopped him in his tracks.

“A big part of the troubles we are having now, come from your inability to take time out from work and spend time with your family” I told him. “If you want me to take the time to consider forgiving you and letting you back into this house, then you need to take the time to prove that you actually want to be here.”

He nodded his head.
“Fair enough” he agreed.

Charlie came back into the kitchen at that moment and we both smiled at him.
Joshua walked over to squat down in front of Charlie. He cleared his throat.

“Hey Squirt. I have a lot of work to do in the next few months in the city, so your mother and I have decided that it would be better if I moved into the city apartment for a while, so that I don’t have to travel so much”.
Joshua studied Charlie’s face for any sign of emotion, but Charlie just looked at him, so Joshua continued.

“I was wondering if you would like to come and visit me in the city on the weekends. It would be just you and me for a while because we think it would be a good idea for you and I to have some quality man to man time. What do you think about that?”
Charlie glanced up at me quickly and then looked back at his father and shrugged. “Yeah, sounds good” he said.

He glanced back up at me and I thought I saw something flash in his eyes, but I couldn’t be sure what.

“Great” said Joshua, standing back up and giving Charlie a big hug.

Checking his watch, he said “Well, I really do need to get going”.
Joshua walked over to me, and gave me a quick kiss and a hug.

I hugged him back, very aware that Charlie’s eyes were watching our every move.

“Drive safe” I said, and out of habit “Call me to let me know you got there alright”.

He stood there looking at me for a moment, then he ruffled Charlie’s hair and said “I’ll see you on the weekend Squirt”.

Then he left.
Thank you for Reading.

Stay tuned for Chapter Ten.

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smileface101Apr 17, 2013

I can't wait for the next chapter, it seems like Charlie has a fair idea of whats going on with his parents in the last bit. \:\)

fruitopia VIPApr 13, 2013

Great chapter, patiently waiting for the next one

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nice story stichtask \:rah\:

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