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The Engagement - CH 18 - FINAL
Published May 8, 2013

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Hii all..


This is the Final Chapter..

Please Enjoy.. ;)


Hii all..


This is the Final Chapter..

Please Enjoy.. ;)

... My feeling is still unsettled. But..I..
When I was in deep thought..

Yuu : You look beautiful.
He said.
Yuu : But..
He smirked.
Rainie : Yuu?!
I was surprised to see Yuu already there in front of me.

Yuu : Long time no see.
He paused.
Yuu : But, seeing you like this, makes me want to marry you instead.
Rainie : ...

Yuu : You look glum. Why? Isn't today is your wedding day?
He asked as he smirked.

Rainie : I'm sorry. But..Can you leave me alone please.
He chuckled.
Yuu : I can't do that.
he said.

Rainie : ...

Yuu : But, I'm sorry. I came here not to give you a congratulations.
He chuckled

Rainie : Wha-
Rainie : Yuu!! What are you doing?!
I was surprised Yuu suddenly carried me.
Rainie : Put me down! Yuu..

Yuu took a deep sighed.
Yuu : Can you just calm down?

Rainie : How can I calm down?! Put me down!

Yuu : Sorry, but I was ordered to do this.

Rainie : YUU!!
Carl : A message? Gin?

"Sorry, I stole your bride."

Caral : What?
a Moment later..
Carl rushed to Rainie's room.
Carl : Rainie..
He looked around the room, but didn't find her there.
He rushed to take his phone and immediately call someone.


Carl : Where did you take her?
He said half shouted.

"To someone she loves."

Carl : What?

"Her me."

Carl : ...
He fell silent as he hang up.

Carl : He..
Yuu : Ok. We're here.
Rainie : W-what are we doing here?
I was wondering.

Yuu : You..
Suddenly Yuu's phone rang.

Yuu : Yes, honey.
He paused.
Yuu : I'm going home now. Bye.
Yuu : I'm sorry but I must go now.
He said as he hang up.
Rainie : W-What? Are you going to leave me here alone?

Yuu : Sorry. But he told me only up to here.
Rainie : He?

He paused.
Yuu : Now you just need to follow the path to the beach.

Rainie : Beach?
Yuu : Just follow the path. I'm leaving now. Rainie : Y-yuu..

He ignores her and climbed to his car and drove at high speed.

Rainie : What is it?
I fell silent a moment.
I don't know what to do. There is no cab passing by. Then I decided to follow what Yuu said earlier.
Rainie : Okay..Follow the path..
Meanwhile.. Mom : Carl? Why are you here?
She looked around.
Mom : Where is Rainie?

Carl : Mom, I have to tell you something.
Mom : What is it?

Carl explains everything about him and Rainie to his mother. His mother listened quietly.
Mom : So that's what happened.
She paused.
Mom : But, I already knew about it.

Carl : What?

Mom : Gin told me this morning.
She paused.
Mom : And I've changed your wedding ceremony into family party. Blake family will be there as well. And of course their daughter.
Carl : Mom..

Mom : At least try to get to know her first. Arranged marriage issues can be discussed later. And we won't force you.

"Excuse me.."
Mom : Ah, you're here.

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation."

Mom : No, it's ok. Come, I'll introduce you to my son.

Carl : You..
He said hesitantly.

Mom : You know her?

Carl : No. She's just.. similar to my acquaintances.
She chuckled.
"Aunt, my mother was looking for you."

Mom : Ah, yes. Then, I'll going to meet your mother now. And there is still time until the party begin, so why don't you two have a little chat.


After that, Carl's mother stepped out of the room.
"Should I introduce myself again?"

Carl : Huh?
He was wondering himself.

"Carl..I'm Cecile."
She said as she chuckled.
Carl : What?!
He said disbelief.

Cecile : Why? You don't believe me?

Carl : ...

Cecile : Sorry, I've come home to you in that way. But I want to see you in person so badly.
She explained.

Carl : What do you mean?
Cecile : Actually..Uhm..I like you since I saw your picture.
She said shyly.
Cecile : I told my parents that I'm going to vacation with my friend for a few days.

Carl frowned as he heard what she said.

Cecile : And when I met you in person. I was very nervous. You are really kind.
She paused.
Cecile : But..I'm sad when I heard that you loved another girl. Especially when I hear you're getting married.

Carl : ...

Cecile : I'm sorry. But, I'm glad that didn't happen.
She chuckled.

Carl : You..
Cecile : I've decided. I'll make you to love me starting today. And don't worry. I'm not going to rush you. I have a very patient nature. So don't worry.
She said confidently.

Carl laughed after hearing her words.
Carl : Looks like you have pushy nature as well.

Cecile : I am.
She laughed.
It's so dark here..
I'm a little scared..
A moment later, I saw the light. As I walked up to the light, I saw that the light was coming from the candle. Many candles that seemed purposely arranged there. And I saw a man standing looking towards the beach.
'Who's that?'
I wondered.
As I was wondering, it looks like he was aware of my presence and turned to face me.

Rainie : Gin?!
I was very surprised. Gin who was standing there.
That made me feel more confused. Earlier was Yuu. Now Gin.
He gave me light smile.

