Sudden End - Chapter 2
Published Aug 28, 2013

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Haai !

Well I've seen that chapter 1 was pretty low-rated. So hey, if you rate it, would you mind to say something about it? That would be nice >__x

Here's chapter 2, because of the long wait again, I made it quite long.

Have fun.

~ Thanks to all the artists for their wonderful CC :3

Haai !

Well I've seen that chapter 1 was pretty low-rated. So hey, if you rate it, would you mind to say something about it? That would be nice >__x

Here's chapter 2, because of the long wait again, I made it quite long.

Have fun.

~ Thanks to all the artists for their wonderful CC :3

My eyes were still fixed on her. I didn't know for how long we had been staring at her, but I was still amazed. I didn't hear Nika or Desira, which might mean that they were thinking the same.

Was it really her? Was it Eva? I didn't remember her surname.. But I'm sure, yes I'm sure it was Eva!

She was the one who moved first. She turned to the bartender and said

"Krista, I'm counting on you. I'll go and mingle among the folks here."

"Of course Miss Humpkins, leave it to me!"
Humpkins.. Humpkins..

I couldn't remember. Oh dear, don't tell me that we've been staring at a total stranger the whole time.

Still, my intuition said it was her. Before I knew it I walked towards her and she to us.

"Well, well, look who we have here."

She had a huge smile on her face. Amazing, she didn't look shy at all, which she was in the past.

"When you girls were coming in, I thought I knew you. I wasn't wrong.. Sylvie? Sylvie Rose?"
“A-Ah..! You remember me?”

Was the only thing that I could release from my mouth.

I couldn't believe it. It was really her and she still remembered me?

In highschool, she was naturally shy and you could say she was quite big. The bullying didn't help at all and we tried to give her back up.
I still saw how she tried to smile, while looking with her teary green eyes.
She smiled.

Her smile, I think I was stunned by her warm look.

"So I was right. Sylvie, of course I remember. Worry and love in your eyes, I can see them looking at me concerned just like in the past."

Did she really saw that in my eyes? I blinked a few times and thought, she really remembers us?

"I.. can't believe it.. Eva?" I pauzed for a moment. "Eva, you are so.. so.. pretty!"

What.. Couldn't I thought of anything else? ARGHH!
A genuine laugh which perfectly matched her warm look came out of her smiling mouth. Then I heard a sigh from her and she said with a mild voice,

"Yes, it's really me. I definitely don't look the same anymore. Ah, it's as if it was yesterday. I was speechless when you guys helped me. When I saw you for the first time, I really thought you were some angel or fairy with golden eyes, coming to save me. This girl next to you is Nika right? She was the one who made all the boys look like little babies!"

We giggled and Nika said,

"Oh blobs, you really remember. When you left without leaving something behind, we were pretty sad for a while."
Yes, I remember we were sad. We tried to help her, just like we did for Desira. When she was gone, it felt like we lost and sorrow had won. But it looks like that Eva was the real winner!

Eva sighed again
"Really? I'm sorry.. It was just too hard to handle and my parents alreaedy decided to move."

I replied that it was understandable and saw that she was looking behind me. Just then I realized that Desira hadn't said a thing. Which was odd..
I turned around and Eva stepped closer to Desira. I wanted to say something but Eva was quicker.

"So I wasn't wrong hm.." She was looking at Desira, but I couldn't read her face to see what she meant with that.

Desira smirked and her look in her eyes changed, a look I actually had never seen before.

"Well Eva, I thought you looked similair too. You totally aren't E-fat anymore."

A sly smile covered both Desira and Eva's face, and I could see a glimpse of disgust in Eva's eyes.

"You don't look the same either without your bangs and dangling curls, cowgirl."

I wondered what the problem was between them while the atmosphere began to be tense.

"Hey hey!" Nika came in between, thank goodness she did that.
"This is probably faith that we cross paths again! Let's get some drinks"
As quickly as the tense atmosphere came, it was gone again! Eva said that the drinks were on her bill and we were amazed how the bartender showed off her tricks.

She gave us a smile and said,

"Here you go. This is mine and Miss Humpkins' creation, please enjoy!"

We thanked her and took the drinks, except for Desira.

"I'm sorry, but can I have some orange juice? I don't want any nectar."

"Of course!"

The bartender smiled and poured a glass with orange juice.

"Here you go."
"Well ladies, I'll drink first" Nika said.

"Woa! This tastes good and I can feel it partying inside me."

I laughed and wanted to drink some too, but I saw that Desira and Eva were staring at each other. It kinda creeped me out, so I said,

"Hey Eva, wanna meet the boys we're with? These weren't the ones who bullied you, so I'm sure you'll like them."

Trying to get her attention away from Desira worked! I really had to talk to Des about this.. Eva smiled and said happily,

"But of course! I feel honored to meet them and hey, drink some more. It's from the house."
Ah, that wasn't bad. I took a few sips from my drink and ouch, you really could feel it tinteling immediately. Nika wasn't joking before. I took a few more sips and said to Eva,

"This is really a nice drink! Sweet taste and a mysterious after-taste."

