Shipwrecked - Part 2
Published Sep 21, 2013

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In the previous part we learned about Lizzy who went on a cruise with her parents. Unfortunately they shipwrecked and Lizzy ended up in a life boat with 7 other people, but without her parents. They washed ashore on an deserted island. One of the people in her group, John Builder, was a born leader and organized everything to make their survival possible.

In the previous part we learned about Lizzy who went on a cruise with her parents. Unfortunately they shipwrecked and Lizzy ended up in a life boat with 7 other people, but without her parents. They washed ashore on an deserted island. One of the people in her group, John Builder, was a born leader and organized everything to make their survival possible. John got up very early and started on the seats he promised to do and started on some tables as well. It was all very quiet with the others still sleeping... so he could work fast without distractions. It was already done when the others woke up.
While looking around, he decided to make their shelter larger, and reshape it. The wind was blowing the fine mist from the falls to it and he wanted more protection, especially for the kids. The only one who could help him with what he was doing was George. He had noticed already that this young man was very handy.
Rose and Miriam helped a lot by digging through the piles of stuff to find things he could maybe use and he was very thankful for that. Thinking about Evelyn, he frowned. She was definitely not a nice person to have in this group. The only thing she was doing so far was cleaning the private room... only before she herself would use it. She was a trouble maker, and had hurt more than one of the other’s feelings in the short time they had been here. Even the kids didn't like her...! It crossed his mind to build her a small house all for herself, but then again... he worried more about the kids. They should sleep with a roof over their heads... and he specially thought about Lizzie.
In the meantime... the others had woken up and were admiring his work...
With the rusted metal plates they found, he soon improvised a barbecue... and he made some primitive solar panels to have warm water and a bit of light. Although it still was not perfect, it was something that helped them get along. It was the first time after the shipwreck they had a warm meal. They could sit around the fire and roast whatever they had at that moment... from marshmallows to anchovies, and even back again. While eating their meal that evening, George asked: "Do you think raccoon is edible?" The women all turned to him and told him not to be so cruel... Then he said: "Cows and pigs are animals … and I'm sure you have eaten their meat! By the way... have you seen the wild horses?"
He had to shut his mouth because the women were looking more blackly with each and every word he said... He turned around and mumbled 'Women...! I so wish I had my computer...!

