Heavenly Sisters Chapter 2
Published Jul 12, 2013

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Darren was replaying his dream over in his head for the thousandth time when his phone began to ring. He looked at the caller i.d before scowling and rolling his eyes. It was his "friend" Roy Bern. Roy and Darren had gone to high school together and were on the same football team. They were close friends, but there were many times when Darren had gotten irritated with the boy's immaturity.
"What do you want?" he said bluntly into the phone.
"Ouch! No hello?" Roy's voice laughed back, causing Darren to sigh in response.
"If you don't have anything to say, I'm hanging up."
"Wait!" Roy said. "Actually, now that you've brought it up, guess why I'm the world's greatest friend?"
Darren blinked, his mind completely void of an answer to the question.
"Uhh... well there's... I mean you're really great with..." he struggled to come up with a valid response. "Aren't you quite the comedian?" Roy said sarcastically. "The reason is that I've set you up with a hot date tonight!"
Darren froze. Oh no. Not again.
"Roy!" he protested.
"No need to thank me buddy boy! You don't owe me a thing."
I owe you a knock upside the head, Darren thought crabbily.
"I'm not going." He said resolutely. "End of discussion." But of course, with Roy, it was never the end of the discussion. "But whyy not?" Roy whined. "You never want to go out with girls! Sometimes I wonder if you have something you'd like to tell me?"
"You always set me up on these blind dates and they never go well." Darren snapped back, before adding more softly. "I'm just not that interested in dating anyone right now Roy. I'm not going."
"Darren, listen." Roy began in a sobered tone. "You really need to start putting yourself out there. I don't know what's been holding you back all these years. Even in high school all the girls in our grade were throwing themselves at you and you ignored every one." "Why do you want me to go so bad?" Darren said tiredly. He was so sick of having the same conversation over and over with all of his friends. "I'm perfectly happy being single." "That's what they all say." Roy countered, before admitting, "to be honest, I kinda have a date too and she doesn't want to go without her friend soo help a guy out?"
Darren finally gave in, knowing Roy was never the kind to take 'no' for an answer.
"Fine, whatever."
"You the man Darren!" Roy exclaimed, hanging up before Darren could change his mind.
Darren put off getting ready for as long as he could, but at 7:00 pm, he realized he should probably start. Reluctantly, he pulled out one of his suits and attempted to clean up, reminding himself he shouldn't be rude to his date just because he didn't want to go. It wasn't her fault Roy had dragged him into this. Deep down, Darren knew it wasn't even Roy's fault. He could blame no one but himself for his inability to date. Darren stared into the mirror before sighing. Why couldn't he just move on? Why did he only have eyes for the girl he wasn't even sure existed?
Darren glanced back at the clock that read 7:38 and decided he had to leave. He forced himself out of his apartment, deciding to walk to the club Roy had told him to meet at. It was a way to clear his mind, and to further lengthen the time before his date.
Darren arrived at the club and began looking around for his friend. He was unsurprised to see Roy with a young girl in a skin tight miniskirt draped over him, their lips locked heatedly. Darren stood awkwardly in front of them, clearing his throat. The two didn't even look up, but the girl next to them, who Darren assumed to be his date did. She glanced over at him, and Darren felt his breath catch. She was pretty, beautiful even. Her bright green eyes glimmered with personality and mischief and her hair was a light auburn that reminded Darren of autumn. Her red painted lips smiled sweetly at him as her eyes look him over with interest.
"You must be Darren." she said seductively.
Darren smiled back faintly. "I am. And you must be my date for the night? But calling you that would be a little tiring." The girl laughed, a clear light sound. "Claudia." she said, then jutted a thumb towards the girl who was still all over Roy. "And that's Denise."
Hearing her name, the girl finally snapped her head up and looked over to Darren. "Oh!" she yelped in surprise, clambering off of Roy and dropping her flushed gaze. Roy looked up as well, looking completely unashamed. "Darren!" he cried earnestly. "You made it!"
"Ah! You must be Claudia's date!" Denise said eagerly. Claudia rolled her eyes at the girl. "Duh, Denise." Darren said nothing, but sighed inwardly. Roy had found another genius. "I see you've met you're girl!" Roy said, winking at Darren. Darren glanced at her, happy he had at least gotten the smarter of the two. "Sure have." he said, and Claudia threw him a pleased look. Roy grinned. "Well then what are we waiting for? Let's get this started!"
