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Best You've Ever Had II
Published Jul 14, 2013

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Ana: He's married.
Nina: What? No! There was no trace of a ring on his finger or a ring line on his finger. He isn't married.

Ana was Nina's best friend. Nina had a small, close circle of female friends. When you engage in the kind of activity as her, you have a tendency to be judged by the local women in town. Always trying to hide their husbands.

Ana: Then he doesn't like women.
Nina: Oh believe me, he likes them.

Ana: He's married.
Nina: What? No! There was no trace of a ring on his finger or a ring line on his finger. He isn't married.

Ana was Nina's best friend. Nina had a small, close circle of female friends. When you engage in the kind of activity as her, you have a tendency to be judged by the local women in town. Always trying to hide their husbands.

Ana: Then he doesn't like women.
Nina: Oh believe me, he likes them.
Ana: So let me get this straight he just got up and left.
Nina: I couldn't believe it myself. I never had a man do that to me. Not unless his wife was calling in the middle of it.
Ana laughed.
Ana: I'm telling you he's married. He hasn't called you since he left that day, you haven't seen him around, you barely know anything about him. Just leave it.
Nina: I just can't get over him, I mean it. Why wasn't I good enough?
Nina stood trying to listen to her friend go on and on about why she should just forget about Kal Hudson. But she couldn't. Her ego wouldn't let her do it. It was the first time someone had actually turned her down. There wasn't anything special about him. I mean sure he had these eyes that seem to dig into her soul. But she didn't notice them, at least not as much.
It had been days since their almost night together and by this time the guy would be begging for at least a 3rd date or if she was really good, buying her something nice until they met again.
Ana: So you see. You should just forget about him. Wasted time is what you will be spending. Besides what if he is dirt poor. You said he's a teacher, right? Nothing special, low salary. He probably can't afford you anyway. You know you are high maintenance.
Both women laughed.
Nina: I guess you're right. No more talk about him. Forget it. He's gone.
Ana: Who's gone?
Nina: Exactly!
The women laughed clicking their glasses together before going back to party with the rest of the clubbers.
When Nina arrived back home she went through her phone again.
Nina: Not even a phone call.
She stood staring at the phone number for a few seconds more. Then she closed her eyes and deleted the number.
Nina: A woman never makes the first move.
She tossed the phone on the couch and got ready for bed.
Dearest Lover,

I long for the day that I can be with you again. To be able to have your arms wrapped around my body, as if protecting me from all the evil in life. The touch of your lips nibbling at skin. The way you make my body tremble just thinking of one more night with you again.

She sprayed the the letter lightly with her perfume and placed it in a small pile on the desk. She wrote 5 letters all saying the same thing and was going to mail them to each of her men. It was her usual Monday ritual.
This past week, she began another love affair with Axel Jade. He was the drummer of a rock band back in the day and was still making music by managing others. They met through mutual friends and although he tried to play the "hot and mysterious" kind of rocker, she soon broke down that wall.
Within days he was sending her flowers and texting her constantly. He even offered to take her on tour with him with one of his newest bands.
Axel:I'm telling you baby. I want to put you in my video. The band needs a leading lady and you'd be perfect. Just come on tour with me, meet the band, and if you like them, I can make you a star.

Although the offer was genuine and a great opportunity, Nina wasn't interested in traveling on a tour bus for the next few weeks. She didn't like the thought of being someone's groupie either. She had rules and this was #12. She soon ended her relationship with Axel. He only lasted two weeks with her.
Meanwhile things were not the same with her other men as well. She couldn't get it together. When she was spending time with them, it was as if she was not there.
Nina: I'm sorry this has never happened to me before.

