The Wicked Wait-CH 12 PT. 1
Published Jun 25, 2013

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Hey everyone! I'm splitting this chapter into two parts because I feel like it. Just kidding! It's because I think they kind of need to go together, but it would've been a really long chapter, so...two parts. As always hope you enjoy, and thanks to the cc artists!

XOXO Alessa

Hey everyone! I'm splitting this chapter into two parts because I feel like it. Just kidding! It's because I think they kind of need to go together, but it would've been a really long chapter, so...two parts. As always hope you enjoy, and thanks to the cc artists!

XOXO Alessa
The words echo in my ears. Sophie's dead. Yet, it can't be true. I was talking to her all day. Aiden said she drowned. He thought he could save the both of us, he thought she had a better chance of surviving. She knew how to swim, and I didn't. Yet, now she's dead. I glance around her side of the room, she will never come back. Aiden watches me cautiously, as if I'm about to lose it. "But she was with me all day," I repeat again. So where is she now? Why isn't she here? If Aiden hadn't admitted he had only pretended not to see her, I would've thought I was going crazy. "But she knew how to swim," I tell him once more, and he repeats that her body was weak. He looks heartbroken, even guilty. For not saving her too, or for not saving her instead. We had been having this conversation for nearly an hour, and I was still no where near understanding.
"But why is she here?"
"Some like to go to their funerals, and make sure their loved ones are fine. Some just don't want to leave, so they stay," he replies robotically, already having said all this before.
"But I don't think she knew she was dead until she heard you tell me," I insist, and he nods in agreement. Some didn't know they weren't living anymore.
"You have to avoid her Evie. The ones who choose to stay, some grow angry and even vengeful. They're the reason there's hauntings. If she knows you can really see her, she might never want to leave, she'll want to stay where it's familiar."
"But I don't want to lose her Aiden."
"It's not good for her to be here. Everything will be fine at first, but what if she gets angry that you lived while she died? She might take it out on you, and torment you until you're as miserable as she is."
"She wouldn't do that!" I argue.
"I've seen it happen," he responds sadly.
"But how is ignoring her supposed to help her?" I ask him, after a few minutes of silence.
"So that she won't have a reason to stay, and so that she won't attract others to you."
"What? What others?"
"Others like her. When they find out you can notice them, they start noticing you. There's very few people who can do what you can do. They won't stop coming to you. They don't eat, they don't sleep, they won't stop."
"Okay! I get it!" I tell him, my head spinning.
"I know it's too much, but you have to know this. Now that you can see them, they will come. Which is why you can't go to her funeral, or any cemetery. Try to avoid hospitals as well."
"How am I not going to go?"
"Because they're everywhere, but especially there. They know people go when they're sad, scared, vulnerable, they can easily latch unto you there," he explains.
"Why can I see them though?" I ask, my face in his hands.
"Because you died. I brought you back, but you've seen the other side. Some will sense that."
"Why can't I just ignore all of them?"
"It's hard to ignore ten spirits screaming at you. They won't bother me, but they'll definitely come to you."
"Hold on, you haven't told me how you can see them too, and what do you mean? You can order them around?"
"I can't answer that. I'm sorry."
"If the time comes for me to tell you everything about myself, I promise I'll answer any questions you have, but now is not the time."
Dez knocks lightly, and I yell for her to come in, already smelling the pizza.
"Sorry, the place was packed," she apologizes, and I get out some drinks as we gather around awkwardly to eat.
It was as uncomfortable as I thought it'd be. Dez was trying to lighten the mood with her usual chatter, but we weren't really paying any attention to her. Aiden and I kept glancing around the room, waiting for Sophie to appear. Or maybe he just missed her. I wasn't even sure why her death hadn't hit me yet. Why wasn't I grieving? Aiden left as soon as he finished eating, leaving me alone with Dez. He had promised to drop by later, so I waited impatiently for him to return. I had so many unanswered questions. The first being, what do I do if Sophie comes back? Dez was cleaning the room, much to my protest, as I continued munching on the same slice of pizza.
"Should I let him in?" Dez whispered, and I stared at her, wondering what she was talking about.
"James." she whispered again, pointing to the door. I frown, but nod at her. She asked if I was sure, already having told her about him taking me to Psychic Phony, and even about my kiss with Aiden.
She had reacted the complete opposite of how I expected her to. She had smiled, exclaiming she knew it had to be a matter of time, and that she was definitely Team Aiden. She had only now told me how far apart she and James now where. He had been infurating her even more about this whole 'Aiden is a creep' thing. It was only when she had looked over at Sophie's bed that she stopped talking. Now, she did the same as she opened the door. I put my pizza down as James pulled me in for a hug. The usual was said, he was sorry about Sophie, sorry he wasn't there when I woke up, and that he was there if I needed anything. I realized as soon as he released me that the necklace he had just given me was lost. "I'm sorry I didn't get there sooner," he apologized again, and I remember what Sophie had said.
