I wish you were here ! - chap 5
Published Sep 4, 2013

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Chapter 5
I was waiting for the time to remind you
You were in love
What I gave was so incredible But it was never enough
You took my love And broke my heart
You took my smile And tore it apart
- Alexandra Burke

Chapter 5
I was waiting for the time to remind you
You were in love
What I gave was so incredible But it was never enough
You took my love And broke my heart
You took my smile And tore it apart
- Alexandra Burke
Another morning : another start with a new hope and opportunities .. " Good morning " . Eva said while she opened her arms to welcome the sun which leaks from the window .
Sarah :" Good Morning ".
Eva " So how are you today ? "
Sarah : " Fine I guess . "
Eva : " happy to hear that . I'll cook something for us "
Sarah : " what happened last night ? " .
Eva : " Nothing . You were drunk so I take you to the bed . "
Sarah : " I can't remember what I did or what I said . "
Eva : " you did nothing . What you want to eat ? " .
Sarah : " I'm not hungry " .
Eva : " I'm not asking if you want to eat or not . By the way , I remember you love " the Mac and cheese " . I'll prepare it for us " . She said, insisting on the word " us " . Sarah : " Ok , do whatever you want I'll obey you . While you cook I'll take a shower , can' I use your clothes please ? "
Eva " sure " . She chuckled
( ... ) Eva went to the kitchen then she began making " the Mac and cheese " whereas she talked to herself :
" I can understand why he loved her. All the times when I was hurt I thought I'll spend the rest of my life in the dark . It was so hard for me to get my mood back . Where did she find all this power to smile again and to react as nothing happened ? Last night when she slept I thought she will never wake up the morning , that she will never forget her pain for a whole life . But she proved to me that she can go on , it's too easy for her to restart , really she is a special girl"
I was in the bathroom preparing the tub to get a wonderful bath .
I thought too :
Sarah : " I was so selfish to think I'm the most miserable person , that this is just me who was chosen to suffer . Everyone in the world has his portion of pain as he has his portion of happiness . I can't forget all what Eva said last night , how much she suffer but she still able to forgive him, to support him , to love him more and more and to accept him . She is right , there is nothing impossible , all what I have to do is to fight until I get him again , I shouldn't give up ! Never .. "
Eva : " She said they were in love - Raoul James and her - , this explain a lot of things to me . So Sarah was the girl he talked about , the girl he waited and the cause why he refused to have a life . I'm confused , she said she saw him kissing another girl , which girl she is talking about ? He haven't any girlfriend . That's really strange . " (...) I tried all the clothes to find something I like . A few minutes later I went to the hall where Eva waited me to eat. I stood up in front of her then I asked :
" How do I look ? "
she stared at me in a manner you can notice her amaze then she exclaimed :
Eva : " wow !! Gorgeous as usual .. Where did you find this skirt ? "
Sarah : " Well , I just found it " .
Sarah : " I feel pity for the situation of your wardrobe ! We have to do some shopping for you . "
Eva : " Why ? I thought I had all what I need . "
Sarah : " Well you have to change your style of clothing .. You need some fashion so I'll take care of your look ! "
Eva : " I think I'm better like this " .
Sarah : " I'm not asking about your opinion . " I chuckled .
Sarah : " thank you Eva . "
Eva : " For what ? "
Sarah : " all what you did for me . "
Eva : " I did nothing .. You are my best friend . "
Sarah : " I spent the night thinking about all this story .. Yesterday I was jealous seeing another girl in his arms , that make me a little crazy . I have to forget about her , I have to appear in his life again , I have to fight until I get him again , I should resist and patient .. "
Eva : " He hasn't any girlfriend .. "
Sarah : " How can you be sure ? "
Eva : " He told me he is waiting for a princess , his first love . He will never accept any other girl if she is not her . "
Sarah : " Maybe I'm not his first love .. Maybe she is the girl he kissed yesterday . "
Eva : " Or maybe she is you .. I hope if I can help you . "
Sarah : " you helped me .. I think it is my turn to do something for you "
Eva : " something like the shopping ? " . She laughed .
Sarah : " I hear what you said last night .. "
