That'll Be the Day - Chapter Three
Published Jul 27, 2013

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Chapter Three:

'Better Safe Than Sorry'

A big Thank You to everyone who has read, commented and/or rated my stories, you guys are great!

Chapter Three:

'Better Safe Than Sorry'

A big Thank You to everyone who has read, commented and/or rated my stories, you guys are great!
They walked onward through the trees, for what seemed like hours.

"Remind me why we're not driving there?" Esme asked, seriously needing to stop and catch her breath.

But her question went unanswered.
Again. More silence followed. Esme let out a bored sigh, then she looked over at Caleb.

"Caleb?" Her voice suddenly quiet and timid and Caleb turned his head, "Uh, do you... Have you ever been somewhere that you knew you didn't belong, but you weren't in a position to leave?"
Caleb glanced at her oddly for a moment, making Esme very uncomfortably, "Yes," He replied.

"And then something comes along that takes you away to a place that you somehow know that you should be, even though you don't know why?" Esme asked, her eyes toward the sky.

Another short moment passed, "Yes," This time just a whisper, looking at her uncertainly. Caleb wondered why she was so solemn all of the sudden.
Katrina could hear every word either of them said, but chose to ignore it, she was more focused. She still dreaded having to come here in the first place, both she and Caleb knew how dangerous it was to do this.

"So how strong are these creatures?" She asked Caleb, an attempt to lessen the tense air that had built up in so short a time.

He looked at her quizzically, she seemed strangely upbeat. He thought about how to answer, he knew what she meant, and simply said, "It depends."
"Well, in general, how strong--physically--are they?" Esme decided to say.

He looked back in the direction he was walking, and bluntly "Very," He then continued, "But any supernatural could be dealt with if one knows how to," and offered her a weak smile, but it was the best he could do.
Esme was confused now, "Well then how-" Esme couldn't finish her question before the trees starting lacking and the sun shone brightly in her eyes.
A town in the distance became visible when they reached the dirt road. Caleb and Katrina walked through the streets with a strong sense of direction; while Esme tagged along behind trying not to get lost. Katrina pushed the doors open and headed straight for the stairs. Caleb held open the door before he went in, "Ladies first," He motioned for Esme to go in. She gave him a shy smile as she walked through the doorway.

The smell of smoke and alcohol lingering in the room hit Esme in the face like a
plague. She had to blink a few times to get used to it.
Caleb walked closer to her, "Sit at the bar," He whispered in her ear. Esme was caught off guard by the unexpected proximity of the words, she was unaware of his reasoning but didn't question.

Across the floor, a lone figure sat in the shadows. Caleb and Katrina made their way to the other side of the room. The room was more or less empty, there were only a few people at the bar and a couple sitting in the corner clearly oblivious to the world around them. Esme awkwardly moved to the bar stool at the far end of the room.
Katrina stood beside her chair, and took off her sunglasses and gloves. She folded her arms and sat down robotically, the same way she did the last time they went through this. "Hello Katrina," the seeminly pleasant yet haunting voice spoke, her eyes rolled over to Caleb, "Caleb," She nodded to him. She balanced her two fingers on the table and leaned back "How is Lewis doing?" Her sickeningly sweet tone put Katrina's teeth on edge.

"Oh, he's excellent, Bella," Katrina replied, copying her transparent civility. Her smile quickly faded, and things suddenly became all too serious, "What have you got for us?" she tilted her head and sat up straight, waiting impatiently for an answer.
"I've got a lead," She began, leaning forward, "On Alec Andersen." "But?" Caleb entered the conversation, they could all feel the growing tensity at the table.

"But my source wants something in return," She hastily said, hoping they wouldn't take it as badly as she anticipated.

Katrina sat still in her seat, and Caleb sat up and looked at her, they knew well how much could go wrong here. Katrina looked in Caleb's direction, but he kept his eyes fixed on the table.
"This..." Katrina hesitated, "...Source, are you sure it can be trusted?"

"I should say so," Isabella nodded slowly, "She has enough sense to."
Esme was starting to get used to the feeling of familiar confusion and the talk of a subject unknown to her, ordinary words that were said with indifference but had a frightening quality to them.

The bartender came up and looked at her questioningly "You want anything?" He asked leaning over the bar.
"I'm fine," Esme's voice was like the squeak of a mouse. The bartender gave her a strange look and walked over to the half-drunk man at the other side of the bar.

Esme tried to concentrate on what was being said at the table behind her, but started wondering what the point was. She never understood anything they talked about anyway.

"She wants bloodstone, a lot of it," Isabella explained.
Katrina looked at her suspisiously, "Why?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "Who knows?" And her gaze dropped to the floor.
While Caleb and Katrina exhanged looks, Isabella glaced around the room discretely. Noticing something unsettling, she made no visible sign of her concern, only her eyes could have told anything. She whispered, "We'll talk more when you've lost your tail," Casually standing up and walking to the exit. Katrina sat unmoving, she closed her eyes and let out a frustrated sigh. Esme didn't hear what Isabella had just said but could make an educated guess at what it might have been. She saw the two figures come up the stairs, glace over at Caleb and Katrina and then sit down on the other side of the room only moments before Isabella got up and left. Esme calmly waited for someone to intsruct her, and she didn't know what she was supposed to do or say. Just when Esme began to shake from this lack of knowledge, Caleb walked across to the bar and leaned over the counter, not looking at her, "Stay here," He whispered to her and walked away.

