Jazmine - Chapter 2 "The Recovery"
Published Jan 7, 2007

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Hello folks, thanks again for reading my story. This is the chapter 2 of my story "JAZMINE". If you haven't read the chapter 1, please read it first before you continue to this chapter. Once again I would like to thanks everyone who has supported me by writing down wonderful comments, it's much appreciated. Thank you all.


Hello folks, thanks again for reading my story. This is the chapter 2 of my story "JAZMINE". If you haven't read the chapter 1, please read it first before you continue to this chapter. Once again I would like to thanks everyone who has supported me by writing down wonderful comments, it's much appreciated. Thank you all.

* At Lake Garden Hospital *

" I'm Dr. Rita Beckman," the woman said as she approached. "Are you here for Jack Sullivan?" "Yes," both Suzie and Jazmine replied.
"The good news is that he should be just fine. He does have a fractured rib, but that should heal well in time. He also sustained a minor concussion, probably from the fall, said Dr. Rita.

"Concussion?" Jasmine was shocked. "Can we go in now?" they both asked. "Of course," the doctor smiled and directed them toward the room.

"If you have more questions, I'm doctor Beckman. One of the nurses or orderlies can contact me," said the doctor. "Okay thanks you very much doctor," thanked Suzie.
Jasmine and Suzie went into the room immediately to see Jack, there was an IV dripping clear liquids into Jack's arm and he looked as if he were simply sleeping. "Not so bad, was it?" Suzie whispered toward her. "Thank you Lord," Jazmine said a silent prayer for Jack. "Jazmine dear I'll go and see if I can get some hot chocolate for you and me and make a few phone calls. Can you stay here with him for me?" asked Suzie. Jasmine nodded. "Everything is going to be just fine," she assured her softly. Jasmine was surprised when Jack opened his eyes and looked at her. "Jaz," he whispered so softly that she wasn't sure she'd heard him correctly. Then, "Please....don't leave me.....Jaz."

"I won't leave you," she said. "I promise." After saying this, Jack went back to his healing slumber.
Suzie came back to the room with the cup of hot chocolate. "Listen," Suzie said. "I need to get back home to take care of a few things. I wasn't able to make my phone calls earlier--silly me, I can't remember the numbers--they're out of town, you see."

"Sure, sure," Jazmine nodded. "I can drive you home," offered Jazmine.

"No No," Suzie laughed. "I can get a ride home. I was sort of hoping you could stay here with him for a little while longer." Suzie said.

"What about the nursing staff?" Jazmine asked, experiencing a sudden sinking feeling that this situation was far from under her control. "I'm sure that they could have someone sit with him until you could return, right?" asked Jazmine.
"No dear," Suzie shook her head. "They only do that if the patient is in the intensive care unit. I'm only going to be gone for a little while. I just didn't want him to wake up alone. I'm sure he probably doesn't remember how he got here. But, of course, if you have something to do this afternoon..." Suzie paused.

"Oh no, not to worry, I am free today. I've called the office and asked for a leave today," Jazmine assured her. "So, I'll be here," Jazmine said.

"Very well then dear, I'll be back soon. Thanks so much for doing this dear". Suzie left the hospital.
Few minutes later, without knowing what had happened Jazmine fell asleep on the chair. When she finally opened her eyes, Jack was looking directly at her. "You know, I've been sitting here wondering if you were real." He said.
"Ha,ha, actually, I'm your welcoming committee," Jazmine said, mildly abashed. "I'm supposed to be the one to make sure you didn't wake up alone. I seemed to have failed in my duties."

"You didn't fail. It was wonderful seeing a familiar face," he said. So, can you tell me what happened? How did I end up here?
"You don't remember driving home after work?" Jazmine asked.

"Not especially," Jack admitted. "What happened? Was there an accident?" his tone became even more serious.
"No, no accident," Jazmine put his mind to rest on that point. "You did manage to make it home but few hours later when your mum came to your bedroom to call you for dinner she found you passed out on the floor. "God! Jaz....I don't like hospitals," Jack explained. "Never have. If you could just stay a little while longer....please...."

"I'll stay, don't worry" she said.
Suzie returned after 5 hours later. "What happened to you?" Jazmine asked her in what she hoped was a polite tone. The woman had said that she would be back soon.

"I got held up, Jack's dad is on his way to the hospital," said Suzie.

