Sudden End - Chapter 3
Published Sep 2, 2013

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Bonjour !

Yup you're right, it's a new cover. ^__^
Felt like changing it.. hehe.

I hope you liked the beginning of the story, which was still a "slow start" since they were only at the same place. I recommend you to read the Intro + first chapters to understand a bit of the story. :]

Anyways, sorry that I had to say that all, but hey, you enjoy reading right? haha.

Have fun!

Thanks for the amazing CC. Love you much.

Bonjour !

Yup you're right, it's a new cover. ^__^
Felt like changing it.. hehe.

I hope you liked the beginning of the story, which was still a "slow start" since they were only at the same place. I recommend you to read the Intro + first chapters to understand a bit of the story. :]

Anyways, sorry that I had to say that all, but hey, you enjoy reading right? haha.

Have fun!

Thanks for the amazing CC. Love you much.

Where.. Where am I? A beach? An island?

The sound of the rushing waterfall reached to my ears. The sand under my feet, which slowly fade away into the depth of the water, felt warm.
I was calm, this is what I want. Peace, feeling at ease and no troubles. This reminds me, I always played at the seaside or in the sea with my mom.
Yea.. that's right.. Mom loved the sea.

I remember the first time I touched the water, screaming out the tops of my lungs I made everyone leave the water. I chuckle.
Everytime she dropped me a little in the water, I would yelp with excitement and so did she, at the same time with me. Even though she was a well mannered woman, as my grandparents said, she could totally behave like a child too.

Mom would always say, "There's no need to be scared my little angel, the water is your best friend if you let it flow around yourself and move with the waves."

When I was little I didn't quite understand what she meant, only the angel part since she always talked about them and told stories. I would always keep squealing: Angel! Angel!
Mom.. I closed my eyes, trying to hold my tears.

I cherished every memory I had of her, from both of my parents, but unfortunately the memories slowly fade as time passes by.

Mom.. and dad.. How are you doing?

I heard a noise from my left behind the little hill, it sounded like water? Well there's a sea nearby, so it's not surprising. I ran up the hill to see what it was.
The noises came from two people, who seemed to be playing in the water.

Wait a second..

I ran down the hill, yelled mom and dad and I was overwhelmed with happiness.

I've found them, they are here, right there!
My mother, my father. I'm their daughter, their only daughter.

"Mom, dad! I'm so.. so happy" Tears of joy were flowing down my cheecks. Finally I saw them again. My thudding heart didn't stop and I continued asking,

"Why are you here? Where were you? I'm so happy to see you! How are you doing?"
Even though I was so happy and bombarding them with questions, they didn´t show any kind of emotion. Nothing. Just plain faces staring at me.

'But.. they are really mommy and daddy' I thought.

Then I heard them saying in unison "Sylvie."

I felt nauseous and frightened as I listened and then my mom said,

"My angel, go, Esmaralda."

Suddenly everything around us became black and they slowly became obscure. I wanted to scream that they had to stay with me. I didn't want to lose them again, but they were gone and then everything became dazzling white.
"MOM, DAD??"

I woke up. Huh?

That was when I realized it was all a dream, but it was so real.. It felt so real. I saw their faces clearly.

"Wow, I wouldn't mind to see them more in my dreams, but more cheerful next time.. And why did mom say grandma's name?" I said to myself.

I heaved a big yawn and looked around my room.

Wait a sec...

This wasn't my room or house, where the plumbobs was this place?

I got out of the bed and examined the room. A normal sized room, but bigger than mine's, standard needs and a two-persons bed. The smell that hung in the room was a gentle jasmine smell, my mom's favorite.. but I also smelled the dull odor of a hotel room. So I'm in a hotel? I guess..
I hesitated, but finally went through the door. I looked at my left and was amazed, a little kitchen with a dining table with 4 chairs, were there more rooms here?
Anyways, it looked cute and I could see that the main color in this place was white. It actually gave me a calm feeling.

