Instant Crush - Chapter 4
Published Aug 28, 2013

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Chapter 4! Please enjoy this one, I know the last few have been a bit boring but this one hopefully will be a bit more exciting for you all :)

Chapter 4! Please enjoy this one, I know the last few have been a bit boring but this one hopefully will be a bit more exciting for you all :) Regie Arrived at work and before she walked in she received a text that Thomas was asking everyone to just come to his house for work today, followed by his address.

Regie squealed and had to keep herself from jumping.

Regie- I'm going to see his house, I'm going to see his house!

Regie quietly singed to herself as she walked back to her car and made her way to the boy's home.
Regie was in awe when she pulled up to their house. It was huge!

Regie- Woooow

Regie slowly walked up to the main door, taking in the sights as she went. The lawn was nice and clean cut and bright green. Before she could ring the bell, she heard her name being called.


Regie turned to see a tall man who looked strikingly similar to Thomas, he smiled very sweetly and waved to her.

Regie- Y...yes?

She gulped.
He walked up and stuck his hand out to her.

-I'm Bill, sorry about Thomas calling you out here. Someone broke into our theater last night so we are just having the windows repaired. Welcome to our home!
Regie smiled awkwardly and followed Bill around the side of the house to the back yard. Everyone was here from work, even people she did not recognize...probably some friends of theirs.
Thomas- Regie! For a second I thought you weren't going to show up.

Regie- Well actually I got your text just as I arrived at the the theater..and now here I am.

Thomas- Wonderful! I have drinks and food set up in the house so if you get hungry please help yourself.

Regie- Um...was that your brother?
Regie pointed over to Bill who was standing off to the side staring at everyone. It seemed like he was not fond of many people being in his house. Though he seemed friendly to her.

Thomas- Yes! Was he nice to you? If he wasn't I can beat him up..

Thomas looked over at his brother and Bill made a face. Regie giggled and Thomas laughed and waved at him.
Thomas- Bill is very social I promise you. He has just been.... a little down lately.
Thomas looked down at his feet and then cleared his throat.

Thomas- SO! shall we get started on assigning you you're first task!

Regie nodded and followed Thomas over to where everyone was sitting and eating while drawing up plans for the play that was coming up.
Thomas- So, with the play coming up soon it had come to my attention that we need one more song. aaaannnd Zelda suggested that you could write the closing song.

Regie- Really!

Thomas- Will that be okay?

Thomas wrapped his arm along her shoulders and Regie Blushed and nodded. Thomas cleared his throat one more time and let his arm fall from her and went over to talk to Bill.
Regie decided to go in the house to find a bathroom so that she could privately check out of the pic's of Odette's Bill. Regie smiled as she went to download them. she crossed her fingers.


The pictures have finished downloading and Regie looked down and her jaw instantly dropped to the floor. It was a Picture of Thomas with his arm draped lazily around....
There then was another picture of Just him.

Regie-...Oh...oh my.
Regie burst out of the bathroom and practically ran to the glass doors that led to the back yard where everyone was working.

Regie-.. B...Bill?.... That's Bill?

Regie murmured to herself. She started at him for about a minute before she decided to march out there and see if she could confirm this. That he knew her Odette.
Bill-.....doesn't want to meet...

Regie walked up and heard part of what Bill was saying before he stopped and smiled towards her.

Bill- Hey! So are you excited to write the ending song?

Regie smiled and stared at Bill as if she were in awe.

Thomas- Regie...
Regie- Oh I'm sorry, yes I am excited. I always wanted to write a song for a big production play! Bill was it?

Bill nodded and took a sip of his drink. Regie racked through her brain on anything she could say that may sound familiar to him about Odette. Regie knew that he has never seen here nor knows her name. So what could she possibly say to get some type of reaction that will let her know it was him.
Bill- So Regie, Thomas told me you had just moved here..back from College, yes?

Regie nodded and looked around. What could she say..what could she say.

Bill- Is it just you?

Regie- No, I moved in with my best friend....well... actually we are moving again but yea I live with my best friend.
Bill squinted his eyes and almost smiled to himself. Dot92 said that she was moving again since her friends parents had bought her a house for graduation.

Regie couldn't think of anything to say that would make it obvious. She cursed Odette in her head for being so mysterious and turned back her full attention to the boys.

Everyone had moved inside now since it was getting a bit cold. Thomas had took it upon himself to make everyone drinks.

Regie was sitting at the bar looking at Bill's pictures that he had sent to Odette.

Bill- You seem like you are working hard on that song.

Regie shoved her phone into her pocket and turned to Bill smiling.

Bill- Why do you keep looking at me like that.

Bill laughed and sat next to her.
Regie- Sorry. and Thomas... I didn't actually expect you guys to look so similar.

Dumb thing to say but it helped steer clear of her blurting out that she knew who he was because of Odette, or Dot92.

That was it! the light bulb in Regie's head went off. She felt so smart!

Regie quickly signed into her chat on her phone and pulled open the chat box for Odette. she then pulled out a tube of lipgloss from her pocket.
Regie- I hate to be a burden but could you message my friend for me and tell her I will be home soon....I'm just going to go to the Restroom and fix my....lip gloss.
She then handed him the phone and took off before Bill could say anything in response.
Bill sat there looked at the direction Regie ran off to. He smirked and looked down at her phone.

Bill- what..

He said as if the wind had been knocked out of him. He looked back up to where Regie had ran off to again and stood up to go after her but then he stopped.
No no he couldn't just out himself like that to this girl. He did not want to seem like a weirdo asking and demanding her that she bring him to Dot.

He stared back down at her phone. He then smiled to himself and wrote the message that Regie wanted to send her friend.

