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The Wicked Wait-CH 11
Published Jun 16, 2013

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Hi everyone! Here's the next chapter, as always, hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to all the artists whose cc I used!

XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone! Here's the next chapter, as always, hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to all the artists whose cc I used!

XOXO Alessa
My fingers glide slowly down the white dress, which surprises me how my body still responds the same. My fingers following my commands, even my feet, though they're bare, and I'm walking on snow. Funny, I've never seen snow before. My legs keep moving beneath me, not knowing where I am, but feel no anxiousness. I'm quite at ease, even as I notice a man in a black suit, his back to me. I pray my feet don't fail me now, I have to know who he is. I approach him, hand reaching out, and he turns before I can tap him on the shoulder. Aiden.
If only I had an actual breath left to exhale. Just that face is enough to warm my entire body, though I don't feel cold. My mind has stored his face perfectly, and I'm so grateful for that.
"You're safe," he whispers, his voice as seductive as always, and I close my eyes, holding on to the sound. Of course I'm safe. He's here. I wasn't aware until now, how scared I was that he wouldn't be waiting for me on this side.
He looks at what I'm wearing then, curious, and looks down at his own clothing. His whole expression turns into that of pity and despair.
"No, Evie. Please, don't do this to yourself."
I don't understand. This is my heaven, this is what I want. Him. Yet, his face is so sad. I can't have him like this in my heaven. How is wanting him so wrong? "Wake up Evie. You shouldn't be here, I shouldn't be here," he says in a low voice, and with a final glance, walks away, disappearing behind a waterfall. I order my feet to run after him, my heart breaking with every step, hoping that as I too reach the waterfall, they'll tell me that he's mine. But I'm too slow. He's gone, and I'm standing alone in this empty paradise. Every part of my body screams at me that I can't stay without him. I have to find a way out of this nightmare, I have to find him, I shouldn't be here. Darkness. That's all I see now as my body starts floating. Wait, not floating, but not moving either. I'm laying down, so tired. I can't make myself move. An annoying beeping sound comes from somewhere nearby. What is that? 'Open your eyes stupid,' my brain commands, and I do as I'm told, my eyelids fluttering as I strain against the brightness. Someone clears their throat, and my neck snaps to my left, to a grinning Sophie. Relief washes over her face, and I feel it does the same to me.
"Morning sleepyhead," she says.
"Sophie?" I croak, the inside of my throat burns.
"What happened?" I ask, groaning as the words scrape my throat.
" drowned. Aiden saved you," she answers, waiting for it to sink in. I don't have a choice but to nod, and she continues, though no longer looking at me. "I watched him carry you towards me. He started doing CPR, wouldn't let me help, just kept going. James showed up out of no where, and Aiden doesn't even ask him how he knew where we were, like he already knew the answer. James yelled that it was Aiden's fault, but Aiden didn't answer, just kept trying to save you. All the way to the hospital, James drove, but Aiden saved you."
None of this sounds familiar. All I remember is knowing I was dying, and snow in what must have been a dream. Aiden was in my dreams again. "Where?" I whisper, careful to not talk too much.
"Aiden was here seconds before you woke up, but James came in and started yelling at him, and they got escorted outside. Aiden called your mom, didn't even let me talk to her. He's been treating me so weird, but honestly, we were all scared we lost you."
I nod, wishing I could say anything, but only manage to point at her. Was she okay?
"I'm fine Evie. I'm not the one in the hospital bed," she answers with a small smile. I notice she's wearing the same clothes, and point at her again, this time pinching my nose as well. She laughs, and flips me off. "I haven't gone home stupid. I'll just tell Aiden to bring me some clothes later. I can't leave your side, but that's what I get for loving you." I smile before feeling myself drift off. My eyes closing, no matter how much I want to stay awake.
"Sleep Evie," I hear her say. "I'll be here when you wake up."

