Shipwrecked - Part 1
Published Sep 4, 2013

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I started to write this story long before Paradise Island was released so I have not been able to use all the nice possibilities of that expansion. Anyway, I hope you'll like it.
Credits: Cazarupt for his ship and Fredbrenny for beta reading my story. Thank both of you very much.

I started to write this story long before Paradise Island was released so I have not been able to use all the nice possibilities of that expansion. Anyway, I hope you'll like it.
Credits: Cazarupt for his ship and Fredbrenny for beta reading my story. Thank both of you very much.
In those days it was 'trendy’ or, ‘hip’ if you’d like, to go on a luxury cruise. Lizzy just celebrated her birthday, and her parents wanted to take her on such a cruise before she'd have to go to school for the first time. It was the summer holiday. There were other families on board of the ship. Of course they did not know one another, but they were supposed to spend their time in each other's company for the duration of the cruise. Two days after having set off while Lizzy was sleeping, the weather changed and the big ship moved like a small nutshell on the huge waves. Pitch black it was, and a thick fog surrounded the ship. The next thing that happened in just a blink of the eye was a crash that had everybody running around. Lizzy woke up and screamed for her mom and dad. Somebody lifted her up and brought her to a life boat. She was struggling while shouting out loud for her parents. A woman in the lifeboat took her in her arms and comforted her, and the sound of a quiet lullaby brought the sounds of panic to the background. Lizzy drifted off to sleep. When Lizzy woke up she noticed she was being carried by a tall man this time. He made sure the girl didn't get wet after their lifeboat washed ashore. When he saw the girl awake, he set her down on the beach where they all were now. Everybody was exhausted and all were very thirsty. It took a while before Lizzy remembered what had happened. She scrutinized the horizon looking for her mom and dad to appear as well. While most of the others tried to contact their families on their cell phones... but there was no signal... perhaps because their phones were wet. There they all were: eight people not really knowing each other but having something in common... they shipwrecked. The man who seemed to be a born leader was John Builder. He had been the only one who hadn’t reached for his cell phone... being aware it would be wet anyway. "This place looks very isolated” John said. “I don't see any signs of human life here... But wait! I hear water."
They all turned around and saw a majestic waterfall at a certain distance. Very anxious to drink water, they started running towards it.
In spite of the situation, they felt good to be able to move around and use their legs after having been 'packed' together in that life boat. They didn't think it over twice and started drinking the sweet water, and washing away the saltiness from their bodies. Even in the pond, Builder was looking around when he noticed something else. "Look! There are some very strong bamboos growing over there. As we should try to make some shelter for the night, I’d say let's go out of the water and divide tasks. We'll have a better chance to survive if we work together." “Now, is there anybody here who can provide us some food? By fishing maybe? You... eh... what's your name again? Ah... yes, Jeff… good. Try to catch us some fish, will you...? We'll need something to eat."
"Yes sir! As a matter of fact I did see some fish in the pond already!."
"Now, ladies… you women could look around and see if you can find some seeds we could plant... We have enough water here to water them and start something to grow." Lizzy looked at him and asked: "What about me...? What do you want me to do?"
"You?... Yes you can be of much help if you could find some stones and some really dry wood."
Lizzy felt very useful and thinking about her task helped her to get her mind off her parent’s fate.
John Builder looked at the small group of people and said... "We have been in the sun for too long. Let's get dressed to protect ourselves. I will go back to the beach to see if there is something we can use to make a fire. After a shipwreck things wash ashore... That very same stream brought us to this island..." John went to the beach taking the teenage boy Jerome with him to help him carry things that could be of use. They found already some planks that could be used.
Not just Jeff, but George and Evelyn went fishing as well. As a matter of fact, Evelyn's help was not much appreciated, because she just swam around scaring the fish away.
Rose and Miriam looked for seeds. Lizzy didn't dare to go too far away from the waterfall but she found some nice round stones and was very proud when John patted her on the back and said... "Great...! Now we can make a us a campfire!"
It had to be called very fortunate that John and Jerome found some tents on the beach, so they could at least sleep in them and get out of the sun. They all had a nasty sun burn. With the sun setting, they noticed the wind was cold on their hot burnt skins.
It was nice to warm up near the fire. They still didn't have anything to sit on but they couldn't be picky, considering their situation.
They noticed they must be near the tropics somewhere. There was hardly time between daylight and night... There was no twilight.
John promised he would prepare some shelter the next day and that he would improvise a toilet.
That first night they drank a lot of water so their stomachs felt full. They thanked their Creator that those tents had been found... even when partially wet.

