Don't Count on Me
Published Jul 7, 2013

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Thank you to all the artists for the cc!! <3

Thank you to all my readers :3

Thank you to all the artists for the cc!! <3

Thank you to all my readers :3
She's gone... She left everything behind... Does she want me to drown in my sorrow?.. I stare at the laptop that lays in front of me, begging it to ping with a message from her.
A message that says 'Sorry! That was a cruel joke! I'm actually just going to Paris to buy my wedding dress!'
So I've been staring at this laptop for days.
Days of waiting for that one ping. For that one message. For her...
For my Riley...
That's it!
I pick myself up and kick the laptop under the couch.
I have to see her again. I have to know where she went, why she left, and would she come back.
I need to find her... I can't sit here and wait.
I wouldn't deserve her if I can't do this.
I pat my pants, searching for my car keys, but to no avail, I don't find them.
Oh yeah... I left them in our room...
Every step of mine is slow, my heart begins to thud in my ears.
The thudding in my ears stop as I hold inhale sharply. Every memory of this room overwhelms me. I couldn't possibly stare at the bed. I remember the words that fell from her mouth as I intertwined our fingers.
'I really like you, Dex.'
Snatching the keys off the wardrobe, I sprint out of the house as if it was going to blow.
Calming down once outside, I inhale slowly.
This woman still manages to drive me insane when she's gone.
I hop into my car and drive to a place she visited daily.
I wasn't paying attention as I walk towards the stair until I heard an 'oof'.
"Oh my gawd, I'm sooo sorry! I've always been clumsy! I mean I should really watch where I'm going, right?"
The lady in front of me nervously giggles as I have no reaction to the whole scene.
"It's my fault. Sorry." I say, continuing to walk past her.
"Well okay then... See you around, Dex." She says as I stop on my tracks.
She called me Dex. But I don't know her. But.. Riley did mention her job being dangerous...
Was there any similarities?
The lady goes up the stairs and I keep my eyes on her from my peripheral vision.
Could it be possible that my Riley changed everything to save me?
Riley would never change her hair to that absurd color! Not that there is nothing wrong with it...
But this is Riley, I'm talking about! The girl that was casual about everything..
Who also lied to me.
Once I hear the slamming of the door, I quickly turn to the stairs.
What should I do if it's her? How should I act?
I liked her before the 'change' so will she return to my Riley or is she going for a completely different persona?
The questions ricochet in my mind as I enter the building.
I walk in, scope the room, finding that the lady is not here, and I sigh in disappointment or maybe relief. Spotting the bar, I walk over to it, clearly agreeing with myself that I need a drink. I quickly mix the drink, not caring about the taste at all. I just grabbed the ones, which a mere sniff made me woozy. Then I drink one. It makes me choke on how strong it is, but I down in it. I start to then toast to everything as if it will fill this void in me.
I drink another after another, losing count. 'To Riley. May you be happy with your new life with your probably new boyfriend.' I say in my mind, raising the glass to my lips.
"Excuse me sir, I have been calling out to you for a while now."
The voice stops me from gulping my drink down as a hand turns me around.
This lady is stunningly pretty, but something makes me wary of her. It just may be my state after drinking who knows how many drinks.
"Pardon me, Ma'am. What seems to be the problem?" I manage to spit out coherently while not slurring any words.
I was trying not to do anything that may peeve this lady off due to the guy checking out his biceps across from me.
That guy can most likely squish me between his index finger and thumb.
The lady rants on about what she wants, but I can't help to compare her to Riley.
Riley had a sweet, soft look in her eyes while this lady had a cold stare no matter what.
"So I was wondering if you could tell anything about Riley because I miss her and-"
"Riley?" I ask, observing her expressions. She's a terrible actor and the need to tease her about it bubbles like hot water.
"Yes, my best friend Riley. The one I have been talking about for the last five minutes."
I take a sip of my drink just to make this lady itch with impatience.
"Shirley, right?"
"Her name is Riley."
"Hm. Well, you see.." My sentence trails off as I spot the super macho dude walking over to someone I missed earlier.
