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Published Apr 9, 2013

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Hey Guys, this is chapter 3. I hope you enjoy it. I've tried to make this chapter a little longer than the others. A lot is about to happen in Victoria Heights when Stephanie gets a real surprise.

Hey Guys, this is chapter 3. I hope you enjoy it. I've tried to make this chapter a little longer than the others. A lot is about to happen in Victoria Heights when Stephanie gets a real surprise. As I was walking out of class today, someone grabbed my wrist and hacked me into the store cupboard.
...Who do you think that was?
Of course, it was Max. He shut the door behind him and walked over to me dazed in the corner.
"Please forgive me.." he begged
"Seriously? You tried to kiss me when you had a girlfriend, you completely lied to me and Isabelle, you kidnapped me and you still expect me to for give you!! Your a real jerk sometimes!!" I ranted.
Then I barged past him and reached for the door handle. Max clenched my wrist pulling me back; and that's when my anger reached its finally point..
I looked down at his hand holding strongly onto my wrist, then I peered up at his smirking face. I just couldn't control myself by this point (but he kinda deserved it)... I forced my wrist out of his grip and slapped him right round the face, leaving a small red mark... (oh great)
I stepped back with my hand over my mouth in amazement. Max placed his hand on his cheek and looked down at me, completely shocked. Then he backed away from the door "I didn't know you felt that way..." Max mumbled quietly.
My hand was still covering my mouth as I replied "I'm so sorry".
He removed his hand from his cheek saying: "I totally deserved it.."
He flinched as I made my way toward him.
I placed my hand on his shoulder "No you didn't, that was so wrong of me" I exclaimed
"Look, I really like you..." Max mentioned, trying to change the subject
"Then you've got to choose between me or Isabelle. I mean, I totally understand if you choose Issy..." I rambled on
"You" Max interrupted
"What" I questioned
"I choose you.." He muttered
I was absolutely stunned by him decision, so I didn't say a word and just left.
At lunch, I found Isabelle sat on the floor crying.
Wondering if its to do with Max and debating if I should go over to her, she looked up at me...
She ran over to me and bursting into tear, she wrapped her arm around me. I hugged her back asking what was wrong. She said Max had broken up with her and she doesn't no why. As soon as she said that I breathed a big sigh of relief to know she was trying to hug me rather than kill me!
I feel really sorry for her now...maybe I should talk to Max about it...
In the morning I went down to the cafe and found Max there. He was sitting on his own, so I went over to him.
"Isabelle is really upset..." I announced, hoping he knew what I was yapping about.
"I already said, I choose you" He groaned "...but, do you choose me?"
"I really like you but..." I mumbled. I could see he was annoyed the way he rolled his eyes. "maybe we could just stay as besties"
"Yeah sure, I'm fine with that.." he lied.
Picking up my coffee and muffin, I stood up and waddled away...
Just as I was about to fall asleep, my phone made the annoying bleeping sound that happens when I get a message.
Barely awake, I stumbled to my desk where my phone lay, repeatedly bleeping.
I'm actually pretty pleased I even bothered to look at the text; since it was about a party that began around 5am!!
As you can expect, Max sent the message (I thought it would be the other way round when I first met him!)
Shoving a cute dress on, I marched to the bathroom to do my makeup. Like every other girl in the whole universe, I took ages to get ready!! It was worth while though (I looked pretty good). As soon as I arrived, Max raced over to me and gave me a huge hug... "You made it!!" he exclaimed. Running his fingers through my hair and looking down at my dress, he said: "I could hardly recognize you! Your so beautiful"
I think hes a little to desperate to get out of the friend zone, but I kept my distance!! I don't know if I like him or not...
Instantly, Max pulled me over to the drinks machine and bought me a drink (hes so sweet). We were chatting for ages. Max is so funny and it made me see the good side of him...maybe I shouldn't be so defensive...
We were totally chilled and didn't have any stress on our shoulders. Luke and James were there as well so we all had a laugh...
A few minutes into the party Isabelle sent me a message wondering where I was...Ummm, what was I meant to say apart from library (I know she would never even dare to enter a building full of books!!)
Eventually bubbles were flying everywhere and there were so many different colours. Max, James, Luke and I all went onto the dance floor (big mistake!). When it got to a slow song James grabbed Luke and they span off into the distance giving Max 'the wink'. Dreading what was coming next, Max kissed my hand and requested a dance...
It was alright I guess, a little awkward but ohh well!!
