After Life Ch8
Published May 6, 2013

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At first I thought there was a way back...

But as I spent more and more time with these people, I came to realize that we were all stuck here.

At first I thought there was a way back...

But as I spent more and more time with these people, I came to realize that we were all stuck here.
Sam died, something that cannot happen in the game. It struck close to home as my wife fell into a death like state not so long ago, but this case was different.

Sam really was dead, and it left me with so many questions that I needed to get answers.


"Isn't it about time... you told me everything."

I got no reply.

"I haven't asked any questions since I got here. Nor did I get any answers either."

Still no reply.

"So back to my first question when I got here.. Luke... Where the heck is this place? Why are we here? How did we get here?"

He breathed a long sigh before finally giving in.

"They call this world... The Broken world."
"The place where all the broken things go..." "One way or another, the game saw us as a danger and immediately took action... they sent us here..

But things weren't the same as when we were inside the world of After Life"

"What do you mean?" I asked curiously.

"It changed us... Broke us in other words.. If you haven't noticed already, we're lacking in one way or another.

They made After Life the perfect world... Where in this world... is the opposite.

In theory... we believe... This to be one reason why Sam died. Death exists in this world... Maybe something even worst."

"Worst?" I snickered. "Let's cut to the chase Luke... Is there a way out of this place?"

Luke frowned, or so I believe he did.

"I know all about you France Carvel. We were all banned from the game, but you, you're quite different."
"I don't know what you mean Luke, I just want to get back to my family." I replied sharply.

"You're family?" Luke laughed. "That's not even funny but it made me laugh. There is no family in After Life. If you haven't noticed already nothing is real, not even in this world."

"I don't know what you're saying." I continued.

"The only way to make things right is to destroy the game, that way... we all return to the real world and be able to life and die and love and laugh. Real things Baldie, real things."
"That's what we hope for."

"I cant let you do that." I say. "Because if believed this world to be false... then maybe my daughter was just a fiction of someones imagination... that, I cant allow."

Luke said nothing more after this, so I walked away.
It didnt take long for Ted to summon us all.

"I'm glad you're all here..."

He was not his usual self today, he was less hyped and his voice was low, maybe even sad.

"We've exhausted all our resources and found nothing new about escaping this world. So I came into a conclusion..."

He turned to Luke to apologize, but before he was able to speak at all Luke eyed him angrily.

"Ted, what are you saying..."
"It's alright Luke... I won't tell anyone what you did to me."

A skinny guy with black messy hair and thick eye glasses walked into the room.


"Stop..." Luke stopped the guy from continuing.
"I should be the one saying this..." the expression on Luke's face changed.

"This guy... Although he looks different from how we remember him... is Z..."

The room was suddenly filled with chatter... If he was Z... Then who?
"The Z you all know... Is not Z at all..." He continued.

"The Z you've been living with was actually a girl... Back when we were in After Life"
"She turned into a guy when we got here... So Ted and I came up with a plan to hide the real Z... Because she is... the girl we both ..." "I know it's selfish... and for what ever pain or confusion we caused. We apologize, but Z can help us all... So we decided to reveal the truth here and now." Ted interrupted in the middle of Luke's explanation.

"Well, that's correct." Z spoke. "The last four months I've been treated like a prisoner, but I've been studying about EDEN and found out that there's three other facilities like EDEN."
'One is called Sodom. The Eye of the island, a facility which see's everything that goes on in the island.'

"Let's split into two groups." Luke suggests. "As much as I'd hate to entrust Zoe to you, Baldie, I most definitely can't entrust Zane to you, so you're stuck with my Sister for now."

"What do you mean stuck!" Zoe punched Luke before he broke off laughing.
Another is called Gomorrah, the research facility of this Island. This is where they experimented on players.

"We split up here and meet up before night fall." Luke explained.

"If you find anything report back to EDEN and don't go near and talk to anything." He ordered strictly.

The last base is called Osiris... In Egyptian Culture, Osiris is the God of after life, therefore, Osiris is most probably the way back to After Life.

"Zane! A little hand here."

Zane produced no sound, but she laughed a bit.
Search through documents, find anything that could be useful, a map of the world would be good. Remember not to interact with other elements in the island, as this place was used as an experimental grounds for things they thought they could use in the game, be careful, and good luck.

"So what is this place?" I asked Zoe.

She shrugs. "It caved in, I think we should dig through to find out."
"I'll be right back, I'll go find some tools." Zoe, always too quick to act. Never stopping to think, should I follow her?


But then, I heard a voice call out to me, it sounded way to familiar to let pass... or ignore...

"That voice.."
I followed it and started digging into the rubble.

"That voice...."

Then i found something... But before I could see clearly... Zoe came back yelling.

"BALDIE!" Zoe yelled.
"Quick! Follow me!"

She pulled me so we ran towards this thing she found.
And showed me.

It was...

"ZOEY! Luke told us not to fool around! Let's get out of here."

"This one is dead." Zoe confirmed.

I frowned at her.

When I turned around I saw a bunch of reanimated corpses.

"What the heck! Female NPC'S?!" Zoe yelped.

"Doesnt matter!!" I yell.
"ZOE! RUN!" I ordered her but she fell down. "Silly girl." a grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

"RUN! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" I yelled way behind her.

The voice i heard it again, faint but pleading... I ignored and caught up with Zoe.
We returned to where we were earlier and gave Zoe some scolding.

It was almost night fall before we realized it, so I turned to Zoe and smiled at her to change her sour mood.

"We should go back." I said. But she was still angry at me.

She shook her head. "NO! Let's explore this place."

"It's not safe!" I argued.

"Not your call Baldie! " her voice rang.

Then she disappeared.

"ZOE!" I yelled.

I heard a splash of water and already knew.

"NO! ZOE!"

She found the well I dug earlier.
She dove into the well and swam further into the depths.

I felt like a total jerk, how could I have been so irresponsible?

First, small rocks, followed by dirt and then the ground started shaking.

The roof was fianaly giving in breaking to bits before completely crashing. Before being caught I jumped into the well in hopes for an escape.
But it was so deep and vile, thick, and weird tasting followed by rocks sinking from above, I hit my head a few times from the impact. I heard three loud crashes not far... and then, darkness. ... Hey guys! Thanks for reading this chapter, hope to hear from you ^-^

Thanks to all the featured CC and comments if you will.

Broken World is an actual world. You can download it, just google!



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#1JennC32May 7, 2013

Yes, a prequel would be interesting! I say go for it. \:\)

#2CherryBerrySimMay 7, 2013

This ch was so cool and awesome! \:rah\: \:\)

#3myziggygirlMay 8, 2013

I'm hooked!\:\) from the beginning to now, it just get's better

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