I think I nod in agreement.
When I open my eyes again, I feel a bit rested, but my whole body feels too heavy. Just sitting up was a challenge, until I receive help from a strong pair of arms. I smile, looking up to see Aiden. "Hi," I mouth, and he smiles in return. "Hey. I'm glad you're awake. How you feeling?"
I give him a thumbs up before whispering, "You were in my dreams again."
He smiles sadly, moving a chair in closer, and it doesn't even strike me as odd that we can talk about this like it's the most ordinary thing in the world. Or maybe I just like sharing in his secret.
"Well, when I got you breathing again, we got here, but the doctors said you weren't responding. There was nothing to do but wait. Only I couldn't, I had to make sure you were safe," he replies, his beautiful eyes on mine. "It doesn't scare you that I can do that?"
"My dreams are better when you're in them," I whisper automatically.
Like always, he ignores when I say something we both know I shouldn't have said. "I'm sorry I didn't get there earlier. I'm sorry you had to go through that."
"What? You saved me. Thank you."
He nods, but looks distraught.
"Sophie?" I ask him, and this time he doesn't look at me. He takes a deep breath, just as I see Sophie enter. I smile at her, and to him I say, "Nevermind."
He starts looking in her direction, but quickly snaps his gaze back to me. I can't read the expression on his face.
Before I can ask, the doctor walks in. "Ms. Blair, I heard you were awake. How are you feeling?"
"My throat hurts, and I'm a bit tired," I answer, the croaking in my voice still noticeable.
"That's to be expected, though you gave your friends a scare. We contacted your mother," she says, then turns to Aiden. "We tried calling your friend's parents but we couldn't get a hold of them."
"Sophie's parents? They're in Europe," I tell her, wondering why Sophie wasn't talking, just staring at Aiden.
The doctor nods, jotting down some notes. Sophie was frowning, looking at the floor. I knew she was thinking the same thing. Her parents could care less about her, they wouldn't bother even calling back. I'm surprised to find I had fallen asleep again, because when I wake up, it's night time, only Sophie is still there.
"You haven't changed" I whisper, and she laughs. "You're trying to tell me I stink? I'm not leaving you Evie. Anyways, I tried getting you a candy from the vending machine but I think it's broken. There's something wrong with the buttons."
"You should've kicked it, I'm hungry," I say. struggling with a chuckle, when a nurse knocks softly on the open door.
"Did you need something?" She asks, glancing around the room curiously.
"No thanks, I'm fine. Oh, maybe a blanket for my friend," I say, looking over at Sophie who rolls her eyes. The nurse stares at me for an uncomfortable minute. "How are you feeling? No headache or anything?" She asks, and I shake my head, glaring at Sophie who starts chuckling.
"Okay, well anyone staying over has to check in," the nurse says quickly, probably annoyed, and Sophie gets up. "I'll be right back then," she tells me, following the nurse out of the room.
The next morning, I'm scared awake by my mother's arms around me.
"Ow, hi mom," I say, noticing my throat hurts less.
"Honey I'm so sorry. When Aiden called me to let me know what happened, I tried to get here as fast as I could. I'm so sorry."
"It's fine mom, really. Aiden told you what happened then?" I ask, and she nods.
"What do you remember?" She strokes my hair. I clear my throat before telling her what I recalled.
By the end of the day, I'm back in the dorms only to be greeted by several roommates. I had convinced my mother to leave, but she had promised to stay with my cousin, she was close if I needed her. Now, I was being hugged left and right by everyone, whispered their apologies, and their offered help if I needed it. I just muttered my thanks, until at last I see Dez. She, like everyone else, looks at me in pity. I hadn't seen much of her this semester, since our schedules were so different, but I had received her birthday gift to me, a box full of shirts of my favorite bands. I expected her to tease me for wearing one right now, but she only threw her arms around me, and repeated that she was sorry. My muttered "thank you" kept her arms around me all the way to my room. "I tried visiting you last night, but they said visiting hours were over."
"It's fine Dez. I'm okay," I tell her for the third time. She nods, but the sadness won't leave her face as she looks around the room. "You know you can always stay with me right?"
I have no idea why she would offer that, but I nod.
"Have you talked to James?"
"Nope," I answer as I make my bed. "He hasn't even called me."
"Wow that jerk. Aiden's been here for forever. He even fell asleep on the couch downstairs. He's really worried about you."
Right on cue, we hear a knocking on the door, and it's him. Dez surprises us by hugging him, and Aiden even yelps, once she laughs. "Sorry I've been wanting to do that," she apologizes laughing again.
"Do what?" I ask her, while Aiden looks at her strangely.
"Pinch his butt," she replies before getting serious again. "Thank you though, for saving her."
He nods, though he isn't looking at her, but at Sophie's unmade bed.
