The Wicked Wait- FINALE
Published Aug 19, 2013

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First of all, thank you so much to those of you who have stuck with this story from the beginning! Thank you for taking your time to comment, and letting me know what you think! This is the final chapter, but good news! I'll be making a sequel series to this story, called The Wicked Enslave, so be sure to look out for it if you're still interested!

XOXO Alessa


First of all, thank you so much to those of you who have stuck with this story from the beginning! Thank you for taking your time to comment, and letting me know what you think! This is the final chapter, but good news! I'll be making a sequel series to this story, called The Wicked Enslave, so be sure to look out for it if you're still interested!

XOXO Alessa
I hear my blood pounding in my ears, feel my heart racing in my chest, and still can't believe it. Aiden's here, standing right in front of me, and although this man looks nothing like him, I know it's him. I'm not sure how long I stood there staring at him, but my body wouldn't respond. I wanted to smile and fall into his arms, tell him how much I missed him, that I loved him, but I couldn't move. But he hasn't either. His eyes searched my face, and rested on my tummy. I saw his hand move towards me, and he smiled so beautifully that the words stuck more deeply in my throat. He must have seen something in my face however, that made him lower his gaze, and step back. "I'm sorry," he apologizes, his voice as different to me as the rest of him, but I know it's him. "I just wanted to make sure you were safe, but I shouldn't have assumed you...I...I'm so sorry Evie, for everything I've put you through."

He continues, and I still can't make my body to do anything but remain paralyzed under his words.
"I will never bother you again, you will never see me. I love you." He turns away quickly, and clutches his mouth as he leaves. My jaw drops, say something! Do something! Anything! "Aiden!" I choke out, and run to him. He stops immediately and I throw my arms around him, burrowing my face in his shoulders, breathing in this unfamiliar scent. "You smell different," I whisper, and I feel him relax before he hugs me tighter.
"I missed you," he whispers in my ear, his warm breath sending a shiver through me.
I feel complete, now that he's here, and the tiny kick inside me seems to agree. He pulls back, with another beautiful smile.
"I think I'm pregnant," I tell him, "but I'm not really sure."
He chuckles, his soft hands bringing my face closer to his. I stare at his lips, wondering how different or familiar these lips will feel on mine. I don't get an answer as a horrible chill vibrates through me, and we both turn.
The pale man from earlier is there again, this time he's not smiling. I can't read his expression, but his face is even more chilling when he's not happy. He glares at us, the anger burning even behind his icy eyes. "See? I told you she'd recognize him," the pale woman joins us, an I-told-you-so smile on her pretty face.
"Of course she recognized him, you practically threw him at her," the man spits out.
"I did no such thing! He simply went in for coffee!"
"In plain view of her!" He argues back.
"He was in plain view of everyone!"
"He turned to her!" He yells.
"And what of it? She's the one who followed him!"
"Because you told her to!" He accuses.
"I did not!"
"Enough!" He yells so loudly, Aiden and I step back, his hand protectively in front of me.
She didn't seem to notice the way the man was shaking in anger, as she lowered her voice. "End this. Your scheme didn't work because they are truly in love. You placed him in another's body, and she still knew it was him."
"It's the demon side of him that attracts her," he mutters.
"He's not one anymore remember? He's human! How could she be attracted to his demon side if he doesn't have it in him?"
He starts rolling his hands into fists, his outline becoming blurry, but she glowers at him. He takes a deep breath, and it was an uncomfortable second before he speaks. "Then perhaps it is love."
"And what was the deal when it came to love?" She asks him, staring him down.
"Do not ask me to repeat it. We've been through this plenty of times."
"Then you know it by heart, or in your case, by the empty hole in its place. Now, I'm waiting.." she taps her foot.
He groans, exhaling through clenched teeth, but decides to answer. "When it comes to love, that's your department, I stay out of it."
"That's right, now stay out of it. You have millions more to torment."
"But he's failed. Over and over again Laima," he persists.
"Abbadon, you've tormented him, even bribed him, and still he wouldn't deny that he loved her. I will not allow you to harm either of them, you know the rules. She's carrying his child," Laima whispers, pleading him silently with her eyes, and he sighs as his own reply. She turns to us then with a sudden grin, "You're going to be a great mother, I just know it." "Uh.." was all I could say. What in the world was going on? Laima? Aba-what's-his-name? I turn to Aiden for help, but he has nothing but relief in his face, and nods at me with a smile.
"Thanks?" I tell her, and she smiles brightly.
The man is also grinning now, but his eyes were on me, on my unborn child. Where her smile was genuine and comforting, his was unnerving and malicious. I instinctively wrap my arms around myself, which only adds to his fascination. His eyes are fueled by something wicked. "Aiden. Evie. My deepest apologies," he sneers. Aiden is suddenly placing an arm around me, and whispers in my ear, "close your eyes." I take a deep breath, and do as he says, I trust him. I feel nauseous for a second before I open my eyes, and gasp, startled to find I'm back in my home. Aiden's arm is no longer around me, and I let out a scream when I look at him. It's him. My Aiden. His jet black hair, his breath taking blue eyes, he's back. I pull him into me for a kiss, and giggle. His lips feel even better than in the sweetest memory I had of him. I clutch onto him, never wanting to let go, as I melt into his arms, in the way his whole body fits perfectly against mine. He's the one who pulls back first, and I can just stare at him for hours, but a million questions have left my mouth. "How are we here? How are you here? Who's body where you in a few minutes ago? Who were those people? Are you okay?" "I'm fine, I'm here with you," he chuckles, but knows the stubborness in my face won't leave. "I was on a loan, it's back with it's rightful owner, who won't even remember I borrowed it. Death wanted to see if you'd recognize me in a different body, without me being a demon."
"Death?" I choke out, and his wife.
"Yes, and she's the goddess of life, it's only because of her that we're still here."
"But why did she help us?"
"It's a long story, but basically they made this deal a long, long time ago. You have to understand that Death has always been doing this, tricking, tormenting, causing mischief and chaos. He makes demons simply because he's bored. He likes seeing the world like this, and she has to balance things out. She's all about life, love, marriage and childbirth. He has to stay out of her way when it comes to any of that, according to their deal. She's the goddess of life, but some have referred to her as the patron of pregnant women."
"So she protected me because I'm pregnant? What happens when I'm not? What's going to happen to us?"
"Do you love me?" He asks me instead, and I look at him curiously, wondering if I heard him right. "You know I do."
"And I love you. As long as we love each other, we won't have anything to worry about..and I will never stop loving you."
His words echo in my ears, and I feel my mouth stretch into a huge grin. He does the same, and places gentle hands on my face. "Have you decided on a name?"
I shake my head, and my smile falters. What are we going to do now? Will we get married? What do I tell everyone besides Dez and Sophie?
As far as anyone else knows, Aiden bailed on me when he found out I was pregnant, that's just what everyone assumed, and I didn't have the energy to correct them. That had been the last thought on my mind, I didn't care what anyone else thought, I just wanted him back. Now, he's here, and I immediately grin again, he's here. Everything else just seems less important. That is until I get a sharp pain inside of me, that seems to radiate from everywhere. I have to double over and clutch my stomach, bawling in agony.
"Evie!" Aiden cries out, his own fear mixing with mine.
"Something's wrong!" I cry, letting out another shrill scream. "Something's wrong with our baby!" I manage to scream once more before I give into the darkness.

