The Wicked Wait-CH 10
Published Jun 6, 2013

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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all the comments you guys leave, and I hope you all enjoy this chapter as well!

XOXO Alessa
Oh, and thanks so much to all the artists whose CC I used!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all the comments you guys leave, and I hope you all enjoy this chapter as well!

XOXO Alessa
Oh, and thanks so much to all the artists whose CC I used!
"What did you just say?" James asks, his eyes enraged.
"I'm sorry. I was with Aiden all day yesterday and-"
"-yeah, and that's why you didn't answer your phone, because you were too busy with Aiden!"
"He took me to go visit my family! And if I didn't answer your calls was because I was still a little angry over what you did! Or did you just completly forget?"
"I took you with her because she's been begging me to for months! The first time she contacted me, she asked about you. That she needed to speak to you!"
"If she's such a psychic why didn't she come down here and meet me? Or don't her powers tell her where I'm at?" I ask sarcastically.
"She's not a witch Evie, and besides, she'd need to have something that belongs to you to do that kind of spell," he answers, as if everyone should know that by now.
"Ok, I'm going to ignore what you just said about witches. How could you take me with someone you don't know?"
"She knows stuff about me not even my parents know. Stuff I've never shared with anyone except my deceased grandfather."
"You're not planning to share what that is with me, are you?"
"I've been thinking about it," he sighs.
"James, why can't you just try to get along with Aiden?" I ask desperately, but he laughs bitterly.
"That's never going to happen. My kind and his kind have never, and will never get along."
"What? Why?" I ask, just now noticing the smell of alcohol on his breath.
"That's just the way it is. It's the same with vampires and warewolves. There will always be conflicts."
I widen my eyes, clearly he's drunk. "So vampires, warewolves, witches, and what was it the psychic phony said about Aiden? Oh yeah, demons. I feel like I'm in an episode of True Blood, without all the sexy times."
He chuckles once, then gets a funny look on his face like he just remembered something. He rushes over to a dresser, saying "I got you something. It's a sorry for everything, and for your birthday also."
"You didn't have to get me anything."
"What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't get you a present?" He asks, chuckling, but I grimace. "Didn't we break up?"
"Did we? I don't know. I can't keep track anymore. Here," he says, turning to me with a perfectly wrapped gift.
I bite my lip, guilt smacking back into my mind. "James, I have to tell you something."
"Whatever it is, forget it. Just open it."
"No, I really have to tell you-"
"-Just open it."
I take the present in my hands, attempting a grateful smile. Inside, under mountains of tissue paper, was a tiny box, with the prettiest heart hanging on a small gold chain.
"James, wow! It''s too much, I can't"
"Yes, you can," he says spinning me around, and taking it in his hand. He places it around my neck, and turns me back to him. "I'm sorry for being a jerk. I was just trying to protect you."
"Thank you," I say with a smile, ignoring the latter of what he just said.
"Your welcome, and don't take it off. If you do, I can whip up a spell, and track you down," he winks.
"You just took adorable straight into creepy," I reply, with a roll of the eyes.
He gives me a lazy smile, as his stomach growls. "Guess it's time to order chinese or something," he replies pulling out his cellphone, as I hold the necklace in my hand. I really don't deserve to have this. He ended up drinking a six pack, mixing it with whatever alcohol he had already drunk, and I hadn't even realized he had fallen asleep until the ending credits on "Shaun of the Dead" had rolled up. I scoff and throw him a pillow. Are you kidding me? He grumbles incoherently in his sleep, and rolls over on the bed. Great. Now with zombies on my brain, there was no way I was walking home alone. I look to the wall that divides James and Aiden's room, and bite my lip, knowing I shouldn't. Maybe they're still awake just playing Monopoly or Uno? 'Or naked Twister,' my dirtbag brain laughs. I can't bother them now. Feeling clueless, I kick off my shoes, and curl up on the other side of the bed. As soon as I start drifting off, I have this strange feeling like Aiden's right there, sitting besides me. It was really comforting, and I feel like I have to get out of here. So, I let him be my escape, and allow myself to drift right into a dream where we are together outside, under the moon. I can hear the whispering of waves, feel the soft sand underneath me and realize before opening my eyes, that I'm at the beach again. Aiden is to my right, smiling at me. Without saying anything, I sit up and we watch the water before us. The purity of the starry sky, and the cool breeze immediately soothes me, scattering my guilt and worries away. Feeling no need to speak, he grabs my hand with a small squeeze, and I grin at him. My escape. "You can sleep now," he whispers, breaking the silence, after what seemed like hours later. Looking at the moon, still directly above us, I can see no time has passed. He glances at my necklace, quickly looks away, and takes a deep breath.
"Thank you. I needed this," I tell him, wondering what was going on through his mind.
I wake up feeling totally refreshed, but to my despair I find I'm back in James' room, and not with Aiden. Checking my phone for the time, I find it's late in the morning. I see I have a text from Aiden that simply says, 'thanks for not pushing me away again'. I rub my eyes rereading it, what did he mean again? When have I pushed him away? I gasp, right away remembering the dream I had where were at the lake. I had awaken as soon as I realized something was wrong, and that he wasn't the Aiden I knew, but something...possessing his body. In that dream, it was evil, something trying to seduce me. So, what did he mean by me pushing him away again? Had that really been him then? "Sleep well?" James asks, startling me out of of my disturbing thoughts.