"Hey Dez, can you do me a favor?" I ask her, and she nods automatically. "Aiden hasn't ate anything. Can you pick up a pizza or something?"
She nods again, winking at Aiden, who moves out of the way as she makes her way to the door.
"I already ate," Aiden informs me once Dez is gone, but I shrug. "She's not the type to only pinch once, and I wanted to thank you again for what you did."
"I should've gotten there earlier."
"You saved me Aiden, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."
"Sophie would be here if it wasn't for me," he replies, looking at her bed again. Where was Sophie anyways? Unless...he told her about the kiss.
I can't even look at him. I need time to think. What am I going to tell her? How am I going to face her? Aiden is sitting on her bed, his head down, and it takes all of me to not put my arms around him. I can't be alone with him.
"I don't want to kick you out, but if James comes over and sees you here, he's going to start yelling. I really don't feel like arguing with him right now." I don't look at him, hoping he won't see through my lies. He agrees, and I look up to see him walking towards me. I brace my body to stand still. Don't panic, it's just going to be another pity hug, just like from everyone else.
Except it's not. He holds me so fragilely, and his whole body has this way of warming me up entirely. of making time just stop when I'm in his arms. He finally releases me, and leaves me a shaking mess. "I shouldn't have kissed him," I groan into my hands once I'm alone. "Why did I have to kiss him? What am I going to tell Sophie?" I rub my eyes, not watching where I was going, and bump into someone, my heart stopping. Sophie is staring at me wide eyed.
"Who did you kiss Evie?"
"Sophie? I didn't hear you come in."
"Who did you kiss? Because I just ran into Aiden, who wouldn't even look at me, and I find you talking to yourself. Saying you shouldn't have kissed him."
"Sophie..." I whisper, not sure what else to add to that. She knew I kissed him. What could I say?
"How could you do this to me?!"
"I'm sorry! We were at the beach, and...I'm sorry!" I sob, having no idea what to do or say to explain. And explain what? That I'm falling for her boyfriend?
The sudden knock on the door startles me, but it's just Aiden again, concern written on his face. "Evie? You okay? I heard you yelling."
Why was he asking me? Couldn't he see that she knew? That we hurt her, that we betrayed her?
"I'm so sorry Sophie," I sob again into my hands, and feel someone's arms around me. Aiden is hugging me again.
"I know, but it's not your fault," he whispers into my ear, and I push him away. "Of course it's my fault! Sophie..."
Aiden grabs me again, more tightly this time.
"It's not your fault Evie. Trust me. This is on me. Please, just stop crying. I can't take watching you like this," he says, even more softly this time, his voice breaking. I realize I'm in his arms again, and push away. Why does he keep hugging me in front of her? She's staring at him in silence, her eyes frozen wide. "Please understand I didn't mean for it to happen. I shouldn't have kissed him, I'm so sorry," I tell her, but she won't even look at me, the tears falling down her cheeks. "Evie? You're sorry about the kiss?" I hear Aiden's disbelief in his voice. I don't want to hurt him, but she's my friend. "Aiden, the last thing I want to do is hurt you, but Sophie," I say looking at her now, "I'm so sorry." Aiden places his hands on my shoulders, shaking his head. "Evie? Who are you talking to?"
"To Sophie Aiden! Who else? I kissed you, and I.. but I can never hurt her like that!" I yell at him, turning to Sophie who was sobbing louder this time.
Aiden releases me, staring at me in worry. I can't say anything else as I cry into my hands.
"Evie. Listen to me," he says urgently, and I can hear that he needs me to listen to what he has to say, but I can only continue to cry.
I feel my heart pounding furiously, hear the blood rushing in my ears, only to be drowned by my scream once his words hit me.
"Sophie's dead."

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martoeleSep 13, 2013

O gosh. Now Evie herself is a seeing dead people?! \:eek\:

AnchieTkd Jun 20, 2013

Oh,I...I'm speechless.I...poor Sophie.I knew this will happen.Ah...dump that stupid James for once Evie,please,I hate him.Be with Aiden...what are you going to cook next time Alessa?

fruitopia VIPJun 18, 2013

Wow, Sophie's dead. I really do not like Aiden, why would he not save his girlfriend and save Evie instead.

babygirl15526Jun 16, 2013

I have just read through the whole story up to this point today and I can't wait to read more. I am really on the fence about who is a bad guy and who is a good guy. You have Aiden who is always there for her and they never really argue. He is extremely creepy at times though but that doesn't mean he is evil. The you have James who seems to care but doesn't go about it the right way and he is always drunk. How are you going to believe someone who is always drunk? He also doesn't explain why she shouldn't trust Aiden. He needs to explain that. I am so sorry for Sophie. She didn't deserve to die and I really didn't expect for her to. I can't wait to see where the story goes and what happens to them.

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