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#13SifajerfAug 20, 2013

AYERTFAUYTFJgtyadfughgu8oiwhjbogudn!!!!! The FEELS!!!
EPIC chapter! And the ending OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!
This series was amazing!!! The best, actually!!!! I just can't wait till the sequel!!!! It's going to be Amazing!!!!!!
And Aiden came back!!! I just love that dude!!! So perf!!!!! But the baby!!!! DSLGHDAYLGHDVBFLNRJKV!!!!!
What an perfect story, and what an interesting ending!!!!
The best job ever done!\:rah\:

#14Sky5Aug 20, 2013

(But its pretty obvious Death did it)

#15babygirl15526Aug 21, 2013

No! No! This cannot be the end! How can this be the end?! There was no closure? Is it the demons baby so it's dying? Did death kill her baby? Omg how could you end it here?! Best believe I will continue to read your stories, but this, this right here, hurt my heart.

#16megabug7Aug 21, 2013

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!OMG! AMazing Alessa! And you can't fool me cause its not over yet!

#17andantezenAug 22, 2013


congratulations for everything, Alessa, from the lovely sims and screenshots to the well written and gripping story!


#18always special bAug 24, 2013

You are suuuch an INSPIRATION , but i have to say depressing too (I dont know if thats correct bcs i'm not a native speaker) and by this I mean that a first i was like "oh my God, this is sooo coool" and I was desperately wanting to do smth like this myself, but it can't be done so quickly bcs I have to download many things before I'm ready to start (anyway this doesn't really matter ... I think that smt I talk too much... yeah I'm doing it again -.- ) But day after day when I continued reading the other chapters I was discouraged because you have put such a high level that i was afraid to try to reach it... xD
Anyways Congratulations and by the way you have literally left me sleepless bcs I didn't want to sleep without reading at least 5 chapters and anyway wanting more...
really I'm speechless... (that might seem a bit ironic after all this but anyway.. xD )

#19s2702913Sep 12, 2013

I've seen this series on the site before but never bothered to read it and then today I thought I'd give it ago and read the whole thing in a day. It was such a great story, very good character development and the story was sooo good like a real book! I'm inspired to write something this good but know my writing skills and imagination could not reach this standard. Good work \:D

#20martoeleSep 14, 2013

That is really a good end to this story. Leaving it open for many questions. It explains the evil grin Death gave her while looking at her unborn child. Two thumbs up for this story! \:rah\:

#21Beb413Sep 23, 2013

Amazing! I love your stories! I'm hooked.

#22cgdeorgia123Jun 14, 2014

I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be reading ALL of you other stories.
Keep writing and I'll keep reading. \:\)

Love me!
\:wub\: \:wub\: \:wub\:

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