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Forever Chapter 5
Published May 12, 2013

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It was a mistake to bring her back with me, But i just couldn't admit it...

It was a mistake to bring her back with me, But i just couldn't admit it...
It was 12 o'clock noon and there I was flipping burger patties. I had no idea how to make them, yet there I was, mimicking Bobby Flay, hoping that it would taste just as good.

But as to why I was doing this in the first place, we need to go back the night before.
"My head hurts..." Ever complained her head down on the table mumbling some other words I could not understand.

I shook my head trying not to pass out.
"I told you not -hik- to drink -hik- too much." I replied. "You -hik- should listen - hik- to me some -hik- times."

"Shut up..." she replied irritated. "What's with the hicking??.... I want burgers..."

We kept on talking about stuff for several more hours that felt like a really long time.
Then she walked around.

"Idiot.. Chokie... You didn't tell me you had a pool, and a hot tub too!"

"I did -hik- not -hik-"

"Whatever! Turn around!"

"Why shoul-hik-"

So I did as she said.

"Don't even try to peek Chokie."

It seemed she changed, and when she was done.
I ended up joining her. There was a long awkward silence between us.

"Look, my fee-hik-eet."

She sighs splashing some water to my side.
"What's wrong with you... Seriously?" she asks so suddenly I almost slipped off.

"Wh-hik-at do you mean?"

"Are you a man or do you really just like your own kind?"

There were times like it felt like she was not drunk at all.


So easy to ask, so easy to lose interest.
"What do you mean -hik- like my own kind?"

She grumbles. "What i mean is that, if you're gay, I'm absolutely cool with it sista!" she laughed.

"That's not -hik- funny" I replied. "What even made -hik- you think that?"

"Look here hickey." I got a new nickname. "I know MEN, and MEN like me. You're either gay or yeah.. GAY!"

I put may arm over her shoulders almost thinking this gave her a little fright.

"I'm not gay." I said sharply.
"I just like you.. a lot..."

To make my point i moved even closer, pulled in by those green gems staring back at me.
"But you know... we are friends... so..."

-prrrt prrrt-

-prrrt prrrt-

"Sorry... I... I really need to get that.."

-prrrt prrrt-

"Just forget what I said."
That was really dangerous... I didn't know how much longer I could take of it all... At that time, that one single moment, one mistake, one wrong move, and it would completely destroy what I've work so hard to build this summer.


"WOOOO! OMG, the wattterrrr is soooo coooollllddddd bbbRrrrr...."
She's done it again.

"OMG! Whhhhyy-y--y is your poooo-ool sooo coooollld!!" she complained. "Maaaaakkekekke ittt waaaaarrrmmemer."

"I can't do that!" I tell her catching sight of her nakedness under the pool. She was skinny dipping.
"You're useless!!" She complains then laughs, swimming away.

It was hard to get her to come out because she kept on swimming away and fooling around. But what made it harder was because she was wearing absolutely nothing at all.
But somehow I was able to get her out with methods I'm not very proud of, but it got her out anyway.

"Ever, you awake?"
"Good Morning Darling." She greets back. "How's the company?"

She was still in a playful mood even after sobering up.

"I prepared lunch, you should come down and grab a bite."
"Hey Jean, tell me, did we do it?" She asks suggestively. "You don't need to lie, I mean, I'm not a saint either." I broke off laughing.

"What's so funny, I'm serious here." She laid on her side.

"We didn't do it." I told her. "Friends don't do it."

"Too bad..." she grumbled. "That would have been your only chance. HAHA!" She raced me to the door down to the dining area.
"BURGER!" she yelped surprised. "I have been craving for burgers for so long now, how did you know."

I only smiled back to her saying no words.
"I must have asked for burgers the whole time last night." she hit the nail on the head. "Sounds like something I would do when i drink too much."

I kept going back and fort to the memories of last night, I wonder if she remembers anything at all, she seems unaffected at all.
She always seemed happy, with smiles and jokes out of no where.

But as I spent more and more time with her, I came to realize, that she was a really sad person.