She sat up on the bed putting her clothes back on. She just wasn't in the mood. She wasn't her usual self and the feeling of being with him was just not there tonight.
Dean: It's alright. Maybe you are just stressed. Tense. You know I heard that-
She stood up quickly. Interrupting him before he could say another word.
Nina: Please. Spare me the medical talk about why I can't....perform
The words tasted terrible leaving her mouth.
Looking at the pity on his face felt even worse.
Nina: I'm alright, I just have a lot of things on my mind right now. I just need some time to breath. Maybe just get away. Yeah. Just some time to myself that's all.
Getting away was the best idea Nina had. Although the men in her life were not pleased to know that she would not be available to them for weeks, it was Cowboy who paid for her to get some time away for some R&R.
She went back to her family's hometown and her birthplace Dominica. It had been nearly 10 years since she last visited and the town was now one of the best tourist getaways. But there were still parts of the tiny island that she did remember.
She stayed in one of the luxury hotels just a few miles from where she grew up. She walked outside to her balcony that looked out onto the back patio area and had the most beautiful view of the ocean. She took a deep breath and stretched her arms out. She wanted to take in the new air. The warmth of the sun tickling her finger tips as they stretched out as far as they could. She heard the tropical birds that flew freely about the resort and listened to the water as it washed close to shore. She stood there a little longer. She closed her eyes wanting to keep a mental memory of everything she was seeing.
It was like she was a kid all over again. She remembered the days she spent playing with her friends, staying out till the stars came out and hearing her mother call to her to come home for dinner. Then coming out and doing it again the next day. It felt like home. It was her second home.
So, Nina did what she knew best, to have fun. She went snorkeling in the ocean, collecting sea shells and all kinds of souvenirs. She loved being in the water. As a kid she used to pretend she was a mermaid in the deep sea. She enjoyed how the water felt as she moved her legs back and forth, and the sound the water made when just ducked her head to view the creatures below.
In the water, it was calm and cool. It eased her thoughts and helped wash away her stress.
During the evening, she went water skiing. Although she wasn't the best, it did take a few more tries before she was able to get the hang of it. She would often ski until the sun went down. But her favorite was windsurfing. As a child she loved to go surfing at the beach. Her uncle had owned the only surf shop at the time and on weekends she worked for him giving lessons to tourist.
But soon he left the business and moved along with her parents.
She even met up with some other tourists that were new to the Islands. Brenna and Jamie were spending a few weeks there as well and spotted "one of their kind". They could tell that Nina was not like the other visitors to the Island. She was special. So they approached and befriended.
It didn't take long before all three ladies were hanging out for the remainder of their stay. It was also good for Nina to meet women like herself who also liked to indulge in the securities men brought.
One of Brenna's beaus rented her a boat on her stay and so the ladies traveled to the other parts of the islands as well. Being a former local, Nina still remembered a lot of the clubs and hidden gems between the lands and was able to be a better tour guide for Brenna and Jamie. And at night, the ladies hung out at the newest hot spots closer to the resort.
Nina had all but forgotten about her stress back home and was truly enjoying her time. Maybe this was what she needed. Just time to get away.
But that is not to say she was not back at her old ways. She did collect more traveling interests as she had before. And because most of the men in town were younger, richer, and there for a short period of time, it was much easier for someone like her to woo them. She, Brenna, and Jamie would crash beach parties and find some lucky guy to seduce. Male tourist were there to have fun and so were the ladies. For them, Nina was just as exotic as the Island. And once she turned on her Island accent (mimicing her mother) they were like putty in her hands. It didn't take long before she was being lavished with jewelry, shopping sprees, and just indulging in lustful adventures. Some of the men nicknamed her Bella of the Beach. And she was being pursued by some of the locals as well. As always, Nina was not interested in settling down, so many of the advances she shut down before anything could become of them. She was having her cake and eating it too. Nina was having so much fun, it was hard to leave the place she had called home for so many years of her life. So after weeks of living on the island she took one last look from her balcony and promised to return more often.
Nina: This is really what I needed.
She sat in her plane seat, relaxed and ready to go back to life in Bridgeport.
Nina came back with a whole new outlook on life. Sure she was still going to keep to the lifestyle she built for herself. It was easy and carefree. Who wouldn't want to be taken care of. She was just not going to let things bother her as much. Not like before.
When she returned back to Bridgeport her men were equally delighted to know that she was back. Dean, brought flowers as soon as he learned she was home and Cowboy sent her a beautiful piece of jewelry to show how much he missed her.
Things were back to normal.
Nina sat outside the cafe enjoying her tea the following day. She had just finished working out and it was a nice day outside to just enjoy the sun. She sat by herself at the table. She liked to people watch. She propped her legs on the chair next to her. Between sips she would close her eyes and bring her face towards the sky. She realized she did miss being in Bridgeport. She turned her eyes over to the basketball courts to watch the younger men play.
Nina: Too young for me.
That's when she notice someone else walking over to the courts. She nearly choked on her tea when she realized who it was.
Nina: Kal!
He was too far to notice her but she knew it was him. She stood up to get a better look, to make sure it wasn't just her imagination. It was not. He walked over to join a group of guys playing ball.
She sat at the table and watched.
