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Summer with You - 4
Published Jul 4, 2013

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Finally, Need a refreshment to clear my mind~
chapter 4 here we go.

Finally, Need a refreshment to clear my mind~
chapter 4 here we go.
Hajime : One of his employees will bring those outfits here.

Kyota exhale hardly and throw himself into the couch
Kyota : I told you, We shouldn't come at this early. He stared at his watch
Ah, I'm wrong, It's not us who come too early. They're the one whose late. ahhh.. how long we have to wait?
I stopped for a few moments. I doubt it. why do i have to met Ryo Kyota again? what should i tell him? what should i do? Whether he knew about those photos that was published in the tabloids?
i sighed.
Ryo Kyota may not remember me anymore. i nodded. Yeah, he must have forgotten me. A Star like him definitely will forgot our faces tough because every day they have to met many new people. That's true.

"Good day. Sorry for the long wait."
Minami : Mister Kim asked me to bring this clothes to you, Please try it.

Kyota : May i choose first?

Minami : you're Pleased.
Oh crap. Don't come near me! I should've not let them saw my face. Kyota : Senpai Help me on choosing this clothes, okay?

Hajime : I'm not great at choosing, You should ask that to a woman. try asking her. he point at me.

I quickly turned around. No! I don't want.

Kyota : No, i don't want. Better i choose by myself.

How the heck? is he reading my mind?
Hajime : Hey!, this one should've match you. this black..

Kyota : Black, black and black again. find another that suits me.

Hajime : What? That's your favorite color isn't it?

This two man are busy with their odd conversation. and i'm just standing in here, with no words that came out from my mouth. i'm a statue.
Kyota : I'll try this first.

Hajime : Ah, i forgot to tell you. You've to tried all of this clothes you know.

Kyota : I know, i know.

Ring Ring
It wasn't my phone, that ringtone is different from mine.

Hajime : Excuse me.
Then the room was tranquil, and only a voice of that uncle left who were talking on the phone there.

I did not realize that Kyota was looking at me, as if there is a strange sense of self harass him.

Minami : W-Well? how's the clothes? Do you like it?
Kyota : Where do i have to try this, before i'm going to like it?

I've forgot! i should've bring him to the changing room directly. but why my mind wasn't working so properly. Probably he was thinking that i'm a stupid and the weirdest employees here. how could a women that are supposed to be serving the customers, acting strangely, doesn't even look at his face and didn't even said a single word that would satisfy him.
Minami : P-please this way. I said, as i opened the thick white curtain.
I push the rack directly until it reach into the dressing room. Minami : Please try one by one. I'll leave it here.

I'm just going to came out from the dressing room, i don't know when or how this man was standing near the white curtains and closes the curtain directly.
that moment my heart was beating so fast.
Kyota : We've met before.
he's not asking. he's absolutely sure, because he wanted to see my reaction.

I flinch. I bite my lip. Kyota's apparently recognized me. what now? admit it? if just now i've admitted it that must be strange.
After a few seconds of silence, I mumble unclear

Minami : Oh?

Ryo Kyota was disappointed because she did not show any reaction. she just stared at him with her big eyes. Is this woman stupid or really don't remember what happened last night? he was not being arrogant, but Kyota don't understand how someone could forget an idol star that she met last night?.
Kyota was upset because he's the one who recognize that woman, while that woman didn't seemed to remember him. how come? or the fact he was not as popular as he think? or whether the world has changed without him knowing?
Kyota : You came to my house last night because we've switched our phone. Kyota said flat and fast.
For God's sake, is this woman had an Amnesia?

Well, i can't hide anymore
Minami : Oh, Yes, right. How are you?

That's all i can think about. i scolded myself silently.
Kyota looked at me with a strange look and snorted softly.
Kyota : Finally you remember, he muttered.

Minami : Yes?

Kyota : So, you work here?

Minami : Yes.. sort of. i answered.
I'm relieved now. at least i don't need to hide my face again.

Kyota : That picture on the tabloid... You've seen it?

I swallowed. this is it. is Kyota think i was behind all of this?.

Minami : Yeah,. I said doubtfully. but not me .. i mean, i do not have anything to do with it. really.

Kyota chuckled.
Kyota : We think so too. Anyway the picture is actually helped me.
I don't understand.