"How did you know where we were?"
He looks away, and I suddenly realize what he's going to say. My heart pounds faster, as my blood begins to boil. "Madame Serena called me."
"And she couldn't warn you that Sophie was dying?! She couldn't see that my friend was going to die!" I yell at him, shoving him away.
"She said she was doomed either way."
I gasp, and raise my hand to meet his face. "Get out!" I yell at him, raising my hand once more, but he stops me. "Evie.."
"Just go James," Dez says, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, and pulling him out the door. He doesn't try to resist, instead mutters that he's sorry.
Dez leaves for her class, an hour later, seeing I wanted to be left alone. I didn't want to tell her I was waiting for Sophie. It was too insane, something I wasn't sure I believed was real myself. So I stared at the door, as I sat in bed, waiting for her. I couldn't just ignore her, I had so much to apologize for. A knocking on the door makes me jump to my feet, and I throw it wide open, hoping it'd be her, but it's only Aiden. He glances around the room, without a word, and I shake my head.
"She hasn't shown up," I tell him, and he nods. "I know, can I come in?"
"How did you know she hasn't been here?"
"I asked around."
"You asked the ghosts?" I ask, wondering if James had lied about anything or nothing at all. "Aiden? The first time we went to the frat party, James told me stuff about you that I didn't believe, or that I didn't want to."
"I'm not the one who drew the spirits in Evie. That was someone else, but while they know I'm there, I ask them things I want to know."
"Then why are you telling me that I should ignore them, when you use them?"
"Because they know better than to bother me, but they won't leave you alone."
"They're scared of you," I think out loud.
"On the food chain, I'm on top of them."
"You mean humans are on top of ghosts?"
"No. I meant what I said," he answers looking around the room again.
"Aiden, since I met you, you've always given me answers that now I know might have had different meanings behind them." I don't know what was making me more aware now. Was it that I had died?
"And I'm tired of it. I need straight answers from you. I mean, I died! Sophie's...dead. She's a ghost! Ghosts are real, and now I'll always be able to see them!" The words rush out of my mouth, only making me feel more insane.
"Not always, not if you don't want to."
"Think of it like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows, but if you don't use it, it'll weaken. With this sense, it'll go away entirely. You don't have to live the rest of your life with this burden."
"Hold on, you never told me how you can see ghosts. Did you die?" I whisper.
"I did, but that a was a long time ago," he answers cryptically again.
"Just tell me the whole story!"
"I can't! It's not safe for you to know anything about me!" He yells, which startles me. He's never raised his voice, only once before. He was always so collected, and it frightened me to think he was losing it, just like I might be.
He quickly apologizes, but I shake him away.
"I'm sorry, what else do you want to know about the spirits?"
"Everything I guess. This isn't like in the movies," I answer, attempting a small chuckle.
"No, you can't help them. Most are just too lost or angry to want help. Some don't even want to accept their dead. The ones who recently passed are the friendly ones, just making sure things are fine before they pass over. They all do look like they do in the movies though. A bit see-through, floating."
"No. I saw Sophie just like she's always looked. I didn't even know she was dead," I argue.
"That's because she just passed away, you knew her, and she didn't even know she was dead yet. You also loved her."
"So, I see her how she was because I love her?" I ask, trying to understand, and he nods. "And, how do you see her?" I add, not sure if I wanted to know the answer.
"She's see-through," he replies softly. Did he ever love her?
"Next question," he says quickly, and I ask what's been worrying me a lot. "Should I be scared of them? Can they hurt me?"
"You don't have to worry about that. I'll make sure they don't ever hurt you, you'll be safe."
I don't even know what to think. How can he tell them what to do, or not to do? What did he do that they're so scared of him? Should I be scared too?
"A-Aiden?" I stammer, "How can you order them around? Why do they listen to you?"
"I can't tell you why they listen, but I'll show you how I can call on them," he answers, his face now deep in thought.
"Give me a second Evie."
Not two seconds later, before I can feel it. That uneasy feeling I've felt once before, the first night I met him. There was something in the room with me, and now it was coming back. The air felt stale, and heavy. There was a sudden ringing sensation in my ears. Something was coming. The spirit standing in front of me had a female human form, but was translucent. I couldn't tell what color of hair she once had, or if the eyes were kind or menacing. I couldn't even find my voice, but she could. While I was too busy hyperventilating, she spoke to Aiden, though I couldn't understand what she said. Her voice was muffled, as if trying to speak underwater. I couldn't even blink, this was all too surreal. I feel Aiden's comforting hand on mine, but he was staring at the spirit with confusion.
"Mary? What's going on?"
Mary waves her arms, in what I assume is frantically, but the movement is too fluid. Once again, it seems like she's underwater.
