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Published Jun 24, 2013

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Nina Dufont was a....spirited woman. She had an insatiable appetite for love and there were plenty of men that loved her. Nina did not like commitment. She did not want to be tied down and therefore loved being free to be with whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Nina adored being wanted. She reveled in the ability to manipulate men. It was like a game to her. And when she grew bored, she left, leaving behind countless broken hearts.

Nina Dufont was a....spirited woman. She had an insatiable appetite for love and there were plenty of men that loved her. Nina did not like commitment. She did not want to be tied down and therefore loved being free to be with whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Nina adored being wanted. She reveled in the ability to manipulate men. It was like a game to her. And when she grew bored, she left, leaving behind countless broken hearts. Her parents came over from the Caribbean when she was a small child. As the only daughter to her parents, she was spoiled and never went without wanting. In high school, she was the most popular girl. Head cheerleader, Prom Queen and named Teen Miss Bella View. She left the town soon after graduating for bigger and better things. Only to begin a life as the mistress of many men. She soon took what she learned from them and used it to her ability. As the years passed she was able to be successful at seducing her lovers.
They bought her a flat, a nice car, and she never went without. She was never greedy and always showed her gratitude for their kindness.
There was Dean, the police Sargent. He always brought her flowers when he visited. He was like putty in her hands. While at work he was known for his toughness and gruff demeanor. But when he was around her, he was like a bumbling school boy. On Wednesdays, was Chang Shing. He was the son of a business mogul. He spoke multiple languages and traveled all over the world. But no matter how long he left it was always a Wednesday when he returned to spend time with Nina. But her favorite lover was Cowboy. Bud Jones was a self made entreprenuer. He owned a horse ranch and made his fortune breeding and training competitive horses. Unlike her other latest men, Cowboy was married. But like most women similar to Nina, she did not care. There was something about Cowboy. He was your stereotypical man's man, swagger and all. And yet was always sweet and treated Nina as if she was the only person in the room. He accepted the fact that she loved men and that she would never be his. So he was satisfied with sharing her. As long as for one week every two months, she devoted herself to him. At times he took her traveling on his business trips so he could mix business and pleasure. She stayed at the nicest places as she was considered his business companion. And when their week of splendor was over, he returned home to his ranch and his family. Her newest lover was Charles Ginthope. He was an artist and considered Nina his muse. With her around he was finally able to focus on new art. And this Saturday he was showcasing his latest pieces in Bridgeport.
He was delighted when she showed and introduced her to the who's who of the art world.
Charles: I owe everything to this woman. She has brought new life to me and my craft.
Nina was growing bored the later it was getting. She only stayed as a favor to Charles. She wandered about the gallery looking at the other sculptures and paintings. She found a small area just far enough away from the crowd to be alone. No one else was there.
She noticed a small painting that caught her eye. She stared at it a little longer, admiring how simple a few colors made such a wonderful painting. She got lost in the art.
She got as close as she could, wondering what the artist was thinking when he painted it. Without touching she traced the strokes of the brushes.
Man: You like it?
She turned around quickly to see someone was also in the room with her.
Man: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.
Nina: You didn't, I just thought I was the only one in here. I didn't hear anyone come in.
Man: I've been here. I was just off in the corner. Trying to get some piece from the crowd downstairs. Plus this is my favorite painting here. I'm Kal Hudson. He held his hand out to greet Nina.
Nina shook his hand and then quickly looked over at the painting she was just looking at. He smiled back at her.
Kal: Yeah that's mine. I'm a painter, or at least I used to be.
Nina: And now.
Kal: I teach. High school art. And you?
Nina: A friend of Charles.
Kal: You're Nina. Nina Dufont?
Nina: Yes, yes I am. (she looked at him curiously)
He began to laugh.
Kal: You're the muse? (he laughed again) Well here I thought he was just joking. The way he described you, I would have thought you were this goddess that came out of a clam shell. His Venus. Man, he can exaggerate.
Nina was beginning to get irritated by his laughing.
Kal: Well he has gotten better at his art. Before he could do nothing but draw cartoon characters.
He began laughing more at the thought.
The sound of his laughter was echoing in her ear. Who was this guy and where did he come from?
Nina: Well I would not say I am like Venus but he has used me as the model for a few of his nudes. And I think his art is magnificent. And others do too. Otherwise why would we be here?
Kal: Well of course, you had everything to do with it. You must know a lot about art.
Nina: Well no.
Nina was irritated by this strange man and his laughter.
Nina: Well you know what they say, those that can't...teach. Now if you don't mind I would like to get back to supporting my friend. Even the boring crowd downstairs seem much better than the atmosphere up here.
She walked past him infuriated. He hadn't realized how he was sounding to her. He walked after the young woman. And called out to her only for her to ignore his call. It was later in the night that he was finally able to find her again. This time she was out on the balcony listening more to the attendees review and talk about old art.
Kal: Excuse me. (he touched her lightly on the shoulder)
She rolled her eyes when she turned around and saw him again.
Kal: Look, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to sound like a......a