"Why thank you dear, but too bad, Desira doesn't taste it."

Eva's eyes were sharply fixed on Desira. What was wrong between them? I tried to finish my drinks and I guess that Nika was thinking the same, because she finished her drinks quickly too.

This was really weird and normally Desira was the one drinking non-stop. Orange juice?? We walked back, while Nika and I exchanged glances, both looking worried.
"Hey everyone!" I said, while trying to sound happy. From my eye corner I saw that Nika was talking too Desira and I could see that Eva was holding back.

"Do you remember Eva, who we talked about during highschool?"
"H-Hello.." said Eva, with a anxious voice. I was surprised. When we talked to her before, she looked really confident. But still, I was amazed, because even though her voice sounded, her body language was the total opposite.
Lance stared at me and then at Eva.

"Huh, Eva? That huge girl? E-Fat?"

I almost slipped a laugh and really wanted to hit him. Lance is so bad at minding his words, but he always spits out the truth.
Suddenly I felt something on my back. It was Eva who came closer and hold me.

"Eh.. Yes t-that's me.." Lance probably saw that she got scared and quickly added "Oh sorry, I didn't mean it like that. Erm, you look gorgeous, honestly!"

Slowly Eva's grip loosened and she looked more comfortable. "T-Thankyou. I don't remember you guys. Were you all friends at that time?"
Lance smile appeared on his face. Did you know, you just can't say no to his face? Except for Nika. Yes she can let him obey her. Lance nodded "Yes lady, we were, but we werent in the same year with these ladies."

Eva smiled too and replied "That explains a lot and hey you are really nice."

Unseen I heaved a sigh from relief and listened while Lance and Eva were talking. Ren mingled within too and Elwin just exchanged a few words.
I decided to go to Nika and Desira, since I still had to talk to Desira. Elwin followed me too. He probably didn't feel like talking to Eva. Coming closer I could hear Desira saying

"Believe me Nika, that girl is nothing but wicked!"

Nika only stared at Desira and saw that I was coming closer. I barely heard Nika, but I could pick it up. Something with, Sylvie is coming closer hush it? Were they hiding something from me? Eva's Wicked? Guess I'll find out soon enough to understand what they meant.. or should I approach them.. No I'll act as if I didn't hear a thing.
When I faced them, Nika's face lit up and her sweet smile welcomed me.

"Hai Syl, looks like Eva is enjoying here with our presence right? She's so pretty.. I wouldn't mind to make her mine."

"Uh, yes you're right and erm yes, she's really pretty.." I smirked and saw that Desira and Elwin were laughing too.
Normally it was Nika who was cautious for everything. These drinks had really hit her. Luckily, I only felt a little dizzy.
We tried to convince Nika that she was engaged to an anonymous person, which she refused and almost screamed she loved Lance.
Then I heard a gasp from the left and saw that Desira wasn't looking good.

"Guys.. I need to go to the toilet. I'm not feeling.. well." Her face turned pale and it looked like as if she needed to puke.

"Hey, do I need to come with you?" I offered.
"No thank you Sylvie, you are the best. I'll be fine."

We watched her sauntering to the toilet. Hopefully she's oke.. Maybe I should just follow her, even she said no. She didn't look fine at all.. I guess I'm going to check on her, if she's not coming back soon.
While I was looking at Desira, the bar caught my eye too. Someone, a man,, was sitting there and stared to Desira aswell. I wondered who he was and why he was looking at De- ..


Snapped out my thoughts I stared at Elwin. "Ah, hey honey." Still half-wondering I kept looking at the mand and half to Elwin.

"Sylvie.. Hey, can I talk to you privately?" He asked. I stared at him. Privately? Why would he want to talk alone. But I answered "Of course Ellie, eh, let's go over there." He smiled, but again, it was forced.
I sat down and Elwin took place a seat facing me. I wondered what he wanted to talk about.. He was still having this forced smile on his face.

"So.. Why did you want to talk to me?"
The light next to him was shining right into my face. It gave me a feeling, that I was standing in the spotlight again.. But now it's more feeling like a police interrogation.. Police..

What did he want to talk about? In stories, it always ends bad, when someone asks the other to talk alone, right? ..
We stared at each other for a while. Then he started to talk, as I watch his mouth move

"Sylvie.. I-I don't know how to start.."

His hesitating talk made me nervous and anxious. A cloud of darkness surrounded me.

"Syl.. I'm an idiot.."
.. What?
Was that the thing he needed to tell me?

"Hey, I know you are an idiot, that's how Nika calls everyone. She's infecting everyone with the idiot-virus!"

He laughed and it was a long time ago that I saw him laughing like this, but he abruptly stopped and looked at me again.

Not with a smile. Not even a bit of happiness.