The day after, while John was having a look at the stuff he found so far, Jerome excitedly shouted: "Hey... look what I found! Apples! I swear there weren't any apples on those trees yesterday!"
They were all happy to have something to eat. Jeff went fishing again.
All the others went back to the beach to see if they could find anything, anything at all, to bring back to their improvised camp. The pile of found materials and just stuff got quite large. John was putting materials together and tried making useful things.
That day lots of boxes from the shipwreck washed ashore. And Creator be praised; there was even a box with tools. John was delighted! There was an axe and a saw...; tools he could use to make some stools out of the tree trunks.
But first he built a shelter to store the boxes, the planks and the wood. More than that, it was a place for them to hide when it was raining, although that didn't happen so far. Some of the women had asked John to prepare some lines to tend the laundry. He observed his work while Miriam and George were cleaning the place.
When Evelyn saw the lines, she yelled: "If you guys expect me to do your laundry... you are very mistaken. She was ignored by all of them.
"Now, it's still summer” John said. “But we will have to count on other weather as well... George could you lend me a hand? Let's try and make some private place behind the shelter wall... Nobody wants to do their necessities for all the world to see...!”
"That's a great idea!” Miriam squealed. “I really wouldn't like to see someone doing his necessities in the pond. It's the only place where we can refresh ourselves."
"Well...., I suppose you don't expect ME to use the same toilet as you all use?!" Evelyn snapped.
The others turned to her without saying a word, and John rose an eyebrow and replied: "No, of course not! You can go through that canyon over there, and at the end there's a forest... for you alone to do your necessities".
This caused suppressed laughter and Evelyn looked affronted.
Miriam tried to excuse the others by saying: "Evelyn, please, we don't mean to hurt your feelings but we all are in the same boat here, so to speak. We cannot be picky at this moment and we better start seeing each other as friends, because we will need each other... and don't worry about the laundry... I will do that."
'Forget it', Evelyn said. She turned around and went swimming. Jeff Gardener saw her coming and quickly went away. Because having HER around, the fish wouldn’t bite. He picked up the seeds the women had found earlier and started planting them... very near the apple trees. Jerome, the teenager, said he would take care of the apple trees. He would harvest the fruits. He felt important. It was then when they saw there were deer around as well. After John finished their private place, he said: "All the others who don't have any defined task, could you please accompany me to the beach and check out if new things washed ashore?"
Big piles of items were found and the fast hands of John made good use of them.
While sitting on the ground, he made the first seat from a tree trunk and promised he'd make more of them the next day.
When you are that busy, a day passes very fast... too fast... The moment the sun set, it was dark again and without electricity they couldn't do anything... So they went to bed. They were very satisfied with all the work that had been done so far.

To be continued...

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aquacattSep 25, 2013

I hope Evelyn learns her lesson soon!

spitzmagicSep 6, 2013

Yay! Very entertaining Margo \:rah\: Can't wait to see what happens with them. I hope Lizzy's parent are alright. \:\)

fruitopia VIPSep 5, 2013

I like the way this story has started.

AlessaFayeSep 5, 2013

Such a great start! I really like John Builder...he can build things. \:D If I ever get stranded on an island, I hope he gets stranded with me! \:D

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