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The Struggle of a Wife CH.17
Published May 8, 2013

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Welcome back

Welcome back
After David left, the mood of everyone became much happier. He told Evin that he had been called into work for a mandatory meeting, but we all knew that Vera told his butt to leave.

Anyway, we all packed up our thing and jumped in the car.
Once we got there, Everlynn and Dawn ran straight to the sprinklers.

Dawn: Last one to the sprinklers is a rotten egg (She said as she and Everlynn raced to the spot)

Evin: Aww man thatís not fair, I have all the bags in my hands (He said as he dropped everything and joined their race.

Vera and I began laughing at the sight. It felt good to have Evin around.
The whole afternoon was amazing. Dawn and Everlynn were all over the park with Evin right behind them.

Everlynn: Dad! Watch me slide down the slip and slide! (She yelled)

Evin: Iím watching

Everlynn did a cartwheel and then a curtsy and then slide down the slip and slide. Evin was right there to cheer her on, when she was at the end of it.

Evin: That was amazing Honey Bunny (He said hugging her)
Vera: Aww that was nothing, watch this (Yelled stepping up to the slip and slide)

Vera began to do the hula and then jumping jacks, (We all began to laugh)

She then did a cartwheel and slide down the slip and slide.

Dawn: GO MOMMY, GO MOMMY, GO MOMMY (She chanted for Vera)
When she was done, we all cheered

Everlynn: Come on Dawn lets go jump in the pool (They both raced off)
Evin began to talk to Vera, while I went to set up the picnic for us.

Evin: Are you enjoying yourself Vera?

Vera: Yeah, Iím happy as long as the girls are happy.

Evin: Same here (He paused) Iím kind of glad David didnít come because it would have been awkward.

Vera: Yeah, it kind of would, but I would have had fun regardless.
Evin: I know itís crazy for me to bring this up, but I canít help but wonder. How are you taking this divorce?

Vera: Iím taking it, is all I can say. I mean I miss having David around, but I donít miss being lied to or cheated on. At first I was tough about the situation, but now Iíve been breaking down a lot lately.

Evin and Vera hugged

Vera: Itís hard going through a divorce, but I can handle it. My most concern is can Dawn handle it?

Evin: Yeah, how is she taking it?

Vera: I think she is taking it better than me (They laughed) When she got older, I sat down and explained that David and I are not together because we werenít happy together. I didnít want to bash him to my child; I mean thatís her father. I also told her if she ever wanted to see or call him, she is more than welcome to, but I think Dawn has some kind of resentment towards David for hurting me.

Evin: Why would you say that?
Vera: Because every time it is time for her to go over there, she says she doesnít want to. When David tries to pick her up from school, the teacher says she get on the school bus to go home. When he calls the house, she talks to him dryly, which I get on her about, but I canít change how she feels about him.

Evin: Thatís sadÖ Maybe you and David need to sit down and talk to her together, and maybe she will explain why she is treating him that way.

Vera: MaybeÖ

Cheryl: YOU GUYS COME AND EAT!!!! (I yelled interrupting their conversation by mistake)

Dawn and Vera decided to play more, but my family began to sit down and eat.
Everlynn: Mommy?

Cheryl: Yes Dear

Everlynn: Are you enjoying yourself?
(She asked as we began to eat our hot dogs)

Cheryl: I sure am, why do you ask?

Everlynn: Because you canít really get on any of the ride because of the baby.
Cheryl: I am enjoying myself Princess and so is the baby. When you guys are happy and having fun, then Iím happy and having fun.

Everlynn: Okay, but can you have fun with us if we go play with the sprinklers together? (She asked as we finished our food)

Cheryl: Sure (I smiled and then all of a sudden the baby began to kick) your baby sister or brother is scared to play with the sprinklers.
Everlynn walked up to me and place her little hand on my stomach and began whispering to the baby. Everlynn: This is going to be fun little bro or sis, so donít worry. Iíll protect you; Iíll hold mommyís hand the whole time. (She then kissed my belly) Your big sister lovers you. That made me smile so hard that I had to hug her.

Evin: Okay, letís go play with the sprinklers (He said holding Everlynnís hand, which was holding my hand.)
My family and I enjoyed the rest of our time at the water park. I was glad to be out the house and spending time with my family, best friend and her daughter.