The guy was accusing the clumsy girl from earlier and she obviously disagreed with whatever statement he was saying. My eyebrows scrunch in worry for the girl and I down the rest of drink.
"Miss, uh... I'm sorry, what was your name again?"
"My name is Helen."
"Miss Helen, I have to go help my friend and I do not have anything to offer on your best friend, Quirley." I state, trying to squeeze my way through the small space between us.
Helen then proceeds to lift up her chin, looking down her nose at me.
"Here I thought we could have a friendly conversation, Mister Dex Azure."
My blood turns cold. She knows my name. I made sure not to let my name slip through my lips.
Well, I did have some drinks in me, maybe my tongue became too slippery.
No, that's not possible. I have a very high tolerance for alcohol.
Leaning in, already making the claustrophobic space between us disappear, she smiles sweetly, a smile that is poisoned.
"Mister Azure, I promise you, we will not bring you harm as she will. Do give us the information we need and we will leave your life," She pauses before her smiles stretches "Just like she did."
The small people in my mind are bumping into each other, fumbling for words, trying to send out messages to the rest of my body to move, to speak, to do anything.
But I can't.
I simply can't.
When I'm back in reality, Helen is walking away.
"We'll be back another time, Mister Azure. Until then, goodbye." She says.
I shiver. I do not want to meet her again.
"Trevor! Let's go!" Helen yells and the gorilla man obeys, stopping the fight between him and the teal hair color girl.
"Oh, almost forgot! Jade.. Hehe, nevermind." Helen giggles before exiting the lot. I go ahead and sigh when she's gone before noting the girl, who Helen called Jade, upset. I sigh yet again as I approach the girl named Jade.
"Uh... Are you okay, Jade?"
She slightly nods her head. Doing a quick analysis, I realize that Jade is young, most likely turn into a 'young adult' two weeks ago.
"H-hey, don't let those people scare you. They are just intimidating you. So,"
"Those two don't kid around." She mumbles, cutting off my sentence.
"Oh well then, be careful, I guess." I say, averting my eyes. She obviously knows more than I do.
"Hey Mister Azure, thanks for.." She trails off as she shakes her head.
"What was that?"
"Uh.. It was nothing. Just, um, here's my address if you need any help and um," Her fingers are trembling as she passes me a piece of napkin.
"Bye!" She exclaims, nearly bumping into the empty tables surrounding her.
I scratch my head in confusion on why is she so eager to leave, but I just sigh yet again, exhausted from everything.
"Uh, Mister Dex, I do insist on you coming over today though. It's all up to you!" Jade adds just before exiting the building completely.
The slamming of the door makes the booze in me unsettled and I, for the first time, feel woozy.
"It's probably best for me to not drive home." I groan to myself as I step outside, flagging down a taxi.
I slouch in my seat, relieved that I'm going home before Jade's words ring in my head.
'I do insist on you coming over today.'
It certainly was a warning... A warning for what though?
"Where to, sir?"
I hand the piece of napkin over to the taxi driver. "Take me to the address on there, please."
Arriving, I take in the whole lot. It's large... How can a young adult already have this?
Riley had her one story house and I left my apartment in the city to come and live with her.
But Jade has this mansion? How in the world?
"HEY, YOU CAME!" Jade yells out as I walk towards her.
"Shh, you'll wake the neighbors." I hiss, surprised by her excitement. This can't be the same girl from before.
She swings open the front door, smiling "Come in, come in! We are very excited to have you!"
I do not correct her on her word choice.
It certainly looks like Jade lives alone, but who was I to ask about it?
"It seems like Mister Azure isn't here." Helen giggles.
"I told you that we should have gotten him at the bar." Trevor growls in frustration.
Trevor stares at the paintings that crowd the room's walls. "It would have been easier."
Helen merely giggles at her partner's temper.
"Oh please, Trevor. Remember the last time you doubted me?"
Trevor groans.
"We are trying to help him get out of Riley's grasp. He is merely another stepping stone in her plan. Poor kid doesn't know what's coming to him." Helen says, brushing her hair.
"Let's get going. We don't know where Jade lives, but finding that out is the easy part."

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