The Wicked Wait-Ch 17
Published Aug 3, 2013

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Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy this chapter, we're almost to the end!
Thanks to all the artists whose cc I used and to you all still reading this!

XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy this chapter, we're almost to the end!
Thanks to all the artists whose cc I used and to you all still reading this!

XOXO Alessa
Of course I couldn't sleep that night. I was alone, trapped in some psychic's house by a spell that my witch ex-boyfriend put up, my new boyfriend or whatever he was is a demon who tried to take my friend's soul, who is now dead and missing, and I met Death, who possessed a child with a creepy laugh. How did my life suddenly become an episode of Supernatural? And when were the sexy Winchester brothers coming to my rescue? I groan and get out of bed. Instead of thinking stupid thoughts I should maybe try opening a window again, or maybe attempt to break them, though that hadn't worked the last ten times I tried it. Ignoring Dez's texts once more, I try calling James. He hasn't answered my calls, and hasn't dropped by the room, and I can't stay here. I need to find a way to help Aiden. I just wish I knew where to start. How to get him here from wherever he was at. Then, it hits me. I drop my phone, hearing the screen shatter as it hits the floor. He's in a trial. The same one where James wanted to use Sophie as some kind of witness to prove how much Aiden had failed Death. What will happen then if he is found guilty? Sophie. She's the only one who can help, but why would she? How do I try to reach her? I've never attempted to contact a spirit before.
"Aiden," I cry out, what do I do?
Dry sobs shake my body.
"I'm so sorry Sophie. I didn't mean to fall in love with him. I know what he did, but he was forced to do it. He only became what he is to save his sister's life. I'm sorry this happened to you, I'm sorry you're not here and I am. I would gladly change places with you if I could, I know I deserve it. I'm the one who didn't save you, I should've listened to everyone's warnings, you would've still been alive if I had just warned you."
"What makes you think I would've listened?" I hear her voice, and find her standing right in front of me, and it's her. Not in some see-through form, but as if she had never passed away. I can't even breathe, can't think clearly. She's here. "Evie we both know I'm just as stubborn as you are. I would never have listened to you about Aiden. This isn't your fault, this was my own choice. I wanted him because everyone else wanted him, and they couldn't have him, he chose me. That's stupid isn't it? He didn't even choose me, Death chose me for him," she says, with a roll of her eyes, while I just look at her with my jaw dropped. "Sophie?!"
"Duh! Why are you looking at me like that?!"
"What?! What are you doing here? I mean the last time I saw you, you were floating and scary, and you wanted me to take your place-"
"I'm sorry," she interrupts me. "I was angry that Aiden never wanted me, and I was only his job. Truth is, I could never want you dead. Even when I was angry, it hurt me that you were hurting. I love you like you are my own sister. I watched you mourn for me, watched how you gave my parents hell for how they treated me, and thank you by the way. You were the only one who has ever really cared about me, without expecting something in return. I'm so sorry I scared you, and for all the horrible things I said. I was just so angry, confused and in shock. You have no idea how bad it was." I suddenly find myself in her warm embrace, and I smile. She wasn't mad at me, she was safe, and it's like nothing had ever happened...wait, how was she warm? How is she even touching me? I push her away, knowing I've startled her, but ask, "How did you just do that? I shouldn't be able to feel you and when you showed up, I had no warning! Usually when a spirit is just about to appear, I feel strange and-"
"-I'm not a ghost Evie."
I've never been more in shock my entire life, and that's saying a lot, considering everything that's happened.
"Sophie," I speak slowly, hoping I won't upset her. "Don't you remember what happened? You drowned. We were-"
"-Yes, I remember, I'm not an idiot. Will you just let me explain?"
"Death called for a reset," she says, as if that is immediately supposed to make sense. "I just came from Aiden's trial."
"What? Is Aiden okay?"
"He..he wasn't too hurt. Death just asked me some questions about my relationship with Aiden. I was honest, but I forgave him. It wasn't his fault, I was more angry at Death."
"Sophie! What happened?!" I ask, exasperated that she wasn't explaining quick enough.
"In the trial, Death is judge, jury and prosecutor, but guess who's on the defense team?"
"How am I supposed to know? Just get on with it, what happened?"
"The angel of Death, or goddess of life or whatever," she replies with a smile.
"She's the wife Evie! She's Death's wife! I can't even believe he's married."
"What?!" Was all I could manage to say.
"She's the nicest! She's just this comforting presence, that you can't help but trust with your whole life. I guess they balance each other out, her and Death."
"So what happened?"
"She was defending Aiden before I got kicked out. All Death said was that he called for a reset. The next second, I'm in front of you, but I just know everything is fine. I'm not dead Evie!"
"What do you mean you're not dead? I went to your funeral!"
"I know, but trust me. Look, call my parents. They're memories have been wiped clean, everyone's has! No one remembers me dying!" She grins, but I can't share in her joy. This doesn't feel right, can it really be that easy? Does Death really have that kind of power?
She sees my doubt, and picks up my phone from the floor, dialing quickly, and my heart beats frantically against my chest.
"Yes Evie?" Her father's brisk voice answers.
"Hi dad! It's Sophie! What are you doing?"
I clasp my mouth, what if he thinks this is some dark, twisted joke? His dead daughter can't possibly be calling.
"Hi darling, I'm at work, where else would I be? What happened to your phone, did you break another one? Listen, I'm at a meeting, I'll have to call you back." He hangs up, before Sophie can get another word in.
"Well nothing's changed. My parents are still jerks," she says handing me back my phone. I just stare at it, waiting for him to call back. He'll remember his daughter, her funeral, and call back, demanding to know why I would do something so horrible. But he doesn't call back.
Sophie looks around the room curiously, and asks whose house we're in.
"Serena's. How can you not be dead?"
"Death is the ruler of all. He can do what he wants, make a few changes here and there. I just never died, that's all."
"Aren't you happy I'm here?"
"Sophie, you know I am. I'm just trying to understand what's going on."
"Evie! I saw Sophie!" Serena's voice reaches us before she does. "I feel her! You won't believe what just happened!" She opens the door, and screams at the sight of her. "How? How are you in here?" "I have no idea. I got kicked out of the trial, and appeared right in front of Evie," Sophie answers before turning to me. "Don't worry Evie, he isn't coming here. His wife won't let him, she said something about you being in her hands now." "What does that mean? Why would He just reset everything?" Serena asks, but Sophie speaks to me instead.
"I thinks she's protecting you Evie. Death, well, He just wants his demons. He wants them to create more sin and evil, and more souls to torment. He wanted to punish me, but the goddess argues that in my last moments, even as I was dying, I tried to save you. Self sacrifice."
"That doesn't answer why He reset everything."
"The goddess also argued that it was Death's fault for assigning Aiden as a demon. If he wouldn't have made that dumb decision, I wouldn't have died. She said that she was sorry and that it was their mistake. Then, like I said, I was kicked out." Serena breathes a sigh of relief, and I wish I could believe just as easily. "I'll go tell James the good news."
As soon as she's gone, Sophie looks at me sadly. "Evie, the goddess said it was Death's fault because he should've known someone who sells their soul to save someone's life will never be a good demon. Death had gotten cocky, and wanted to prove anyone could be evil if provoked. His experiment failed."
"What does that mean for Aiden? Does he also get a reset?" I ask, aware of the shaking of my voice. He has to be fine, he's probably even a human again. He'll appear jus like Sophie did.
"Death is angry. He failed because Aiden failed. How do you think He's going to take that?" Sophie answers, her head dropping.
I know I don't have to reply when we both know the answer. Aiden is never coming back.

