The Veronaville Chronicles (Part 5)
Published Apr 21, 2013

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Veronaville is still a battle ground for good and evil magic. Not everything goes as planned and love doesn't conquer all. But hope for better days never dies. If not for current sims, then at least for the future generations.

Veronaville is still a battle ground for good and evil magic. Not everything goes as planned and love doesn't conquer all. But hope for better days never dies. If not for current sims, then at least for the future generations. Some things never change in Veronaville. While most recently-out-of-college couples are getting married and having children, Roxie Sharpe and Edwin Powers still prefer to live in sin. And having children could destroy their careers, and they haven't even become Rock Gods yet. Roxie's brother Edwin is still living in a house nearby, visiting their kitchen to cook for everyone. Still single and still depressed over his love to Delilah. Delilah is doing great both in her career and love life. She hasn't had any regrets about marrying Mitch. But maybe it's time for a complete family? While Delilah is following her muse, Mitch is getting to know more and more people in town, trying to build his reputation up for his political career. But family was always more important to Mitch than politics, and he might have to quit his full time job soon. Because they have finally saved enough money to start building their very own gallery. Jaiden's career as an architect is also going great, and paying great money. It is time to think of the next generation and in order to do that Jaiden and Max through a beautiful wedding party. They started out as best friends and now they are married. They might become the strongest family bond in Veronaville. Cake time! It wasn't a big party, just a few friends from college. Neither of them have family here, so no distant (or close, for that matter) relatives. But it was quite enough. They had all they needed with each other. And soon they would have even more... Desdemona wasn't looking for commitments just yet. But college life was over. And it was time to grow up and face the real world. Was she ready for that? Desdemona didn't want to go back to her parents. And as much as she wanted to, she couldn't come live with Miranda either. One Capp in that house was enough, and she would be the third wheel. She had to find a place of her own. Desdemona believed in fairies when she was little. Even growing up in such a practical and calculating family she managed to maintain her belief in magic. But she wasn't a little girl any more. Even little girls have to grow up and face reality. While Summerdream children were facing the reality of being magical, Desdemona had to face the reality of being ordinary. She had to stop pretending and hiding behind masks. But it wasn't such a bad thing as she has grown into a beautiful young woman. And quite capable of taking care of herself. She would still occasionally wonder what it's like to be born in a family with magical heritage... But from now on she would create her own magic. In arts. She temporarily took a job as a dancer, though she wants something simpler for her life... Like a slacker career. Even after college Scot, her recent affair, would sometimes come to visit. She wasn't used to receiving so much attention and eventually fell in love... She got careless and no longer restricted herself to casual flirting. Is Scot the one for her? Meanwhile, in another branch of Capp family, Cornwall is getting old. And his wife Regan is having a baby. Luckily, this time it's a girl. Robin Capp, who will carry the family name on to the next generations. Looks like the birth of little Robin was blessed by good magic. While Regan is taking care of her newborn baby, her first child Adrian is growing up. Speaking of next generations, Bianca is about to have her second child too. Bianca and Kent already have a girl, Emilia, now she will have a baby brother. Fabian Monty, the second miracle child. Born for the descendants of both families - Capps and Montys. For now both children are lucky to have loving and dedicated parents, but how will it be when they have to face the world and learn about the constant fight between the different coasts of the river flowing through Veronaville? Meanwhile on the other side of town Capp family is expecting a new rightful heir. Hermia and Puck are extremely happy together. They were lucky to fall in love with each other and maintain that throughout the years. Not as lucky as poor Juliette... Her secret meetings with Romeo didn't go without consequences. The royal heiress, the first born girl in the Capp family, the one with most responsibility to maintain the traditions... was now not only unmarried and pregnant, but also carrying the spawn of an enemy. Under different circumstances this would have been the happiest day of the girls lives. They were always very close, and living through pregnancy together, then raising their children together - nothing would have made them happier. But the fact was that Juliette wasn't married. And this was Romeo's baby. And Hermia will be the only one to comfort and not judge her, while the rest of the family would never understand. Juliette called Romeo to invite him over. It was a risk she had to take, she didn't want to tell him over the phone, and Hermia convinced her that it wasn't a good idea to travel across town on her own. But Romeo wouldn't listen. So caught up in his own love life he could not accept the fact that Juliette was telling the truth. Well, yes, she was obviously pregnant, but he would never believe it is his child. He even laughed at Juliette taking this so seriously. They had a huge fight, but in the end Juliette was the one hurt and Romeo still didn't care. Not knowing who to turn to and who to ask for help Juliette called her only friend outside of the family. Steven. Steven did all he could to cheer her up and appreciate the soon to be born baby. He was still in love with Juliette. And as much as he felt sorry for her having this problem, he wanted to help, to take care of her. He was over the moon with happiness that she called him... and he couldn't resist his feelings any more. He didn't even try. Juliette took this unexpected kiss rather well, so he took it further. Juliette had a problem and it had to be fixed fast. He offered her a solution - marriage proposal. Overwhelmed by emotions Juliette said yes. That day Juliette had a lot to take in. After the night's sleep she called Titania to come over. She needed an advice from someone wise. Titania explained that by agreeing to Oberon's help she triggered this pregnancy. That was the dark magic's way of "helping" her be with Romeo. And good magic can't undo that, for life is sacred, and once conceived the baby must be born. But there is a balance in life for everything and Steven is the good thing in Juliette's life. He is here to help her get through the challenge. Juliette thanked Titania for everything and promised to be more careful with her wishes in the future. However, she did offer Steven a way out. She would understand if he said things in the spur of the moment, and after thinking about it realized it's not such a good idea. But Steven wasn't going to leave her. He really loved Juliette and he would love that child as his own. Juliette explained everything to Hermia. She wasn't sure if it's a good idea, but didn't want to influence Juliette's decision. But all this situation made Hermia appreciate Puck even more. She realized how rare it is to find such love and how important it is to hold on to it. Puck was there when their baby was born. It was a girl. Ironic: as teenagers, Juliette was always the good girl and Hermia was somewhat of a rebel. Everyone expected Juliette to carry on the family line, but here it was, the rightful heiress of Capp name. And she was born to Hermia. Puck was so happy to become a father. They called the baby Valeria. Puck was also there when Juliette's baby is born. As much as it hurt not to have Romeo with her, Juliette was beginning to realize he will never be here. And at least she had her closest family for support, which wasn't such a bad thing. Juliette will always love her baby. It didn't matter who was the father.
And, to everyone's relief, there won't be any rivalry between Hermia's and Juliette's children, because Juliette had a boy. His name is Gregory.
Since Hermia was now sharing the large bedroom (who once belonged to Tybalt) with Puck, they redecorated Hermia's room and turned it into the nursery for the babies. Right after the baby was born Steven and Juliette arranged a wedding party. It was a small party with just the closest friends. Juliette wanted it to be special and drama-free. She only invited supporting people, no one who would judge her or otherwise would attempt to ruin the day. He couldn't believe his happiness. This beautiful woman was really his wife. Kent and Bianca Monty were also invited. They were the first people to conduct a Capp-Monty marriage and have children. Juliette loved her uncle Kent and was always grateful to them for standing up for their love and showing her such an example. The party was just what Juliette wanted: small, but friendly. Not too fancy, not too public. However, being such an important family in Veronaville, she couldn't avoid the public attention. That would come out sooner or later. The downstairs room that once belonged to Consort Capp was always reserved for Juliette, once she'd grow up and get married. It was the first time now that she stepped into it after her grandfather's death. But it was hers now. She had to claim it sooner or later. And Steven slept in her room for now. He wanted to give Juliette all the time and space she needs to come to terms with everything. He wasn't going to push her, she's been through enough already. Besides, his room was right next to the newly set up nursery. And he was really happy to help with the babies. As a family sim, he wasn't too sad about not being able to get his dream job (a police officer) and play the nanny for now. It wasn't too long before Valeria grew up to toddler. And Gregory too. They're of the same age.

