I wish you were here ! - chap 2
Published Jul 18, 2013

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:D this is the chapter 2 !!
i hope you will like it ..
thanks to the artist for the amazing CC !

:D this is the chapter 2 !!
i hope you will like it ..
thanks to the artist for the amazing CC !
10 pm at sarah home
1 - I back home after we planned - SAm , Eva and me - to meet the morning . tomorrow is the first day in the summer festival !
i changed my clothes to sleepwear . before sleeping i decide to send an email to josh to apologize , i write : " Hi josh how are you ? you still angry with me ? well , i'm sorry for what i told , i didn't mean it , really ! i was nervous , you know , you are my best friend and i can't live without you so please forgive me ! i miss you ". then i shut down my computer and i go to my bedroom .. i sit in my bed and i tried to sleep , but it was impossible for me to close my eyes ! i was very happy , thinking about him , for 7 years i didn't saw him and this afternoon he was there in front of me ! even if we didn't talk or he didn't know about my presence that was enough for me to be the happiest girl in the world ! i move to the small living room beside my bedroom ! i sit on the sofa then i remember everything about that old story :
my mother died 3 hours after my birth so my father was my only family ! this is why we was so close to each other !
that day , i was 14 years ! as usual , i was watching my daddy playing my best song with the piano ! suddenly he stopped the performing before he finished it ! he excused :
daddy : " i'm sorry sarah i should stop it now , i have some work to do before my meeting with M.Raoul james !! "
i smiled then i said :
sarah : " ok , no problem ! see you after you finish the work . "
daddy : " i'll be in my office ! if he came bring him to me ! "
sarah : " i'll do ! " .
and he left to the second floor where it Located his office .
then i played the piano as my father did ! i was trying to improve my skills when someone knocked on the door .. i thought he was M.Raoul so i opened it it was a boy that I never seen , even in the school we never met , i thought that he was new in isla paradiso ! maybe he was 1 or 2 years older then me ! the most handsome boy i ever seen ! he stare at my face , i note something special in his looks ! no one of us tells a word so i cut that silent and i demanded :
sarah : " how can I help you ? " .
the boy : " Does M.Adam Nelson here ? " .
i thought he came here for me but i was wrong ! he wanted my father ! but why ?
sarah : " yes daddy is here in his office , he had some work ! i'll tell him about you . so why you need him and what's your name please? "
the boy :" Raoul james , we have a meeting ."
i was stunned , i didn't add a single word , I just took him to where my father was !
sarah : " dad , M.Raoul is here . " .
daddy : " Great !! you came at the time ! enter please ! ". he said to raoul .
Raoul : " thank you M.Adam . "
he sit on a chair without stopping watching me , then he smiled to me , i can tell that he had the most charming smile in the world .
i went to my atelier to paint . painting was my best hobby . i was thinking : MR.Raoul james was just a teen !! what kind of work he will have with my father ? daddy talks about him as an important one , i thought he should be a businessman ! but , who is him ? after 3 hours
Raoul left our house , then my father came to the living room to stay with me ! i was curious to have all the answers about him . I asked :
sarah : " Raoul james ; who is him ?
my father's look changed , it was sad and kind , he smiled calmly and said :
daddy : " he is M.Raphael James son . "
sarah : " M.Raphael who died two years ago in an accident ? " .
daddy : " yes ! he is his son ! Raoul was studying in a Boarding school because his step-mother didn't want him to live with them , and he didn't know anything about his mum since she divorced from his father ! when Raphael died , we thought that we lost all our works with his company .. we was surprised by Raoul who stopped his study and Announced that he will continue the work of his father !! he was that person who never give up and did everything to learn , intelligent and knew how to work everything by the good way !! I'm proud of him . "
this is exactly what i felt after hearing that , i was proud of him and happy , very happy to know someone like him !
the next sunday i went to the library to read something as i do every week ! that start since my daddy convince me about how important are the books , then reading became one of my favorite activities , i became a bookworm .. i choose a romantic book then i sit beside a boy who was reading his newspaper , i was so interested that i didn't look at him ! 