Emotions Run Deep Pt 2
Published Aug 10, 2013

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Welcome Back

Hope you guys enjoy... =)

Please make sure to read my newsletter for July 2013. You can locate that on my page.


Welcome Back

Hope you guys enjoy... =)

Please make sure to read my newsletter for July 2013. You can locate that on my page.

Things have changed drastically for me since that night. After my wife left me because I could not stay faithful to her, my whole world began to change.

I barely worked as hard as I did when she was around. I mean I still worked as a DJ at clubs and parties, but my heart wasnít into it anymore. I only did it just to pay bills and help support my son.
Speaking of my son, Neko Jr. was getting really big, really fast. So instead of staying around the house feeling miserable for myself, I went to see and be with him. I didnít want to miss any of his first, so I made sure that I visited him and Kimberly at least once a day. Kim didnít mind me coming over so much; I guess she like seeing me in my sonís life. One day, I decided to take Neko Jr. to the park, so I went by to pick him up. After a couple of hours playing, I went to take him home. I grabbed Jr. out of his car seat and headed towards Kimberlyís front door, but before I could knock, she opened the door. Kimberly: Hi, back already (She greeted us)
Neko: Yeah, I decided he needed to come home and take a nap from all the fun.

Kimberly looked down at Jr.

Kimberly: Did you have fun with your father? (She asked him)
Jr. shook his head up and down to agree
Kimberly and I smiled.

Kimberly: Well, letís get him cleaned up for dinner and then we can put him to bed. (She then directed her attention towards me) Would you please help me with him tonight, I have dinner on stove and Iím afraid Iíll burn it if I have to put him down for bed.

Neko: Sure, I can help (I said as we all walked inside the house.)
I stayed over playing with Neko for another hour. I can honestly say that I enjoy spending time with my son, if it was up to me, he would live with me, but I donít want to take Neko Jr. away from Kimberly. Besides Kimberly has never told me no when it comes to seeing him. Kimberly: Neko can I speak to you?

She asked as I had a tickle fight with Jr.
Neko: Sure (I said putting my son down) Daddy, will be right back to play some more.

I walked over to Kimberly
Neko: Whatís up
Kimberly: I was just wondering if you heard anything from Mohala yet.

Neko: Nope, Iíve talked to her sister a couple of times and she told me that she hasnít heard from Mohala in a while herself.
Kimberly: Itís been a long time now, I hope everything is okay (Sounding concern)

Neko: I know she is okay; she has some idiot drop off some papers about a divorce, but I refuse to let that happen.
Kimberly: Maybe you should reconsider Neko; if she wanted to be found she would have come out of hiding. Neko: That may be true, but I donít want to nor will I ever sign those papers. Kimberly made a big sigh

Kimberly:Neko I have to something to say
Neko: Whats up

Before she could answer, Jr. began to start crying. I immediately ran to tend to him, to see what the matter was.
Neko: Whatís wrong Champ? (I said grabbing him up and hugging him)

Jr.: SleepyÖ. Sleepy

Neko: Oh, you ready to go to bed, well letís get you ready for it. (I said walking off in the other room to give Jr. his bath and put him to sleep.)
After given Jr. his bath, I put him in his crib and read him a short bed time story.

Neko: Okay Champ, itís time to go beddie-bye

I tucked Jr. in and kissed him good night and headed out the room so he could sleep.
It was getting pretty late, so I decided to go straight home. I found Kimberly still in the kitchen cooking dinner.

Neko: Well Iím about to head home; you know, itís getting pretty late.
Kimberly looked up and turned around.

Kimberly: Oh, well I thought you would have dinner with me. I donít want to send you home hungry.

Neko: I can catch something on the way to the house

Kimberly: None sense, why spend money when I obviously made enough for more than one person. Beside I still need to tell you something.

Neko: Oh yeah, well I guess it wonít hurt me to stay over a little longer.
I sat at the table as she brought two big plates of hot, steamy spaghetti to it. She sat my plate in front of me and then sat right next to me with her plate. I began to eat.

Neko: So, what did you want to tell me?
Kimberly: I just want to say that I am glad to have you around to help me with our son.

Neko: Iím his father, itís my job.

Kimberly: True, but I just want to, I guess, remind you that you are a great father.

Neko: OoookkkkayÖ. Thank you; I guess I need to remind you that you are a great mother.

Kimberly: Oh thank you (She blushed)

In my mind I was wondering, where she was going with this.
Kimberly: You know I donít mind you coming around; in fact you can come around anytime.

Neko: Again thank you, I appreciate that.

Kimberly: Youíre welcome. (Pause) What Iím trying to get at isÖ I enjoy having you around.

I said nothing, but continued to have my question in my head and eat my food.