Eva : " you hear what ? " .
Suddenly someone knocked the door .
(...) Eva opened the door : it was Sam the visitor .. He walked toward me then said in a sad way :
" Why did you leave me alone yesterday ? "
Sarah : " we left you with your friend . " I replied
he sat down beside me then he added :
Sam : " I hung out with you .. I think it was my right to know that you'll leave . ":
Eva : " It was my fault , I wasn't fine so I asked her to take me home , you were busy so we didn't find the opportunity to announce you . . I'm sorry ." She intervened , I noticed she was trying to protect him from getting hurt by my words .
Sarah : " I'm sorry too . "
Sam : " that's ok , I have something to discuss . "
We moved to the living room , Sam was so excited for what he planned , he started talking :
Sam : " Well , all the night I thought about throwing a party to celebrate your return Sarah , I thought you wanted to meet our old friend again and I'm sure they will be so happy to see you after all this time , then we have to spend a wonderful time together all of us .. So what you think ?
Eva : " yeah ! That will be amazing . I agree ! "
Sarah : " I think it's a good idea , I miss a lot of people and I want to meet them all . Thank you so much Sam , really , this means to me "
Sam : " Excellent ! Well , I have to say that I decided this party will be tomorrow! "
Sarah & Eva : " Tomorrow ?! "
Sam : " yes , I don't know how much of the time you'll stay with us here , I had another surprise for you Sarah I'll disclose it at the party .. It should be tomorrow . "
Sarah : " oh , thank you so much Sam ! So I think we have to choose a wonderful place for it , wait I'll check what can I find on the net "
I took my phone then I surfed the net while Eva said :
Eva : " We have a lot of work to do .. We should divide it between us "
Sam : " I thought about all of that " .
- he stood up then he continued in a serious tone :
" Everyone of us has to take a responsibility . Eva , I'll give you the most difficult , I want you to invite all our friends and our classmates. I know I can rely on you . "
Eva : " Sure , I'll inform them one by one and no one will be forgotten " Sarah : " Good choice ! What about me ? What did you decide for me Mr the leader " . I chuckled . Sam : " I need you to help me ! We have to buy some stuffs , to choose the place where we'll throw the party then we should organize it .. We have no time so hurry up and follow me " Sarah : " ok .. Let's go " .
Eva's story comes to my mind when I walked toward him , I turned to check her expressions .. She looks jealous . I took a breath then I whispered to Sam .
Sarah : " after we finish the work I'll have a little talk with you . "
(...) What distinguishes Isla Paradiso is the amazing nature mostly in the summer .. It was enjoyable to walk admiring the sun occupies the sky as the queen of all this world , the trees and their flowers which danced as the fairies over the sprigs .. I was amazed .
Sam : " the weather is nice today .. What do you think ? " .
Sarah : " yeah ! I liked too .
Sam was a little quiet and inspired by the Idyllic views , Somehow I could sense those delicious feelings emitted from him .
Sam : " You don't know how much I wished to walk beside you at those magical places , to narrate you the stories which tells the clouds , the sun , the rain , the trees .. To sing to you as the birds . I was so hopeless of your return ... you don't know how many times I wanted to search you , to find you again and to keep you beside me forever ... "
His hot feeling was so clear from his gauzy speech , I felt so confused when suddenly I remembered Eva . I heard Her voice: " he always loved you .. You are the girl who destroyed my dreams .. You broke everything ... . I love Samuel and I want him . " . The sadness covered my heart and I wanted if I can change what's in his heart , to put her in my place and to persuade him that she's his true love , I'm nothing for him , just his friend from his childhood , this story he dreamed about will never be the truth because I'll never love him as he did neither as he expected . - I thought about something to say which shows him the reality , that I wasn't what he used to think . Something like " You were the brother who I never had " . I was at the point of speaking when his phone rang .
He replied :
Sam " Hi Raoul .. You came on time , I need you for a little thing . "
" Raoul ? " I said to myself . I stared at Sam's phone , hundred of times I thought about taking the small machine , to hear the voice which I loved the most , to cry and to tell him how much I miss him .