Katrina got up from the table and walked ahead of Caleb outside, with the two gentlemen in businesslike suits following them. Esme watched the events carefully, trying to rationalise them.

She thought that she may just decide to follow them.
So she did. Katrina and Caleb walked to a desolate clearing, knowing that they were being followed. They stood in the center of the clearing and prepared for what they knew was coming. The two vampires walked plainly in front of them. Others emerged from the cluster of trees that surrounded them. Soon Caleb and Katrina were standing back-to-back with a circle of fully trained combat warriors.

Caleb unzipped his jacket and dropped it on the ground. Katrina put on her sunglasses and pulled on her gloves, they both took a deep breath.
And the first move was made. Esme reached an old watermill, she could see them from there. Then a deep grunt came from behind her, Esme turned around slowly. A giant of a vampire stood in front of her. Esme stood silent for a moment as he started grinning.

Then look of horror on Esme's face quickly melted into a mischievious smile.
Only a few were still standing. Caleb hadn't noticed the vampire creeping up behind him as he focused on another. Then he heard something behind him only to find the vampire staring him in the face when he turned, only inches away, when he suddenly stopped in his tracks and fell unconsious. But what surprised him more was to see Esme revealed when he fell, armed with nothing but a small stick. He said nothing. Katrina stared in equal amazament, this was very unexpected.

When everthing was still, they started walking away from the battle grounds.
"Do you ever stop eating?" I asked in astonishment as Dodger forked another plate of waffles into his mouth. He made no attempt to answer the question though. He was very obviously too busy to.
"I think this beats the time he stuffed six donuts into his mouth at once," Mikey commented frankly. "No way!" Danny squinted at him, "That was awesome." Dodger was just sitting there indifferent to the current conversation, "You know, he did eat fifteen hot dogs once," Riley reminded us, and I saw Dodge push his empty plate away. "I'll have you know that eating is a fine art," Dodger said pointing his finger at us, in his mock defensive tone.

A fine art indeed, but--"I think you're getting a little off the point," I laughed slightly, I remember the donuts, that was pretty impressive, and slightly disgusting.
Riley opened his mouth, shut it, and opened it again, "Did you guys read that book for English? School starts again next week and we..." The rest of us groaned, Danny softly banged his head against the table. I chuckled to myself, this had to happen every summer, Riley would remind us of some last minute homework we had to do, out of good intentions, but it was always followed by eye rolling. Even though it had saved some us more than once. "It's just--better safe than sorry," He mumbled, shrugging his shoulders.

Mikey threw his hands up in the air, "Better sorry than have to face that monstrosity!"
I kept staring at my lap, but I was curious, and spoke softly, "I read it."

'Read it' was repeated around the table. Except for Danny, who kept his mouth shut.

That was my answer, and I smiled to myself. Danny never did, until the last minute...
"Thanks Esme. Now everbody knows," Danny said, ridiculously aware of his well intended joke.

And I replied simply, "Anytime."

(End of dream/flashback)
Esme opened her eyes and looked around the room. An almost unbearable headache made her dizzy and she sat up. Slowly, she blinked away the dream; the past that haunted her with every step she took. The friends she'd known since she was a little girl. There was not a day when she didn't miss them dearly.
She walked unsteadily to the bathroom and splashed her face with some cold water.

She sat on the edge of the bathtub, her head in her hands. "What's wrong with me?" She whispered to herself, her head was spinning. How different things were when she sat in her bedroom singing at the top of her lungs to a song on the radio.
Her life had changed so dramatically, so much had happened, is this what Caleb and Katrina had done so long ago? They must have been forced to grow up so quickly, from such young ages. This place, this world of beings unknown to humans, why does she feel so at home here? It's so different from the one she spent most of her life in, and so different to the one she was forced into when she was just a teenager.
And yet, through every explanation she'd ever been given, she still felt like she was being left in the dark. It would take a long time for her to learn the common knowledge that was expected of anyone else. She was sure of that. "So this is why you're back so soon?" Hearth stated in his usual, emotionless tone as he went over what Caleb had just told him about their time in Appaloosa Plains.

"We thought it was curious," Caleb replied, "And we needed to document Katrina's notes and take the file on Alec Andersen somewhere safer after what happened after we met with Isabella."
Mr Hearth looked over the information he was given, it was puzzling. Snipes' actions had become very strange as of late, and what the cause of it was unknown. Hearth rose from his chair and looked at the wall, "What did Isabella want?" "She thinks that she knows where Alec Andersen might be. We were interrupted, but we're meeting her again tomorrow." Hearth stayed silent for a moment, then, "You are dismissed, Caleb." Even after Caleb had gone, Lewis Hearth still stood there. Isabella Thorne. Just the name brought back painful memories. But that was long ago, and it is a secret that few people knew, and had to keep.
Thanks for reading and most of all:

I hope you enoyed!

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