"Good, and now, I should probably be going. I hope you get better soon, Jack," she told Jack. "It was good to have met both of you," she included Suzie in her final remark.
She hesitated before moving toward the door realizing that being with them made her even happier and comfortable rather then spending the rest of her life living in her apartment all alone by herself and saying good-bye to them somehow made her extremely sad. Her eyes settled on Jack.

"Good-bye," she said.
* At Jazmine's Apartment *

Sleep had not been restful after those days. Days passed and there was no news about Jack. Not even a phone call from him. Jazmine's life has changed. She is not enjoying her simple life, not after Jack came into her life.
One night, a tap came at her apartment door, it was late at night and Jazmine wasn't sure whether to answer the door or not. "Could it be Jack?" she whispered to herself. She then opened the door. "Sorry to bother you, Jazmine." Tyler's nasal tone announced his presence.

To her disappointment it wasn't Jack but it was Tyler the Heavyset Engineer from her work place. "Hi Tyler," she greeted him.

"Hi, I...I just wanted to remind you about the Dorderson Mills and the Fegfir Projects. Also Jazmine, please keep this between us okay?"

"Huh? Why?" asked Jazmine.

"'s because....well..... Edgy wanted this project done by last week right? But?due to some personal problems of mine I couldn't finish it, so he gave me extension till the end of this week. So I promised him that I'll hand it over by this Saturday, and if he knows that you're helping me with such a simple project?..he'll fire me. I?umm?.. there's something else I need to take care of, and that's why I needed your help " said Tyler sadly.

"Oh?okay whatever you say Tyler, my lips are sealed," Jazmine assured.

"Thank you very much Jazmine." Tyler smiled and then waved before disappearing out of her sight.
Another night after Jazmine and Jenna came back from the bar, Jazmine was shocked to find her apartment door was open. Jazmine came to a halt, "It's open," she murmured confused. "I know I locked the door.

"Could someone have come over while you were gone? Anyone has a spare key to your apartment?" asked Jenna.

"No, of course not," answered Jazmine.
Jenna watched as she moved through the apartment, obviously checking to ensure that everything was where she'd left it. It all looked pretty much the same to her. But the way Jazmine came to a dead stop before her computer nook gave her pause.

"Something wrong?" Jenna asked.

"I didn't leave this this way." She pointed to the cd's that were scattered on the floor.

"Who could have done this," asked Jenna in a surprised tone.
"Somebody's been here, Jenna. Someone has been in my apartment," she wrapped her arms tightly about herself, and her eyes filled with worry and fear.

"I think we should call the police," said Jenna.
Jazmine sat on her sofa, saying nothing. Jazmine stayed silence and watched Jenna leading the two officers who had responded to the call. They'd listened, they'd taken her statement, and they are gone but nothing was missing. All her files are misplaced but not missing. Jenna sat beside her and comforted her. "Everything is going to be ok Jazzy, don't you worry, the police will investigate the case and surely we will get this intruder, I am sure we will and I'll make sure he doesn't step into your apartment again," assured Jenna.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine, in fact, he didn't steal anything...didn't he...but why me...there's nothing expensive here," Jazmine ground out a frustrated breath. "Anyway thanks Jenna," said Jazmine trying to hide her fears.
"Are you going to be all right tonight?" Jenna asked gently before she leave Jazmine's apartment.

"I'll be fine," Jazmine answered.

You really shouldn't have to be alone tonight." Jenna said. "Why don't you come to my place? That house is so big, and you can stay there as long as you want but if you're uncomfortable with that, I could just stay here for a night," she said.

"Do what you like Jenna, I just want to be alone for tonight, you can take my bed while I take the couch," Jazmine said sorrowfully.

"Don't worry Jaz, everything will work out. Well...Okay then. Since you wanted to be alone I'll leave you alone as you wanted but, DO call me if you needed anything ok? bye,? Jenna left Jazmine's apartment knowing that Jazmine will be alright. Jazmine always has been a bold woman.
As the weeks passed, it seemed to solve itself anyway. As she haven't heard from Jack. The feeling of loss and disappointment followed. Why was she expecting a call from that man, anyway? Is she truly in love with him now? Isn't she happy with her single life anymore? What happen to her single and happy life? * Few weeks later at Jasmine's office *

Jazmine was talking to Mr. Eduardo when Edgy interrupted. "Hope I wasn't interrupting anything?" Edgy asked softly.

