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The Wicked Wait-CH 18
Published Aug 8, 2013

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Hi everyone! As always, hope you like this chapter, and thanks so much to all the cc artists!

XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone! As always, hope you like this chapter, and thanks so much to all the cc artists!

XOXO Alessa
My eyes glaze over the white dress in front of me. Had it been the first or the fifth one I had seen? It seems I've been missing a lot these past months. "I think this is the one," Sophie's cheerful voice says with a giggle.
"Are you really going with virginal white?" Dez teases, and Sophie sticks her tongue out at her before turning to me. "What do you think Evie?"
I look at her gorgeous white gown, her happy smile, and try my hardest to fake my own.
"You look beautiful. That's definitely the one."
She squeals jumping up and down, and Dez laughs. "When are we going cake tasting? I'm here for the cake."
Sophie laughs with her, and nods excitedly. "Let's go I'm starving!"
I watch the two of them, while I try to fake a laugh or a chuckle or anything. I'm glad they're now friends, but that's only one of the handful things I'm glad about nowadays. "Hey you okay buddy?" Dez asks me suddenly, as I assume Sophie has gone to go change.
"Yeah, just a little tired. I couldn't sleep last night either," I answer honestly. I haven't been able to get more than a few hours of sleep. Blue and silver eyes haunting me.
"Well whenever you're ready, just say the word, and we'll leave. I can't believe you took the bus just to see Sophie prancing around in a dress."
"I heard that! And I look damn good prancing around too!" Sophie calls from the dressing room, and Dez shrugs.
"I can't ask you to drive me all the way back home Dez. I don't mind taking the bus again," I tell her.
"You shouldn't be taking the bus Evie. Besides, I have to take a few more of my stuff back to our place roomie," she says with a smile, and I bite my lip. I had completely forgotten she was moving in to the house I have been renting for a few months. We went out for lunch then, all of us scarfing down our burgers. I was grateful that at least I hadn't lost my appetite, even if I had lost...him. "You're doing it again Evie," Sophie scolds me, and Dez shushes her. "Stop Soph. I think she's allowed to be upset about it."
"I know, but it's not healthy! Look at her! She doesn't sleep, she doesn't even brush her hair anymore."
"Are you guys kidding me? You realize I'm right here?" I tell them loudly, and they look down, and mutter "sorry."
Most days, I think I did pretty good, but being back in the university, in the place where it all started, came suddenly slamming into me. The weather outside didn't help either. It was snowing, and it was much too gloomy. It only made me think about Aiden that much more. We drive past the coffee shop where he first took me, right after I met him, and I try to hide the tear that rolls down my cheek. I know they know as I see Sophie give Dez a nudge, but it doesn't matter. They both know everything. They know I still cry over him. We make our next stop, which was a bakery, but not feeling up to it, I tell them I'll wait for them at the coffee shop instead.
"You sure?" Dez asks, "it's cake."
"Yeah Evie, are you sure? Come with us."
"I'm fine. You two go ahead."
On my way there, I force myself to not think about where I'm at, even though Aiden and I walked right through here, sat on that bench when the weather was just right...
"Evie?" A familiar voice asks from behind me, and I shut my eyes. I hadn't heard that voice in so long. I take a deep breath before I turn.
"Hi James. How are you?" I attempt a cheery voice, thought it's obvious how forced it is. James's pretty caramel eyes glare over me until they snap back to mine. "I didn't expect to see you here. I mean I'm" His own attempt at small talk is as horrible as mine. Especially when his eyes are screaming how upset he is, I guess I can understand why. "I'm okay," I answer uncomfortably, I wish he'd stop staring at me like that.
"Good. I uhm, heard you had moved to Bridgeport."
"Yeah. I came back because Sophie asked me to. She's getting married soon."
"Yeah, I heard. Luke is a great guy, she's lucky, you know, after everything she went through. Good for them."
"Yeah.." This couldn't be more awkward. I had so much to say to him, so much that never got said, but I couldn't take the way he was looking at me. He was angry, hurt, and trying so hard to not make me upset. We both knew it was all my fault.
"James? I just want to say that I'm-"
