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Deep Down I'm An Outcast (Chapter 2)
Published Apr 15, 2013

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Hey guys this part 2 of Deep Down I'm An Outcast hope you like it <3

Hey guys this part 2 of Deep Down I'm An Outcast hope you like it <3 I felt rotten. I wanted to mkae myself a big feed but I couldn't force myself to eat dinner not yet. So I grabbed a bowl of ice-cream to eat before I went out.

I waited for Sally but I realized that she was still at work so I wrote a letter for her explaing where I was. I also changed into formalwear because Molly said that it would make me look more apart of their group
"Hey Bec you look amazing," Holly said.

"Thanks," I replied.

"C'mon in the others are already in the lounge," Holly informed me.

"Really, I'm sorry that I'm late," I said.

Holly laughed. "No your not late we just came here after school."
I listened as the girls laughed and talked to Dean. They were so happy and I wanted to join in with their happiness but I was still angry at myself for the way I treated TJ.

"Are you okay Bec?" Molly asked. "You're really quiet."

"I don't want to talkabout it," I mumbled.

"Please tell us," Holly said.

"If someones bothering you then we can help," Dean added.

I knew that I had to tell them about TJ, so I took a deep breath and told them. "TJ kissed me this afternoon."

"What?" Holly, Dean and Molly gasped at the same time.

"What did you say?" Holly pressed.

"I told him that I didn't like him in that way and that I was seeing Dean," I replied.

"You did the right thing," Dean whispered to me.

"Then why do I feel so rotten?" I asked.

I put my head in my hands and I felt someones hand on my back. I looked and saw that it was Dean.

"There, there," Dean mumured.

"We better get going, its getting late," Holly said her tone a little cold.

"We can go back to my place and hang-out for a while," I replied.

"That would be awesome," Dean said.
I was unsure how the others would feel about my house but I knew that it would make me feel better to show them that I live in a nice house. "Wow," Dean breathed.

"This place is amazing," Molly said.

"Thanks," I blushed.

"Yeah amazing," Holly muttered.

I looked at Holly to see her staring at me with cold eyes, I was curious to know what her problem was after all she didn't have to be here.

Dean turned around and when he noticed Sally's Lambroghini he whistled.

"Your family must be rich," he said.

"Yes we inherited a fair bit when my parents passed away," I replied.

I didn't have to tell the group about my parents death, everyone in town new that they were killed in a car crash a few years ago. Of course they knew because it happened in front of the school.
"This garage is amazing!" Molly said.

"Thanks," I grumbled.

I wish that they would stop complementing everything about me. Was this what it was like to be popular? If it was I kind of wished that I could go back to the girl I used to be.

"So where does your sister work?" Holly asked, trying to change the subject from me.

"At the salon," I replied.

Holly crinkled her nose in disgust. "Ew."

"Lighten up Holly, not everyone can work for your father," Dean said.
We fell into an akward silence after that.

Holly seemed nice at first but now she's gotten all weird around me. It only happened this afternoon when Dean patted my back to reasure me.

Molly looked like she was about to say something when Dean put his arms around my shoulder. Holly shot Molly a dirty look.
"We better get going, after all we have school in the morning," Holly said in a bored voice.

She looked at Molly and I followed her gaze.
Molly was slow to react but she seemed to understand what Holly meant.

"Oh yes we better go," she said.
Holly was first out of the garage. She was outside when she called back a curt goodbye. The others were much slower to leave.

"See you tomorrow Bec," Molly chirped.

"Bye Bec," Dean said.

"Bye guys," I replied.

The others waved at me as they left the garage.

"Hurry up guys!" Holly snapped.

I wanted to know what Holly's problem was. Why did she seem so cold towards me?
I went inside the house hoping that Sally was asleep. I didn't want to explain why I wasn't in the house after my curfew.

I tip-toed up to my room and opened the door to find someone laying on my bed...
"TJ," I sighed.

He was curled up asleep on the end of my bed.

"TJ wake up," I whispered as I shook him awake.
TJ jumped up in a panic and he began running out of my room. He was jsut about to fling my door open when he skidded to a halt and came back to stand in front of me.

"Bec I wanted to apoligize," TJ said.
"Apoligize?" I asked. "I don't accept!" "Just listen okay," TJ said.

"Fine," I grumbled.

"Bec, I'm sorry that I kissed you that was wrong of me. Your with Dean and there is nothing that I can do about that. I'm sorry about what I said yesterday, it was my lame way of asking you out. But you left before I could continued," TJ said.
"You do realize that there are plenty of ways you could have asked me out. TJ I did have feelings for you but you blew it, the moment when you made me cry made me lose my feelings for you," I replied. "And I can't accept that aplogy because you shouldn't have done any of those things." "I get it. I'm not popular enough for you. Watch your back Rebecca because they're going to stab you, in other words humilate you," TJ snapped. "TJ wait!" I called.

But once again I was too late. I put my head in my hands and sobbed.

I'm such a horrible friend, I thought to myself.
(TJ P.O.V)

I never really left Rebecca's house, I couldn't. I couldn't leave things the way they were.

I sat outisde near her pool and watched the sun rise over the ocean. I sighed getting feet knowing that I had to leave before she saw me.
When I got to school I saw Rebecca standing with the popular girls and Dean. I took a deep breath and I walked up to them just as Dean kissed Rebecca. Anger shot through me and I had to look away.

What did it matter to me? Rebecca made herself quite clear when she said that she didn't accept my apology.
Molly came up to me with a smirk on her face.

"Hi TJ," she said.

"Molly," I replied curtly.

"Do you realize that Bec's with Dean, not you," she continued as if I didn't say anything.

"I do realize that," I snapped.

"I just wanted to make sure," she replied. Molly turned to leave but she must have rememebered something. "BTW, don't get in the way of us. YOu wouldn't like it."
"Molly wait! What do you mean?" I asked.

I felt someone grab my arm. "What's the problem, dude?"

I spun around to see Dean behind me, I took a step back and he positioned himself in front of me.

"What's the problem?" Dean repeated.

"What are you going to do to Bec?" I demanded.

"That's none of your business!" Dean yelled.

"She's my friend I deserve to know!" I yelled back.

Dean laughed darkly. "Oh you wish you could find out but your not her friend. She has no friends!"

I watched Dean walk into the school doors knowing that I couldn't face them today. I had to figure out what they meant.
I want to the park across from the school so that I could clear my head. I sat down on one of the swings and I got weird looks from parents with their toddlers. I just ignored the stares I got from them.

I needed to think. I wanted to know what Dean and Molly meant about it being none of my business. I had a strange feeling that Holly had something to do with this.
It began to rain so I took cover in the playground. I sat in there trying to think but the sounds of kids squealing and laughing kept me from thinking. All I could think about was the day when Rebecca and I promised to be outcasts forever. "TJ," Rebecca said slowly.

"Yeah," I replied catiously.

"Do you promise to be an outcast like me forever and ever?" she asked.

I smiled. "Forever and ever," I agreed.

*to be continued*

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BeaSimmerAug 7, 2013

Only "bad" thing I have to say about your story is that sometimes you use "your" when you're suposed to use "you're", otherwise the story's awesome! \:rah\:

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