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Instant Crush- Chapter Two!
Published Aug 19, 2013

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Here it is. A nice long chapter number two.
Thank you for the comments and please enjoy chap. two and leave comments! Yay!

Here it is. A nice long chapter number two.
Thank you for the comments and please enjoy chap. two and leave comments! Yay!
Mid-day 5:00pm
Odette-Only two more hours and I am free to go!

She stretched out of her chair and felt a body smack her arms away.

Mystery Person- Watch it Will ya!

Odette- Sorry!

Odette buried herself back into her work.
Regie- YES!

She thought to herself.

Regie felt amazing, she met her boss who was totally hot, and from the looks of it, Interning at the Music Hall was going to be an awesome experience. Though even if it will be hard work, getting to catch a free movie here and there and her boss offering free guitar lessons. It was going to be worth it! PLUS.... There was a Company Party happening tonight.... this was defiantly how she picture her dream job to be.

As usual Regie walked away feeling awesome!
Odette- I hardly was even to the side walk when my boss called me.

Regie- Right after you had left work?

Odette- Yes...Ridiculous!

Regie- What did he want?
Boss- Hello?... Odette?!

Odette- Yes...Yes, Mr. Svensson?

Mr. Svensson- I'm sorry I had to call you right after you get off, but can you come back in? I have a proposal for you!

Odette- Oh...of course Mr. Svensson...I'm on my way up!

Mr. Svensson hung up and Odette slowly turned around and marched herself back into the building.
Regie- Are you kidding me!?

Odette- I wish it was a joke,...but yes he had me stay 3 hours late, the only good that came out of it was actually getting offered to write my own column for the paper.

Odette jumped off her bed and started her way towards her laptop.
Regie- Hoooold on there girly! Did you just say you are getting a column in the paper??!

Odette had to blink a few times to contemplate how quickly her friend just moved and blocked her path to her desk.

Odette- Yup, and no I can not write about you and how an aspiring singer/songwriter you will be.
Regie- Then what will you write about? What other possible topics could you write about that are just as interesting as me!

Odette laughed and then yawned right after.
Odette- Mr.Svensson wants me to write about the bachelors of our city. I have to ask one of our friends if I can interview them.

Regie- Cas oooorrrr ... OH! why not your prince charming of the chat room. Write about him!?

Odette- I can't ask such a thing from him, Reg. Plus then he would find out who I am and I.... I just can't have that. So please Reg... let me just message Cas or.... I don't know... Gosh I'm so tired.

Regie- OH! Let me find you someone. I am going to my company party tonight at the lounge. I can interview my new boss for ya? and that way you can sleep and I can find things out about my future boyfriend and help you with your first column entry! Win *she pointed to herself* WIN *and then pointed to Odette*

Regie then smiled brightly at Odette after she took in a deep breath. Sometimes Odette worried about her friend...she could probably talk herself to death.

Regie- Plllleeaaasseee?!
Odette laughed and yawned once more.

Odette- Well I suppose it will give me a little more time to talk to Bill..... Will you have your report on my desk by morning? If you do this, I want serious questions. Like....

They both burst into laughter. Serious questions... Odette knew the article called for questions such as.... What kind of girl do they want? Do they want kids?

All those type of questions that would pull more female readers into the city paper.

Regie- Don't you worry! I got it covered, Dot!

Odette- Be safe!

Regie then walked out of Odette's room and off to company party.

Regie-Odette, do you want to talk about Thomas?

Regie smiled to herself and felt the warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. She closed her eyes and tried to remember his smile. His laugh... everything about him was nothing she ever experienced. He did even fall for her usual charms that boys did everyday.
Thomas- So I take it that you are pretty good at pool?

Regie had aligned the balls in place before starting the game. She was defiantly going to win...yes...impress the boss!

Regie-I had some great jock friends in college who knew their stuff.

She smirked to herself and couldn't wait to show off her skill.
Regie- Sooo... Are you single?