Nina: A jerk. You were a jerk.
Kal: Right, okay. Well it's not like me and I wasn't trying to be rude to you. I had just been hearing him go on and on about this woman that came into his life and now all of a sudden he gets all this.
Nina: Yeah well jealousy will get you nowhere.
Kal: Jealous? No I'm not jealous. I love what I do. And I support my Charles. I think his fame is great.
Kal: But the way he described you was like this siren. Like you called out to him in a crowd. He tributes everything to you. I had a picture in my head of...well never mind.
Nina: Well I'm glad I amuse you.
Kal: Not all. I just didn't understand how one person could bring such a reaction to another. You really did a number on him.
Nina: Well I'd like to say that I have that affect on people. Who knows maybe I can inspire you to get your own gallery as well.
Kal: No thanks. I am fine just teaching. I had my time, then I had to get more serious. Besides, I love seeing future artist and knowing I was a part of that.
Nina smiled at his words.
Kal looked around the crowds of people.
Kal: So, you want to get out of here. I know this great late night place to grab a bite to eat. I could really use some company before calling it a night. And arguing with you seemed so much interesting than listening to another one of these stiff snobs.
Nina looked over at the crowd. She had to admit he was right.
Nina: I'll get my jacket.
They walked a few blocks from the gallery to Rodney's.
Kal: I love this place. Have you ever ate here?
Nina: No. I try to stay away from eating fried foods. I have to keep up with my figure. I'll just have salad.
Kal: Well they don't have salad here. Just live a little. I dare you.
Nina made a small grimaced at the notion but picked a small deep fried entree.
Nina: So how do you know Charles?
Kal: When you're in the arts, you tend to hang around the same circle of people.
Nina: Is that your only painting in the gallery. Or do you have more?
Kal: I have more, but I stopped painting. I had more things that needed to take care of so I could no longer be the starving artists. What about you? What do you do?
Nina: Whatever I want.
She smiled at him as she sipped from her glass of nectar.
The two of them continued to talk more and more.
Kal: I'm sorry. I ask a lot of questions. I'm just so curious about this woman that with only a few days of knowing, you have my friend going gaga over.
Nina: Well I don't know about that. But I do have a tendency to have an affect on the people I meet. Some better than others. But Charles and I are nothing more than artist and muse.
Kal: Yeah. Okay.
They went on talking more and more throughout the dinner. Kal did ask her alot of questions yet she had no problem answering them. He was comfortable and she was open to answering them just as long as he did not get too personal.
Kal: Alright. On the count of three favorite action star. One, two, three
Kal and Nina: BRUCE WILLIS!
They both laughed as they realized they had more in common than they had realized.
Nina had to admit that she was actually enjoying Kal's company. Maybe it was the 3rd glass of nectar or just the fact that it was better than being in the gallery, but talking to Kal was different. They laughed jokes and he was even able to keep up with her sarcastic humor.
Kal looked at his cellphone. It was almost 3am.
Kal: Wow, I didn't realize we've been here for this long. Time flies....
Nina: Yes it does.
Kal: I hope you don't mind me asking but do you think we can do this again. It doesn't have to be a date or anything like that. I just haven't been out like this in a while. It's nice just talking to someone.
Nina: I feel the same way.
They exchanged numbers and promised to call.
But instead of saying goodbye, they did not move, they just sat there. Leaving meant the night was over and neither of them actually wanted to leave. There was a silence between them as they stared more at each other.
Nina: Well....
Kal: yeah...well....
She ran her fingers across the table and looked back up at him.
Nina: You want to go somewhere else?
Kal: Sure!
As soon as they walked into her apartment she dropped her purse and placed her hands on his face leading him to her lips. Without hesitation he followed her lead. Her lips were soft and plump. He couldn't stop kissing her. He was afraid that if he did stop then it would just be his imagination and all this never happened.
She removed his coat, and his shirt exposing the soft thin layer hair on his chest.
She ran her finger tips over his chest down to his bellybutton, unbuttoning his pants. He took them off almost tripping over himself while she removed her own shirt. She laughed as he made the small stumble yet still walking towards her as she led him to her bed.
He held her again, embracing in a more deeper, passionate kiss.
She led him closer to her bed but before she could lay down, he lifted her in his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. He eventually laid her down on the bed himself.
Kal could not believe his reaction to her. He had never felt so much like an animal. He wanted her, he had to have her. He kissed her neck and went down to her toes, she moaned each time he touched her.
Nina: More, more (she whispered)
But suddenly his kissing stopped. For some reason, he just stopped.
Kal: I'm sorry. I....I can't. I can't do this. (he looked confused as if he forgot about something)
Nina stared at him in shock.
Nina: You what?
Kal raised up from the bed and began gathering his things. Nina was still in shock. What just happened? She was confused.
She finally walked into the living room where he was putting on the remainder of his clothes.
Nina: Wait a minute? What?
Kal: I'm sorry. I just can't. I think you're beautiful and all... this is just, is just not like me. I just can't do this. (his voice nervous)
She walked towards him slowly.
Nina: Are you sure this is not what you want?
She slowly ran her finger across his chest and pulled him slowly into another kiss. Again, he returned her kiss and began to relax in her arms. Only this time he stopped again and backed up. He smiled at her.
Kal: Oh you're good!
Nina smiled slyly back at him, biting her bottom lip.
Kal: But I can't. I'm sorry. I do have to go. He kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the door to avoid touching her again.