I close my eyes, try to steady my racing heart, and concentrate on what Mary was saying, though I can only make out the last of what she says. "I think He knows."
I open my eyes to Aiden who seems to be lost in troubled thoughts. "Of course He knows."
He turns to me suddenly as if just remembering I'm there. "Evie, this is Mary. Mary meet Evie."
My eyes slowly gaze up at Mary whose mouth is formed into a smile. "I remember her Aiden."
I blink rapidly, "What did you just say?" I ask her, hoping I misunderstood. What did she mean she remembered me? From where? When?
Aiden gives her a warning glance, and quickly answers, "She says hi, you need to really concentrate to catch what they say. Anyway, she's going now."
Mary's eyes appear to widen at him, then gives him what I think is a disbelieving shake of her head. "I understand your fear, but your time is running out. I think you should tell her as much as you can, she's too involved now. I wouldn't be surprised if He knew about her. I'm sorry." With that, she turns to the door besides her, and walks straight through it. I stare at the spot she was just at, frozen. What did she mean his time was running out? Why was Aiden so afraid? 'He knows,' Mary had said, but who was she talking about? Should I be just as scared too? "What was she talking about?" I finally find my voice.
"Nothing you should be worried about. Anyways, I hope you see you have nothing to fear from them. They'll respect you as long as you respect them."
"What aren't you telling me Aiden?"
"There's a lot I can't tell you right now, it's for your own good believe me."
"You're starting to sound exactly like James. Not telling me the truth because it's supposedly for my own good. Well, I heard everything Mary said so you better start explaining," I tell him, not removing my eyes from his, but he looks away.
"Aiden? Please tell me. I have to know, how can you be keeping things from me?" I beg him, but he just frowns.
"I told you everything about the spirits Evie, for now, that's all you need to know. Yes, I can call them on command, I can order them around. Yes, they're scared of me, no, I can't tell you why. Mary's the only one of them who's been there for me since I got here, she trusts me for some reason," he says, sadness in his eyes now.
"I trust you," I whisper, and he automatically looks at me.
"Why? I've never given you a reason to. I've been trying to push you away, hoping you'd believe in superstitions so that maybe you could see that I'm not good, and now you trust me? When I first met you, yes, I wanted your trust but only because then, you would have gotten in the way. You see, it's always been about Sophie," he stops talking then, and looks around the room frantically. "Why is she still not here?" "Sophie?" Was all I could manage to say, my head was spinning again. What had he just been talking about?
"I can't call her," he tells me, jolting me out of my thoughts. "What?"
"I just tried calling her, and she hasn't come. This has never happened before," he mutters, distraught.
"Could she have passed over?" I ask, more to myself than him, but he still answers. "No, I can feel her, I just can't reach her. It's like she's being blocked off by.." his voice trails off, as he snaps his head back to me angrily.
Just hearing that stupid psychic's name alone, is enough to make my heart start pounding furiously. What the hell is he even mentioning her for?
"She has her. She's telling her things that aren't any of her business. Evie, if Sophie comes back, you have to stay away from her. She won't be the same."
"I don't understand."
"Serena wants Sophie angry at me, she's going to tell her everything about me, everything that James has told her, and now she knows everything about you. What you can do. I don't know if you've ever known this, but Sophie has always been jealous of you. She loved you, but she would never stop talking about how she wished she was you. It's why she grew much angrier whenever you came around me."
"Why would she be jealous of me? She always had everything, and besides we were so different from each other. If we hadn't ended up as roommates, I'm pretty sure she would have ended up in a sorority, and we'd never have been friends. Why are you telling me this though?"
"Because right now, all her emotions have been extremely heightened, and she can't think straight, or rationalize things. With Serena influencing her, Sophie's not your friend anymore."
"Then we have to stop her!" I yell at him, wondering what the hell we're still doing here.
"No. You're not going anywhere, I need you to call James. He's the one who told Sophie about Serena. He had hoped she'd get scared and leave me, but Sophie told me everything."
I can't even breathe correctly, this was all too much for me to handle.
"Evie, you're going to be fine. I'll make sure you're safe," Aiden whispers in my ear, now that I'm suddenly in his arms again.
"What are we going to do about Sophie?"
"I'm not allowed in Serena's home, she's had someone put a protection spell around it, and I'm pretty sure that same person doesn't want you going in there. We can either ask James to convince her to talk to us, but we both know he won't. We might as well just wait for Sophie to come to us."
But Sophie didn't show up that night, or for the next thirty nights. When she does however, it's not the same Sophie I've known, she looked so completely different that I was frightened. Her eyes, always friendly and warm, looked at me with such spite. Her anger, directed entirely at me, rolled off of her and slammed into me like waves. My friend, Sophie, was gone. In her place stood something utterly evil.

