The Engagement - CH 14 -
Published Apr 10, 2013

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This is the Chapter 14..

Feel free for give me your feedback..


Happy Reading! :wub:


This is the Chapter 14..

Feel free for give me your feedback..


Happy Reading! :wub:
Around 3 pm when Carl reach home.. Carl : ??
Carl wondered as he looked toward the front gate.
Carl : What happened before here?
Carl talk to himself.
Carl : Hey, miss..Are you Ok? Miss..
Carl tried to wake her up, but she was not moving at all. Then, Carl decided to bring her into the house. .... "Mmmh.."
The girl moved slowly while trying to bring her senses back.
"Ah..Where am I.." Carl : You're awake?
Carl closed the book he was reading, and looked at the girl.
"I-I'm sorry..Could you tell me where is it?"
She asked hesitantly as he looked at Carl.
Carl smile softly.
Carl : You're in my house.

"Y-your house? B-but how come I get here?"
The girl asked as she tried to recall.
Carl : You..don't remember why you were able to fainted in front of my house?
Carl says probing.

That girl was still trying to recall back.
"Ah, I remember."
She paused.
"I ran away from home."

Carl : Ran away?
Carl asked as he frowned.
"I'm sorry I've troubled you."
She paused.
"And, thank you for your kindness for taking me into your home."
Carl : No, don't mind it.
Carl paused.
Carl : If I may I ask, why did you run away from home?

That girl fell silent.
Carl : I'm sorry, if you don't want to talk about it I..

"My parents wanted me to marry their friend's son.

Carl : In other words that's an arranged marriage?

That girl nodded.
"I thought, arranged marriage is not fit with the present age."

Carl : I agree.
The girl stood up and walked toward Carl.

Carl : Call me Carl.

"Mr. Carl. Thank you, really..and I'd better go before it becomes dark."
Carl : If may I ask ,Where will you go?

That girl became silent.

Carl : I mean.. You ran away from your home, and..

"I don't know yet where to go."
Carl was silent as he thought of something.
Carl : You can stay at my house if you want.
Carl paused.
Carl : There is unused rooms here. You can use it if you want. I mean..At least until you can calm yourself and can make the best decision.

"But..We don't even know each other. Why are you so good to me?"
She looks hesitate.

Carl : Tell me your name.


Carl : Yes. Your name.

"I'm Cecile"

Carl : Then, Cecile. Now, I already know your name and you as well. And I guess,now we already knew each other.

Cecile : But, still..
Carl sighed.
Carl : Well, I was in the same case with you. And I know how you feel. My parents had to match me with their best friend's daughter. And they've agreed to match us since we are still in the womb. Isn't that a funny thing.

That girl fell silent after listened Carl's words.

Carl : Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything to you.

Cecile : No, That's not..
She paused.
Cecile : Thank you, Carl.
After that, Carl led Cecile to the guest room.

Carl : You can use this room.

Cecile :Really?!
She spoke as she looked around the room.
Cecile : But, this is too much.

Carl : I don't think so.
Cecile looks hesitate.
Cecile : I will repay your kindness another time.

Carl : No, you don't have to.

Cecile : No, I must.

Carl fell silent.
Then he took a deep sighed.
Carl : Alright then. As you wish.

Cecile : Thank you.
Carl : I had to go now. Maybe I will be back after midnight. There is some food in the fridge, if you're hungry you can eat it.

Cecile : Y-yes.

Carl : Make yourself at home.

Cecile nodded firmly.

Having said that, Carl left the room.
Cecile : If he treats me good like this..I might..
Cecile talk to herself.
6 pm in the evening after Rainie's working hours ended. She walked out of the building.

Rainie : Is that..
Gin smiled softly.
Gin : Hey.

Rainie : Gin?! That was really you..
I walked towards Gin.
Rainie : What are you doing here?

Gin : Didn't we already agreed to have dinner together today?

Rainie : No, I mean..Why are you here? You can call or text me the place.

Gin chuckled after heard Rainie's words.
Gin : I want to pick you up.

Rainie: Huh?
I fell silent.
Gin rose from his seat.
Gin : Shall we go now?

Rainie : Y-yes.
I give him a nodded.
Rainie : By the way, where are we headed?

Gin : A place called Plasma 501. My friend said Shrimp Cocktail there is delicious. And I want to taste it myself.

Rainie : Oh.
Plasma 501 at 7 pm.. Gin : Two Shrimp Cocktail please..