Edgy invited both Jazmine and Mr.Eduardo for a dinner at a famous restaurant later that night.
* Jazmine's Apartment *

Jazmine was all dressed up like a model. Although it was just an informal dinner with her boss and Mr. Eduardo, she wanted to look perfect. Well what else do anyone else expect from a woman rather than her beauty.
* At First Choice Restaurant Plumvilla*
"Sorry Jaz, Mr. Eduardo couldn't make it today, he said he had to meet someone," informed Edgy.

"Really?" Jasmine was suprised to learn that Mr.Eduardo won't be joining them for the dinner.

"So it's just you and me," Edgy smiled as he said.

God! This isn't good.
The meal was enjoyable. They had a brief chat about work.
"You know, Jazmine. I really wouldn't mind if you called me Edgar. Just say Ed-gaar," he drew out the word phonetically as if teaching a child. Jasmine couldn't help laughing at his antics. Then suddenly Edgy asked, "What do you think about me Jaz?" Jazmine was stunned for a moment.

Jazmine sighed, then laughed. "Come on, Edgy. Don't you ever give up? I err...I am actually seeing someone," she said instantaneously.

"You are?" Edgy was shocked. He liked her no doubt but Jazmine has her sights set on someone very particular so she has no feelings for Edgy no matter how hard he tries.
A slight movement in the corner of the room, though, drew her attention. Remnants of her mirth still remained as she looked directly into the surprised eyes of Jack Sullivan. She heard Edgy call her name, but couldn't respond as she was locked in Jack's gaze. He looks fine and even more handsome than before. He never called her after he was discharged from the hospital and that breaks her heart deeply. As Edgy suddenly blew a kiss towards her and said "I love you Jazmine,". Jazmine jerked her gaze back into Jack's direction, too stunned to respond to Edgy. She watched as the warmth faded from Jack's gaze to be replaced by chilly indifference. The cold seemed as if it worked its way across the room and spread to her heart, turning all of the blood into her body to ice crystals. Freezing her to the marrow. Then, almost as if he had never noticed her in the first place, Jack was gesturing toward one of his companions, obviously suggesting that the group move toward the bar area of the restaurant.
Jazmine returned her gaze toward the pristine white of the table cloth, her heart in her shoes. She only wanted to lay her head on the table and cry. Edgy was her boss and only that matters. There's nothing going on between them. She was at the wrong place with the wrong person at the wrong time. Jazmine felt like crying out loudly.
"... hello? Jazmine..." Edgy was calling to her again.
She turned her head and blinked as they finally penetrated her frazzled brain. She forced a smile, "I'm sorry, Edgy. What did you say?"

"I said," Edgy replied with a curious gleam in his eye, "that it was a nice night for a walk. Well...if you're bundled. I was wondering if you would like to join me? Should you, I promise to keep you warm."
" I....uh, I'm actually a bit tired. I'd really like to go home if you don't mind. All this chivalry is wearing me down," she added the feeble joke, hoping that he wouldn't ask too many question..
Edgy looked thoughtful for several moments before asking for the check. Jasmine was thankful that the restaurant wasn't very far from her apartment. Just trying to keep up a conversation was becoming a strain. She really just wanted to get home. Maybe call her friend Jenna and spill the entire story to her.
When Edgy pulled his car up in front of her apartment, he insisted on walking her to the door. Jasmine allowed it and thanked him for a good evening. Although it was a heartrending evening,
she simply didn't want to hurt him.
To her surprise, she was suddenly grabbed and pushed against the door. The next thing she knew, Edgy's mouth was pressed frantically against hers. Suffocating panic threatened to overwhelm her as she struggled for release, making feeble motions against the chest that held her arms captive. Fear lodged itself in her heart as she suddenly realized how strong he was, and how alone she was.
Finally, she managed shove him away. Edgy pulled away, a stunned expression was spread across his face. "How dare you? How dare you? Get out!" her whispering voice shook with emotion.

"Now!" she cried, her fists balled tightly as if she would strike again.
"I'm sorry," Edgy murmured as he turned and slowly walked away from the apartment. Jazmine never saw him get into the car because she slammed the door behind him. The next morning came and she attempt to contact Jenna. Confiding to her friend would have helped her release some of the anger and frustrated energy that pumped through her veins. But, Jenna wasn't at home. Eventually, Jasmine's more volatile emotions faded away of their own accord to be replaced by a feeling of desolate loneliness. The man that she had her eyes on probably hated her and thought of her as a liar, and the man who had been her manager...well, she didn't even know where to began with that situation. Near noon, as she was catching up on an unusual amount of laundry, there was a knock at her door. She went to answer the door. Jay Sullivan's face was absolutely the last one that she would have expected. She found herself smiling automatically in response to his irresistible good humor.
"What brings you here? I didn't even know that you knew where I lived."
Jay winked at her. "It's amazing the things you can find out with just a little bit of motivation. Aren't you going to invite me in for lunch?"
"How do you know that I even have food in the house," Jasmine shot back, as she pulled the door open to allow him to enter.
"Hey, one of the great things about the Plumville Simcity is that from anywhere in the neighbourhood, pizza is only ten minutes away." "Now tell me really. What are you doing here? Did Jack send you?"