Days went by, and little by little John made life easier for all of them. He had made a real bed for Lizzy and she didn't have to sleep in a tent anymore. Of course it was not an ideal situation but it was already better than before. The real dissonant was Evelyn's attitude. She was definitely not a nice person. But when she was being nice, you had to be very careful because, she would then tell you confidentially what one of the others had said about you, and so she was trying to spread discord amongst the group of survivors. She even managed to make John and George feel uncomfortable around each other, but they soon found out that Evelyn had been lying about something John supposedly said about George. It must have been towards the end of the summer when Evelyn had behaved very badly with all of them again when, all of a sudden, a lightning bolt from a clear sky hit her and she perished at that same moment. Everybody was upset about it. John dug a grave on the other side of the canyon, very near the forest, and they laid her remains to rest there. It was true... nobody really liked her but that didn't mean they had wanted her to die. While John spoke a few words at her funeral, it started to rain... The first rain announcing that summer would almost be over. They went back to their camp and got to sleep very soon. John had told them that they would have a serious talk about the things to come the very next day. John: "Well..., I suppose that all of you, just like me, hoped that they would have come to rescue us by now. But, so far we've been here for some weeks now, and nothing has happened. *sigh* Mind you, they might come and look for us later but we can't rely on that. We know we're in the tropics and we can be pretty sure it won’t snow in the winter season, but anyway... we need to think about the children and build a real house." Rose said: "I am a teacher back home and I don't see why I couldn't continue that and teach the children." "But there is no school around here, so we don't HAVE to go to school" said Jerome. He hoped they wouldn't insist, but the poor boy swallowed when he heard John's answer.
"I will make a small building that can be used as a school... if Rose can be the teacher... that would be great. It's not a good idea to have the children here without education. So, young man... I'm sorry for you, but you will have to go to school as soon as I'm ready with the building."
"How would you know when it's Monday?" asked Jerome.
"We don't know, but we will start counting from the first school day and after 5 days, you will have 2 days off. It's as simple as that. We will make our own weekends." smiled Rose.
Very soon the school was ready and the children had to get used to their daily education.
These last few days it had been raining regularly, although it wasn't really cold. Anyway, they didn't want to lose time. With George's help, the buildings would be finished sooner. This time they built a small house. John wanted Rose and Lizzy to live there. After that he would continue building another house hoping the homes would be ready before the weather got really bad.
Lizzy was not too thrilled about having to live in the house. She would miss Jerome and, above all, John. She was starting to see him as her father.
- "I don't understand why I have to go live in that house. When I'm in my wonderful bed that John made me, I won’t be cold! Besides that, I will miss you all!"
Jerome laughed: "You silly girl..., you will be living next door. We will see each other every day."
And so it was... Rose and Lizzy had moved to the nice little home, and the girl and Jerome met every day at the primitive school building. They usually did their homework together, either in the camp or in the new house. Only when it was too difficult they would ask Rose to help them. Meanwhile, in the main camp, John was building another house. It was meant to be for Miriam and Jerome but... he didn't count on something unexpected.
As Miriam helped John a lot finding scrap and working through the big pile, they became more and more intimate and… fell in love. The others had already noticed there was something more than friendship going on between the two of them.
Nobody was surprised when they noticed John and Miriam went to sleep in the same tent and often they caught them behind a wall in the camp, kissing and hugging. One day, Miriam seemed upset and told John she had to say something important to him.
- "I'm so sorry and I know it is not the right moment for this but... I think I'm expecting your baby."
John was silent for a moment, trying to process this information but then he looked pleased. He took her in his arms and gave her a nice massage.
- "Well, it seems that the house I'm building must be for us." He smiled... "How about getting married right here and now?"
While the others were running around, John and Miriam had their private wedding.
After finishing their house, and while they were all having dinner together, John told them the news.
The only ones staying in base camp were Jeff, George and Jerome. However, not for a long time because John promised he would make a real house for them as well.
- "Then... what will happen to this camp when we're not here?" asked George.
John answered: "Nothing really. Perhaps it could be used as some kind of scientific center. Any of us can come here and use the utilities and work in the garden as well. How about it?"
- "That's a good idea" said Jeff, and he continued: "We could bring the books we found from the shipwreck to the school building and use that building as a book shop as well."
- "Hey... that is really a neat plan! I would just need to divide the space better in that building, our school. Thank you for that suggestion, Jeff."
Jeff said: "Perhaps you or George could finish the fence around the garden too. The deer eat from the plants during the evening. It's a pity to see all this hard work go to waste seeing the plants die before giving us any crop."
"Sure, I will finish the fence first thing in the morning, Jeff" George promised.
John looked lovingly at his wife: "How about moving into our new house right away Mrs. Builder? Let these three gentlemen accompany us to see we make it home alright."
They all agreed. Afterwards the boys went back to the camp. They knew they would be the next ones to have a real house.
To be continued...

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#1Audrey MayVIPSep 21, 2013

Maybe Evelyn will start haunting them and turn out to be more obnoxious as a ghost! LOL! Great story!

#2NisukiSep 22, 2013

HAHAHA, I can't stop laughing at the idea from Audrey xD! Fantastic chapter, can't wait to see what's going on next. \:wub\:

#3MarijaJSep 22, 2013

Love it! Can't wait the next chapter. :3

#4AlessaFayeSep 23, 2013

Evelyn died?! Well that solves their problem with her I guess lol! Don't know how Miriam will have her child, unless one of them is a doctor?

#5martoeleSep 23, 2013

@AlessaFaye: No doctor around; they had to go back to The Sims2 time, when they had their baby by themselves. \:D

#6spladoumSep 24, 2013

Lol, Evelyn, you moron. :P

#7fredbrennySep 24, 2013

Love the story! It reminds me a bit of "Lost" \:D especially with Evelyn going down like that. There MUST be more to the island \:D LOL (Like a full equiped casino with airport on the other end??? No... just kidding. Lovely characters! Congrats John and Miriam!

#8aquacattSep 25, 2013

I like how they managed to make some really nice furniture!

#9mariacoraSep 26, 2013

excellent chapter , I loved how they made their life . the story will be more better without this Evelyn haha ... great work as usual \:\) can't wait for the next chapter \:rah\:

#10spitzmagicSep 29, 2013

Oh and just to think how dissappointed those kids were about school. \:D LOL nope can't get away from it not even when you are lost on an Island. Great chapter (((Margo))) \:rah\:\:D

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