It didn't take long for Roy and Denise to begin hitting the drinks. Before Darren knew it, the two were stumbling drunkenly around the club; kissing, laughing, and being all around obnoxious. Denise darted to the club's stage with a chair. "'his is furr myy n'w booyfrond!" she slurred gleefully, blowing a kiss in Roy's direction. She began to dance all about the stage among the male cheers, Roy's being the loudest. Darren shook his head in disbelief at the sight. "That's Denise for you." a voice breathed against his neck. He spun to see Claudia smiling up at him. "Not too bright, but she's my friend non-the-less." Darren forced a laugh from his lips, looking around restlessly. Claudia cocked her head curiously. "Wanna go sit down?" she said, her eye emerald eyes burning into his. "Sure." Darren said, following her warily to a couch off to the side. Darren sat down uneasily, feeling on edge now that he was alone with Claudia. How was he supposed to act? She was pretty, but still nothing in comparison to his angel. The moment he thought of his angel, he found he couldn't stop, and his mind was dragged from the matter at hand back to the day on the beach. Darren was snapped from his day dreams as he felt Claudia shift beside him and settle into his lap. He stiffened, but didn't have the heart to move her. "I'll go get us drinks." He blurted. Claudia looked up at him, frowning. "I'm not thirsty?" she said, winking playfully up at him. Darren looked away. "I really could use some water." he said, refusing to meet her gaze. Claudia pouted, but sat back up in her seat. She stood up as Darren did and gently turned his cheek to face her. "You sure that water can't wait?" she said huskily, her hand running a trail down Darren's neck. Darren flinched back. "Uhh... yeah. Pretty sure.." Claudia pursed her lips before grinning. "Well then I guess I just have to change you're mind." she said. Darren opened his mouth to protest, but found he could say nothing as Claudia pressed her mouth to his, hungrily snaking her hands into his hair. Her tounge delved into his mouth, sticky and searching. Without thinking Darren pushed her away, then winced as he looked at her confused and slightly hurt expression. Claudia blinked, before her face broke out into an angry scowl, looking out of place on her delicate features. "What is your problem?" She demanded, glaring daggers at Darren, her hands settling on her hips. "I'm sorry! Sorry I just.... I can't do this." Darren said, guilt creeping up his stomach. "I barely know you... and even if I did.... i'm just not in a good place for a relationship right now." Claudia gaped at him in disbelief. "You don't want me?" Darren finally looked clearly into her eyes. "You... you didn't deserve this. You deserve a guy who can appreciate you." Darren paused, before hesitatingly adding. "And you shouldn't have to throw yourself at guys to get their attention either. It's ok to slow down Claudia. You're a beautiful girl who should have better than a guy who would hookup after just meeting you." Darren scratched his head awkwardly, wondering if he had said too much. Claudia was still staring at him with her mouth hung wide open. After a long painful silence, Darren mumbled. "I should probably go now. I shouldn't have come in the first place. Sorry again." Darren glanced around, looking to let Roy know he was going home. When he finally spotted his friend on the dance floor, he decided Roy probably wouldn't notice if he left. Darren gave the auburn beauty one last weak smile before turning to leave. "Bye Claudia." he said. Claudia started incredulously after the man. She couldn't believe it. Never had there been a man who had rejected her charms. The only reason she had even attended the stupid blind date was because her ditz of a friend was too nervous to go alone. Glancing over at Denise, it was clear to Claudia that nervousness was long gone. Claudia paused, deep in thought, before a sly smirk graced her lips. "Darren, huh?" she pondered. "I'd say he's a keeper." Darren walked through the chilly night air, regretting his decision to even show up. He felt bad about leaving the date early, but he was sure from Claudia's expression that there was no way to salvage the night. Besides, he was too tired to smile and pretend things could ever work between him and Claudia. He'd was less than halfway home when he suddenly heard a male shouting. He looked up in alarm too see a young man cornering an old lady. "Just give me the money!" the man hissed at her, his eyes shifting around cautiously. "Right now!" Darren watched in shock as the old lady reached a trembling hand into her pocket. "Hurry up!" the robber urged. Darren didn't even think, his feet simply began running to the scene. "There a problem here?" Darren asked coldly as he reached the two. The robber's eyes widened to almost comical proportions. "Who the heck are you?" he demanded indignantly. Darren ignored the man and turned to the old woman. "Are you alright?" he asked, his tone becoming gentle. "Listen buddy," the man growled, jabbing Darren in the chest with a finger. "You'd better just get out of here while I'm feeling generous." Darren clenched his hands into fists, tensing for a fight. "Well aren't you just a regular saint?" he sneered mockingly. The man's face twisted in rage. He reared his fist back to land a blow and Darren froze, waiting for the impact. There was a long heavy pause, and when Darren realized the man wasn't going to strike him he peered up cautiously at him. The robber was staring past Darren and the woman, his eyes bulging farther than Darren would have though possible. "Well, well well!" a clear, confident voice said. "What do we have here? Not playing very nice this lovely evening are we?" Darren stood like a statue in his spot, listening to the obviously female voice, unable to shake the feeling of familiarity. He watched the reactions of the woman and man who were now both staring in the opposite direction. They both wore he same expressions of fear mixed with awe. Darren slowly, robotically, forced his head to turn to the direction they faced. He could barely breathe when he saw white, silky feathers, sitting majestically in his sight. "What..." he robber uttered in stupor. "What are you?" The girl laughed heartily, a laugh that Darren remembered like it was yesterday, and said with a grin, "I think you can figure that