Autumn with You - 9
Published May 9, 2013

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I swear i love you,
I'm really crazy about you
Oath to die for your love, nothing else.
I'm nothing without you, i lost my breath because of you
Yourself entirely appropriate for me
When you're perfectly with me
we will be happy forever

I swear i love you,
I'm really crazy about you
Oath to die for your love, nothing else.
I'm nothing without you, i lost my breath because of you
Yourself entirely appropriate for me
When you're perfectly with me
we will be happy forever
It was still morning, and i'm getting ready to have a swim with those guys .

Sally : rick ? danny ? its time?

Danny : its time!.. we should hit this.. come on len!

Len : alright, alright.. i'm on my way

Rick : wait a minute ..
Rick : look at you sally ..

Danny : Wow .. aww ..

Len : both of you , what happen?
Danny : My eyes!!!! ouchh!!

Len : is there a problem with your eyes?

Rick : i think my eyes too!! ahh!!

Sally : What's wrong with your eyes? does it painful ? or does the sun too shiny ?
Danny : Noo noo .. it's not that, you're the one is brighten here more than the sun! my eyes can tell it all .

Rick : True danny .. look at sally , one of the sparkly creature around here. so what do you say Len ?

Len : ouch ouch .. my eyes too .. i guess?
Sally : hahaha.. *smiled*

Rick : okay now! we're gather .. its time to take a bath on the biggest bath tub in the world .

Len : Can you swim sally ? i'll escort you if you want?
Sally : Nn no need for that len .. i can swim by myself ..

Len : understood miss sally. *chuckle*

Danny : i got first place .. so warm
Rick : Second ~

Len : third place ? how about you sally ? last ?

Sally : ummm yeah ..
Danny : oh my .. its so deep!! i just reach .. sally ? what are you doing? not coming ?

Sally : wwaiit .. i forgot how to swim

Rick : auch auch my foot! what? you didn't know how to swim?

Len : she forgot idiot , it doesn't mean that she doesn't know.

Danny : ahahaha .. first time i've heard that someone really forgot how to swim . come on sally ! you'll remember if you reach here .

Sally : oo ookay .. i'm coming

Rick : oh yeahh .. salt water .. AGH! my butt! somebody pinch it !

Len : somebody ?? don't look at me .. i'm not doing anything..

Danny : oh my len .. you're a bad guy haha. so now you're gay ?

Sally : hmm ..

Len : don't listen to them sally ! you will never find out what this jerks are up to .
Rick : i saw your hand touch my butt , you even pinch it! shame of you len!

Len : i'll kill you !

Rick : I'm Just kidding guys!! its a total lie!!

Danny : i see fears from your eyes .. ahahaha

Len : great! sally can swim now, i thought you really did forgot how to swim.

Sally : who said that i'm forgot ? it was just a lie, i will never forget

Danny : argh! not bad at lying huh?

Len : you really did take a revenge did you?

Sally : yes i did . hahaha

Rick : a really real beauty mermaid is swimming with us!
Len : don't try her rick , i'll kill you..

Rick : sheessh i'm just teasing

Len : hey crocodile wanna race ?
Danny : bring it on Lion!!

Len : you should tell sally and rick
Danny : Hey guys.. wanna have a swim race? we will swim until the end of the shores, so you're in?

Sally : this is what i'm waiting for!

Rick : i'm gonna win this! lets go!

Len : okay so we are all in . let's make into a position.
Danny : Ready ... and one .. two .. three!!

*splash splash splash*
Danny : Strange huh .. i can't believe lion is really skilled at swimming? so was mermaid too ?

Rick : what do you say ? lion and mermaid? come on! fairytale don't have any mermaid and lion , there's only mermaid and the prince . how could a mermaid fall in love with animals ? ahaha

Sally : hahaha in fact it's true

Len : *blurp* Shut! .. up! you'll ruin my concentration
Rick : oh poor lion .. its better you stay at my back ! hahaha why don't we just call you turtles?

Len : i'll definitely beat you!

Danny : our mermaid is really master at swimming!

Sally : yes i am . if it's water .. i'll takeover
Len : you guys are way to far!! i'm almost sink its to deep down here! we should stop here !

Rick : okay.
Danny : i don't think this is a good idea

Sally : i'm the winner!!

Rick : i don't think so..
Rick : Because the race is not over yet!! i'm taking the first place sally!! ahahaha!

Sally : nnooo!! my feet still shaking here

Danny : i told you this is a bad idea lion!

Len : its okay .. at least i'm not fourth now .
Sally : ahhh! i'm so weak at running ! please surrender guys!

3 guys : NO!!!

Sally : stingy!
Sally : let's have a fishing near by! we should cook it for today's dinner .

Danny : great idea ..

Rick : don't worry fellas! i'm really skilled at fishing..
Len : ahh! i'm way too tired today, swimming, running, fishing? i don't even wanted to catch one of them.

Rick : loser!!!

Sally : come on len .. it will be fun!
Len : if sally say so ? i'm okay ..