15 min later , that boy sighed , i guess he read something that he didn't like or he was bored , he put the newspaper on the table then he watched his watch , at that time i look at him and i discover that he was Raoul ! he was surprised by the time , i thought he had something to do and he was late he get up then walked to the door quickly , i watched him , my heart was beating , i regretted that i didn't notice him from the beginning ! i put my book away and i followed him ... when i arrived outside of the library , he ran speedily that i can't catch him ! i watched him from my place , it was the first time that i couldn't understand my feelings ! i could hear my heart and i breathed difficultly ! i was sad because we was at that near and we didn't even tell a word ! the night , i was preparing myself to sleep ! i changed my clothes then i went to check myself in the mirror ! suddenly ... i saw him in my mirror , i didn't believe my eyes ! what he was doing here in my room ! i turned immediately but nobody was there with me ! i was scared and stunned , i check the mirror again but it was nothing ! i guessed i imagined it ! i didn't understand what happened ... why i saw him ? what was the matter with me ? i felt miserable , i wanted to cry , i groped my head then i cried ! i had a strange feeling , i knew that there was something wrong with me .. i sit on the floor trying to relax myself , i convinced myself that everything will be fine , that there was nothing wrong just i was a little stressed and tired , that he was in my mind because i meet him today .. nothing else ... how things go on later ? i didn't know truly ! i allowed myself to follow him everywhere , everyday without an accurate reason .. just i liked doing that , i knew almost everything about him : how he walks , how he talks , how he reacts , how he smiles and laughs , what he loves and what he hates , his passetimes , even his best color and best song ... i guess everything .. i asked myself why i'm doing all that ? but i hadn't any answer .. all what i knew that it was the born of that wish of me , i wished him to be here , at everywhere which i'll be , at everytime when i'll be ... Raoul was an athletic , i noticed that because he always practice sport in the parc ! i decided to visit the gym to improve my skills then to impress him and there i had a surprise ... when i entered there , i found him sitting in a sofa in the reception ! i didn't believe my eyes and i felt happy to see him .. he stare at me like he was surprised too , he smiled to me then he get up and walks toward me ... I troubled .. he kept smiling to me that he made me strained ! as his eyes Radiated my heart beats ! i hear his voice so i did my best to be quiet , he said :
Raoul : " Welcome in my gym !! "
so he was the owner here !! he was in front of me , staring at me and again i notice the same special thing in his looks , something like he was anxious to watch my face , i was silent and it was clear that i was chocked .. he add ignoring my state :
Raoul : " M.Adam's daughter , not ? , i'm glad to see you here and i hope that you will enjoy your practice with us ! "
i hadn't the words , i said shyly :
" thank you a lot " .
he chuckled then he told :
" follow me please ."
he took me to another room , then he stayed with me to teach me how to use the machine ! in the reality i knew how to do it by myself but i was silent i wanted that he stay here ! he knew too that i'm able to use it without his explanation , he still watching me until i looked into his eyes , he smiled then he left me alone i finished after one hour so i went to the bathrooms to have a shower , there i met leigh , a bad boy from my school , he always annoyed me !
leigh : " Hi my kitty , i'm sure that you aren't happy to see me ! " and he laughed
i said nervously :
sarah : " of course i'm not .. "
leigh : " but i'm so happy to meet my princesse here ! "
sarah : " leave me alone ! "
leigh : " i can't , i love you ! "
then he held my hands strongly and approached from me as he wanted to kiss me
i shouted :
sarah :" what are you doing ?! are you crazy ? let my hands !! "
he laughed .
leigh : " if i'll not , what you will do ? ah ? my kitty . "
i was so angry that i pushed him hardly then i yelled as possible as i can :
sarah : " don't touch me again ! never !! or i'll kill you ! i swear !! "
leigh : " why are you angry ? it's not that dangerous if i touched your beautiful skin.. "
he was telling that sentence when i felt someone behind me then i heard his voice :
Raoul : " what happen here ? what are you doing sir ? "
i was always strong to defend myself however that time , when he was my guardian
i felt like if i was a child protecting by her father ! i looked at Raoul with tears in eyes , that made him more angry with leigh ..
Raoul : " why she is crying ? what you did to her ? answer !!! " he yelled at him .
leight : " it's not your business i guess !! "
i cried :
sarah : " he bothered me , he always bothers me ! he held my hands and he tried to kiss me ! i can't support him yet .. "
leigh : " oh ! my sweet girl , how poor you are !! all that because he came to defend you ? "
at that time Raoul asked me to leave them and to wait him in the other space , i obeyed him ! both of them was shouting :
Raoul :" you should respect yourself and know how to talk with her . "
leigh :" don't interrupt yourself ! it's between us ok ? "
Raoul : " this my gym ! you have to be polite or i'll break your face ! "
leigh : " ho ho ho ! are you that angry just because she cried ? i think you are jealous , she is your girlfriend ?"
Raoul :" shut up and get out now ! "
