Deep Down I'm An Outcast (Chapter 4)
Published Apr 18, 2013

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Okay guys I'm probably about halfway through the series hope your enjoying it!!

Okay guys I'm probably about halfway through the series hope your enjoying it!! "Kiss me TJ," I whispered into his ear.

TJ pushed my against the wall and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him enjoying the moment. When he pulled away I wanted to protest but he put his forefinger to my lips.

"I love you Bec," he whispered.
I sat upright, my heart pounding loudly in my chest.

"It was just a dream," I told myself.

I have been having these dreams for the last two weeks, ever since TJ had disappeared. Rusty and I had looked nearly everywhere and we were beginning to panic.

No one was coming forward and telling us a thing, so we kept looking ourseleves.
It was six in the morning and it was a school day, there was no point in going back to sleep. I got up and changed into the clothes I prefered to wear. Sally was slightly upset that I had stopped wearing the dress and heels.

When seven o'clock came, I got up and walked to the kitchen to grab some breakfast.
When I got into the kitchen to find a note on the counter.

Maybe Sally went to work early, I thought.

I looked at the note and this is what it said:

Sorry I got home late, Bec. I hate to tell that none of the clients have heard anything about TJ's disapperance. I'm so sorry, Sally.
I sat at the counter and ate breakfast. I felt sick but then again I've been feeling this way fro two weeks. I finshed breakfast and I got a text from Rusty.

Bec can you get out of school today? I need to talk to you about TJ, its urgent, Rusty had texted.

I'll try, I sent back.
I waited half an hour before Sally came down, ready for work.

"Morning Bec," she said.

"Sally," I replied. "Could I please have the day off?"

"Bec no!" Sally snapped. "School is important and your grades aren't the best things in the world!"

"But I promised Rusty that I'd help her," I replied.

Sally sighed. "Just this one day Bec. But tomorrow you have to go to school and on Saturday I want you to clean the house for me."

"Clean the house," I groaned.

"I guess that you don't want that day off." Sally shrugged her shoulders.

"Fine," I sighed.
I text Rusty back saying I could go with her. I walked out the front and waited unbtil I saw her pull up in her red Ferrari.

One of the windows rolled down and I could see Rusty's smiling face.

"Hop in!" she instructed.

I climbed into the passenger seat and Rusty took off.
Rusty took me to her studio and she led me to where all the stars ate lunch. "So has Sally had any luck at the salon?" Rusty asked.

"No," I replied. "No one at school has seen him since the Friday before our fight."

"Hmm, well there is one last place we have got to look," Rusty declared.

"Where?" I asked.

"It's not safe to talk about it here. I'll pick you up tonight and show you," Rusty replied.

I stood up and was about leave when Rusty continued,
"Bec, I wouldn't trust the people you've been hanging out with," Rusty continued.

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't trust them," Rusty replied.
(TJ's P.O.V)

At least the people that held my prisoner gave me food and water, the downside was I didn't get to see their faces. For the last two weeks I tried every spot in my prison to see if there was aa way out but I couldn't find any. I also tried to call people but my phone recieved no service and was now dead.
I paced back and forth and back and forth in the little space provided.

"I need to get out," I repeated over and over again.

To be honest I'm suprised that I hadn't gone insane from all the pacing and talking to myself.

"I need to get out," I muttered once again.

I heard the creak of the door and I spun in the direction praying that someone was getting me out, but instead it was the same person in all the black with a mask, a plate of food sat in there hand,
"Sit or you get no food," my kidnapper said.

I did as they asked because I wasn't going without another meal.

I need to get out of here, I thought to myself.
(Rebecca's P.O.V)

I turned the stero on. I was nervous. I didn't know what the others were going to do to me. What Rusty had told me was swirling around and around in my head.

"I don't trust them," she had said.
"Hi Bec we missed you at school today," Holly said in a sugar coated voice.

"First of all, I'm Rebecca to you or an Outcast," I said. "Secondly, I wanna know if you were involved with TJ's disappearnce."
"I'm offend," Molly gasped. "Why would you say that about me." "We had nothing to do with his disappearnce," Dean told me.

I rolled my eyes.

"I'm telling the truth," Dean continued.

"Whatever," I muttered.
"A True friend would never ask us this," Holly said. "Maybe you are an Outcast." "Maybe? There's no question about it! I am an Outcast and maybe I'm friends with the wrong people," I replied.

"We've never been your friends!" Holly countered.

She smiled at me smugly, waiting for me to cry. Instead, I made her angry.

"Get out of my garage, I never wanna see you around. TJ was right, I never belonged in your group because we are completely different," I replied.
"Fine we're out of here," Molly and Holly said at the same time. "Rebecca," Dean whispered.

"We're over Dean, I don't love you. I only dated you to prove TJ wrong," I said.

"Bec please," he begged.

"Get out," I said through clenched teeth.
I watched Dean leave. I wasn't even upset about our break-up, to be honest I loved TJ and I guess I always have.

"I'm one step closer to finding you," I whispered.

I wrapped my arms around myself and I walked out of the garage to find Rusty waiting for me.

*to be continued*

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enid30Apr 19, 2013

i like this story \:\)

Jake1230Apr 19, 2013

I like Bec's jacket and you say where you got it from

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