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Heavenly Sisters Chapter 3
Published Jul 23, 2013

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I forgot to mention earlier, but thank you to any custom content makers! I appreciate you guys a lot and although I don't remember where everything came from, dm me if you'd like credit :)

I forgot to mention earlier, but thank you to any custom content makers! I appreciate you guys a lot and although I don't remember where everything came from, dm me if you'd like credit :) Darren blinked, sure he had heard Arael wrong. "Huh?" he said lamely. Arael- or Heather- cracked a pitying smile at him. "Sorry." she repeated. "I'm not this 'Arael' girl you think I am. But that was a beautiful confession that I'm sure she'd be touched by once you find her!" The girl gave him a polite wave and said cheerily, "Sorry again, and good luck!" in what was a clear attempt at a dismissal. But Darren wouldn't budge. He shook his head, trying to clear his jumbled and frenzied thoughts. What was going on? Had he found the wrong girl? But as he stared into Heather's innocent blue eyes that took him back to the ocean where they'd met, he knew that wasn't possible. "Look..." Darren began, his voice hard, "I get that you don't want to see me anymore. But you don't have to lie to me." Heather flushed indignantly, and to Darren's surprise, she rose out of her seat and stood before him, jutting her chin out in a stubborn fashion. "I beg your pardon," she said with an affronted pout on her face, "but I don't even know you and you're accusing me of lying?"
Darren now openly frowned at her. "Geez! I can take a hint!" he said, the hurt of Heather's rejection making him hostile. "If you really want me to stay away that bad, why'd you kiss me back yesterday." At this, Heather froze, her mouth wide open. Darren could almost hear an audible snap as she turned a bright red and her face twisted in fury.
"Y-You!" she spluttered, too flustered to form a proper sentence. Darren drew back in defense and shock. He had never seen Arael react like that before! He couldn't imagine any 'angel' acting so unhinged. He felt his confusion grow greater; had he really approached the wrong person? What was going on? His thoughts were interrupted as he was brought back to the reality of Heather screaming at him. "You horrid man!" she exclaimed. "To be so bold as to claim... I've never even met you!" She huffed, attempting to cool herself down. "If you were going to use a pick up line, you could have at least been more original. 'Have we met before?' Give me a break!" Heather stood, glaring Darren down. Any smart man would have meekly nodded and left the raging girl, but Darren was unable to stop himself from blurting a response. "I'd actually thought the 'did you fall from heaven' one would be more fitting in this case." Heather's eyes popped open, and she slumped forward, seemingly exhausted by the argruement. She laughed bitterly and grabbed her things from the table. "Forget it!" she said, throwing a 20 dollar bill down, "No lunch is worth this. Farewell, 'long lost love'." she said sarcastically, before spinning on her heel and stomping away. Darren could do nothing but watch helplessly as for the third time in his life, his angel ran away. Darren knew it was stupid. Not even stupid. It was practically insanity. Darren stood on one of the platforms of the local mall, preparing to make one of the most rash, thoughtless decisions of his life. The mall was empty, closed in fact. Darren had hopped the gates and snuck cautiously into the dark, silent center. All he could think of was how Arael had always come when he or someone else was in danger. He tried to ignore the panic strewn voice in the back of his head that questioned what would happen if she didn't. "She'll be here." he told himself firmly, before roughly swinging one leg over the ledge. Darren tried his best, but was unable to keep himself from glancing at the concrete below. He felt himself grow dizzy with anxiety before screwing his eyes tightly closed and swinging his other leg over. "She'll come." he whispered over and over to himself. However, as he sat with his legs dangling freely over the ledge, his plan started to seem less and less sound. The stupidity and recklessness of his actions hit him like a cold bucket of water. 'What if she doesn't come?' he thought, finally bending to reason. Just as he was about to pull himself back to solid ground, Darren was knocked forcefully off the ledge and back onto the platform. "Tsk,tsk. Dumb move, Darren." a voice that even in agitation sounded lovely said. "Even for you." Darren couldn't stop the grin from spreading on his face. "It worked didn't it?" he countered smugly. Arael rolled her eyes at him. "It did didn't it? What do you want Darren?" The smile fell off his face as his tone grew serious. "An explanation, Arael... Or should I say 'Heather'?" Arael froze, her eyes widening slightly. "H-How did you..." she pressed her lips together tightly, looking uncertain. But, after glancing back into Darren's puzzled eyes, she sighed with resignation. "Follow me." she said, turning away from his searching gaze. "I don't want to talk here." Darren hesitated for a second before rising to follow her. They left the mall and began strolling down the shadowy streets. The city that was usually pulsing with bright lights and night life, was oddly still that evening. After walking in suffocating silence for almost a mile, they reached Redwood park. Darren, who was beginning to feel frustration at Arael's lack of speech, cleared his throat in an obvious fashion. Arael ignored him, instead gazing around the park with a fond look on her face. "This is my absolute favorite place to come at night. It's always so quiet and peaceful..." she glanced at Darren and said more softly. "Heather finds it boring you know." Darren looked at her, wondering absently if there were such