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Published May 27, 2013

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Sophia Allen stood with a huge smile on her face, but when she noticed that the family were all shocked to see her, the smile began to disappear. Of course it had been almost six years since she had seen the Yusomoto family. And they may not have been her biggest fan after she broke it off with Yuyin to date Ryan Peet-Rogers. But she had thought that if her and Yuyin had put all that time behind them, that surely the family would have. Instead she just looked around at them while holding the toddler in her arms.

Sophia Allen stood with a huge smile on her face, but when she noticed that the family were all shocked to see her, the smile began to disappear. Of course it had been almost six years since she had seen the Yusomoto family. And they may not have been her biggest fan after she broke it off with Yuyin to date Ryan Peet-Rogers. But she had thought that if her and Yuyin had put all that time behind them, that surely the family would have. Instead she just looked around at them while holding the toddler in her arms. Meanwhile Lisan and Yukin kept staring at the young child she was holding. They were confused. It had been years. And Lisan thought that she had made a life for herself with someone other than Yuyin. And a CHILD! When did THIS happen. Who were this boy's parents?
Yukin searched the face looking for clues. But the shy toddler kept digging his face in his Sophia's long hair, playfully hiding from the Yusomoto clan.
Finally Lisan broke the awkward silence when she realized that it was getting uncomfortable and they seemed to be rude.
Lisan: Sophia Allen! Goodness it has been ages.
Sophia: Yes, yes it has. I was beginning to think you didn't remember me.
Yukin: Nope, we remember.
Lisan gave a quick glance to her husband.
Lisan: And who is this gorgeous little boy?
Sophia: This is Trevan, Trevan meet Mrs. Yusomoto.
Lisan reached for the child's hand and he waved hello. Still hiding in his mother's hair.
Sophia: He is only acting shy (she laughed)
Yuyin: I've been living with Sophia in Hawaii.
Lisan and Yukin: Oh?
Yuyin: Yeah. It was funny, I was vacationing in Hawaii when we bumped into each other. She had been living there for about a year. I was there to open up the first club and stayed ever since.
He looked at his family who were still kind of speechless.
Yuyin: Well there is more to the story but I figured we could get settled in first. Sophia came to see her family as well. I haven't seen the Allen's since I left.
Meanwhile, Courtney was in the bathroom prepping herself to meet Yuyin for the first time in years. She kept messing with her face, hair, and dress trying to make sure everything was perfect.
She had applied and removed her make up at least twice. She wanted to look like her natural self, but then again she did want to look better than when he left.
Finally she placed the lipstick down on the sink.
Courtney: Get it together girl. It's just Yuyin. The more you make out of it the more nervous you will get. You are just going to say hello, maybe a hug, and then be natural for the rest of the evening. Just follow his lead. If he wants to talk, then you talk. If not then leave it alone. It's just Yuyin......It's just Yuyin.
She kept repeating those words to herself to calm her nerves.
She could hear the talking from the room and realized that he was in fact in the house. Her heart began to race faster. Her fingers trembled as she tried to touched the door handle. It took a few more tries as her hands began to sweat for her to actually open the door from the bathroom. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and walked out of the bathroom. She turned the corner where the voices were a little louder. Just as she was getting closer all she could hear was the sound of her own heartbeat getting faster.
Akio was the first to realize that she was walking across the corner and motioned to Lia. Lia, forgot that Courtney was getting ready through all the commotion. She suddenly went silent and soon the family followed as well.
Yuyin was confused as his family grew silent. He followed their gaze and turned around to look over his shoulder. He nearly stumbled as he turned fully to get a good look at the Courtney as she stood in front of him.
Yuyin: Courtney?!
He shook his head a little just to make sure that he was actually seeing her. It looked like her only slightly older and dolled up. A slight difference from what he was used to when he last saw her at her home years ago. He looked at his family and then back at her.
Courtney looked down at first, almost too shy to answer. She couldn't tell if by answering him would he grow angry or happy.
Courtney: It's just Yuyin (she whispered to herself).
She looked back up only to find that he had walked up closer to her.
Yuyin: Courtney?
Courtney: Yes. It's me.
Yuyin: Wow! This is a surprise. I didn't expect to.....well how .... what are......
He couldn't get the words quickly enough out of his mouth.