Thomas's focus was on the pool table but he couldn't help but dread on the inside on where this was leading. Regie was a beautiful girl..with a lot of talent. Though he was tired of the girls that instantly fell for him, he wanted a girl to fight for...not hand herself over on a silver platter. He breathed in and turned to her.

Thomas- Why yes I am.... Though at the same time I don't do the whole girlfriend thing.
Regie- Oh!... let me go first, huh?

She skipped to the table and figured out her first shot. While trying to figure up a game plan she kept rolling his words around in her head. Don't do the girlfriend thing, huh? She smiled and aimed.

Regie- why is that, if you don't mind me asking?
After hitting 3 balls into a pit, Regie messed up on the last one and it was now Thomas's turn.

Thomas- Drama, Miss Malkave....drama is why I do not do the girlfriend thing.

Regie- I hear ya!

Regie leaned on her pool stick and stared at the pool table to watch what his move would be.

Thomas- Are you single Miss Malkave?

Regie smiled on the inside and nodded towards him as she took her place next to the pool table for her next shot.
Regie- But.... I the boyfriend thing...just...not as of lately....or the past couple of years.

She nervously laughed to herself and studied the pool table. Basically just to keep herself from staring at him.

Thomas- You should keep looking, I'm sure the one for you is out there.

Regie looked up at him questionably as a smirk played his lips. She blushed and took her shot.
Odette- And that's when you kissed his face off?

Regie- nnnoooo...well...not yet anyway.

Regie blushed again. GAH! what was wrong with her. She thought to herself. A man has never had this bubbly, school girl effect on her.
Odette- Regie! You were suppose to ask him questions, not play kissy face with him.

Regie-... Kissy face?...whatever... And I did ask him questions okay!....We'll discuss the kiss later.

She smirked and went back to stretching and telling her story of last nights company party.
Thoams- Why all the Questions Malkave?

Regie- Why call me by my last name Thomas?

He laughed and looked at her with dark eyes. He was starting to like this girl after all. Regie squared her shoulders and told him out right.

Regie- My best friend is writing a column for the local paper and I thought I could ask you questions and you could be her first entry.

Thomas- I'm flattered.... fire away.
Regie- How long would you say it takes a girl to fall for you?

Thomas laughed and Regie felt the warm feeling in her stomach spread all the way to her finger tips. She felt giddy and wanted to make him laugh even more. Though she knew that she had to be professional for her friend. Odette needs your help, she said to herself.

Thomas- I think the shortest time a girl has fallen for me has to be.... about 5 hours. It took 5 hours.

Regie- Interesting....Does it get old?

Thomas- It does...but what can I do?
Regie- Well you could always get plastic surgey and looked disfigured.

Regie Shrugged and pointed to the 8 ball.

Regie- I *she pointed to herself* Win!

Regie did indeed sink the 8 ball and then did a victory dance.
Thomas- Well done, Malkave. I don't think any girl has ever actively tried to beat me in any type of game.

Regie- Well I am not "any" girl.

Regie stopped herself from rolling her eyes, but inside she was blushing and jumping up and down with joy. She'd done it. She impressed the boss!

Thomas- Anymore Questions?
Regie- Are you sure? this game took quite some time. I would hate to keep you from mingling with your other guests.

Thomas- It's alright, they'll live until they see me at work tomorrow.

He laughed and looked at Regie with those dark eyes again.

Thomas- Well I think the reader would like to know that I was born in Romania and I have a twin brother, though he isn't as pretty as me, names Bill.

Regie-Romania? Wow...why did you move here?

Thoams- More opportunities.....and girls love the accent.

He flashed a childish smile at Regie, which made Regie want to melt right where she stood.
Regie- That's adorable.....

Regie felt herself slip and she let the giddy side get out but she quickly regained control and searched her brain for another question.

Regie- Do you want to get married someday?
Thomas- Regie.... This... nothing can happen past tonight.