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#3megabug7Aug 4, 2013

Amazing Alessa! Great chapter looking forward to the next one and I want to also in form you that I have made a new story it should be up soon if you want to check it out.

#4taj39759VIPAug 4, 2013

I've been waiting everyday since 16 for this chapter. Too short! I'm on pins and needles waiting for the next one. Please make the other one!! Soooooooooooooooo excited!

#5AleksasisAug 4, 2013

OMG!I was waiting for this so excited! This story is amazing, now, i'm waiting for the next chapter\:wub\:

#6svitlansAug 4, 2013

Alessa, your story captures me more and more, and I always wait for the next part. \:\) \:wub\: You write in very interesting way, well pick up the screens, and I always put you the highest rating.

#7SifajerfAug 4, 2013

Aiden needs to get back!!!! I don't care if Death is angry!
Great chapter BYW xD
Looking forward to the next one!!\:D

#8AnchieTkd Aug 4, 2013

SOPHIE IS BACK I'M SO DAMN HAPPY!But I still think Aiden will come back. \:wub\: My hope is still raising!

#9JennC32Aug 4, 2013

WOW...did not see that coming at all! Good bring Aiden back! lol \;\)

#10checsterAug 5, 2013

Absolutely LOVE your story! I can't wait until the next chapter!! \:D

#11NisukiAug 8, 2013


#12martoeleSep 14, 2013

Ha... if Aiden comes back, will he be the real Aiden in the small body? The one who wanted to save his sister? \:\)

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