Where He's Been Ch.2
Published Aug 23, 2013

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First of all, thank you so much for your supportive comments, it means a lot, secondly, I apologize how long I take to update these, that's not because I'm busy, but because I'm lazy. :)

Also, I'm sorry for the boring chapter, but I really need you to get to know Tristan's family.

Please enjoy, and if you have any feedback, post in the comments! Thank you! :)

First of all, thank you so much for your supportive comments, it means a lot, secondly, I apologize how long I take to update these, that's not because I'm busy, but because I'm lazy. :)

Also, I'm sorry for the boring chapter, but I really need you to get to know Tristan's family.

Please enjoy, and if you have any feedback, post in the comments! Thank you! :)
“Bwo, you don’t speak much, do you?” Curtis removed his headphones from his ears, tousling his longish red hair. Tristan shrugged. “Yep, that’s not helping your case dude.” “Is it a girl?” Curtis, batted his big, green eyes at him, jokingly. He crawled over to Tristan. “Huh? It must be wuv, wuv,wuv." He sung. Tristan couldn’t help but smirk at his inanity. “aahhh got a smile there.” he paused. “You should smile more, you wook gorgeous, baby.” Curtis said jokingly, eager to gain more laughs. Tristan shot him a disturbed look, before grinning creepily at him. “Much better.” Curtis pulled himself to his feet.
“I gotta go, ya’know, wun some ewwands?” Curtis said.
“No actually, just thought it would sound badass y’know?”
“I don’t know, just does.” he grabbed his jacket and left the room.
Tristan sat smiling like a fool. Suddenly his features twisted into a grimace as he recalled his horrifying encounter with that girl yesterday. He cringed at his clumsiness and complete stupidity. Clumsily, he fell from the bean bag to the floor reaching for his phone which began to ring.
“Hello?” he stood up. “Dad? Oh hi… In town? All of you? Woah, OK, well there’s a café not far from the dorms, I can meet you there, if you want to, it’s next to a shoe shop…." he hung up.
Hurriedly, he flew from his dorm room, down the elevator and out of the building. He arrived at the café, a bead of sweat trickling down his forehead from where he’d ran the way. The sprint was longer than he’d anticipated. Wiping his forehead, he waited outside. Nearly 20 minutes waiting, he felt a tap on his shoulder, causing him to turn quickly. His face lit up. Before him, stood his sister, behind her: his parents. She pecked him on the cheek. Tristan’s face sunk immediately when he noticed Charlie Wingman, Tegan’s (sister) boyfriend. He threw a scowl, but the dopey guy didn’t seem to care. Tristan led his family into the café where they ordered. “So Tristan, how was your first day, and settling in?” his mother asked, he could tell she wasn’t actually interested.
“Good.” he lied. “Why don’t you tell me what you’re actually here for?” he demanded.
His parents faces turned to Tegan. Tegan lifted up her hand excitedly, a glint of silver on her finger caught his eye. He stared at it, jaw dropped.

The Boyfriend ~
“I hate Auntie Edith.” the twelve year old boy moaned as he dragged his feet along the cobble.
“Don’t say that, Tristan. And don’t drag your feet, you’ll scuff your shoes.” his mother scolded.
“I do, I prefer Uncle Hugo, he’s funny.”
“I’m funny.” his father butt in.
“No Dad, you’re annoying.”
“And you’re short of pocket money now.” his father said sassily, snapping his fingers as he pulled his hand to the door and made three loud knocks.
The door opened, presenting a young, formally dressed man.
“Hello Sir Walter, Miss, Master Tristan.” he spoke in a well-spoken, refined voice.
“Tom.” Walter nodded his head. Thomas was the butler, a young handsome man with a patience not exactly appropriate for Walter's humor.
“Walter!” Screamed the fat blonde. They turned, forcing big smiles.
“Edith.” Walter replied derisively to his sister.
“It’s been a while brother, oh and you!” Her attention focused on his wife. “You look gorgeous as always.”
“Thank you.” Mrs Parker responded confidently.
“And Tristan, you get bigger every time I see you.” she placed a huge, sloppy kiss on his cheek.
“Where’s dear Tegan?” Edith asked, facing Walter.
“She’s got her own place now, she’s on her way.” Mrs Parker interrupted.
“Well, she should be.” Walter said, implying his daughter was unreliable.
“Right, well, I’ll get Thomas to tell you when she’s here, in the meantime, your room is the usual one you stay in.” the journey to Edith’s house was a long one, so they would often stay the night and hit the road in the morning. “Dad, I’m hungry.”
“Hi hungry, I’m dad.” Walter sniggered.
“Walter stop being annoying, and Tristan, you’re going to have to wait until the party.” Mrs Parkers head was pressed against her phone, it was a surprise she even heard them.
“We will if you get off your phone and stop working.” the two said in sync. They exchanged mischievous smiles.
“Mmm-hmm.” She pretended to listen.
Knock Knock.
“Who’s there?” Walter began.
“Thomas, sir.” A voice said through the door.
“Thomas sir who?”
“Very funny, sir.” Thomas peeped his head round the door.“But Miss Tegan is here.” he disappeared behind the door.
“Very funny, sir.” Walter mimicked an English accent, mocking the butler; his wife slapped him round the arm. Tristan had already vanished downstairs.

“Tegan!” Tegan winced as the twelve year old wrapped his arms around her.
“Nice to see you too.” she said mockingly, patting his back. Walter and his wife trotted down the stairs to greet her.
“Hey honey.” Mrs Parker said cheerily.
Walter’s attention was set on the man with Tegan.
“Oh, Daddy, this is Charlie.” she explained.
“I’m her boyfriend.” he leaned in to shake his hand; those were the words he was dreading.
Tegan directed Charlie upstairs to get ready, leaving the family to discuss the new arrival.
“I don’t like him.” Walter declared loudly.
“Honey, he didn’t say anything.”
No longer than an hour later, the many, many guests had arrived. Tristan sat with his cousins for a while, there was definitely no way he would sit with the group his parents were in. They sat with Edith and Edith’s husband, Hugo, an elderly couple, and a snobby couple who contradicted everything anyone said. “Where’s Charlie?” Tristan asked, taking the opportunity to speak to her when she was alone.
“Toilet I think.” she responded, seating herself next to him.
“Oh, ok. Speaking of peeing.” Tristan lifted himself from the seat.
“Gross.” she said. “See ya.”
Tristan flew upstairs, heading to the room. As he progressed through the hallway he heard two separate voices projecting from Tegan’s room. Peering in through the tiny gap, he saw what he wished he hadn't.

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LillealoveNov 18, 2013

how dare you leave a cliffhanger XO lmfao

MegaGamerGirl124Sep 2, 2013

I a'm loveing the story so far! i cant wait for more \:wub\:\:rah\:

mariacoraAug 25, 2013

brilliant chapter !! your character are very beautiful , your screenshots too .. I Rated as 5 \;\) .. can't wait for the next chapter \:wub\:

AlessaFayeAug 25, 2013

What do you mean boring chapter? It was great! Looking forward to the next one \:D

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