Regie soon returned to find Bill staring at her phone. He wasn't doing anything but staring at it.
Regie- Find anything you like.

She had a sly smile plastered on her face while watching him. He looked up and was dumbfounded by her expression.
Bill- You knew? Regie- She had your pictures still on her computer but she refused to look at them because she was scared you'd turn out to be a creep messing with her and so I decided to look at them but then I was practically late for work and when I got here I finally had a chance to look at the pictures and it was... haha... Surprise! I... just had to do something.
Regie & Odettes New home 10 pm

Odette woke up from her nap and looked around her room which was shrouded in darkness. She felt a bit of panic as she did not remember turning off the lights and neither did Regie when she had left. Odette quickly made her way to the wall she knew the light switch to be and searched for it.

Odette- Aha...
Odette looked around her room and felt releived.

Odette- Odette you need to be more courageous!....yes..

She sighed and looked at her computer. she stared at it for 10 minutes until she finally marched over to it and powered it on.
Odette- Whats wrong with you!?.... huh? can't even look at a few little picture?... huh?! whats the worse that could wont kill you.

She talked angrily to herself as she waited for her laptop to turn on. She slammed her fist on her desk and nearly banged her head into the key board.

Odette- Getting Regie to do this for you!...This isn't high school!
She looked through their previous conversations until she finally found the file and she clicked to open it. She didn't hesitate...she was tired of waiting for the right moment....there was no right moment. The right time to open them was when she first received them a month ago. She waited a few seconds , holding her breath.
Regie- Odette!

Odette's head snapped to her friend who was standing at her door way in shock.

Regie looked past Odette to her laptop to see Bill's picture pop up.

Odette- What?....

Regie- So you decided to look?

Regie smiled to herself as Odette blushed.

Odette- I just couldn't stand that I got to the point that you had to do it for me.

Odette looked back at her computer to be greeted by her handsome chat room friend.

She was at a loss for words.
Odette stared at the screen....that's him, she thought.

Odette blinked a few hundred time to make sure that the picture she was looking at was real. She turned to Regie.

Regie had a wide grin on her face.
Regie- You wont believe me when I tell you.
Odette shook her head and gulped.

Odette- I don't even believe that who I am looking at is even real...he'

Regie- Gorgeous!...but....besides that.... the theater was broken into.

Odette- Oh my goodness are you okay?!
Regie nodded and waved her hands for Odette to sit back down. Regie took in a deep breath.

Regie- I didn't actually go in the building yet to notice that there was a break in because I got a text from my boss, Thomas, that he was having everyone meet at his house. So naturally I rushed over there and his ...or..their... House is gorgeous... Huge! Odette, it was b-e-a-utiful!

Regie paused and took another breath.
Regie- So when I got there I was walking to the front door and ....HE!....*pointing to the laptop* came up to me and told me everyone was in the back. Now by then I did not know that he know HIM! When I got to the back yard where everyone was I chatted with Tom for a bit and then I went to the bathroom since I was itching to look at the photos. Once I did of course I was in shock. Sooooo, I tried to come up with a plan

Odette- Of course.
Regie- My first idea was very very very subtle...I was just trying to see if I could get anything out of him..which did not work....though he was looking at me strangely...Have you ever mentioned me?

Odette- Maybe once or twice.

Regie- Anyway...
Regie- Everyone decided to go in after a while and I was sitting at their bar looking at the pictures to see if I could come up with a plan. Then Bill came over and sat next to me. Oh..... did I tell you I saw him shirt-less.... Tattoos...everywhere! But yea...he was dressed this time when he was at the bar....So right there a light bulb Odette, it was so cool! So I decided to sign into the chat thingy app and open up a new know like I was going to talk to you. I then pulled out my lip gloss and handed him my phone in a hurry and then rushed to the rest room. Then about 10 minutes had past or so and I came back and he was staring at my phone...when he saw me he looked at me in shock and then Boom! *she made an explosion sound and mimicked it with her hands* YOU BOTH now...have meet!
Regie clapped her hands together and stared at Odette waiting for her answer.

Odette did not know what to say she was in shock and ...

Odette- What do we do from here Regie..

She looked at Regie with worried eyes. Regie frowned at her friend and shook her head. Little did Odette know Bill was probably in their parking lot. True Regie should have let Odette decide when she was ready but knowing her..Regie decided to rush things a bit and tell Bill to come to the house at a certain time. Bill was too anxious to see Odette now, especially now since he was only...what..a few meters away from her.
Regie- Get dressed!

Regie ordered, it snapped Odette out of her trance. Odette never heard that tone from her friend before.

Odette-...what do you's so late.

Regie shook her head and opened Odette's dresser. She rummaged through Odette's clothes until she came across the perfect outfit for their first meeting. She threw the clothes at Odette, then went to go put her own on.
Regie- Get Dressed!!

Regie then walked out the room, into hers, rushed to get dressed again and rushed down stairs to look out the front windows to see if Bill was there at the time she told him to come.
He was indeed here, even is she could not see him. His car was here and she could see the faint outline of his figure still sitting in the car. She waved out to him trying to signal for him to get out of his car and come up.

Though nothing happened and she figured he could not see her.
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#1mariacoraAug 29, 2013

really , that was amazing \:o .. finally they will meet ! can't wait for the next chapter , i'm very curious to know what happen next .. \:rah\:

#2NisukiAug 29, 2013

Yaay, it was faith that they had to see each other soon :3 .
And one more thing.. THOM AND BILL ARE SPARKLING LOL. I DON'T KNOW BUT I BURSTE OUT OF LAUGHTER HAHA XD. can't wait for the next \:wub\:

#3tanniewAug 29, 2013

\:wub\: Good story. But I vote that Odette gets a change of underwear. \:\)

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