I can honestly say today was a good dayÖ
Mohala's story 2 and a half months later:

After kicking Neko out, I spent the whole time avoiding my friends and family. I also busied myself by cleaning ad taking care of the house. I wanted, no needed to keep my hands busy so I didnít have thoughts of Neko cheating on me.
It hurt so bad to have the love of my life tell me that he had cheated on me, but not only that, nut that he also had a son. The agony killed me inside so much that I caught myself crying every so often.

I was in pain. I felt empty and so did my house.
I spent most of my time watching TV, mostly romantic movies. I was so caught up into once movie that I didnít heard keys being put in to the front door. By the time I turned around, in walks Neko.

At first he said nothing, and just stood there.

I got up to leave the room, but he stopped him.

Neko: So this is how itís going to be?

I stopped in my tracks.

Neko: Iím sorry Mohala.

I said nothing
Neko: I know I have hurt you, but My Flower you have to understand that I never meant to.

I said nothing, never turning to face him.

Neko: If I could take it back (He said walking closer to me) I would.

Neko: Iíve missed you

Normally I would say that I missed him as well, but not this time. What I was feeling right now was nothing close to missing or loving Neko.

Neko: Please say something to me

I said nothing

He grabs my hand and turns me around and kisses my hand.
Neko: Iím sorry Mohala, I am truly sorry. I understand why youíre mad and you have every right to be. Youíre my wife and I love you and only you. You donít have to worry about any one taking your place, because you are everything I want and need in a woman.

I was about to jump down his throat, but he stopped me

Neko: I know I messed up by being with a woman, but she is not in my heart. She may have my son, but she does not own my heart; you do.

I began to soften up my attitude
Mohala: You are my heart too Neko, but I canít forget the fact that you have a son. A SON, and itís not by me. I canít forget the fact that you gave me such a hard time about starting a family and here you are, already with a family. She is not family, only my sonís mother. Youíre my wife, heís my son, you two are family.

I said nothing

Neko: And since you are both my family, then I would like for you both to meet one another.

I was speechless, was he serious?
Mohala: You want me to do what?

Neko: I want you to meet my son. I know I might be asking for much, but I promise that you would fall in love with him just like I did.

Mohala: I donít know Neko

Neko: I would hold your hands the whole time. If it gets too much for you then we would leave.
Mohala: Wait, heís not coming here?

Neko: He canít really leave the house because he still is a newborn.

Mohala: SO you want me to go over your mistress house and meet your son? (I said getting upset and walking into our bed room). ARE YOU CRAZY?!?

Neko: I know Iím asking for much, but just think about it. You donít have to answer right off the back. (He said grabbing my hands and kissing each one)
I began to think to myself. ďAm I crazy for even thinking about going to see Nekoís son? If I see Kimberly, would I want to fight her? Why am I even considering this, when I havenít even forgiven him for cheating on me?Ē

Mohala: Neko, I can tell you now that I donít want to, but I will. I would like to meet your son, but I will be honest with you. Iím not happy with you, not with this situation, nor am I happy about us. I donít know if I even forgive you. (I began to cry)
Neko: I understand

Mohala: My heart says forgive you, but my mind say let you go. Iím mad at you, NO, Iím angry!

Neko: Iím sorry

Mohala: No more apologizing, I donít want to hear it anymore! They are only being ignored!

Neko: I understand, and I know you said stop, but I canít help but to. I hurt you and I promised I would never do that when we got married.(He said holding my hand)
I began to cry harder

Neko: I hate making you cry. (He said still holding my hands) All I can do is hope and pray that you forgive me.

I began to go stop crying

Neko: I love you Mohala (He said getting on his knees and pulling me towards him and laying his head on my belly) I would do anything for you. Donít leave me, please. I canít live without you. I want to fight for our marriage, our family, our love.

At that moment, I knew I would forgive Neko, because I also wanted to fight for our marriage as well.
Hope, you come back to read more....

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Ben72006Jul 8, 2013

What a lovely chapter

SimplySweetMay 27, 2013

NEKO!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHH I CAN'T DEAL!!!!

xx.JusttBoredd.xxMay 9, 2013

gurhl! I've been waiting so long for this! this is a sweet chapter.

tamyaglassMay 9, 2013

I don't know if i would forgive Neko so easily.

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