"Hey John... You can play this right?"

This was the first time she called me by my name.

"Yeah, but I'm not that good at it."

"I don't mind... Can you play something for me?"
John Plays : Fabrizio Paterlini - The Stars That Fell Over That Night

It was an old memory, distant yet close to my heart. I was young and with the only person who showed me true love.

My father.

He was a great pianist, not well known but this was one of the pieces he always played to me before he lost his ability to do so, and before late, lost his ability to live.

My father died, a person unknown, a pianist unheard.

What was I thinking asking John to play this song for me?

"I hate you." I tell him.

He laughed. "Sorry, I'm not that good, i told you."
I didn't hate him.

I hate the memory this piece held, so many questions, so many hurtful thoughts.

But mostly, it's the way John had played the piano which bothered me.

It was exactly the same. They were the same, always with that kind of smile, a kind loving caring smile.

But... they all leave... every single one of them.
It made me remember a few things from last night.

But it's mostly still just a blur.
But I pretend not to remember. Maybe it's because i wanted to fool around...

Or maybe... it was because I wanted to act like everything was okay.

Because what I hate more about guys with the same smile as my father... Was the face they made when you made them sad.
There's no more painful feeling in this world, than breaking a good mans heart.

"I can make it from here. So. Bye!"

I'm such a coward.
"Ah....So that's why..."

It hurts, but I understood my self a little that night, and with the same understanding came the awkwardness that tainted this 'friendship' John called.

But honestly, who were we kidding?

I didn't see John for two weeks.

It's not like I was avoiding him or anything, but he didn't make an effort himself.
And when he came.

"Oh, you."
"Come on in."

I was in a complete total mess.

"Want something to drink? I have yesterdays milk."
"Ever... no, Sofia, I want to tell you something."

I should have taken him seriously then, but I couldn't, so i acted as I normally did when around him.

"Me too, haha, it's been two weeks you know, yeah, hahaha.." It came out wrong, or maybe it was the way I said it.

"Sofia I..."

I didnt want to hear what he had to say, I was broken, and he was the last person I wanted seeing me like this.

"John, stop... Don't continue." I asked looking away "Please.. Leave... and comeback... when I'm not like this... please."

Mistakes are only realized after you make them. That was the lesson a learned that day.
I collapsed on the floor, It must have been from stress, to many days without sleep... Or confusion. Naturally, John helped me to my bed.

"You shouldn't be doing these things Ever."

I liked it when he called me Ever, but i never really told him this.

"I'll be just..."


"John, I don't want to be friends anymore."
He says nothing back. He was silent. Too silent.

"Let's just not be friends anymore and part ways and be strangers to each other."
I wanted him to say something, to be angry, to fight for me.

"Let's go back to not knowing each other, be complete and total stranger."

"Actually." NO, John, no. Don't.

"That's why I came here, to tell you just that."


"Let's stop being friends." WAIT. "And be strangers to each other starting now."
Don't leave.

"Goodbye Ever."

They all leave, and you're no exception.
And i thought you were different.

I wanted to see your face so many times that day, I wanted to see the look you were wearing, were you sad or relieved? Were you happy or angry? But I couldn't.

I was afraid to be broken again, so that's why... I couldn't.

Because if I saw you're face, the expression you had, everything about you. I would've followed my desires selfishly and broke you.
I couldn't, not you.

I'm broken. Broken people can only break things...
Hey guys, sorry for the late update, I've been gathering the pictures for this series and it took me quite sometime before i had the right amount. Anyway, i hope you enjoyed this chapter. I know it's a bit emotional at the end bit, but i hope it's okay.

Thanks to all the featured CC and comments!



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Katherine1091 VIPAug 23, 2013

it's so sad if you play that piece from fabrizio paterlini in the back on YT and read this story... ;(

amber12284May 16, 2013

It's confusing but awesome >\:D

RanaMay 14, 2013

OMG! i can't wait for the next chapter !!
You're such an amazing writer & director !
Keep it up!!

priscillamitMay 13, 2013

Come on ever.. Just tell him \:mad\:

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