After Life Ch11 (Season Finale)
Published May 29, 2013

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There is such a thing as a necessary end.


There is such a thing as a necessary end.
Sometimes in life, sometimes in relationships. Sometimes, in everything you believe to be true.

"Come on! Work WORK! YES!"
If everything you believed to be true turned out to be false... How would you feel? This is the story of how the world ended, but not because we destroyed it.

But because we abandoned it...
It was a sensation no words could explain, no emotions could express.

It was similar to love, but something that surpasses it.
Breaking you to pieces, yet theirs no second you'd feel alone. Everything falls into place, no secrets, no lies, everything makes sense to you, until that one final moment... That it doesn't. "Hey hey hey! You two! Call your people down here! I want to speak with them!"

What was that feeling? It's... nothing like I've felt before.
Something greater than love? Greater than my wife?

"You okay?" I ask Zoe.
"Yh...yeah..." She replies with obvious hesitation.

Why do I feel this way?
"Hehehhey Luke!" Ted yelps. "Come see this... It can't be.." "It's them! They're at the restricted area" It felt like we were gone forever, or so the people of Genesis made it feel that way.

"YOU'RE ALIVE!" Luke happily hugged his sister. "I'm grateful... Zoey..."
I never thought I'd be happy to see this place again. I always thought of this place as a prison, I was trapped here, but now, it was home.

"Look who we found!" Luke announced.
Everyone was glad to see us back safe.

"Baldie, found anything that could be useful to us?"
Did I?

I shook my head.

The only thing I found...
Was the importance of companions. And answers to some questions buried deep within my heart. I had no idea why I was here to begin with, but like Lucy said, it would all make sense after we get back here. I began... recalling everything. And like the Pandora's Box, once it was opened, there was no going back.

"Everything will make sense to you after the synchronization phase, by that time, you will know what to do."
"Keep in mind that no matter what happens, you can't change their fate." "Not when you're with them... you would know what to do." I remember everything now.

"Hey baldie! I thought you were already asleep... I just got up to get a glass of milk..."

"Hey Zoey." I interrupted her.
"I never got to thank you for saving me before, you know? When I first got here? Thank you." She was silent for a second then replied with a forced laugh.

"It's nothing... You're being weird, is something wrong?"
"You shouldn't jump to everyone's rescue you know, it's dangerous, you might think you're strong, but you're still weak, with that small frail body of yours." "Small frail body? Wait just a second here let me tell you..."

"Hey Zoe, will you dance with me?"

I grabbed her hand and pulled her close.

"Yeah." I say slowly. "A normal interaction between humans."
She was startled for a second.

"Yeah, I let's dance I guess."
I couldn't keep my eyes on her. I turned away. And spun her around. "You're so small, light and breakable... So easily kissable, you should learn to fend yourself from jerks like me."

"What do you mean by..."
I spun her back around allowing our lips to meet.

It's just as i thought...
It has always been... her...

"What does this mean... why are you... and for the second time too.." she asked with trembling voice.

"It's the third time..." I sigh, well, the first one was out of fear from her dying, but should it count as a kiss?

"What? third time?"
I pulled her in for another one and another one and another one.

"The 4th... The 5th... the 6th..."

and counting...

"I'm sorry... Zoe.." I whisper at her.
She immediately pulled away.

"France... Why are you doing this? Do you love me?" her small shaking voice pleaded for a response.
How I wanted to tell her everything.

"I don't know..."

I honestly didn't know.
"I... I'm leaving... Zoe."

But what I did know, was I didn't want to leave her behind.

"I'm sorry.."
I heard sobs like tears, but they weren't really tears, were they? I didn't want to leave, and for the first time in a long while, I felt the need to protect someone. But... if by protecting her means leaving... Then it's just what I need to do. Listen to me Francis, Hades is after you, so you cannot stay with them.

If you stay with them, they will all die.
I can't... let them die... not anyone from Genesis... especially... not her.

"WAIT!" her voice was faint, small but not far away.
She caught up quick.. "Wait! FRANCE! Don't go!!"

Why... was she following me...
"Are you seriously leaving me behind! Take me with you!"

You're wrong... I want to protect you... don't make this any harder than it is.
"Say something you coward! Why are you not saying anything."

Please don't...
You know why...

"I must leave Zoe... and deep down inside, you already knew... who I really was..."
"Thanks to you... I remembered... you were the key... to my heart..."

She sobbed but still no tears, she was trying to defy the game by attempting tears...

"I already knew... who you are..."
Instead... there was rain...

"For a long time now... No... from the very begining..."
"Don't leave me..." She begged.

"I don't want to... not again... but... I have a score to settle with someone."
She pulled away with her own strength.

"Promise me... you'll return.."

"I will..."
"And when I return, we will destroy the game." "And everything can return to the way things used to be." "Wouldn't it be nice? If we could return to our own world?" "Wait... No..." "France..." "Don't..." Back to where we began, I used the device Lucy gave me. It was a device that pointed me to the direction where I should go. The map to Olympus. The place where Zeus the God of all God's live. He was the creator of After Life, and he held the key to it's kingdom. He was the creator of this world. He was also my creator. Hey guys! I know it's kind of short notice, but school will begin in like two weeks, so I'm going on a pretty long hiatus! Ugh, I know it sucks as I was getting into my own story as well, this is the longest I've ever gotten into any story I made.

I hope you liked this story! As always thanks to all the featured CC and supporters!

Much love!


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JennC32May 30, 2013

awww, I can't wait to see more! Sad to see you going away for a little bit, but I hope you have a great time at school! \:\)

CherryBerrySimMay 30, 2013

Come back soon!!! \:\) \:wub\:

kazukazu28May 30, 2013

Is it the end?
Oh, please don't. \:\(
I want more!

PaulasoulMay 30, 2013

Oh no! Don't go!!! I'll miss you and your wonderful stories!!\:\(

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