The Wicked Wait-CH 6
Published May 1, 2013

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Hi guys! Here's the next chapter! Thanks as always to the cc creators and enjoy!
XOXO Alessa

Hi guys! Here's the next chapter! Thanks as always to the cc creators and enjoy!
XOXO Alessa
"Nothing's happening Dez! It's been like an hour!" I complain, with an exasperated sigh. With the same tone, she replies it's only been five minutes. "Just concentrate! Are you concentrating?"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah."
"Fine Evie. Then you ask something, since it doesn't want to answer me."
"Alright, alright. Is there anything in the room with us that will like to make contact?" I ask, feeling really stupid I had borrowed that line from Ghost Hunters.
Our fingers placed lightly on the pointer (or planchette as Dez uselessly corrected me) shifted slightly under our touch. I gasp and Dez's eyes are wide, staring at me. The pointer moves slowly to the "yes" on the top of the board. I remove my hands before accusing her of moving it.
"Ugh! Evie, I didn't do it! Put your hands back! Ask something else!"
I roll my eyes, but decide to play along. "Do you have a message for us?" The pointer remained still for a minute, before Dez nodded at me to continue. I take it that meant yes.
"Is the message for Dez?" I ask with a slight smile as she frowns at me.
The pointer moving again, and more quickly this time, causes me to drop my smile. It stopped on the "no". My heart actually beats a little faster, was the message for me then? I voice my thoughts out loud, but the pointer remains at "no". I feel foolish for breathing a sigh of relief. "Then for who?" I ask, watching for any sign that Dez is messing with me. The pointer starts its movement again, landing on the letter S. Dez repeats the letters the pointer lands on. "S...O...P...H...I...E" She looks at me wide-eyed again.
"Sophie?" I ask, shaking my head. "Really Dez? Your starting the warnings this early?"
"It's not me!"
"Then who is it? Cause it sure as hell isn't me." I answer, getting aggrevated. As soon as I finish talking though, the pinter moves to the letter L. It's quickly followed by the letters A, U, R, E, N.
"Lauren?" I exclaim, jumping out of bed. How did Dez know about Lauren? What kind of sick joke was this? Lauren had died in the car accident Sophie caused. What was Dez doing?
"Evie, what's wrong? You know who it is?"
"Are you kidding me? How did you even find out about her?" I yell, and she walks over to me shaking her head. "What are you talking about? Who's Lauren?"
I frown in silence, knowing deep in the pit of my stomach, she couldn't know about her. Sophie had only told me that story, and I hadn't mentioned it to anyone.
"Evie, who is she?" Dez asks cautiously, as I rub my head. After the words pour out of my mouth, her eyes are possibly even wider now.
"That's the pattern," she whispers.
"The pattern Evie! That all the girls Aiden dates have in common. There's death in their lifes."
I contemplate this for a second, before she's calling me back to the board. "We need to hear what Lauren has to say. What if it's about Aiden?"
As soon as I place my fingers back on the pointer, it moves again. Dez speaks the letters out loud, that come too quickly for us to decipher. We ask "Lauren" to repeat, this time with Dez recording her own voice on her phone. We write down the letters, and gasp reading what the message says. "Her soul is in danger". I don't even know what to think as we look at each other, both horrified. Dez swears up and down she didn't move it, and I kind of wish she had at this point. Scared and confused, I ask "Lauren" what she meant, only to be responded by nothing. Ten minutes pass, with no event, and I start getting impatient.
"Where the hell are you?" I groan, and Dez quiets me, her eyes darting towards the board and back to me. I look down, only to realize the pointer had been moving, without me knowing it.
"What did it say?" I ask Dez, who seemed to be frozen in that wide-eyed expression. "It said it was here with us."
I laugh nervously, scratching my chin, before placing my hand behind my back, with my middle finger and thumb out. "How many fingers am I holding up then?" I ask mockingly. The pointer moves without hesitation under my left hand, stopping when it reaches the "2" on the board. A small whimper escapes my throat, and Dez clasps her mouth. "Please don't tell me it got it right." I don't answer, holding my breath. We foolishly place our fingers back, and she asks, voice quivering, "Who are you?" "Your grandmother", it read. I stare at her as the blood drains from her face.
"When did she pass away?" I ask, starting to believe this was all too real.
"Are-are your grandparents alive?" She asks instead. I nod and notice her bottom lip is quivering. "All my grandparents are also alive," she admitts, looking at the board like it was going to bite.
"What?! So it's messing with us?" I ask her appalled. In an answer, the pointer moves again.
"O..o..p..s." I read the letters, and we both jump out of bed.
"Oops? Oops! As in oops sorry I didn't trick you?!" I yell, retreating to the door. Dez was breathing loudly, chewing on her nails. "I think we should stop."
"Yeah, you think?" I ask, my sarcasm failing. "Let's just say goodbye, and throw the damn thing out," she whispers, but making no sign of approaching it. "I'm not touching that thing," I inform her, but she shakes her head. "We need to make it say goodbye, we can't leave the communication path open," she mutters, still biting on her nails.
Grudgingly, we walk back to the bed. I take a shaky breath before placing my fingers back on the pointer, but whatever was there with us, didn't want to leave. The pointer vibrated fiercly under our fingertrips, and I feel desperately trapped. "What do you want?! We just want you to leave!" I yell, trying to keep the fear out of my voice. I can't exactly explain what happens next. It was as if my fingers were glued to the pointer, and I was consumed by horror as I tried to take control of my hands, but they wouldn't respond. Dez was on the verge of tears, struggling as well. "He makes us watch." The board spells out. I'm not sure how I managed to understand what it was spelling, but I know that's what it said. "Who?" I stammer, trying to get this thing to leave quickly.