thing as lunatic angels. Arael studied his face, silently reading his expression before turning away again. Without saying a word, she led him to the park's unoccupied swing set. She sat daintily on a swing and Darren stood determinedly in front of her. "Well?" he said, failing to keep the irritation from his voice. Arael regarded him with a mirthless look. "I'm sorry for everything Darren. I never wanted you to be caught up in any of this." Darren stared into her gloomy blue eyes and felt his annoyance melt away like ice in the sun. He gave her a tired but kind smile. "Well, I'm caught up now, so you might as well make it easier on me." Arael bit her lip nervously and looked down at her lap, attempting to decide where to begin. Finally, she peered up again at Darren. "Heather... is not me." she said carefully, pointedly avoiding Darren's eyes. Darren frowned. The girl he had spoken to was an exact copy of Arael, apart from her sour personality. "Who is she?" he asked hastily. Arael eyed him sternly. "Please Darren. If you want me to explain, you mustn't interrupt." Darren reluctantly nodded and Arael continued, dropping her gaze once more. "...We were meant to be twins. But as fate would have, I died in my mothers womb. I was pitied for my lost chance at life, an offered a deal. Being far too young at the time, I didn't understand the gravity of my decision. All I could think was that I wanted to remain on earth, with my mother and sister..." Arael took a breath and continued. "I agreed to work as an angel in return for being able to stay. However, being as my body was already deceased, I was forced into the next closest thing..." "Heather's..." Darren breathed, still processing the story. Areal smiled grimly and nodded. "Heathers. We've been sharing a body for the last 18 years." Darren paused and thought back to his conversation with the girl. "...She doesn't know?" he asked in disbelief. Arael halted, before shaking her head. "Because she's unaware of my presence, I'm able to block my thoughts from her. I mainly only use her body at night, while she's sleeping. And if I must use her body during daylight, I knock her unconscious as I did to you and the others before." Arael snapped her gaze to meet his, her eyes filled with unshed tears. "Now you understand?" she said harshly. "We can't work. Not while I'm like this at least." Darren stared at her, his mind working a mile a minute to catch up to the conversation. "Is... there's no way to fix this?" he spluttered, sympathy overwhelming him as he imagined what Arael must have gone through her whole life. For thr first time that night, Arael offered Darren a genuine smile. She sat up straighter before saying, "As an angel, helping others and doing good deeds is like our 'job'. And just like any other job, we get paid. For every task completed, angels earn a halo." Arael grinned. "I can thank you for three of those now I suppose. Once I earn enough halo's, I'll can request for my old body back! I'll look the same and everything, but finally be my own person." Arael glanced uncertainly at Darren. "I must be honest when I say I don't know when that will be. I've gotten close to my goal, infact I need only 10 more halos, but earning them is a very sporadic event. Sometimes I can get as many as 3 in a week, other times I won't get any for over a year... Darren I must insist that you move on. you may be waiting forever if you don't." Darren stood still in front of Arael, staring with a unreadable expression plastered on his face. Then, without saying a word, he walked away. Arael dropped her head, dejected but accepting. Just as she was about to rise from her swing and fly back to Heather's house, she felt a push on her back, swinging her forward. "W-What are you still doing here Darren!" she cried in shock, but unable to prevent the bliss from her voice. Darren laughed and shook his head. "I've been waiting for you for 14 years." he confessed. "Trust me, if I could move on, I would have a long time ago. If waiting means that I have a chance with you, take all the time you need." Darren knew he would wait forever for Arael. Especially now that he knew she loved him back. What had happened wasn't her fault and he swore to himself he would help her free herself anyway he could. As he continued to push a squealing and giggling Arael on the swings, an idea began to form slowly in his head. Darren carefully began to push Arael into casual chatting, about his life and hers; and after getting the conversation going, Heathers. Darren woke up the next morning and wasted no time getting up and dressed before making a hasty phone call. The other line rang shortly before a sweet, feminine voice answered. "Hello?" "Hi.." Darren answered awkwardly. "Is there a... 'Heather' here?" The girl paused before answering hesitantly. "She's here... may I ask whose calling?" Darren hung up the phone. The number and address he'd managed to pull from Arael were real. That was all he need to know. He grabbed his shoes, ready to bolt out the front door, when the bell rang. Darren froze in confusion, not one to get many visitors. For a split thoughtless moment, he allowed himself to believe maybe it was Arael at his door. He then remember that was impossible because Arael shared a body with Heather, who according to his phonecall, was at home. Darren opened his door curiously, only to have his stomach drop at sight. "Hello Darren." Claudia said in her smooth, sultry tone. "May I come in?" sorry! this took a while to come out and ik it's kinda really boring. like the last chapter, this was a necessary evil to set up the rest of the story. it'll finally start to pick up next chapter!

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mariacoraJul 24, 2013

amazing chapter !! can't wait for the next \:D \:rah\:

cutepiskyJul 24, 2013

This is a very good story! cant wait till the next chaper\:D

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