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#1AnimeGirlOtakuJun 25, 2013

Hey. I've seen many other stories people came up with. But I gotta say, I look forward to the next chapter. Please make more! Loved it. And you did a magnificent job \;\) Keep up the great work

#2AnimeGirlOtakuJun 25, 2013

And you also inspired me to do a story! I will credit you in my new story when I'm finished with it. So THANK YOU!!!

#3Ms BlueJun 25, 2013

juicy story! I normally dont really read theese stories but i just could'nt stop. Very well written \:wub\:, 5 stars

#4jadababy2003VIPJun 25, 2013

Oh yeah!!! You're back!!! I enjoyed this story very much!! You are an amazing writer, and leave your readers on the edge of their seats! I am looking forward to the next chapter. By the way, NEVER stop writing!!!

#5JennC32Jun 26, 2013

Nice job, really intriguing...pulls you in. \:\)

#6AlessaFayeJun 26, 2013

Amazing chapter! I love her eyes, and how Kal just left her at the end. I doubt she'll take that pretty well. \:D

#7ejbenzingVIPJun 28, 2013

I'm hooked! This is an amazing story and I am looking forward to the future chapters. You are a gifted writer! \;\)

#8fruitopiaVIPJun 29, 2013

Another good story. Looking forward to the next chapter.

#9NisukiSep 15, 2013

just started reading your story! And im hooked! Amazingly written. Heading to the next chapter \:D

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