leigh :" you will regretted it i swear !
leigh left then Raoul walked toward me ..
i was crying yet , he apologized for what happened , he tried to relax me but i was nervous that i couldn't stop my tears ! he looked sad and depressed watching how miserable i was !
Raoul : " believe me , everything will be ok . " then he hugged me !
i cried on his shoulder , i felt his heart's pulsing , his breath , his troubling arms , i smelt his perfume . he caressed my hair and kissed my head ! i felt his tears on my skin , he was crying . he wishpered in my ears :
" everything will be fine , i want you to laugh , a beautiful girl like should always smiles because your smiles are a gifts to that world ! please do it for me ! "
i stared at his face then i smiled , i smiled from my heart and he laughed !
he told :
Raoul : " you are the most beautiful girl in the world when you smile , you know it ? keep it up forever ok ? " .
i said shyly : " i'll do ! thank you .. " .
Raoul : " promise me ! " . he chuckled
sarah : " I promise you ! I promise you " . i told with a tender voice .
he asked me to had my shower and to change my clothes then he will wait me in the reception and he left ! i was affected , it was the first time which i understood all what happened with me , that strange feeling , the first time which i had all the answers i need .. i was in love , i loved him and i wanted him to be with me forever .. i was leaving the gym , he followed me outdoors so i turned to him then i thanked him again and i told goodbye !
Raoul : " No , i'll take you home " ! he insist .
sarah :" you don't need it , i can do it by myself " .
Raoul : " But i'm still scared about you , what if that idiot interrupt your way ? "
Sarah :" he will not , i know him and he is not dangerous ! rest assured !
he caressed my face then whispered : " ok , take care of you " .
then i ran away and Raoul still watching me , i was so happy ... i was very far when i stopped and i looked behind me , i was checking if he entered to his gym or not , but he was watching me yet ! i smiled , i thought maybe he loves me too ! or maybe he was just scared about me !
- i thought everything was ok , that all what i need was to meet him again and to talk ... until the next day when my father told me he had something to tell .
dad : " Sarah , i should tell you something that may bothers you .. all what i hope that you understand it .. " .
i thought that he will tell me about a women he loved or something like that ..
dad : " you know my darling , last week i move all my works to Bridgeport , it's a beautiful city where i can find more of success , i thought that it will be hard for me if I'll travel to there every week then i can't let you alone here , I'll be scared about you ! so i take this decision , we have to move together , why we will still here if we haven't nothing to do ? " i was choked ! i never thought that i'll leave " isla paradiso " forever and i'll live away from it ! i ran away to the garden , and i shouted : " no ! i don't want to move to anywhere . " my father followed me ..
dad : " i know it's hard for you that you will change the school and you will be away from your friends but believe me everything will be right you will have new friends there and new school ! you will love it too , trust me ! "
sarah : " i don't want to leave , i'll never find someone like Sam and eva there .. no one like my teachers , isla paradiso is the perfect city for me , i'm happy here why i'll change my everything , i love my life here daddy !! " i cried
dad : " i know it's hard , but you will understand it later " .
then he hugged me .. i was silent and broken i went to my room and i whined on the floor , i wanted to tell him that maybe i'll find new friends , i'll love the city and the new school but i'll never be happy because there is no one in the world like Raoul , no one else can replace him for me , i'll never be happy away from my true love , my first and last love .. the night i sneaked to my father office , i turn on his computer then i stole Raoul's number from his contacts and i back to my room .. i wrote the number then called it and his phone rings , i waited him to answer and i encouraged myself to be strong .. his voice came to my ears :
Raoul : " hello ! "
Sarah : " H-hi " i troubled
Raoul : " who are you ? "
Sarah : " its not important who i'm .. i want to ask you if we can meet tomorrow ? "
he sighed then said : " i shouldn't meet a stranger ! "
sarah : " i can't tell you now ! i'll wait you tomorrow at 5pm at " flower wishes " restaurant. i hope you will be there ..
and i hang on
thank you for reading !
sorry for my english again :/

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#1mayadilasimJul 18, 2013

nice \:rah\:\:rah\:

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awesome! \:wub\: i loved! \:rah\:

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this somehow remind me of Harry's mom and Snape ^^

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Redhead girl's hairstyles are very beautiful, can you send me hairstyle sites ?

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Sweet! \:\)

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