Kyota : You often read tabloids?. he asked

I shook my head.
I don't have time for it. anyway i didn't need to read Superstar gossip such as that tabloid. My friend, Tanaka Yui, is a tabloid enthusiast. Yui knew all what is happening in the world of Star. whatever she knew, she would tell me, i actually didn't want to knew all of it.

Kyota nodded.
Kyota : It means that you didn't know anything such as gossip about myself.

Minami : That gay gossip?
That words slipped out of my mouth without being processed by my brain first.
Kyota : Didn't you said that you don't read any tabloids?

Minami : My friend told me.

Kyota : So many had knew it. Kyota sighed. Even so, That picture has helped me to cope with those gossip.

I just nodded, but i was surprised when this guy in front of me suddenly turned around with a beaming face.

Kyota : Sakura-san- Sakura Minami is your name, isn't it?. he asked quickly and continued.
because you've helped me once why don't you help me again?

I stepped back.
Minami : Help... What?

Kyota : Be my Girlfriend.

Minami : W-What??!
Kyota : Here, let me exchange my sentence. i mean, i just wanted to ask you to take a photos with me as my girlfriend.

I blinked in a confusion

Kyota : Just to take a photo. How's that?

Why all of a sudden i felt like i was being judge on the court?
The first sentence that came out from my mouth was,

Minami : Why me?
good question.

Kyota : There is no special reason. however, we've been photographed together, although it's not intentionally.
if you like, let's say i offer you a job. it will not interfere with your work now.

Minami : Was i look like that i want a job? I asked dryly. or need money?

Kyota : No. Kyota admit it. Alright, I'll give you anything you want if you're willing to help.
Minami : Just to take a picture?. i asked to make sure.

Kyota : That's the plan. he answered surely
You wanted to help me, right?

Minami : Okay, as long as my face is not visible.

the air surrounds Kyota feels lighter, he breathed softly and smiled relief.
Kyota : Thank You , I hope you're not going to tell anyone about our deal, even though your parents. i don't want to create more severe scandal. i can trust you, right?

Minami : Mmm, Understood. Try this clothes first.
I was directly left the place
After I came out from the dressing room, there is someone saw me with a confusing look After a while he smiled.

Hajime : Oh, You are? that girl from last night, right?
as he walks toward me.
I just wanted to answer hajime question when Ryo Kyota directly appears in front of me, i don't know how fast his changing is.

Kyota : Ah, Senpai, She's deal to be my girlfriend.
Suddenly Hajime smile's vanished
Hajime : What do you mean?

Kyota : What senpai said yesterday.. about photos.. i've been thinking about it. he smiled.
We just do it. She even agreed to help me. even so it's not exactly like the plan that senpai suggest yesterday.

Hajime looked confused.
Hajime : About yesterday?. He paused for a moment, then,
"Oh my gosh, are you serious?"

Kyota : I'll explain it further to Senpai, later.
we continued our work first. we are here because we have to try all of these clothes, right?
"What have i done?" i talked to myself.

I have tried hard to calm down because my heart was pounding so fast. since i've been struggling, i don't want to let my nervousness seen by that two men. the awkward feeling when Kyota was explaining his plans to his manager while he was trying his clothes, was even stayed in my mind till now.
"Alright, i can do it. Ah, Gosh! i've forgot to ask his autograph for Yui."

I reached into my pocket to find my phone, but then i stopped.
i wonder if i should tell Yui that i met Kyota? she certainly will be annoyed because I forgot to ask his autograph again. but she's definitely going to be more upset if she knew i was hiding this meeting.
I continued looking for that phone, and suddenly i remembered that Kanata was calling me before.
why Kanata still called me? this man himself whose the one asked me to breakup with him? freak!
I was about to call Yui when I remembered my promise with Hajime.

Ahh, that's right, I promised Hajime to not to tell this problem to anyone, ah, what about this? yeah .. well then...

I put my phone back into my pocket. then looked up at the dark sky.

"Okay, Lyla. I hope this decision is useful, Figthing!"
now get back home and take a shower, i've made a promise to meet them at midnight.
Till then~ and thank you for reading ><

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ble.bleJun 25, 2015

Very interesting! \:rah\:

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I'm sorry I forget login to tsr,but chapter is amazing!

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I knew it \:wub\: next chapter please and your another story When The Dead Come Calling \:\)

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Wow! I love it! So exciting, can't wait to read the next chapter. This was just amazing! \:wub\:

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