"Evie?" Dez whispers, and I feel as scared as she looks when the pointer starts it's message again. My heart is threatening to die out at any moment, and my hands are sweaty.
"Evie? Look!" Dez says with her voice breaking. I follow her gaze, and there is no mistaking what the message was now. It was repeating itself, over and over again, until we repeated the words.
"Do not trust that demon."
Dez is fighting the urge to cry, but I'm too numb to even breathe right.
"You're the demon aren't you?" I ask, swallowing loudly. The board automatically answers "no," but is still holding us hostage, as if trying to make us understand.
"Then who?" I whisper, shutting my eyes, afraid of what it will reveal.
"Evie, look!"
I look down, relieved that the pointer was at "goodbye." Taking a deep breath, I pull my hands back slowly, filled with gratitude I can move them again. We move away from the board quickly, jumping off the bed once more. Without looking back, I run out with Dez on my heels.
Flexing my sore fingers, I collapse on a chair. "What was that?" I ask Dez, who was shaking her hands in the air, like when you try to air dry them.
"I don't know. I'm never playing with that again. Who was it talking about anyway? Nevermind, I don't want to think about that."
I agree, as I inspect my hands. They feel incredibly tired and weak, as if I had spent the entire evening hanging from a tree branch.
"I don't want to stay in the room by myself, at least until I burn that thing." Dez admitts, chewing on her lip.
"I'll stay," I tell her. I don't plan on dealing with Sophie's attitude.
Cautiously, we enter the room. I was actually expecting someone to be waiting for us, that's how afraid I still was. Luckily, nothing came out grabbing as we watched a comedy movie, trying to get our mind off of what exactly had happened. Just as my thoughts turn elsewhere, I feel it. I sit up quickly, as the unwelcome feeling creeps over me. It was like a sudden sense of vertigo, mingled with a prickling on my skin. The sense of dread was consuming me, and I see Dez has felt it too. "Evie?" She whispers, and I nod, "It's here." The dark figure from the other night was going to show itself, I just knew it.
Before we could react, there was a loud knock on the door. James stumbles in, and we scream.
James is clearly startled, and we try to control our racing heart.
"What are you doing here? You scared us you loser!" Dez exclaims, trying to catch her breath, and he chuckles out a sorry.
"What's with the candles? Evie?" he asks, just spotting me.
"Just girl's night, very therapeutic. What are you doing here anyway?" Dez answers and he shrugs. "I was bored. Evie, you didn't answer your phone, and I thought I'd drop by on my friend. So, slumber party huh? Can I join?" he asks with a grin.
"You want slumber party James? I'll give you slumber party," Dez says, grabbing a pillow and hitting him on the head with it. He takes it from her in one move, throwing her over his shoulder, and back to the bed. She laughs, and throws him another pillow, before getting up again. "Ugh. I need a soda, I'm gonna go steal one from someone," she says heading to the door, and before I can give her an are-you-really-leaving-me-alone-with-him look, she gives him an amused expression.
"I'll be back in a minute. Don't even think about it."
James lays down on the bed, and pats the space next to him, with a wicked grin. I approach, cautiously, wondering if this was some sort of plan. Dez did look surprised to see him though.
"So what are you really doing here?" He asks.
"Just talking. Girl stuff."
"About me?" He asks with a lazy grin.
"No. About lip glosses, and stickers, and unicorns. The usual girl stuff."
He laughs right as my phone rings. I answer without checking who was calling.
"Aiden?" I ask, surprised he's calling, and annoyed at how I notice his voice sounds just as sexy on the phone. James sits up, and I feel him watching me carefully.
"Who are you with?" Aiden asks, and I answer automatically, "With Dez", grimacing, with James right besides me, but neither say anything, and Aiden has hung up.
"What was that about?" I ask myself. "I was just going to ask you the same question. Why does he have your number?" James asks, looking me up and down. Before I can reply, he grabs my hand and pulls me into him.
"What are you doing? Dez is going to be back any second!" I remind him, trying to get off, but he's restraining my neck and waist with his arms.
"We have about ten seconds before she's back," he murmurs bring my head down, and forcing me to me his lips. I resist for a second, before giving in, and fall into his body, when there's a soft knock on the door. I pull back against James quickly, even with his protesting, and apologize to Dez. Only it's not her, but Aiden in the doorway.
"Aiden?" I blurt out, and as James wobbles out of bed, I just notice the taste he left in my mouth.
"What are you doing here?" James asks, looking at him up and down. Although by his stance, I knew he was expecting a fight for some reason, Aiden's was the exact opposite. He was completely relaxed, showing no emotion. His indifference made him seem more dangerous somehow.
Once he sees me studying him, his face crumbles.
"I'm sorry Evie, will you come with me?"
"What?" James and I ask in unison.
"It's Sophie. She's gotten worse."
"What? Is she okay? Didn't the doctor tell her she was fine?" I ask, hammering him with questions, but he doesn't answer them. "Can you please just come with me?" He asks, and I nod until James grabs me by the hand.
"You're going with him?"
"James, it's Sophie. I have to go to her."
"I'll take you then."
"No, you don't have to do that. Can you just tell Dez I'll call her later, and I'm sorry." I tell him looking away, and yank my hand from his before leaving with Aiden.
I burts into the room only to find Sophie sleeping soundly in her bed, looking as if she's been sleeping for a while. I take a deep breath trying to control my rising anger, and shove Aiden out the door, before closing it behind us.