Courtney: I know. You didn't expect to see me after all this time.
Yuyin: Well I kind of knew you and Lia were still chatting. I just didn't know you would be here. How have you been? I heard you went to college?
Courtney: Sim University.
Yuyin: That's wonderful! You always talked about going to school but Henry- (he stopped before he could say anymore). Well, you know.
Courtney: Yeah (she laughed nervously)
Courtney: I'm graduating soon. Just one more year and I'll have my degree in the arts. Your family told me you've been busy opening clubs.
Yuyin: Yeah. This is my number six. So far so good.
Courtney: Following your dream.
Yuyin: Yeah. Next I think I want to start with some small properties, and make an Island Resort. Like my own Island Paradise.
Courtney: You always dreamed big.
There was a small cough behind him and finally his attention was taken away from Courtney.
Yuyin: Oh! I almost forgot my manners. Sorry Soph. Sophia Allen THIS is Courtney Mils.
Sophia raised her hand to greet Courtney who was a bit confused.
Sophia: It's so wonderful to finally meet you. I heard a lot about you.
Courtney looked at Sophia still. She wasn't trying to be rude by not shaking her hand, she just never thought she would ever be face to face with "the one".
She finally snapped out of her trance to shake Sophia's hand.
Courtney: So are you here visiting too?
Sophia: Yep. We decided to visit our families together since he was opening up the club here.
Courtney: I don't get it? Why would you need to visit together.
Yuyin: We live together. We've been living together while I've been in Hawaii.
Courtney: Living together?
Yuyin: That's why we came. I'm opening the club and since we both haven't seen our families in a while, we thought we would come up together.
Courtney began to feel a large lump in her throat. She looked over the room at Lia who shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. Courtney's eyes panned across the room at the other Yusomoto members. Lisan looked just as worried. But she too didn't say anything. Then while looking over the room she looked over at a small child that was playing with Jie. She stared at him for a while.
Sophia: Yeah, he's mine. That's Trevan.
Then everything began to click.
Living together for the past years, the small child. Courtney's legs were like jello under her body. She almost fell back but it was Yuyin who caught her before she fell.
Yuyin: Courtney!
The rest of the family walked a bit closer but she waved everyone back.
Courtney: Sorry. I'm okay. Just a little bit off.
Yuyin: Are you alright? Why don't you come and sit down.
Courtney: No, I'll be fine. I'm just not feeling so good right now.
Yuyin: Well that's why you need to come and sit down.
Courtney: I just can't believe it.
Yuyin: What? Believe what.
Courtney: I should not have expected this to go as smoothly.
She was talking more to herself than to anyone else in the room. But Yuyin began to listen to what she was saying.
Courtney: I can't believe how stupid I was. I should have known it wouldn't work.
Yuyin: What wouldn't work? Courtney are you okay? You're really starting to freak me out a little bit.
Sophia: Is she alright? Maybe she needs some water.
Courtney: No! Look! I'm sorry. I just thought that by coming here......I don't know what I thought. I just didn't know and if I did I would have never come.
Both Yuyin and Sophia looked confused.
Courtney: I am happy for the both of you and just want for you to be happy Yuyin. It was a mistake coming here and I feel just terrible thinking that you had not moved on.
Yuyin: Moved on? Coming here? Courtney you are not making since. I don't know what's going on right now and I am a little worried about you. Why don't we just all sit down and talk. I'm sure whatever it is you can say it better if we all just sit and relax. Courtney wasn't listening. Her eyes began to water but she would not let the tears come to her eyes. She just wanted to get out. She was embarrassed that she even thought there was a chance of things happening between the both of them. And here he was in front of her face, with his ex, and a baby.
Courtney: I'm sorry. I have to go. I need to go.
Before anyone could say anything in the room, Courtney grabbed her umbrella and began to walk out the door, ignoring the calls from Yuyin as she walked past him and Sophia. Both Lia and Lisan also called out to her but she ignored them too.
The sound of the rain made it easier for her to sob and soon she was crying as she made it down the sidewalk in front of the house.
Yuyin's voice grew louder and louder as she walked. And soon she realized that he was right behind her.
He grabbed her arm tightly and spun her around.
Yuyin: What is going on? Why did you come here?
Courtney: It's doesn't matter
Yuyin: Of course it does. Why did you come here?
Courtney wiped her face only for the rain to wet it more.
Courtney: I came because I wanted to see you okay! I thought that after all these years that you and I....that was stupid okay. I am embarrassed that I was that naive to think it.
Yuyin: Tell me.
