Possessed (A Fanfic Ch. 6)
Published Jun 16, 2013

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Cleo's story :)it is recommended that you read the intro-chapter 5

Cleo's story :)it is recommended that you read the intro-chapter 5 (Cleo's P.O.V)

The sun was hot as it was directly overhead. The parasites that live in the house we were hiding in had gone to work early this morning, leaving me time to actually get some sleep.

My head was resting on Hayden's knee and he rubs his hand up and down my arm. It felt so nice to have him there beside me but my happiness was interrupted.

Hayden shakes my shoulder forcing me to sit up.

"I heard someone," he whispers.

"I'll go check," I murmur my voice was still thick with sleep.
I get to my feet and Hayden does too. He looks at me with worried eyes, he walks over to me but I stop him.

"I'll be fine," I whisper.

I sneak away from him and I know he hates being away from me for a long time so I try to hurry.
I creep along the shadows and I see a Soul standing in the yard. This was no Seeker I could tell by the way she stands and walks, she was in heels but I have seen Seekers in heels.

I furrow my brow and begin to worry. What was a Soul doing here? How do they know I'm here?
I stay where I am and listen to the Soul talk, I realize that she was on the phone.

"Yes, I understand but I don't think there are any humans here," the Soul speaks in a gentle. "I know that I'm not a Seeker but I am a Healer and I do know a few things about humans..."

The Healers voice trails off.
I stick my head around the corner to see if the Healer is still there and she is. I was curious to know what was being said on the other side but I knew that I would be in deep trouble if I were to fight the Healer for the phone. "... I know that they aren't stupid enough to be here in the daylight because they do not want to be caught, they do not want to be one of us... I understand Seeker, but maybe they are at another location...Not abandon...I know this because they aren't stupid, I have studied them for years and they are not as stupid as you think," the Healer says. I stand up and peer around the corner, I see the Healer as she walks around the yard.

"Yes, I'll look around know, bye."

The Healer turned and I moved around the corner just in time.
I take off running before the Healer finds me. I have to find Hayden, we have to get out of here. I slide around the corner and collapse onto the ground, my breathing was heavy. I look over at the corner to see if Hayden is there but he isn't.

"Hayden," I whisper.

I get to my feet and slip inside the house.
I sneak into the kitchen and I stay low, after all the Healer was in here somewhere. I hear a thud and I look up to see Hayden laying on the ground with his arm over his face. The Healer stands over him with her hands on her hips.

"And the Seeker was right," she breaths. "I thought that your kind was so much smarter."
"Please I won't hurt anyone, I promise." I can hear the desperation in Hayden's voice.

The Healer sighs and it almost sounds as if she regrets finding him. "I'm sorry but it is not my decision, but tell me is there anyone else here?"

"No," Hayden growls.
I should help him, I think to myself.

But Hayden would hate it if I ended up with the same fate as him. I sit behind the counter in the kitchen, I ball my hands into my fists and press them against my face. Tears trickle down as I realize that Hayden has lost the fight.
The Healers and Seekers pour into the house, I sneak out the back and run until I reach a bike that the parasites had. I slide down and wait until the last one has entered the house. I climb onto the bike and put it into gear. I knew that the parasites would take Hayden to the hospital before they stuck one of their own in his head. I drove along the back roads until I reached the hospital. There was no one around and a Healer walked up to me with a concerned expression.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

I nodded and took her into a room, I stole her scrubs and tied her up.
As I exit the room I hear Healers talking, their voice rose with excitement.

"A wild human!" one exclaim.

"I know!" another replys. "I wish I could go see them in the Theatre.

"Thanks," I muttered to myself when I realized where I was going.
I reach the operating room and I peer inside to see Hayden laying on the table, I place my hand onto the glass and swallow the tears that claw their way to my eyes. I can hear Healers coming, I move away from the door and glance down at the phone that I have found in the Healers scrub. I wait until the Healers had walked past before I enter the operating room. I walk into the room and I was shocked to to see Hayden stirring, I walk closer to him with a pounding heart and I know that it is too much for me to see him like this. Hayden sat up ... well the Soul that possesses Hayden made him sit. I walk a little closer to make sure that he is a Soul and not me beloved human. "Ah Healer what a pleasant surprise," the Soul says through Hayden's lips.

My heart shatters and I know that I have lost him. I don't show any emotions on my face, this takes all of my control.
"You look oddly familiar, Like I've seen you before," the Soul continues to speak.

I was beginning to get anxious, being around a Soul that recognizes me straight places me in a dangerous situation.
"Well I don't recognize you," I reply bitterly.

I screw my face up, I hate talking to parasites. The Soul turns around and when he sees me he gasps.

"Cleo," a harsher voice whispers.
"Hayden," I reply unsure.

He pushes me against a counter, he braces us with one hand while the other wraps around me.

"I won't let them get you," he growls.

He kisses me and I kiss him back, I am unsure if this is Hayden or the Soul but I believe that it was Hayden because his voice was rougher compared to the gentle voice of the Soul.
(Present Day, Rayla's P.O.V)

Cleo leans forward with tears in her eyes. "I'll always remember the last time I saw Hayden. I'm still unsure who kissed me but I believe that it definitely Hayden."
I looked away from Cleo, I hated seeing her pain.

"I'm sorry I asked about your past," I said breaking the awkward silence.

"It's fine, I think I needed to get that off my chest," she replied.
I heard Cleo get up, I turned to see her walking past me.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I need some time alone," she whispered.
"Cleo, I'm gonna help you get Chris and Hayden back," I said.

She stopped and turned to face me. "What about Alexa?"

"After we get Chris and Hayden back," I vowed.

*to be continued*

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