"I can explain," he says.
"It better be good."
"I didn't lie, but I just needed to get you away from James."
"How did you even know where we were?" I ask him.
"I have my connections, but that's not important. I was trying to protect you."
"What?" I ask, my jaw dropping.
"I didn't want anything to happen that you might regret."
I continue to stare at him, unable to say anything. Was he keeping an eye on me?
"He was drinking all afternoon with some friends Evie. I didn't want him to..."
" what Aiden?"
"Nevermind, he's a good guy, he wouldn't." he says quietly, and I throw my hands in the air. "Are you crazy?!"
"I saw the way he forced you into kissing him, right in front of me."
"It was just a freakin kiss!" I yell at him.
"A kiss that you didn't want right?" He asks quietly, and the whole conversation suddenly turns too personal, that we can't even look at each other. He was right, of course. I didn't want to be kissed then, but it's not like I didn't like kissing James.
"I don't need you to feel like you have to save me. You should be worried about your girlfriend, not me," I mutter, and he sighs.
"Yeah. And yet, you worry me more. You're very unpredictable."
I stare at him curiously, but he walks quickly past me into the room. A second later, I hear Sophie's catty tone. "This has nothing to do with her!"
How did he hear her get up, I wonder. I take a deep breath, count to twenty, before I face the monster that is my friend.
She looks worse than ever, and seems a bit washed out.
"Hey," I say sternly, but she ignores me to stare Aiden down. When she doesn't say anything, he gives a sad sigh.
"Sophie, I don't know what's wrong with you. I don't know how to help you."
"This is all your fault!" She screams at him, and the look on his face, of what I assume is guilt, is what made me snap.
I storm up to her, and slap her once, hard, across her cheek.
"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I yell at her, as she gasps and looks up at me horrified. Aiden is quickly between us, but in front of me, his hand on my arm. The burning rage from just a second ago, has vansished, and all I feel is the strange sensation that he's protecting me. It just doesn't make any sense, as I was the one who had just slapped her, and Sophie, while lately unpredictable, looked too weak to even make a fist.
Sophie breaks down into her hands, and tears form in my own eyes at the sight of my friend like that. I start apologizing, but Aiden has made no move to release me. Instead, he's staring at me in awe. I move him aside to get to her.
"I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have-"
"No, Evie. I'm sorry," she sobs. "I'm so sorry. I don't know what's going on with me."
I wrap my arms around her and stroke her hair, as she continues apologizing incoherently.
After a few minutes, she wipes her face, and walks slowly up to Aiden.
"I'm so sorry. This isn't me. I don't know what's going on, I can't control myself," she begins to sob again. He stares at her in what I can only describe as pity, before he wraps her in for an embrace.
"I know," he whispers, before he kisses her forehead.
I have time to answer a call from Dez as Aiden has Sophie on his lap, stroking her back.
"Evie? What happened? I thought you were staying! Did James say something stupid that you left? Do I have to knock him into a coma?" Dez asks so loudly, I wince.
"Nothing like that. Didn't he explain?"
"He just said you left with Aiden, but I couldn't believe it! You're with him after what we just went through?"
"How do you know what..that thing..was reffering to?" I mutter.
"Cause then who else would it be talking about? There's no way I'm going to sleep after that! Can I stay with you? James is crashed out on my bed, and he reeks of alcohol."
I look to my left, only to find Sophie is in bed again, and Aiden is looking at me intently. I shake off the feeling he had overheard my conversation with Dez, and smile. "Yeah, that's fine. It might get interesting though with my roommate and Aiden in bed. Bring a sleeping bag," I tell her.
"Sleepover with ghost boy? You have guts kid, and I'll be right over."
While waiting for Dez to arrive, Sophie was in a mood again, but this time for Aiden. She was clinging onto him, as if I wasn't in the room, and like she couldn't get enough of him. He tried telling her to slow down, as she reached for the zipper in his jeans. That was my cue to leave, and I groaned.
"Sorry Evie, can we have a minute?" She asked in a breathy whisper, with not her usual sweet voice, but not the one she had on earlier either. I grab my pjs before rushing out, and Aiden tries apologizing in between forcing Sophie's lips off his, and her hands from tearing off his clothes.
Dez arrives a few minutes later, and finds me messing with my phone outside the room, trying to block out the sounds coming from inside.
"I knew you would be kicked out, so I brought two sleeping bags!" She proudly says, holding them up. I look at her gratefully before she eyes the door, and rushes to place her ear to it.
"What are you doing Peeping Tom?" I ask her, and she giggles.
"Peeping Tom requires looking. I'm just trying to hear," I roll my eyes, and yank her away.
"Stop! I just want to hear if ghost boy is good."
"Why do you care?"
"I already told you I like his butt," she replies with a shrug, and I give up as she tries to listen in again. She pulls back quickly after a second, and looks at me awkwardly.
"No woohooing in there. They're arguing."
"Again?" I groan, before bargin in, but asking her to wait.
I find catty Sophie has returned as she scowls at me. I ignore her, but notice Aiden's head hung low.
"What's wrong now Sophie?"
"Dammit Evie! This isn't about you! It's about me!" She yells, and I hate that I catch Aiden's reaction to her words.
I know then that he somehow feels responsible for everything. It is written all over his face. He was looking at her like how I imagine Dr. Frankenstein should have reacted to his monster. Not with chanting "It's alive! It's alive!" but with fright. With dismay and remorse.