She was reluctant to speak. She didn't want to speak, instead she looked away. He bent over to look her in the eyes
Yuyin: Talk to me Courtney.
Courtney: I thought that once you came home and I was here that we would, maybe, somehow, get back together.
She rolled her eyes after saying it.
Yuyin: Get back together?
Courtney: I know. It was dumb. And it didn't help that your family was encouraging the thought. A little part of me kept telling myself that it was only wishful thinking and that all this time I'd been thinking about you, that you have continued on with your life.
Yuyin: Whoa! You've been thinking about me?
Courtney: Dumb I know. I should have known this wouldn't work. I should have known that you have moved on. And seeing you and Sophia back together, I know that it is true. I just didn't want to know like this.
Yuyin: Me and Sophia?
A small smile curled on his lips. It was all making since.
Yuyin: You think me and Sophia are a couple?
Courtney: Well you do live together. And the little boy.
Yuyin began to smile more.
Yuyin: Yes. Yes we do live together. But not what you think.
Yuyin: I live in their guest house. Sophia is married and has been for some time. Trevan is her son with her husband Ryan. They let me live with them. The only reason why Ryan didn't come on the trip is because he left to go on Duty for a few months. I didn't want Sophia to be alone when I left to come here so we came together.
Courtney: Wait. You mean you and Sophia are not a couple.
Yuyin: I think her husband wouldn't like that.
Courtney took a deep sigh of relief. She placed her hand on her stomach. She let out a small laugh.
Courtney: I feel so dumb. I mean here I was thinking that you came here with her, that the two of you had gotten back together which meant there was no chance that you and I
She didn't finish her sentence.
Yuyin: That you and I what?
Courtney took a deep breath and closed her eyes. It was now or never.
Courtney: I made a mistake. 3 years ago. Letting you leave and never telling you that I loved you too. That I did want to go off with you but was too afraid to. That if I could take it all back I would have. That after all this time, I still love you.
She opened her eyes and looked back at him. He just stared at her. He didn't say a word. He just stared. She couldn't read him. His expression was blank.
Yuyin: Tell me again.
Courtney: Everything I just said?
Yuyin: No, just the last part.
Courtney: I love you?
Yuyin: Say it again.
Courtney: I love you.
He grabbed her fast and before she knew it their lips were locked in a kiss. It was hard yet soft at the same time. It had been years since she felt his touch and yet it was still familiar to her. Nothing changed. His body felt warm against hers in the cold rain.
She dropped her umbrella as she welcomed him to get closer to her.
He could hear her soft moan as he pulled her in closer but she did not push him away.
She placed her hands around his neck to embrace him more. Both of their clothes were soaked by now but neither of them cared. Both of them ignored the surrounding sounds and could only hear the slight sounds of their lips kissing.
He pulled back slowly still holding her tightly in his arms.
Yuyin: Marry me!
Courtney: Wha-, But!
Yuyin: No buts. I lost you once, and I am not going to do it again. We've waited 3 years and now here you are, here I am. It's meant to be.
Courtney: But marriage. That is a big leap. What about school and your businesses? What about.
Yuyin: There is nothing else. Just you and me. Be my wife.
Courtney looked him in his almond eyes. There was that familiar twinkle in his eyes.
Yuyin: I love you Courtney. I meant it when I said it, and I still do. Say you will be my wife and I will never stop making you happy.
Courtney: I will.
They embraced in another long kiss.
Courtney: But what about your family, what will they say?
He looked over at the window to the living room. He could see the shadows of people staring out to them.
Yuyin: Something tells me they already know.
Both of them laughed as they stood in each others arms.

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#1enid30May 28, 2013

beautiful chapter!\:wub\:

#2AlessaFayeMay 28, 2013

Such a sweet chapter! I was freaking out, thinking he really had moved on, but everything went way better than expected. Another great chapter, can't wait to see when they get married!

#3LudacrystMay 28, 2013

I've been reading the entire story line to this. I just now checked in for an update and there were two new chapters. I was ecstatic. \:\) I'm so glad I checked in because these were really sweet :3

#4daphney1230May 28, 2013

AWWWW that was so sweet. I'm so happy for them!!!! I love happy endings

#5fruitopiaVIPMay 28, 2013

As Phil Roberts from Duck Dynasty says Happy, Happy, Happy.

#6jadababy2003VIPJun 5, 2013

I love this story. I do hope you continue with it! Great job ad usual.

#7piimkyJun 6, 2013

I really liked this chapter! So romantic with proposal and kissing in the rain. Love love love! \:wub\:

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