Kimberly: I know this may be random and I must admit Iím kind of nervous to say this. (Pause) Well Neko, what do you think about us?

I choked on my food. What?!? When she said that this was random, she really meant it. I mean Kimberly is a cool person and I respect her for sticking around to support me when my wife ran off. But to tell you the truth, I only see Kimberly as a friend and the mother of my son.
Kimberly: Donít get choked up on it, just tell me the truth.

I continued to cough; I wasnít able to say anything.
Kimberly: Well you see- I see it like this; Mohala has been gone for a while- way too long if you asked me. She has moved on with her life and wants to continue to move on, but you wonít sign the divorce papers. I figured, youíre always here and I love having you around- so does our son. You might as well move on with me and Jr.

She stared at me while she ate her food
I dropped my spoon and pulled away from the talk. Something in my gut told me to just grab something on the way home; this conversation could have been avoid.

Kimberly: Where are you going? Did you not hear what I just said?
(Takes deep breath) Hi you guys, I bet you werenít thinking about hearing and seeing me so soon. Well I came back to tell you about what I been up to. The last time you guys saw me was when I left my husband, Neko, a while back. Iím pretty sure you know the story on why I did so. If you donít go back and read my chapters of ďThe Struggles of a WifeĒ

Anyway, ever since I left my husband, Iíve been living with my friend, Vera. I decided to live with her because she knew what I was going through and had been through it as well. She knew how I felt; when I sat in her guest room crying for a month, she was right there comforting me. She gave me time I need to heal from the pain. She listened to me for hours about how I needed and wanted to start over, she never spoke a word, unless it was to encourage me. She did that for months and now that Iím stronger, Iím ready to move on.
Vera: So how is everything?

Mohala: Everything is everything; Iíve been looking for a house so I can move out. I know you and Dawn are tired of me.

Vera: Girl hush, you know you are more than welcome to stay as long as you want. (She laughed) Besides Dawn likes having someone else around to play dress up and have tea parties with.

I laughed

Mohala: Yeah well, I enjoy her too, but I want to start standing on my own two feet. I enjoy being around you guys but I feel like a burden.

Vera: Now youíre talking crazy, you are never a burden. Donít look at it as if you intruding on our space, picture it like we are helping one another-which is true. The way I see it, youíre here to get away from a bad situation. Iím helping you by letting you live here without anyone disturbing you, so you can get your strength back to move on. Youíre helping me by babysitting Dawn when she gets out of school, which means I donít have to pay $75 to a babysitter, so Iím saving money.

Mohala: Vera, youíre only saying that only to make me feel better.

Vera: No Mohala, itís the truth. We are in a situation where one hand washes the other, so stop thinking crazy. (She said playfully pushing me.)

I smiled. Vera would make anything sound good. Iím glad I have her as a friend, because without her, I donít know if I would have made it out of this storm.
Vera: Soooo have you filed for divorce yet?

Mohala: No, I had my lawyer to drop them off at his house, and from my understanding Neko told the guy to tell me to reconsider and then gave the papers back. (I began to get mad) I mean, how dare he tries to keep me in a marriage that he messed up!

Vera: I understand; when David and I got a divorce it wasnít pretty. He tried to keep everything from me, shoot he even tried to keep Dawn, but you know what I did?

Mohala: No, what?

Vera: I let him keep everything; I didnít want any of it. Yeah, there was a prenup in the equation, but when he messed cheated on me twice, that little piece of paper was void, which meant I could have took everything.

Mohala: But you didnít- why?
Vera: I did take everything from him, I took my love away. I also took our daughter away, the one person he truly cared and love the most.

Mohala: How did you do it Vera, to be in love with a man for years and then let him go so easily?

Vera: Oh it wasnít easy (She chuckled) Believe me I cried every chance I could, but I did it when I was alone. I didnít want anyone to know that I was hurt; I had to be strong for my daughter. Also I knew that it wouldnít be fair for me to be locked up in a house sad and hurt, while David lived his life all happily and carefree. I took a stand to be strong and move on.
Mohala: Wow (was all I could say) Youíre so strong.

Vera: You are too; you have to go see Neko and tell this man that itís over and that you want out. You both need to move on, so you both can be happy.

This was the first time Vera had given me advice-since the time I been here. She was right, I am strong and I would be a lot stronger if I didnít have Neko dragging this divorce out.

Mohala: Thank you, you gave me strength. (I said hugging Vera) Iím about to go visit him now.

With that being said I was on my way back to the house I never wanted to step in again.

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#1BeaSimmerAug 10, 2013

Really nice story and it's well written too ^^ Cant wait for the next chapter \:rah\:

#2tamyaglassAug 12, 2013

Poor Kimberly... she dont need neko

#3SimplySweetAug 12, 2013

good story- waiting for more

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