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Relentless Tide: Chapter 2
Published Jun 18, 2013

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The school day went well.
I got to know a few more kids.

I hope Chandler didn't forget about hanging out today..

The school day went well.
I got to know a few more kids.

I hope Chandler didn't forget about hanging out today..
As I return home from school, all I can worry about is Chandler. He didn't mention hanging out to me today during school and he didn't say anything on the bus.

Maybe I am just giving myself false hope as usual.

I mean, things usually end badly like I said anyways.
I walk through the door to witness Heather practicing her yoga skills again.

She seems too focused to talk.

"Hey, uhm, Heather? I was just letting you know that I'm probably going to be going out later."
"Oh. Okay. I thought you were too unsociable to have friends. I must have been wrong."

I just glare at her and walk away.

"Why would people want to be around YOU if you're so miserable all the time?"

I head to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror to get ready. I still don't even know if I'm hanging out with Chandler today. He didn't even mention it to me.. What if he just completely forgot. I begin fixing my hair and my make-up, hoping for a call.

Maybe I should hangout with Tammy instead she seems like a really genuine person. She's so friendly and kind.
I sigh to myself and walk away. It's starting to get late. It's bad enough I'm about to get stood up from a guy I rarely know. My phone begins to ring. I jump to answer as quickly as possible.

But its my dad.

I'm excited he called, but not the person I was expecting...
"Hey Clarissa? It's dad. How are you? You haven't left my mind since I left. Is everything okay? How's the new house?"

He sounds like he really misses me.
"Everything is fine dad, Heather is being her usual self though. I wish I could be with you. I don't like it here.

He hesitates to respond. "Well... How was your first day of school?"

"It was fine, I met a few new people. I'm actually waiting to go out with one of them now."

He excitedly says, "That's great! Don't let me hold you back, just call me whenever!"

We say goodbye and hang up.
Then immediately after I get another call and its Chandler. FINALLY, I was about to die from being so anxious. It was getting too late at this point, I wonder what he is going to say.
"Clarissa? Hey it's Chandler. I'm almost at your house now. Are you ready?"

He was already on his was this whole time? Thanks for the warning.

"Yeah, I am."

"Great, remember to bring a bathing suit. I wanna show you this really nice place my friends always chill at."
I get my stuff together, hear a knock, and head to the door.

I see him waiting there. I'm so nervous.
"You didn't think I'd forget about you, right?"

I did, I thought he was just going to stand me up. I mean, that's usually what happens to me.

"You ready?"
"Yeah, I'm ready."

I'm more than ready. I'm so ecstatic right now I could scream. I haven't been this excited in as long as I can remember.
The view are so beautiful around the island. I never really looked on the way to my new house. It really is nice here on this little island. We arrive to this spot right next to the ocean. By this time it have gotten darker outside. He insisted we raced to the spot he hangs out at. So I jotted in front of him, running towards the beach. I wait and let him lead the rest of the way, when we get to a small fire pit.

He begins to light it up.

My heart is racing though. I don't know why I'm so nervous.
We sit down and he offers me a marshmallow. I say no. I'm way to anxious to eat, I would probably throw up everywhere.

The mood is so romantic and calm. Still I feel like it is all in my head. Is he just trying to be friendly and show me new places, or does he maybe, possibly, like me a little bit too?
We chatted for a little bit and he seemed to notice I was in a weird mood.

"What's wrong? You don't look like you're too happy right now. Are you okay?"

I was fine, just really nervous and stressed out, I can't just get myself together for 1 minute to be normal around him.
I quickly change my mood from nervous, to playing it off as if I was completely calm.

"Yeah, I'm completely fine! I'm just a little stressed for my first day at school is all."

I notice the small changing booth.

"Why don't I go change and we can go swimming a little bit before it gets any later?"
"That sounds like a good idea actually. I'll meet you back out here?"

"Sounds good," I respond, "hopefully we can have a good time."
We head into the water after we get changed.

"Its such a nice temperature!" I say.
"I know, it's even warmer in the day time.", responds Chandler.