"Yeah, you?"
"You said you needed this, and you thanked someone."
"I'm sorry, I had no idea that I talked in my sleep."
"Aiden was in your dream?" he asks, and my jaw drops. How did he know that? "Uhm, what?"
"It's just something he can do," he says, not looking at me.
I manage a small laugh, hoping to distract him. This conversation is taking a strangeb turn. He knows things, things I should know, but now was not the time to ask as there's a knock on the door.
"Evie?" Sophie calls out, and I answer it, grateful for a distraction. "Are you busy?"
"Why?" I ask her, and she grins. "Let's have a girls day!"
After a late breakfast at a coffee shop, Sophie starts apologizing for the way she had been acting, though today she was looking good again. "I don't know. I guess I needed a break from sleeping with Aiden," she laughs. "These past two nights, we haven't done anything and I wake up...just better."
"Can I ask you something that's really none of my business," I ask, and she eyes me curiously but nods. "Do you tell Aiden you're on birth control or does he know the truth?"
"Actually I told him last night. He looked really shocked...or devestated?" She attempts a laugh, but fails. "I don't know why I get this strange feeling like he was trying to get me pregnant, and this just occured to me. Like I can finally think straight in months, and that's what I come up with. That's crazy right?"
I nod, laughing it off with her, but the phony psychic's words are repeating themselves in my head. '..wait to plant the seed, wait for the true evil they will breed..' Plant the seed? Getting her pregnant...
"You ready to go? I want to go fishing." She says, tearing me away from my insane thoughts.
"I'm sorry, I think I head you say fishing instead of shopping."
"No, I said fishing. You know how?"
"Good, I'll show you. My grandpa taught me before he passed away. I can golf too."
"Why didn't I know about this?" I ask her, truly surprised.
"Cause I'm not supposed to like guy stuff."
"According to who is that guy stuff?"
"My mom," she answers, which was really no surprise at all.
A short while later, we find ourselves fishing, though I mostly watch her smiling. It makes me feel more guilty, if possible, about the kiss with Aiden. How am I supposed to tell her what happened? And did it even mean anything to him? After a long while, of me in my inner turmoil of how I should come clean to her, we end up chatting just like old times.
"I do like him Evie, but right now I feel pretty good without him. At night, though, it's like I can't get enough of him. I think I've been under his spell since I met him," she giggles, but my smile fails. Under his spell? Stop it Evie. Phony Psychic is making you crazy as well.
"So, yeah, let's go swimming. Aiden told me you guys spent some time at the water," she says, and my eyes widen. "What did he tell you exactly?"
"He said he was teaching you how to swim."
"oh, yeah," I breathe a sigh of relief. Obviously, if he would have told her about the kiss, we wouldn't be sitting comfortably having a picnic.
"Good! Let's go!" She laughs, taking her clothes off.
"Are you skinny dipping?"
She laughs again, getting in the water. "I'm wearing a bra and underwear you sicko!"
It's not until my shirt, and necklace have come off, that she tells me she invited Aiden to meet us. "He's coming?!"
"Yes, now get in here!"
I go in slowly, but how deep can it be really? I feign being able to stay a float but she catches on quickly that I haven't even learned how to do that.
"Just walk towards me, I'll hold your hand."
I do as she says, slowly, but notice she seems extremely tired, too soon.
"Sophie? You okay?"
"My whole body hurts, like I've been doing this for hours, but don't worry. I'm fine."
I'm not entirely convinced and try to tell her, but she starts attempting to teach me the basics. As she feels confident in her teaching, she swims away, demonstrating the different techniques. I watch her worringly as she begins to slow down, and suddenly forget what she had told me to do. I try to place my feet on the floor, but the water goes up my nose, like a tight noose around my throat. I hear her scream my name, but I can't find my footing, the ground beneath seems so far away. I can't think straight as my head bops up and down. I wail my arms and legs wildly, but for all I know, I could be pushing myself deeper down. There's nothing to grasp onto, my hands are useless. Yet, I keep thrashing. It's hard not to fight, the air is leaving me. Up, down, left, right. Nothing makes sense anymore.
"Evie!" I think I hear Aiden's voice, and Sophie yelling at him to save me. My lungs are burning for air, and even though I know I can't get any, my body takes a deep breath.
I hear Aiden scream for Sophie, and then for me. He sounds so tormented.
"Hold on Sophie!" I hear his voice, closer.
"Something's wrong...everything hurts...I'm so tired.." her gagging is heard, as cold water fills my lungs, and sloshes in my ears.
I hear Aiden scream for me once more, though I can no longer tell where he's at. I can only manage to think that the last word I'll ever hear is my name on his lips. If only he'd kiss me once more before I go. My muscles have now relaxed and everything seems oddly calm. My panic, desperation, and hopelessness, all fade away into numbness. Everything slowly fades into darkness.

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martoeleSep 13, 2013

Well, I wanted this chapter to be the last one before going to bed but with such an end, I need to know what happens next. \:eek\:

AnchieTkd Jun 12, 2013

Can somebody explain me the pregnancy thing?I didn't understand anything about that?

AnchieTkd Jun 8, 2013

Awsome chapter!I hope Aiden will save Evie!She cannot die!But if Sophie die,I think Evie would feel guilt \:\(

winniethepoohbearJun 8, 2013

Awesome as always!!!!! I really want to know what happens.

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