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#2JennC32May 2, 2013

Ugh...soooo good! I love the friendship developing between Dez and Evie.

#3estefinageorgeMay 2, 2013

Very interesting chapter \:rah\:

#4^Cupcake^May 2, 2013

It's getting better and better!\:wub\:
I love that the whole story is so different from everything I have read here.The photos are awesome and the text too.
Also, in the begining I though I knew who was the creepy guy in this story but now I have a new theory about what may happen next, but I won't reveal a thing!\;\)

#5smithk287May 2, 2013

This is getting gooooood lol. Can't wait for the next chapter. Great work! \:\)

#6kikialexaMay 2, 2013 SCARED me! You did a great job, no Sims3 or Sims2 Horror Story scared me...or any other Horror stories. Still, I will look for the next chapter as soon as it will be published! You're a great writer! \:\)

#71999monkeygirlMay 4, 2013

love it

#8courtneymhMay 6, 2013

Absolytly Horrific! I LOVE IT! "I like his butt." lol.\:rah\:

#9fruitopiaVIPMay 11, 2013

Ok, in the beginning I thought that Aiden was the bad guy, but I am leaning towards someone else. I guess I have to wait and see.

#10AnchieTkd Jun 4, 2013

I think I won't sleep tonight.Sophie is very scary,everything is scary!I have never been scared of reading,till now.P.S.Where from did you download Evie's hairstyle?

#11martoeleSep 12, 2013

Strange things are happening in here... What will be the matter with Sophie? Is there some split personallity? I guess I'll have to continue reading to know. \:\)

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