After the dance, Max asked if I wanted any fresh air. Being the gullible dimwit I am, I said yes.
He held my hand and peered over at James and Luke in the corner smirking. By that time, I new he was gonna make some kind of cheesy move on me!!
When we finally got ourselfs out of the crowd he sat me down on a bench. Hoping that a teacher would come round the corner and tell use to go back to our rooms, I looked over at Max, who was lost in thought. He looked back at me and said: "I'm so glad you forgave me!"
"Aww, me too!" I replied
"I've never had so much fun, even with Isabelle!" There he goes, bringing up the girlfriend subject again!!
He causally slid his hand around me and put it on my shoulder. I looked at his hand and then back at him.
"I know you probably don't want me talking about this again, but..." he mumbled "I really like you and...well...I'm crazy about you!" He turns to look at me and our eyes meet just like last time!! (wheres Mrs Hedges when ya need her!!)
My hand automatically held his. Gazing into my eyes, Max places his hand on my waist. He leaned in (just like last time).
I still wasn't sure if I liked him or not, but I knew he liked me...
Just as he was about to kiss me, I delayed him by announcing: "What will Isabelle think of this?"
"I couldn't care less right now..." he shrugged
Then he closed his eyes and lent in even more. Maybe I was right before, I wondered to I have to be less defensive?
I pressed my lips up against his. My heart was pumping right out of my chest...
When I moved my lips away, we look at each other for a few seconds, but that pause ended when my phone started to ring. Smiling he leaned over to my ear and whispered: "Just ignore it..."
I smiled back at him as he lent in to kiss me again.
After that, he took me back to my room "I had a great time, maybe we can do it again" he smiled
I wasn't sure if he meant kissing or partying.
This morning, I woke up to a quiet tapping sound on the door. Realizing that its probably Max and he was trying not to wake Issy, I crept over to the door. Isabelle was to busy snoring her head off anyway!! I was right, it was Max!! (typical)
He looked down as I was coming out. He laughed to himself as I realized I was only wearing underwear and a tank top (oh well!).
Complimenting my style he laughed and held my hands.
"Did last night mean anything?" Max asked
"Huh" I responded
"Remember we kissed..." he mumbled "Do you actually want to be with me?"
I was really taken back by this. I just kissed him and now I have to go out with him...I guess I like him though...
"Y-Yes" I replied
Thoughts were flying around my head mad.
He wrapped his hands around my waist...
"Your amazing.." He whispered before giving me a huge kiss on the lips. I giggled and put my hands on the back of his neck. " Look, you go get ready for class, I'll see ya there..." he whispered before walking away.
I was talking to Luke as we were walking out of maths. When we got to the field, I stopped him and looked around to check no-one could hear use "Look, I'm not sure about Max.." I mumbled
"Oh, my Maxie boy" he interrupted "how was last night?"
I nearly threw up inside my mouth when he said that. "What?...Okay, just listen..." I muttered
"I'm not listening until you answer the question!" he snorted
"Fine, we just kissed" I whispered
"Oh, 'you just kissed'" he repeated
"LISTEN! I'm not sure if I want to be with Max...what do you think?" I rambled.
Luke just stood there raising one eyebrow. By this point I felt like I was talking to a wall and wondered why I ever bothered.
"I'm pretty sure it would break his heart" he went on to say "I would definitely be heart broken...especially with a girl like you..."
Yeah, great help! (not)
"Whats that's supposed to mean?" I questioned
"You know.." he smirked, moving in closer to me.
I stepped back "are you hitting on me?" I exclaimed
Issy was walking past as I said that. Shoving Luke aside she said: "Oi, back off!"
Then she turned around to face me...
The look of panic on my face confused her "You alright Steph?" She asked
"Yeah, fine!" I answered
"Carm down, It happens everyday!" Issy assured me.
Max walked up behind me. Wrapping his arms around me and resting his chin on my shoulder he asked: "Whats going on here?"
"Oh, Luke was hitting on Steph!" Issy blurted "aren't you guys getting a little close?"
I pushed his hands away and he stepped aside...
"Soo, Luke was hitting on you." Max mentioned starting to look annoyed.
"Have I missed something?" Issy asked, reading our body language closely.
Max grabbed my hand and started to tell her. I interrupted him before she got any hints.
Eventually when Issy left Max said quietly: "We have to tell her at some point..."
"I will..promise" I smiled
He held my hand and smiled back. I moved closer to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. "So, are we like...boyfriend and girlfriend now?" Max asked
"Just wait" I replied.

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#1VeccaApr 14, 2013

im really enjoying this story please continue, cant wait for more \:\)

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