one out for yourself." The man didn't waste another moment, he turned and darted off as fast as he could. The angel sighed, shaking her head, before shooting her vast wings open and landing gracefully in front of the man. The man spun, ready to sprint again in the other direction. Before he could take a step, the angel leaped and landed a hard kick right to his chest. He grunted and fell to the ground, curled up in pain. The angel towered over him and he stared up at her stern face, helpless fear alight in his eyes. As he began to tremble, the angel's expression softened. "Are you done running?" she said mildly. "I really do hate when things get messy." The man nodded vigorously, causing the angel to smile sweetly at him. "Well, I can't promise we won't meet again if you can't behave from here on out." The angel admitted, shrugging apologetically. "However," she began, kneeling right beside the man. "I can at least promise you, you won't remember any of this tomorrow." With that, she laid three fingers against the mans head in a gentle tap, and the man tumbled over, out cold. The girl stood, finally glancing over to the old woman. As she began walking towards the elderly lady, the woman flinched and took a retreating step. "D-Don't come any closer!" she cried out. The angel stopped, before smiling sadly at her. "Don't worry." she said as lightly as she could manage. "I won't hurt you." In one swift motion, before the woman could protest, the angel had tapped her head in the same manner as before, and the old woman's eyes drifted close as she began to fall back. The angel caught her, laying her gently to the pavement. The angel pointedly ignored Darren, instead dashing off with alarming speed. "W-wait!" Darren exclaimed, taking off after the girl. The angel picked up speed as she heard Darren's footsteps pattering behind her. Darren copied her action, having played sports all though high school. They ran and ran down the streets, the angel taking several turns in attempt to shake Darren. She continued to get further and further ahead of Darren as he grew tired, and he almost believed he had lost her, when he saw a faint light in the distance, hovering on the beach. His angel was standing serenely on the soft white sand, not even out of breath from the run. Her hair was blowing softly in the breeze and her eyes were closed. "Well wasn't that fun?" Darren asked teasingly, but the joke lost it's effect through his heavy labored breaths. The angel spun to face him, frowning. "You shouldn't be here Darren." she whispered seriously. He shook his head in disbelief. "So it is you." He grinned as he realized the irony of their surroundings. "We met on a beach too, remember?" She attempted to scowl at his ignoring her warning, but couldn't resist the giggle that burst from her lips. She grew somber again as she looked back to Darren. "I mean it Darren." she said intently. "You can't be here. You shouldn't even remember me at all. I should've wiped your memory like all the others." Darren cocked his head in curiosity, again ignoring the angel's admonishing. "Why didn't you?" he asked softly, taking cautious steps toward her as if she were an animal that could be frightened off. The angel look surprised, the sadly resigned. "Because I love you silly." she said. "Your name..." Darren breathed, continuing to inch closer. "What is it?" The angel looked at him with intense sapphire eyes. "Arael." she whispered, right before Darren pressed his lips softly to hers. The stood like that for a moment where time seemed to stand still, before Darren felt three fingers press into his head. The world went black. Darren woke the next morning in an amazing mood. He was back in his apartment, not sure how Arael had got him home. He was surprised to find that he had perfect memory of the prior evening, and found himself lying in his bed with a goofy smile splitting his cheeks and he thought about his angel. He had to find her, he decided. She loved him after all, what could possibly stand in the way of that? So, with a lively bounce in his step, he began walking all over town, convinced she had to be somewhere. However, as he kept walking, he began to lose hope. How did he know she would stay in the city? She had wings and seemingly endless stamina, so in reality she could be anywhere in the world. What if she went back to heaven when she finished saving others? He was just about to give up, when he saw a sliver of blond hair in the distance. Darren couldn't believe his luck. There, walking in front of him was Arael. Her wings were absent, but Darren wasn't dissuaded. He had seen her without wings before. Darren began slowly following her, trying to keep from being noticed. She wouldn't run away this time, not again. She continued walking till she reached Steve's Restaurant. Darren hovered outside as she went in, not wanting to follow her at risk of being discovered. He was rewarded when Arael walked back out of the restaurant and took an outside seat, waiting for her food. Darren took a moment to simply gaze at her. She had blossomed from the pretty child with the bulky hat to the beautiful young woman she was now. Darren hesitated from where he was hiding, before walking up to her. "Hey." he said a bit nervously, grinning shyly down at her. Arael looked up at him, her eyes widening. Darren hurried to explain himself. "I know you said we can't talk.... but I can't just forget you Arael. I don't care what stands in the way, there are no other girls for me." Darren stood, waiting for a response and feeling uncomfortably vulnerable. Arael stared at him, her mouth agape, saying nothing. After the longest pause of Darren's life, she shook her head and looked back up to him. Darren was surprised to see honest confusion in her eyes rather than anger or annoyance as he had suspected. "...I'm sorry." she said in a soft perplexed voice. "You must be mistaken. My name is Heather, and I can honestly say I've never seen you before in my life." thanks again for reading! sorry this chapter is so long and took a while to come out. I was still deciding where I wanted to go with the story when I was writing it, and this chapter was really important in executing that. Also, I struggle a bit writing from Darren's point of view because i'm not used to male main characters so sorry if he's a little odd sometimes!

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