But hey.. This place looks pretty expensive.. and.. last night.. Wasn't I with Nika and the rest and- .. No, Elwin.. I tried to fight against the tears, but then a sudden noise shocked me.
I looked at my right. I was sure the noise was coming from the left door. Should I open the door? I kept staring at it..
I heard something, but it sounded like water. Water? How's that possible?

I walked closer to the door and looked at it, I didn't hear a thing anymore. Something inside me screamed that I had to open it, but my heart was pounding hard against my chest, it felt as if I was in some horror movie. But this isn't a movie! Is it..?

But hey, if I don't look, I won't get the chance ever again, right? and it's not like there will be a scary clown coming out that room.. Right? I shivered. Why am I coming up with that idea!? I thought, but finally I opened the door.
The dazzling white lights shone right into my face. The bathroom? Oh that explains the water, why didn't I think about that. But wait...


I yelled. Oh goodness, there's someone in the bathtube, a man? I ran away to the kitchen. I saw things I shouldn't have.. AAHH, yelling again.
"Hm.. I forgot to lock the door again. My bad.." Oh gee, why did I see that? Why.. But, he looked calm and didn't look bad at all..

WAIT, I shouldn't think like that about him. He's a stranger and I shouldn't like it to see a stranger without clothes, except if it was at a beach.. But still, they would have worn swimming clothes.

It was bad, BAD I say!

"Wow, wow, Vi, why are you yelling like that in this beautiful morning?" Nika said with a curious face and playfully walked to me.
Nika? She was here too? Oh, there was a living room attached to the kitchen/dining room. Looking at the magazines on the saloon table she was probably reading them. Hey.. her shirt.. then I said to her with an uneasy voice,

"Ni.. Nika.. I saw someone in the bathtube but.. No clothes and.. oh goodness.. I saw wrong stuff.."
Nika bursted out of laughter. I had no idea how I had to react on that. In addition, she kept on laughing and laughing AND laughing! This wasn't healthy.. Was it?

"HAHAHA haha... Syl.. Sylvie, how did you.. hahahaha" She hiccupped her words, while her laugh still filled the room.

"I.. I don't know! I just heard a sudden noise and it came from that door. Then I heard noise something like water, and I just went to look what it was. I never thought there would be .. someone in a bathtube! Why didn't he lock it!"

Nika said while still laughing, "Water, house, you should have thought about a bathroom."
"Come give me a hug!" Nika said giggly

I quickly put my arms around Nika. I really needed a hug.. Because Elwin popped up in my head again..

"Wow, someone here really wants a hug. Hey cutie.. What happened between you and Elwin?"

Really.. I always think that Nika could read my mind. When something came into my mind, she would immediately say something related to it.
"Ni.. Nika.. It's horrible.." I said, while my tears started to come again.

Before I could say something more, a voice stopped me.

"Uhm.. I'm sorry, that I didn't lock the door."

I looked around and saw that man. OH GOODNESS..Well, he did wear clothes now, BUT.. HIS IMAGE WAS PRINTED IN MY HEAD!

Nika bursted out of laughter again.
I really wondered if she could survive it.
"Why.. why didn't you close it? You probably knew we were here too?" I asked, barely able to keep standing.

Because wow, he really didn't look bad at all.. AAH, THE BATHTUBE IMAGE CAME BACK, GO AWAY.. IMAGE..

"Erm Well.. I always forget to lock the door of the bathroom.. Nika came in too once, but.. I was brushing my teeth and still had my clothes on. You were sound asleep so I didn't think about it to close it, and I didn't think you would wake up so soon.. My bad, I hope I didn't scare you."
Aw, he actually sounds cute. Somehow he reminded me of someone I knew.. He did also forgot to lock the bathroom door.

"It's okey, I still have to let it flow, but I appreciate it that you excused yourself."

"That's good to hear and hey Sylvie, my shirt looks cute on you, you can have it bubblyblub."
HUH? Did he just call me bubblyblub? That's impossible. It's really him? The same him?

"No way.. Drew, is that you?" I said with an hesitant voice.

I saw Nika walking back to the bench she probably was sitting on before and heard her laughing again. Did the drinks from yesterday still had an effect on her?