Danny : so sweet!

Len : okay .. oi donkey ? what are you doing?

Rick : it's a trick .. if you do this like me you'll get a big fish , kind of shark? nah small shark! you should try len!

Danny : don't listen to that idiot .
Len : hmmm , lift up .. okay ,, where's the shark!!?

Rick : put it down again , just wait..

Sally : fooling people is a bad idea

Danny : you see ? sally agree with me
Sally : ow ow ow! it's moving !

Len : pull it sally !

Sally : gotcha! aww.. sweetness this a red fish?

Len : i don't think so , but well done!
Len : ah mine! it bites!

Rick : so fast! it must be a shark !

Sally : i dont think that's a sign of a shark .. there's no shark around here ..
Len : got it! .. what is this sally ? is this a small shark?

Sally : i told you .. it's not a shark.

Len : it does look like tilapia fish! this is not shark! but lets see if this donkey can really get a shark!

Sally : bad for you len .. bad for you too rick.

Danny : i got one too!!
Rick : none of the fish are biting my hook! oohh .. come on shark!! ughh .. i feel weak

Len : its getting dark here, we should head by the camp! you guys must be cold. are you okay sally ?

Sally : i'm okay len . let's go

*whistle whistle*
Danny : i feel bad for you donkey .. not get any fish huh? shame of you!! ahahah

Sally : yeah! shame of you donkey!

Len : what kind of trick is that? you made it by yourself right? ohhh , how can a beginner like you made a trick?!! boo!!

Rick : fine! but i'm the winner of running race!! hahaha!!

Len : I dont think soo!!!!! hahahahaha

Rick : LEN!! ITS UNFAIR!!!

Danny : what ? what is this? another race ? come on guys! its dark already!

Sally : just run slowly , you'll trip if you don't get to careful

Len : don't worry sally i got 4 eyes here
Today was a very tiring day but besides that there are laughter, we are having fun, chasing each other , even fishing together.
i feel comfortable to be with them. although we only met once .. but we are looked like old friends.
i can said that we are a good friends. but not, the reality is without them my life would suck
Len : Rick .. you're so lucky that sally gave you half of her fish . if i'm sally, no way for that

Danny : yeah .. its because sally does pity for you . you must be thankful

Sally : there's no need for that, sharing is not a bad idea.

Rick : yeah! true. i agree with sally . we must be sharing each other!
Ken : well well well .. look who's here! i guess you guys had a lot of fun out there

Len : yes we are .

Ken : oh len? why you didn't you wake me up this morning ? i thought you'll invite me

Len : i thought you don't wanna join . so i did not wake you up . besides, you hate swimming didn't you?
Ken : not now len. i do love swimming. hmmm.. sally .. nice bikini you got there

Sally : ah? what? ahaha i don't know

Len : don't try to flirt her, snake!

Ken : jealousy is forbidden

Len : not on your country dude.

Ken : you guys caught fish today ?

Sally : just 1

Danny : 1 too

Len : i caught 1 anyway its small shark , i guess?

*everyone's laughing*
Ken : hey kiddo! what you got there? none?

Rick : i got half!

Ken : half?? is there any fish that can alive with half of its body?

Rick : i mean half of sally fish.

Ken : oh .. so you dont get one of them . poor you

Rick : whatever!!

Ken : so how does it taste sally ? does it poisonous?

Len : there's no poisonous fish around here!
Sally : hmm.. not bad . len is right , there's not poisonous fish here. this is a fresh water , besides we fish near by the shores, so there's no dangerous looking fish around Ken : I thought you guys went on the boat?

Danny : What the heck? how can a boat possibly stop here?

Len : just ignore him, he's asking the nonsense thing

Sally : hahaha , its rude len .

Len : it's not sall, everyday life we do ignore him so that's not rude , its common for a people like him to be ignored! hahaha

Ken : i'll take a revenge for you lion!
Rick : i'm finished, i have to took a full rest now coz we have to get up early in the morning, pack up and immediately return home

Sally : so this is the last day we camp here?

Rick : yes sally. anyway i'm going to the tent first . see you by tomorrow!
HOOOOAAAMMM!!! i'm sleepy! let's sleep!

*danny shout*

Ken : ARGH! your voice is too loud! you make me dizzy !

Len : so overreacted.. come on sally .. you must take a full rest, so we can get up early in the morning, and i'll drive you home .

Ken : don't go with len! he will kidnap you

Len : it is you who's sally will not going with, thief face!

Ken : Probably we both should ask sally . so sally ? you're going with who?
Sally : i'm sorry ken , i'm going with len . its because i feel safer if i'm with him, i'm not saying that you're bad..

Len : ouch . that's something to be save in my mind .

Ken : argh! whatever you choose then sally

Len : come on sally .. eating time is over now sleep time .

Sally : okay!

It was the last day to be with them on the beach camp. i kinda miss this moment, having fun , racing , laughing , but tomorrow it will end up . i'm sure there will be another great moment that will come next.
Thanks for reading guys!! :wub:

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