Jay frowned, "I promise it was my idea. Why would you ask that?"
"Well....," Jazmine begin when Jay interrupted.

"Now you tell me why Jack would send me over here."

Jasmine shook her head. "It's a long story. Suffice it to say that I have not had a very good 24 hours. I don't think I should have lunch with you. In fact, under the circumstances, I don't even think you should be here."

"Huh?" Jay was genuinely confused. "You wanna talk about it? I'm a great listener, I'm told."
" Jay...I......"

She then spilled the whole story to Jay. Jay and Jazmine had been good friends since they first met. Jay reminds her of her younger brother who had died of brain tumor years ago and Jazmine loved Jay as her own brother. But coming to her apartment was his first.
"You see sis Jazzy, I suspected something was going on, Jack is not as he used to be. He don't want to talk about his problem and I thought the best way is to come and talk to you."

"Jay I am sor--," Jazmine paused when her door bell rang. "Just a minute Jay." She went to answer the door.
Edgy's face was the next to the last one that she was expecting to see. Pushing open the door, she offered a wan smile, but she did not step back to allow him to enter. "Hi Edgy. I didn't expect to see you."

The normally smooth and composed, Edgy Freeman launched into an immediate and frantic apology. "Jazmine, I am so, so, so sorry. Please forgive me. I promise, no....I swear, it will never happen again." The pleading in his eyes seemed genuine, and Jazmine was surprised to find that only remnants of her anger remained.

"I'm sorry I was such an idiot," Edgy was continuing. "I got the wrong idea in my head, and I thought.....Well, you know what I thought. I'm sorry, and that's all I can say. Do you think I could come in and we could talk it through?"
Jazmine shook her head. "No, I don't think that such a good idea. Maybe later."
Just then, Jay interrupted "Sis Jazzy, where do you keep the magazines? He stopped short at seeing Edgy on the other side of the door. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't......I can leave if you want....."
"No, it looks like you're busy," Edgy threw her a look. "I'll leave. We'll just talk later in the office perhaps," he offered, a hopeful look in his eyes.
Jasmine looked from one to the other. She knew the situation with Edgy needed to be straightened out before she went back to work, but she didn't want to be alone with him, just yet.
Jay seemed to understand the situation. "Hey, I just remembered, there's something I need to do. Call if you need me. "He offered a quick reassuring smile, and disappeared around the corner without waiting for Jazmine's response.

It seemed that Jay had decided that he would not be leaving.
Then, turning back toward Edgy, she stepped outside and closed the door. Their talk was calm and reasonable, and they came out of it as friends. Jazmine had never thought to see the Edgy so humble.
When he was about to leave, "I guess I should introduce myself and say goodbye to your brother." Edgy said.
Jazmine's eyes widened, and a bubble of laughter escaped her. She imagined that Jay must have looked like her brother as he was so comfortable in her apartment. She opened her mouth to correct him, but Jay chose that moment to appear. "Hi, I'm Jay," he said, extending his hand to the older man. Jazmine didn't miss the sly way in which he had chosen not to reveal his last name. She shot him a look.
Edgy introduced himself, and exchanged a few pleasantries before saying goodbye. Just when Edgy was about to leave, Jack appeared.
Jack froze as if he had been stunned to silence by what he saw outside Jazmine's apartment. His brother Jay, Jazmine and Edgy the man he saw flirting with Jazmine in the restaurant.
Jazmine flushed with guilt and couldn't seem to get her feet or her tongue in motion.

To be Continued..........
End of Chapter 2 "The Recovery"


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amazing story! can't wait for the next chapter! \:rah\:

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Absolutely wonderful! Jazmine really does attract them, doesn't she? And your English is getting better and better too. I really enjoyed reading this story, brilliant work Carol \:\)

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Amazing story! I can't believe her boss would do that! I hope things work out with Jack and Jazmine. \:\)

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