Bartender Girl : Sure.
Rainie : Say, how was your meeting?

Gin : It went smoothly.

Rainie : That's good.
I smiled.
Not long after, we get our Shrimp Cocktail.

Gin : Let's eat.

Rainie : Yes. Let us.
I nodded as replied.
After that, I started to taste it.
Rainie : Hmm..This is yummie..

Gin : Yes, and he was right about this.
We chatted about this and that while we ate.. After we finished our meal..

Gin : My friend also said there was a place to hang out while seeing the sights here. Do you want to go there?
Rainie : We've been here so..

Gin smiled softly.
Gin : Let's go there then.

I nodded firmly.
Plasma 501 around 8 pm.. Rainie : Beautiful..
I murmured as I stargazing.

Gin : It seems you interested in astrology.
Gin concluded.
Rainie : That's true, but I never learned about it. I can only admire and wondering myself.

Gin chuckled as he rose from his seat and walked towards Rainie.
I walked over to the fence to look around.

Rainie : City view at night is really beautiful.
I said as amazed.

Gin : Yes, it is.

Rainie : Ah! I can see my apartment building from here as well.
I paused a moment.
Rainie : Gin, can you point my apartment building?
I chuckled.
Rainie : Can you?
I challenged Gin.

Gin lightly sighed.
Gin : Ok..
Gin walked over towards Rainie.
I was shocked Gin suddenly grabbed my body as he whispered into my ear.

Gin : It was..over there.
He said while pointing to one direction.

Rainie : W-what?
I was so shocked and my mind became blank.

Gin : Your apartment building.

Rainie : Ah.

Gin : Am I right?
He whispered.

Rainie : Y-yes.
(If this situation continues like this.. I ..)
When I thought so, I tried to turn my body to face him.
Rainie : Gin..Ah!
As I was about to turn around, my foot hit something and I lost my balance.
I grabbed Gin by reflex.

Gin : Be care..
Gin paused.
Gin : ..ful.

Gin fell silent as I am.
Our faces were so close.
and..Our lips were almost touching each other.
Gin took a deep look inside my eyes.
I started to feel a little nervous.
Gin's hand touched my cheek gently.
And he drew his lips closer to me.

I-is he going to kiss me?
I asking myself over and over.
His lips gently touched mine.
(H-he..kissed me..)
My heart is leaping so fast as if going off and I could not control it.
"I like someone.." Gin suddenly stepped back.

Rainie : Gin..
I looked at gin wondering.

Gin : I'm sorry.
Gin paused a moment.
Gin : I didn't mean to ..
He looks hesitate.
Gin : I shouldn't have done that.

I fell silent as he said that.
And that makes me more disappointed is his words after that.
Gin : Please, forget it.

My lips are sealed.
I couldn't say anything even a word.
His words made ​​my heart ache.
and it seemed as if a dagger had stabbed my heart.

Rainie : Gin..

Gin : I'll drive you home.
He said as he walked toward the door.
On the way back, we were both remain silent.

I want to say something to him.
But I couldn't even open my mouth.
and..Suddenly I remembered something.

'He's engaged.'
As I said it to myself, my chest is getting tightness.
'What have I done.'
Gin was angry with himself.
He holds the steering wheel tighter.
To be continued =D

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#1RamonnaVIPApr 11, 2013

I love your story! \:\) great chapter! Can't wait for the next!

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5 stars! \:rah\:

#3kazukazu28Apr 11, 2013

wow, this chapter makes me exciting!
who's cecile fiancee??
gin or carl??
btw, gin..
you're too cold to rainie!!

#4elio10Apr 11, 2013

OMG, THIS WAS SO AAWESOOME! I seriously can't wait till the next chapter! I knew they were gonna kiss sometime! Awesome story! LOVING IT!

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Awh. I absolutely love this story.\:wub\: I'm excited for the next one. Wonderful job!\:rah\:

#7NurulSlaluwBlueeApr 13, 2013

Omg..!! Why do Gin and Rainie have to hide their feeling while they're actually in love with each other. Great story.. \:wub\: can't wait for the next chapter... \:D

#8TeenStyleGirlApr 17, 2013

Super-duper chapter!! \:D
I'm waiting for the next one. \:D

#9martina hjApr 18, 2013

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I love your story. It's kind of cool. I can't wait to write my own stories after I have all my Sims 3 games installed.\:\)

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