He looks adorable right now.
This setting is so amazing.
After him swearing things were "touching him" in the water for 10 minutes, we laughed and joked, and he finally confessed to being afraid of night swimming, but simply wanted to show me the ocean at night.

We walked deeper into the water.
After about 30 minutes of splashing each other and kidding around, he heads towards the shore.

"It's starting to get late, maybe we should get ready to head out. I have to get you home."
He reaches all the way to the shore, and turns around and shouts,

"You look really cute in your bathing suit by the way." and laughs.

I think he has an interest in me too.
Maybe I wasn't wrong after all.
I shout back, flirting, "But not as cute as you."

I feel slightly, odd. I mean, I could date him. I've gotten to know him well enough from today and yesterday when Tammy introduced us. why can't I just hit it off with him and date him and see how it goes? Maybe I feel weird because my last relationship went badly. Probably just the nerves setting in again.

But he does look cute. And I really am happy he thinks I look good too.
On the taxi ride home, we joke and flirt some more. I'm excited to get closer to him, if he wants to of course. I wish we could have stayed together all night.. We get back to my house and sit on the stairs, along with more joking around and flirting. I feel more comfortable around him now. I feel like we've known each other for way longer than two days.

He wraps his arm around me and it just feels right.
"You know, you're really cool" Chandler says gripping my shoulder a little bit tighter. He continues, "I feel like I don't get along with many people around here, and you're definitely a person I can get along with really well." We get up and decide its time for him to go.

"Well, Clarissa, it was really fun. We should seriously do it again soon. I think you're a really nice person."
Me, beginning to get nervous and blushing,

"Yeah, it was really nice. I like you too, you're very sweet for taking me out today."
He goes in to hug me, and I'm obviously not going to resist.

He then says into my ear while we're hugging, "I feel like I've known you for forever. I'm so comfortable around you."\

My knees get weak again to the sound of his voice. Its so weird he feels the same way about me.
We start to release the hug, and make eye contact. My heart drops. Why do I have to be so attracted to him? "Tonight was so nice." he says. "I wish it could have lasted longer. I was having such a nice time with you."

I was trying to think of something to say. Nothing cute and romantic was coming into my mind.

I was suddenly interrupted by a passionate, yet slightly shaky kiss. My whole body was filled with a tingling rush I've never felt before. The world seemed to stop for a second, and everything felt right. I never felt this way in my previous relationship. I've never felt this.. wanted.
He pulls away and begins speaking, "Haha, I'm sorry. I just couldn't miss that opportunity. The day went so well, so why not end it even better?"

I was still shaken up by the kiss. I couldn't really say much.

"That was.. really nice.", is all I could manage to say.

He started to head home, and I floated into my house. I don't think anything could ruin my mood right now.
I begin to head for the stairs. I hear faint moaning and giggling noises. At this point I wonder where Heather is. She's usually up later than this. Each step I walk the noises get louder. I begin to hear Heather speaking in between the noises. I can't make out what she's saying though. I get to the top of the stairs and can now hear a males voice that I've never heard before.

She's woohooing with a stranger.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think about, so I try to forget and just head to bed. I had a good day, why ruin it by thinking about that?
I get changed and hop into bed. I still can't believe that happened today. He really kissed me. And it was amazing. And I enjoyed it. It was hard to believe that for once in the longest time, I was actually happy. I close my eyes, hearing Heather and whoever she was with still in her room. Even though I'm exhausted, its hard to fall asleep to that. Then I stop to think.

What is Tammy going to think about this? I should really tell her tomorrow. Maybe it'll help us gain trust and become better friends. I wonder how she would react...

I don't want to think badly.
I want to start keeping a positive attitude about things.
*message from author

Thanks for reading again!
Sorry for the delay, I had to get my new laptop up and running and install all of my expansion packs and stuff packs on it and what not.
Just wanted to say that the next story shouldn't take this long.

I look forward to all of your comments and ratings, thanks again!


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jadababy2003 VIPJun 26, 2013

I love this story!!! Waiting for the next chapter!!

mandi518Jun 19, 2013

Good job. \:\) I'm really liking this story so far!

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