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#2JennC32Jun 26, 2013

Oh wow! Nice twist...can't wait to see more! Love, love, love!!!!

#3taj39759VIPJun 26, 2013!

#4megabug7Jun 26, 2013

OH. WOW.I'm completely lost for words Alessa.Great work. Can't wait for the next spooky chapter.\:eek\:

#5bmg128Jun 26, 2013

Very nice! I love it! Can't wait 'til part 2!!! \:\) \:\) \:\)

#6^Cupcake^Jun 26, 2013

I'm speechless right now.
From the begining this story had something special and I think that EVERYONE who had read it can agree to this, but now everything is so different and much better that we could imagine.
I know that what I'm going to say it's pretty common but I honestly believe this is an AMAZING story. Fantastic job Alessa!

#7svitlansJun 27, 2013

Each time becomes more and more interesting. \:D I like your story. \:wub\: \:wub\:

#8AnchieTkd Jun 27, 2013

Shrivers has gone down my spine. \:o Sophie is so damn creepy!I feel sp bad about her.This chapter is amazing like every other.You have really deserved to have the highest rating(5.0)of your story.Keep a good work. \:wub\:

#9fruitopiaVIPJun 29, 2013

Oh freak this is such a great chapter. But, I still do not like Aiden.

#10smithk287Jul 1, 2013

Great Chapter Alessa! \:\)Aiden's knowledge on ghosts and the gift of seeing them is very interesting. Almost like getting insight on real mediums and what they might experience \;\):P

#11martoeleSep 13, 2013

Very good chapter. Tomorrow I will continue reading! \:cool\:

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