Sam : " Yes I want .. So when ? "
Sam : " hot dogs ? And now ? That's a good idea , by the way I love how you prepare it "
Sam : " can'I bring someone with me ? "
Sam : " So where are you ? "
Sam : " oh ! It's too far from my place ! Ok 15 min I'll be there . "
He turned to me then he said :
Sam : " let's go , we'll meet Raoul my friend .. We have to take a taxi . "
I was silent , a little confused .. I didn't know if it was the right time to meet him .
" I have to appear in his life again .. Now or another time , why not now ? " . I murmured to myself .
I smiled at Sam then I whispered : " ok , let's go " .
(...) exactly 15 min .. We were at the place which Raoul described .
I was stunned when I saw a girl sitting at the table while he cooked the hot dog . She stared at me strangely so I tried to hide my trouble .
Sam : " Finally we arrived ! Hello everybody ! " . He shouted .
Raoul turned to us , I saw his stunned eyes when he discovered I was the person Sam's talked about ..
" Hi .. " . He pronounced hiding the most charming smile .
Suddenly he shouted : " ppff ! I Burned the food ! " .
I heard his quick moves , his steps when he walked toward the table , Sam's laughters ..
I concentrated on the miss sitting in front of me gazing at me strangely . I hated how she looked at my face , my clothes .. Somehow I sensed my presence bothered her like my thoughts annoyed me : " why she is staring at me ? Who is she ? Why she is with him ? What she is doing here ? ".
the jealousy kills me that I didn't notice Raoul who walked toward us eating with his eyes all my body and my small details , until Sam talked :
Sam : " well , this is my friend Raoul who I talked about , the girl is Maya . "
He continued :
" And this is Sarah .. " . He winked to Raoul .
Raoul : " Nice to meet you ... Sarah " . He said immediately looking at my face with the same gazes of our first meeting .
" Nice to meet you ?? " That's all what he can say ? I waited him to say something more close like " I know her " or " happy to see you again " or at least " I think we met before " but " Nice to meet you " ?
He invited us to the table ..
Raoul : " I'm sorry , it tastes bad .. But you have to eat it ." He chuckled .
Bad or not , it will be the most delicious plate I'll eat , I wanted to tell him this sentence . I was happy to hear his voice , to look at him after all these years and to feel how my heart beats .. I'm alive , finally I could sense that I'm alive .
" it isn't too bad .. Everything had the good side , even a burned hot dog . " I said while I looked at Raoul and smiled to him .
Raoul : ....
He didn't answer even he didn't react . Just he ignored me .
I felt stupid .
" Teach yourself to shut up ! " . I said to myself .
Sam : " Well , I decided to throw the party and to celebrate Sarah's return , tomorrow . Eva had the responsibility of inviting the people , but because you are my best friend I'll invite you by myself ! And listen , you have to help me to find a beautiful space for it . "
Maya : " don't invite me if the ugly Eva will be there ! I don't know how do you support her . " She said suddenly .
Sarah : " you are the ugly ! " I murmured .
Both of Raoul and Sam laughed ironically and Maya asked :
Maya : " what did you say ? I didn't hear you . "
Sarah : " she is not ugly I said .. " .
Raoul : " you can rely on me , I'll call you the night to tell you about the place and the good morning we'll prepare everything , it will be the most beautiful party in the city I promise you . ".
Sam : " you don't know how much I love you " . He chuckled .
Maya : " you didn't tell , Samuel , she's your girlfriend ? " .
I hate when she watches me like that , she makes me more and more nervous .. ghrr this girl looks like a sorceress .
Sam smiled without replying .. He looks like he loved the reason ! His reaction bothered me a little bit .
Maya : " this is what we call it a good girl ! She is gorgeous and elegant , I was scared if a handsome boy such you will have Eva as a girlfriend . " She added then she laughed .
I wished if I splash her on her face . I replied hiding my annoyance :
Sarah : " We are not ! I'm an old friend and that's all . "
Maya : " ah ! So I was wrong , but you look cute together .. Such as we look my boyfriend and me . What you think ? We are cute , not ? " She said in a provocative way.
Sarah : " ... "
Maya : " oh right , you don't know it . I'm Raoul's girlfriend . " She added .
This is her who splashed me , not on my face but on my heart . All what Raoul's did was to watch my reaction without pronouncing a word . I wished he will disapprove but he didn't . It's hard to have your heart broken , the hardest is to have your hopes broken too . My tears struggled to appear but I was obliged to hush my hurt .
" You look awesome .. You were made for each other " . I said keeping smiling .
It was a heavy silence between us . I watched around me , the sky , the sea .. I wouldn't see their faces . More than the pain I felt , I was disappointed , it wasn't only because of the jealousy , but she wasn't Maya the girl he kissed yesterday . The other girl had a black skin and Maya was white . He was a real cheater , this is what I refused. He stared at me for a long time , I felt he was trying to say something with his eyes and his face but I ignored him .
A few minutes later , Sam breaks the silence :
" We were happy to be with you , but we have to leave now , we have a lot of work to do , come on Sarah . "
We left . Sam discovered that I was lost minded , he demanded :
Sam : " there's something wrong with you Sarah ? "
Sarah : " I disliked her . I don't know how he supported her . "
Sam : " She is his neighbor , he never said that she is his girlfriend however she always react as this was true . "
Sarah : " he didn't decline it too . "
Sam : " Raoul is my best friend , if it was something like that between them he will tell me . "
Sarah : " because He is a playboy he won't tell you ... "
Sam : " Raoul ? " He shouted .
Sarah : " it's not our business . " I said .
to be continued ...

thank you for reading my story . I hope you'll like it .
I'll be glad to read your comment , even the bad one haha !
Have a nice week :)

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#1smileface101Sep 5, 2013

Awesome chapter as usual I'm really in love with this story \:wub\: \:rah\:

#2NisukiSep 5, 2013

To have such a nice person as your neighbour.. I wonder what Raoul is planning / doing :[

#3MarijaJSep 5, 2013

I like it \:D Waiting for next chapter, and again Raoul is hot as hell haha \:D \:wub\:

#4soundmanredSep 6, 2013

\:wub\:This Story

#5martoeleSep 11, 2013

I wonder what Raoul has on his mind with her! \:rolleyes:

#6elpisiaApr 24, 2020


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