(Note: he was born with blond hair, which surprised me. But some Capps have blond hair, so maybe it's somewhere in the family...)
Didn't take too long for news to travel and Romeo read about the wedding and the baby in the local newspaper. He was a bit jealous at first... After all, Juliette was his and only his for so many years. But that wasn't worth putting up with a baby. Who had blond hair! He saw a photo by the article. Now he was convinced more than ever that the child was not his. As for a wedding, there was soon one he actually had to attend. Mercutio and Miranda were getting married. It wasn't easy for Mercutio. At first Miranda didn't want a party, then she wanted a small party, but with publicity... Then she didn't want a white dress. And eventually she refused to have any common wedding cake, so Mercutio had to slave in the kitchen to produce a perfect Baked Alaska! It was almost as if she didn't want to get married. But eventually they exchanged the rings. And in the eyes of enough witnesses became a married couple. Miranda regretted it almost immediately. There was something terrifying about suddenly losing the single status for good. But she had her own reasons for this marriage... She wanted the money. And the name. As an artist, Miranda Monty sounded much better and catchier than Miranda Capp. However, something didn't feel right... And Miranda kept wondering if she made a mistake. It didn't take long for her to realize that she was pregnant with Mercutio's child. And this was definitely clashing with her plans. Miranda didn't want children, not now, not ever. Especially, not when her career was going so great!

(Thank you for reading. Part 6 is in production and will be uploaded soon.)

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