"No Evie. Don't do this. You're going to say you're sorry, but we both know you'd do it all over again if you could. Just take care of yourself."
"But I really am sorry. You didn't deserve for me to treat you how I did, you didn't deserve this."
"And you did? You still don't get it do you? You never deserved any of this. It's his fault! What's become of you, grieving for some demon that's never coming back-"
"Okay! I get it! Just stop it!" I yell at him, on the verge of tears.
"Are you alright miss?" An older gentleman asks, eyeing James carefully, but I clear my throat and nod. "Just a little argument, but thank you. I'm fine." I tell him, trying not to get upset over everyone treating me like a fragile little vase that will shatter at any moment. I thank the man again, and watch him leave before noticing James eyes are glaring over me. He shakes his head disapprovingly, and with another hate-filled glance, starts walking away before suddenly stopping. He takes a deep breath and turns back to me slowly. "I'm sorry this happened to you. I don't care what you think of it, I think it's terrible, and I wish I could've protected you from him, from everything. You should know I'm always going to be looking out for you, in my own way. If you ever," he stops, placing a hand on my cheek, and the other on my shoulder. My bottom lip quivers, watching his heartbreaking eyes, watching his unreturned love. "I still love you Evie, as much as I've tried not to." He gives me a quick kiss on my forehead, before quickly crossing the street. I stand there sobbing, wishing I could run after him, and return that love. I've never felt for him anything like I felt for Aiden, and as much as it hurt me that I had hurt James, it killed me that Aiden was gone. I was never going to see his blue eyes again. I find that I'm leaning against the wall, and people are starting to look at me curiously. So, I quickly wipe my tears, wishing I could wipe Aiden's memory from my mind that easily, but knowing damn right I could never want that. I would do anything to have him here. Back in Bridgeport, I leave Dez to unpack the few things she had brought, and head into my bedroom to lie down. It's nighttime, and that's when it all becomes too much for me to handle. It's the time when I start to fall apart, I can feel it coming, creeping in slowly. I shut my eyes, but I still see it approaching, and I brace myself to break down again. It's the same every night. The first to come is his blue eyes, the way they slowly changed into their metallic breath-taking color. Then comes his lips. The way they fit mine so perfectly, the tormenting reminder that they will never be on mine again. His scent, so seductive, still able to make my head swim. He always finds a way to break into me, he has my soul. He has all of me, and I'm left with the pressure of all my crushing hopes, but it's the only way I can escape and let his bittersweet memory drown me. Because in my dreams, I can see his face clearly. For a brief second, he's there. As soon as I see his beautiful eyes, I want to cry out and run to meet him, to tell him I'm sorry. That I had to find him and tell him that I need him, that I love him, but he always vanishes. Leaving me running around in circles, in the darkness, reaching out for the silence. Crying until it consumes me.
It only lasts for a second, before I wake up alone, calling out for him. Yet, I keep putting my hand in this flame, looking forward to the burn, proof that he was once real, that he was with me for a fleeting moment. I'm awake now, cheeks sticky with dry tears, and I look up at the sunlight streaming in. Never before had I known daylight could be so violent, getting out of bed has been such a torment. There's' only one thing that keeps me going now. I get up slowly, and very carefully as I do every morning. I sit for a second, focusing on the pain that starts every day, and I take a deep breath. This is real, he's still not here.
"I miss him so much," I whisper.
The little kick inside me, as always, reminds me not all is lost, and I smile. I will always have a part of him with me.

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martoeleSep 14, 2013

O dear creator! The seed has been planted! Let's hope the seed was planted out of real love and not out of the evil part of Aiden. \:eek\:

fruitopia VIPAug 17, 2013

I knew she was pregnant

AleksasisAug 12, 2013

OMG!Amazing story, waiting for more! \:D

NisukiAug 11, 2013

You described every little thing perfectly \:wub\: You leave me speachless @_@ Can't wait for the next part :') !

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