The sun was going down and she still sat at the table watching him. Afraid that if she moved, then she would lose sight of him. He had no idea he was being watched so closely. And when the game was over he said goodbye to the fellas and jogged away.
Nina didn't know what to do. She stood as he was leaving, trying to figure out her next move. Should she call to him, should she let him just go?
Kelly: You FOLLOWED him?
Nina stood listening to her good friend and hair stylist, Kelly.
Nina: Yes, yes, I followed him. I feel so embarrassed.
Kelly laughed.
Nina: It's not funny!
Kelly: Oh yes it is. Nina Dufont, following a guy. Who knew?
Nina: I didn't know what to do.
Kelly: Well where did he go?
Nina: I think his house.
Kelly: How do you know.
Nina: I don't know (she began pacing back and forth)
Kelly: What did you do then?
Nina: Nothing. I left. I didn't know what to do. I was stuck. I stood there a few houses from his wondering what was I doing.
Kelly: Well thankfully you didn't do anything stupid. It would have been really embarrassing for you. Look Nina, you have to get over this guy. He obviously have about you.
Nina: I did, or at least I thought I did. I was so refreshed from my trip, everything was back to normal. But the moment I saw him, something came over me.
Kelly: Your ego!
Nina: Seriously
Kelly: Seriously Nina. The guy isn't worth your time. You're going to spend all your time, wondering about some dumb guy that blew you off and you have hundreds more falling over themselves just to be with you. Let it go girl, let it go!
Nina knew Kelly was right.
Nina: What was I thinking following him?
She worked off her tension that day by staying longer at the gym. It wasn't long before her body was sore from the workout but she still felt refreshed and Kal Hudson was no longer a thought.
The next few days went by and Nina was back to spending time with her men. She decided to go to the Art in the Park. A festival of in Bridgeport where all the local acts and artists gathered to show off their talents. She was enjoying the show of the latest performer on the stage. Unfortunately, she didn't think they were that good and so she began to comb the crowd for possible new men to meet.
Nina: No new prospects.
And there across the crowd, on the other side of the stage was someone else that was enjoying the act with the other observers. It was Kal!
She couldn't believe it.
Nina: You've got to be kidding me.
He was only yards away from her. He was enjoying the act and applauding with the rest of the crowd. But again, he didn't see her. He didn't even know she was there.
Nina stood further away peaking at him. She stood a little closer next to another woman that was enjoying the show.
She didn't want him to see her, afraid of what he would do. But then she began to wonder. How long had he been there? Had he noticed her first and just didn't say anything?
He looked so happy. She watched him a little more, wanting to see if anyone would soon join him, but no one showed. Like her, he was alone. But instead of approaching him, she slowly walked to her car and drove off.
All day she did nothing. She was curious about the one man that blew her off and never called.
Nina: He wasn't that good of a kisser anyway.
She became so angry that she did the one thing she said she wouldn't do.
Nina drove up to the house she followed him to. She checked to see if there were any lights on and then walked up to the door.
She waited a few moments but soon convinced herself that no one was home.
Just as she was getting ready to leave the door opened and she was face to face with Kal.
Kal: Nina?
He remembered her name. She was shocked.
Kal: How...what are you doing here?
It was now or never as she stood staring at him. At first she was stuck. She didn't know what to say. He stood back to let her into his home. A curious look on his face. He wasn't upset, but he wasn't happy either.
Kal: Sorry, I wasn't expecting company.
Nina: Oh so now you remember me? Two months ago, we met, I invited you to my home and then nothing. Literally nothing.
She realized she was sounding crazy. She had never sounded like this before. At least not over a man.
Kal: Look, I'm sorry I didn't call. I couldn't call.
Nina: Let me guess, you lost my number.
Kal: No. I just couldn't. It was wrong, of me to at least not tell you. But I figured it was best to just try to forget.
Kal: I enjoyed that night. A little too much. But you were with Charles, or at least I thought you were. It wasn't until a few days later did I find out you two broke up. I tell you, he hasn't been the same since. Whatever you did, you really put it on him.
Plus I wasn't ready to be like that. I haven't been with someone in a while and no matter how much I wanted to be, I just couldn't. Not like that. Not for just one night.
Nina: You could have just said something.
Kal: I couldn't. Do you know how hard it was for me to get up and leave? And worst of all to get you out of my head. I even thought I had seen you around town a few times. But when I looked again, you were gone.
Nina was beginning to feel bad.
Kal: I have priorities and responsibilities. So before I get into a relationship I have to be careful.
Nina: Be careful? We were just too adults having fun. That's all.
Just as she was about to speak she heard noise coming from the other room. Her eyes looked over as she began to hear footsteps coming closer to them. She peaked and saw a shadow. Kal walked over towards the sound. He picked up the small child that was stumbling towards them. He was young. No more than two years old, maybe closer to one. The child held his hands up to Kal and he knelt down to greet the little one. With a huge smile on his face, Kal lifted the boy in the air and the little one began to giggle. Nina watched as Kal laughed too with the child and whispered in his ear. The little boy looked over to Nina.
His hair light in color but ends were the same shade as Kal's. They shared the same smile, same curl of the lips. Although the boy's eyes were lighter, there was the same twinkle as Kal. And just above his rosy cheeks were freckles...just like Kal.
The little boy continued to stare at Nina. He smiled shyly and the closer Kal walked towards her, the more the child clung to Kal.
This is my son, Bobby.

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Ms BlueJul 22, 2013

Amazing chapter \:rah\:. Love the turn of events and what a surprise, didnt see it comming \:wub\:. You are very talented! 5 stars again from me \:D

fruitopia VIPJul 19, 2013

Great story.

AlessaFayeJul 15, 2013

Aww! The boy is so adorable! Great chapter! \:\)

yu16Jul 15, 2013

I love this chapter!

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