"Sylvie, I'm trying to tell you.. We have to break up."

I.. I heard that clearly, didn't I?
Elwin's mouth moved, probably saying more stuff, but nothing came through to me..

Did he really say.. Break up?

"Sylvie, please listen!" He growled, probably he knew I wasn't listening to him. I looked in his eyes and saw anger and sadness.

"Sylvie Rose, I really loved you, but I can't anymore. You don't deserve me. I did stupid things.. I made out with Desira."

Eh, don't deserve .. Wait, WHAT? Desira? Made out? What was he talking about? He did something with Des? He couldn't have.. No, this ain't right. This is a dream right.. A freakin' dream!
"It's all my fault, don't be mad with Desi. I was the one who started to look at her and actually made the first move. I told Desira everything about my feelings and that I was confused. She admitted that she felt the same way, but never wants to hurt you. We knew we had to forget about it and force it away, but one night.. it went wrong."

I didn't know what I was listening at. My mind couldn't even decide, if this was real or not.

"Sylvie listen.. I wanted to tell you this as soon as possible, b-but.. I was scared.. and now.. Desira's pregnant."
I didn't want to hear anything. Nothing, just nothing.. Desira.. Elwin.. Why?

I stood up and wanted to run away, but Elwin prevented that. I didn't want to talk, I didn't want to say something to him, I didn't even want to look at him.

"Sylvie, please don't run away. Please, understand. You are an amazing lovely girl, I feel horrible that I've done this to you.. Can you forgive me? Don't be like this Sylvie, it hurts to see you like this.."
It hurts him? Yea right, and I'm Santa Claus. I didn't want or need his excuses now or his comfort. I ran past him. He tried to grab me, but his grip was too weak.

I didn't listen. I ran straight to the door, away from him, away from here. I wanted to be alone. When I was at the door I could hear voices and heard Nika screaming,


When Nika panics she always starts questioning everything.. but she doesn’t finish the questions..

I went through the door, and ran away.
I ran away, desperate, not knowing what to do, where to go and I didn’t even know anymore what just had happened. I ran straight through some trees and heard Nika screaming again, not far away behind me.

“SYLVIEE!! Don’t run so fast, I can’t keep up with you!”

Nika’s voice was echoing in my head, but my legs didn’t stop. They kept going, harder, faster, away from what just happened…

But then..

I fell down. I hit something with my head, maybe a tree. How stupid is that? Everything hurts, but the thing that hurts the most, is inside me.. I can't describe it, but I wanted to be alone. Actually lying like this felt pretty good. "Sylvie! Sylvie, are you alright, hey idiot. Why are you on the ground, Sylvie?"

I heard Nika's panicking voice. I wanted to say something, but I didn't had the energy to do so. My head started to hurt massively.

"Nika, Sylvie? AH, is Sylvie alright?"

I heard a voice from a man, but I didn't recognize it.
"Heeeey, you kid, I don't know what happened to her. Wait, did you just call our names? Who are you?"
Nika said and I wondered who she was talking with. Then I felt someone touching me and lift me up, probably the man and heard him saying.

"Let's say I'm your anonymous bestfriend. I'll bring you to a hotel 5 minutes walking from here, because Nika, you can't drive like that."

I listened how Nika and the man argued, but she did follow him. I felt the moonlight on my skin and tried to open my eyes to look at the man, but I couldn't.

Well, he did smell nice..
Suddenly everything became black.

- To be continued.
Sorry if there were too much stuff in one chapter o_o;

Hope you've enjoyed! I'd be happy if you leave a comment and don't forget to rate! Criticism is welcome to, don't be afraid :3

Yours truly, xo

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#2Oli-chanAug 28, 2013

oooooo who was this mysterious stranger? n.n
Update soon (>^.^

#3smileface101Aug 29, 2013

Ooo a stranger I love it \:wub\: Great chapter I can't wait to read more \:D \:rah\:

#4byt30Aug 29, 2013

Can't wait for the next :') oh my I thought that was Eva who've make out with El! I was wrong kkk.

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#6MarijaJAug 31, 2013

I love it \:D Waiting for the next chapter for sure \:wub\:

#7AlessaFayeSep 2, 2013

Great chapter! Now you have me wondering who this mysterious man is \:D

#8Daizzie21Sep 3, 2013

Love it just started to read your story and I hope to read more :-)

#9SdsimpVIPSep 6, 2013

Sooo good!! Amazing job!\:rah\:

#10martoeleSep 11, 2013

Now, I think Syl is better off without Elwin. In my opinion he's quite a coward that he wanted to keep his romance hidden for her. Fortunately he wouldn't be able to hide it a long time when a pregnancy is in game... Who knows...? Perhaps she's better off with the new stranger. \:cool\:

#11s2702913Oct 21, 2013

\:wub\: I dont like Elwin anymore haha, on the other hand mysterious men who rescue you are always a winner haha

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