Gin : I'm sorry to bring you here all of sudden.
He paused.
Gin : But, I can't let you to marry another man.
Rainie : Huh?
I have no idea about what he just said.
It has made me more puzzled.

Gin : I want you to walk slowly toward me and listen to every word that I will say.
He requested.

I was totally puzzled.
I fell silent a moment.
Then, I started to walk slowly towards him.
I saw him smile as he stared at me gently.
And he began to speak.

Gin : First I thought I'm not going to interfere in my mother's business.
That was about engagement.
(He paused).
Gin : Then, Yuu started his game to you. But he lost. You didn't cry.
But,You didn't seem have spirit at that time. And I feel sorry for you.

Rainie : ...

Gin : I try find out about where Darren was. And I found it.
(He grinned).
Gin : When you're about to go to Darren's place alone, I suddenly felt worried about you. And I decided to go with you.
(He said as he smiled)
Gin : When we were in Apaloosa plains, my feelings have changed towards you.
Then I decided I would become your fiance.

Rainie : ...

Gin : When first time I kissed you..
(He said as he recalled).
Gin : I can't remove it from my mind.
And, without I realized, I started to watching you.
(He said as he smiled).

Rainie : ...

Gin : When you with Yuu, I couldn't stop myself from beeing jealous.
But then I realized, our engagement is fake.
And you didn't want it. Then I think I have to stop it soon.
(He said with soft smile. But, His eyes looks wavered.)

Gin : On the day you were leaving, I went to see my mother.
I asked her to wait until I know about how you feel.
But I'm a coward. I was too scared to ask you.
(He paused.)
Gin : Until I decided to find you. Then I asked Darren about your address.

Rainie : ...

Gin : When I hear you've loved someone..I felt my heart hurt at the time.
And I was angry at myself..At my cowardice.
(He paused.)
Gin : When we having dinner together at that time..I can't control myself.
And I kissed you.
(He chuckled).
Gin : But then, I remembered that you've loved someone.
I thought, I've just made a mistake.

Rainie : ...
I don't know what to say.
All that I can do is listen to his every word with silence.

Gin : I decided to go away from you. But again, I met you.
(He smirked).
Gin : Knowing that you're going to get married, that made me feel chaotic.
(He paused).

I said to my self.

Gin : But, at the last minute luckily I knew about your feelings.
(He smiled softly).
Gin : And, I won't let you to marry someone else.
He paused.
Gin : Because I love you.
He said as he looked into my eyes.

Rainie : Wha-
My feet became frozen and I was speechless.
Did he just said..He..
Gin : If you have the same feeling with me, come closer.
He said with serious face.


Gin : Do me?
I moved my feet slowly. One step, two steps ..
I walked slowly towards him.
My heart was beating faster and faster as I walked toward to him.
And now..I'm here..Right before him.
I saw him smiled softly.
That made ​​me even more nervous.
Then, suddenly he pulled my hands.
Rainie : Ah!
He forced his lips against mine as he touched my back and pulled me until press his body.
He kissed me forcefully.

Rainie : Mmph..

He didn't care about my protest.
And still forced his lips against mine.
Moments later, he pulled his lips slowly.
And I could take a breath.

Gin : I'm sorry, but I won't control myself anymore.

Rainie : What if I ran out of breath?

Gin : Then, I'll give artificial respiration right away.
He chuckled.

Rainie : You're annoying.
I said grumbled.

Gin : I'm sorry. But it's your fault that too cute.

Rainie : Are you teasing me?

He just chuckled.
Gin : Marry me.
He said as he stared into my eyes.

Rainie : ...
I didn't believe what I've heard.
I was stunned.

Gin : Will you?

I fell silent a moment.
Rainie : Certainly.
I said as I smiled.

Gin : I'll start to make a vow then.

Rainie : Right now?
I said disbelief.

Gin : I don't want to wait anymore.
He smiled gently.
Gin : I, Gin Adams, take you Rainie White, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do us part.
He said as he put the ring on her finger.
Gin : Your turn..

Rainie : Y-yes.
I was very nervous.
Gin : I, Rainie White, take you Gin Adams, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death do us part.
I said nervously as I put the ring on his finger.

Gin : Are you nervous?
He said as he smiled.

Rainie : I-I'm not. Maybe..a little.
I grinned.
Gin : I love you, my wife..

Rainie : I..Mmh..
Before I finished my words, He kiss my lips gently.
Then he pulled me into his arms and he gave me a passionate kiss.

Rainie : Gin..
I almost ran out of air, but Gin didn't let my lips go yet.
He kissed me again and again.

Gin : Prepare yourself starting tonight.
He whispered as he kissed me.

Rainie : Huh?
Gin : I want twins.

Rainie : ??!!!
-END- =D

Thanks for read!!

Cya on my next story!


Special thanks to CCs Creator! Thank you!

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maddiecoathupMay 10, 2014

XD I want twins

wejdan.fhSep 25, 2013

anyone wants to get the cover photo of this story, check out my blog to get the download link

wejdan.fhSep 25, 2013

I loved your story \:wub\:\:wub\: I really liked how it turned out \:D\:D

Sdsimp VIPSep 9, 2013

Omg!! I loved this story sooo much. I cried in the end (seriously). Awesome writing. Gin is so dreamy lol!! Twins? I love it. Please, please make a sequel!!\:rah\:\:rah\:

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