Regie froze when she felt his hand grasp hers and she felt the full force of his dark eyes glance over her. She gulped and tried to look away.
Thomas- I'm not safe, Regie.

Thomas chuckled as he stepped closer to her, he couldn't stop himself. She was luring him in and he liked it. He liked that she had this effect on him. Like he was in the position that all the girls he has ever wooed, she was wooing him, and she didn't know it.... Or maybe it was a two way street.
Thomas- You should go home. Go home to your friend and help her write that article okay.

Regie flinched, it was like he growled the words at her. Like an order.

Thomas- I'm not good for you.

What was he afraid would even happen. Yes, Regie was blushing but...she wasn't easy.
Regie- Only if you let go of my hand.

Regie looked down at his hand that was still grasping hers, quiet firmly. She felt him smirk.
Regie took her hand from his and they stood there staring at each other. Regie was confused as to what he was talking about. Not good for her. What?! What kind of man was he.

Thomas sighed and took a step back from her.

Thomas- Do you have anymore questions before you leave?
Regie- Um...what kid of girls do you like?

She asked the question that she had saved for last.

The best for last...or it could be the worse. What if he described the exact opposite of her.
Thomas gave a genuine smile and stared at her. He liked that he could make her blush, and if his blood did not run cold he was sure she would be able to tell that she made him blush as well.

Thomas- Are you asking for your friend...or you?

Regie gulped and decided to be..somewhat honest.

Regie- For my friend...but...I wouldn't mind ...knowing...for myself I mean..Uh..
Thomas then pulled her in close. There noses slightly rubbing against each other, he breathed in her scent. He thought she smelled sweet. Like strawberries and vanilla.

He then closed the gap between them and kissed her.

Regie was on cloud nine...No not even, she was on cloud infinity. She was in heaven. She wanted the kiss to last forever but it was cut short.
Mystery Person- Thomas!.... It's time for your speech.

Thomas pulled away slowly and trailed his finger along her jaw bone.

Thomas-Does that answer your question?

Regie- What Question?

He chuckled and softly kissed her on her forehead.
Thomas- Breathe Malkave.

So we were back to last names and being overly formal.

Regie- Sorry Mr.Vladamir

Thomas-There is nothing to be sorry for. Now I must go. I will see you tomorrow at work Miss Malkave.
Odette- Wow...

Regie- Tell me about it. The guy had me tongue tied Odette.

Odette- Maybe that's a good thing.

Regie- Excuse me!?

Odette- You know... you finally found someone that leaves you as a loss for words..... I'm saying you talk to much.

Regie- Oh whatever! Person who barley talks at all. I have to do the talking for the both of us. I obviously proved that with getting your story, did I not?
Odette- And I Looooove you for that!

Regie- Odette be careful!

There was thumb and before Odette could make sense of anything...
Odette was on the ground and Regie was laughing her butt off. Regie- Looks like you need to practice!

Regie snickered.

Odette- Shush!..... *sigh* I should probably go get the food ready. Everyone will be arriving soon.

Regie- Oh that's right! My Celebratory party/Dinner! I'm so excited.... I wish Thomas could come though.
Odette- Oh shut up already! Why don't you write down your amazing experience with your prince charming, why don't you!

Odette smiled to herself as she faked being angry while walking out. She was glad her friend finally found someone that left her dumbfounded and acting like a fool.

She was also envious of her friend as well.

Regie- I love you too!!

Thank you! thank you for reading and I really hoped you enjoyed it! Chap. Three will come soon enough. Though please leave comments on what you would like to see and what you think will happen if you like! n.n

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mariacoraAug 28, 2013

lovely chapter \:\) !

MelnBritoAug 20, 2013

Curious and patiently waits for the next chapter. :-) \:rah\:

NisukiAug 19, 2013

Wa, I don't know what I would like to see, but what I see now is really good. Come on with the next chapter ne ~ and surprise us \:wub\:

JayrhysAug 19, 2013

So about this twin \:o

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