Sweet Tear Ch.1
Published May 18, 2013

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Heyyyyy every one! First off- thank you so much for stopping by.

And for those wondering, yeah this is supposed to be a confusing story.

Thank you so much pose makers, and CC artists.

Heyyyyy every one! First off- thank you so much for stopping by.

And for those wondering, yeah this is supposed to be a confusing story.

Thank you so much pose makers, and CC artists.

"Wait up!" I called to the group ahead of me.

Leaves and twigs crunched under my bare feet. I gained speed, and was soon running next to Nakoda and Elan.

We ran toward the end of the land.

The water fall.

We reached the cliff together.

And didn't stop.




We all three screamed, our voices running with the water.

I fell with the wind pounding against me. My heart.

I soon felt the moistness of the uprising water, and from four hundred feet landed safely in the cool water.

I sprang to the surface, along with my friends.

"Wooo!" Nakada yelled.

Me and Elan laughed.

We stayed there floating and laughing until our breath and senses returned.

"Alright, we should probably get back to the pack." Elan said firmly.

"Hang on a second! We haven't gotten any food yet. Oh!" Nakada suddenly dived down in to the water.


Trout's my favorite, and that is what Nakada rose up with.
As we headed back to the village, we gathered a few berries and herbs. Soon enough, the light of the central fire came in to view.

I quickly pulled on my ripped shirt and shorts. I had been wearing my underwear in the river.

"Come on, I'll race ya!" Nakada said nudging my shoulder.

"Alright, first one there gets the black berries!" I say and sprint towards our small community.

As usual, Nakada beats me.

"Hah! I beat y- Elan! Come on! Sorry!"

Nakada apologized to Elan for leaving him behind.

"I said it's fine. Lets just eat." He sighed as Nakada still went on. She never seemed to run out of breath.

We all walked toward our usual spots. Me in the middle, Nakada to my left, her mom to her left; Elan to my right and his dad to his right. I looked around the loud circle. Every one was already here.

A few dark shapes appeared out from the trees and walked toward us in a hunched position.

We had company.

Not like I didn't live in a ruined barn with over twenty of them.

I had never met any outside of those who's snores comforted me.

They transformed back to human form, their eyes still glowing in the dim light.

When they reached the fire, one of the shorter ones from the back - there were five - stared at me. Finally saying, "There," and pointing at me.

"What? Why-"

"Eari? Why her?" Elan interrupted me.

"Because, Elan, she has a visitor." The tallest in the front said.

"How do you know my name? Who are you?" Elan said, now standing next to me.

"As Tiray over hear suggests"- He points to the older lady- "we can see in to your thoughts."

Mind readers.

Tiray looks taken back, but unsurprised.

Elan looks furious. "Well, I am sure Eari wants no part in whatever you are doing here. None of us need any of this. Please, leave us and we will spare your lives.", Elan says calmly, although his finger nails are clearly digging a deep groove in to his palm.

"No, Elan. Please, I am sure Eari would love to meet her brother." The tallest replies, along with a sly smile.

Brother? MY brother? He died in a forest fire when I was eight. I can't help looking around at the werewolves, wondering how I could be related to one of them.

"Eari." The short one who pointed at me says. "I'm him." He says, as if expecting me to yell in his face. Instead I ask, "You?"

Then I see it. My eyes, jaw shape, and hair color. All the same.


He nods.

I just stare. My brother is alive. Even after 62 years.

He is a werewolf. Unable to age. Just as me. Only, I don't transform to a ginormous, hairy half-human half-wolf monster.

I run toward him, and wrap my arms around him.

After a second of shock, he hugs me back. We hug until Elan says that's enough.

"It's just a hug, Elan." I say in a mocking tone.

"Well, he may not even be your brother."

"You mean an impostor? Why in the world would some one come all this way, just to see me?"

Elan paused for a moment. Rone broke the silence.

"She has a point. And I don't think eating one of you is an option for us now. It would be much easier to kill a deer. They don't fight back."

Elan stares back and forth between me and my brother.

"Well, you two do look alike." Elan says.

Questions popped in to my head. Who is this person, supposedly my dead brother? Why did these others come? How did they find us? Where did they come from?

I started with one. "Um, Rone?"

"Yeah?" His eyes found mine. My eyes.

"Um, I have no idea if you figured this out, but, mom and dad..."

"I know. It was all over the news. I suspect you were hiding in the orphanage?"

I sigh. "Yeah. Were you following me?"

"For about a week, before Garret persuaded me to forget it."

"Oh. Who's Garret?"

"The tall one with dark brown hair."

"The one who did all the talking?" I ask.


"Oh. Well why did he come?"

"Oh um..."

"Is it private?" I didn't want to sound to nosy.

"No. You should know and understand. Every one who came has or had a family member along the way. Mine, you. Zi, the skinny blond one has a sister here." Rone points to the skinny boy talking to a younger girl, about 16. She came here a year ago.

Rone continued. "Frayman, the broad one has a grandmother." This time he pointed to a very handsome boy talking to an older woman, 198, who I knew as Bluebell. Every one had their own nicknames for her. Bluebell for the way she dressed on my first day. She had found bluebells and strewn them through her pinned hair.

"And Ty has his aunt and uncle." Rone pointed out a boy with pure black hair talking to an Asian couple who I didn't really know. I knew the woman's name is Yi and the man's Powl. They were in their late 100's.

"What about Garret?" I ask.

"That's the hard part. You see, he had a mother. She lived about a few miles from here. In a small house, near a cliff. And when she found out her son had been transformed in to... a monster, she didn't take it well. At all. She screamed and ran to town. Of course, we couldn't go after her. We heard she was put in a mental hospital. I found a newspaper on the side of a road. The article was on page two."

Wow. Wow. More than wow. "Poor Garret... Does he have a father?"

"He was supposed to be there, at the house. We stayed a week to see if he would show. He never came. We left a note, though. Just in case he hadn't heard." Rone finished with a frown.

I didn't watch my parents... leave. I couldn't imagine it.

Then I realized something.

I felt a warm sensation in my heart.

Only to find out why a moment later.

As a vampire landed in front of me.

Thank you for reading! Keep an eye out for chapter 2!

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AlessaFayeMay 20, 2013

werewolves yay! glad to see another supernatural besides vampires! great chapter, wish it was a bit longer though! \:\)

smartapplesMay 20, 2013

Great job... I really like this story. I love that it's confusing and mysterious. I really feel bad for Garret though. Can't wait for the next chapter! \:\)

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