Forever Chapter 10
Published Jun 24, 2013

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It was the same dream over and over.


It was the same dream over and over.
Lights moving pass me endlessly. Unable to move... powerless over the situation.

My vision fails me.

and then...
I wake up. It has been a few months since John and I started dating.

When I look back, it still feels like a dream.

I guess reality hasn't really sunk in yet. I even made a bad habit of crashing here more than twice a week, it should really stop. But someway, somehow, something still bothers me.

"What's this?"
'Forever' It read.

I once wrote 'Forever' in the sand, I protected it with walls of sticks and stones, but much to my attempt, it still ended in waste.

This was when I first realized that nothing lasts forever, not even the word which gave it it's meaning.
There is a girl I love. It was probably love at first sight. So I asked her to be my friend.

Because I knew, from the very start, that it could never work.
But because I love her, I can't love her.

And because I do.

I must leave.
"Hey, you're already up?"

John all of a suddenly woke up before I could even get to the good part of the...
What was it that I just read?

"Had breakfast yet?"
"Nah, I'm good." I reply. "Hey." He greeted. "Are you feeling well? IS there something wrong?" "Yeah, I.. I just had that dream again..." I shrugged. "But I'm good."

"You sure?"
"Yeah..." I laughed. "But I need to go now, Meet you at the beach?"

I sped off.
"Hey! Wait? No Kiss?" John moped.

I hated to disappoint him, but aside from being late for class, something bothered me.
What was it that I just read?

Even after hours of non stop sketching, I still couldn't take it off my mind.
"Heh? Another John Sketch?" Chris teased.

"You think it looks like him?" I asked.

"Well, no, but, keep trying dear."
"Hey Chris, has Claude ever kept anything from you?" I knew it was strange to ask, but it has been something in my mind for weeks now. "Claude? Well... Not really... I'm not sure, but I'll find out anyway, he better not." "Why do you ask?" She then inquired, it seems I piqued her attention.

"Nothing really, Its just that I've been watching one of those dramas on TV again."

Chris laughed at me saying. "That again, haha, geez, stop watching those stuff."

I lied to her, but I couldnt tell her what I had been bothered with.
Especially when it's not particularly clear.

"SO were hanging out at the cafe tonight, you and John wanna come with?"
I smiled shaking my head. "Nah, we made plans on our own."

The sound of whistle blows followed by a loud voice ordering the players to gather around.
"You and John... you're good together huh?" Chris sighed, it felt as though that she was depressed about something.

"You should be strong." She sighed one more time.

"What are you talking about Chris?"
Just when she was about to say something John appeared out of nowhere.

"Everything okay?" He asked feeling the awkwardness between us.

Chris shook her head. "It's nothing, forget I said anything." She laughed running to Claude.
I tackled John like it was the last time.

"Hey hey! Easy now!" He laughed. "What's up with you?"

"Lets hangout tonight!"
"Sure thing, what do you want to do?" He asked.

"I don't know, throwing rocks, bon-fire and watching the stars."
"You've been watching one of those dramas again haven't you?"

"Ha- I have not!"

John stared laughing running ahead to throw stones.
"No fair! I wanted to throw stones together."

"We made a deal, if we watch those stuff, we watch it together!"
"I'll beat you this time!" I laughed.

The whole time, his phone was ringing, but he did not answer it.
For weeks... No, months probably...

The whole time I was with him, he never answered his phone.
Was it because of what happened before? Or am I at fault somehow? Even like this, together with John sitting happily watching the stars, it still fealt like something was wrong. But what was wrong?

"Hey, I gotta go pee, I'll be right back don't go anywhere!" John yelled trailing off.
What was John keeping from me? I knew it was a horrible idea, and if John found out about me taking his phone, he may get mad, or even break up with me, but I just need to know. "Hello? John!? Finally! What's going on with you? Are you well?" "Uhm... This is not John, this is his girlfriend. If you don't mind me asking, may I know who this is? And what do you mean by 'Are you Well?'"

"Oh... How rude of me, sorry, I'm John's Doctor, Simoun Freud, he's been missing his appointments and is refusing to take medication, can you talk some sense into him?"
"Sorry.... This is the first that I'm hearing about this.... What appointments has he been missing?" "He probably hasn't told you anything, but If it is for his own good, i'll tell you everything." "John has a rare heart disease, and if he's not careful." "It could be fatal..." "and it may even lead to death."


I once wrote 'Forever' in the sand, I protected it with walls of sticks and stones, but much to my attempt, it still ended in waste.
Hey guys, thanks for reading this series, and I'm terribly sorry about the super late update, it's just that a lot has happened and I may (MAY) not be able to continue further with the story, but that's not sure yet, it all depends on whether I perform well in university or not, that aside, thanks for reading!

So yeah, Haitus for me, will return someday, maybe even finish this if people are still interested.

Thanks also to all the featured CC and comments.

As for winner for the contest last time, I'll leave a message on your Guest Book *wink*

Thank you so much!



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SifajerfJul 3, 2013

Plaese finnish it!!! I need to know if John dies!!!\:D

yu16Jul 1, 2013

I will be waiting! oh yeah! I liked the animation

jouaxJun 29, 2013

Ommoo, this is verrryyy good! Great job with the story :3, it kept me hooked up, and now I'm so curious to know whats going to happen next!

RanaJun 29, 2013


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