"Drew.. You.. Since when did you come back? I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH."
I jumped to him and hugged him tight, he lifted me for a moment and hugged me back.

"Hahaha, I wondered when you'd recognize me. I guess I had to use your nickname I thought for you."

I had no idea how I had to feel. And his clothes, he was the one at the bar who was staring at Desira too!

Drew was the best person I've ever met. Okey, just as good as Nika!

But tears started to flow down my cheecks. He and Elwin were best friends too.. Right after I started my relationship with Elwin, Drew had to move to Bridgeport.
We let each other go and I said "It's amazing to see you again, what brings you here?"

He smiled, but his smile dissapeared and said to me, without looking straight into my eyes,
"Well actually.. Lance called me and told me some stuff.. Since I was in town and had an appointment with Ray."

I couldn't believe what I heard. So Ray didn't come, because he was with Drew? and he didn't tell us!?
I wondered what he meant with which stuff Lance had said..
"Okey children, I will make some breakfast. What do you want to eat?"

I said I wanted a salad and Nika wanted the same. After that I sat down next to Nika and we started to talk, when suddenly we heard someone banging on the door.

Who could that be?
"I'll go, I think it's Lance, but why does he has to bang that door so hard" Drew said.

I heard Nika gasping and whispering "Oh heck, not Lance, I look weird! You recognize this shirt? It's from Drew too, but it's too small for him! You can have this one too if you want, I don't really like it."

I smirked, Lance eh? I wondered if he knew what happened yesterday. Oh, this reminds me I still had to tell Nika everything and I can tell Drew everything too.

I shocked, this voice.. it reverberated into all the rooms, it gave me shivers and I was scared. Nika said I had to stand up. Then I heard Drew's voice. "Good to see you again."
Nika took my arm and said with a comforting tone "Don't worry Sylvie.. I'm here."

Trying to ease me she pointed to the room where I was lying before. "We'll go over there, because I think that Drew and Elwin are going to have a talk.."
We walked to the hallway and then we saw that it wasn't only Elwin.

We looked straight into Desira's eyes, which were looking tired with bags and teary eyes.
"Syl.. Sylvie.. Ni.. Nika.. I- I'm so sorry."

Behind her, Lance was trying to calm down Elwin and Drew. "C'mon girls, take it easy. Look Elwin, there are Sylvie and Nika! Look, they are fine and safe. Don't make such a hassle!" But they didn't stop arguing.
"Why did you take them with you?"
"Hey, hey. I'm not the one letting the lady run awway."
"Why are you showing your chest!?"
If Lance wasn't there.. I don't want to know what would have happened..
I wasn't scared at first, thanks to Nika, but now I was scared, BECAUSE of Nika!

She growled at everyone and said with an enraged voice "BOYS, stop that, go to the living room. Do whatever you want, but don't fight. Otherwise I will be the one making your mouth shut. GO NOW." They listened, didn't say a thing and went to the living room.
Then she said to Desira with a kind voice "Desi, we'll go to the bedroom, we need to talk."
Wew! That was chapter 3, I hope you've enjoyed :]

Don't forget to comment and rate!
I love to hear what you think about the story and what you like ^__^

Bye bye, keep smiling!

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#1jumpgirl_64Sep 3, 2013

Looks like that mystery guy was another friend of hers, \:wub\: I love this story I cant wait for more!

#2smileface101Sep 3, 2013

Awesome chapter I can't wait to read the next one \:D his story is making me excited to see what happens next \:wub\: \:rah\:

#3megumiRikazukieSep 3, 2013

hee~ the best chapter I've been waiting for! \:wub\:

#4fruitopiaVIPSep 3, 2013

Where the plumbobs was this place? Love it!!

#5AlessaFayeSep 4, 2013

"I saw things I shouldn't have" lol great chapter! \:D

#6MarijaJSep 5, 2013

Love it, love it, love it \:wub\: I'm about to read chapter four. ^__^

#7martoeleSep 11, 2013

A very good chapter. Really! \:\)

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