Amnesia- Chapter 3
Published Sep 13, 2013

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:D “Are you sure do don’t mind me staying with you?” I asked Dillon, “You’ve got a life. I don’t want to get in the way of things for you. I have no money.”
“I’m a doctor, I have too much money for my own good” he reassured me.
He put his arms around my waist to steady me as he led me to his car. He touched my body without hesitation like we knew each other well. I liked it and wished I was as confident as he was, I still blushed whenever our skin made contact.
Dillon pulled up in front of a beautiful house on the beach.
“You live here?” I said in astonishment.
He gave me a quick tour of the house but I was tired so he took me to my bedroom.
“You should freshen up, I’ve left some clothes on your bed as you don’t have anything” he said.
“Thank you Dillon” I replied and he closed the door.
I got out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel and went to find the clothes that Dillon left on my bed. I found some pants and a man’s t-shirt. I let out a small laugh, these were Dillon’s clothes. I should have known that he wouldn’t have any female clothes for me to wear. I put them on and got into bed, something about wearing Dillon’s clothes comforted me. It was personal and ...intimate. The next morning I woke up and walked to the kitchen to find some breakfast. There was a note on the kitchen bench.
“Good morning girl with no name. I was called into work early so I didn’t want to wake you. There is food in the fridge so make yourself at home. P.s. we should find a name to match that beautiful face of yours. Dillon xoxo.”
A massive smile was plastered on my face when I finished reading the note. He thought I was beautiful.
That night Dillon came home after work and I had prepared dinner for him as a thank you gesture for letting me stay with him.
When we finished eating he turned to me and said “That was amazing. You must have been a chef or something. ”
I smiled “Thank you...for everything you’ve done for me.”
He stood up and took my hand in his. As usual adrenaline rushed through me with his touch. He led me to the living room towards a beautiful grand piano. He sat down at the piano “Work can get pretty hectic sometimes. Music is my outlet.”
He put his hand on the piano keys and began to play a beautiful tune. I was entranced by his talent. When the song ended he looked at up me, his gaze intense. “Does this bring back any memories?” he asked. “Hearing a sound, or a tune often awakens feelings, thoughts, memories. Maybe you played an instrument...or sung?” he sounded hopeful.
“It’s beautiful Dillon, but nothings coming back to me” I said sadly.
That night I woke to the sound of someone yelling. Dillon was fighting with someone on the phone. Maybe it was that woman called Mandy, I hadn’t found out what their relationship was as of yet. Dillon had been so kind to let me stay in his house I didn’t want to over step my boundaries so I went back to bed instead of eavesdropping into his conversation. I woke up again shortly after to beautiful music. I looked at my clock, it was 3 AM. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t. Something was buzzing in my mind. And then I realised it was the piano. Dillon was playing something that sounded familiar to me. I needed to know what it was. I left my room and found myself staring at Dillon playing the piano. I let out a grasp.
He turned around in shock to see me.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you” he said gently but his face was tense.
I ignored him “What is that song you are playing?”
“What? Ummm, it’s a nocturne by Chopin” he said.
I walked up to the piano and sat down beside Dillon. My fingers hovered over the keys, I didn’t know what I was doing, my fingers however were a different story. Suddenly my fingers began to play music, the same music Dillon had just played.
From the corner of my eyes I could see Dillon staring at me in amazement. When the song finished I looked at him.
He stroked a loose strand of hair behind my ear “You are brilliant.” Fire burning in his eyes, whatever was making him tense a moment ago was now gone.
Another note awaited me when I woke in the morning.
“You do look cute in my clothes but I think it’s about time we got you some female outfits. Keep playing the piano too, you’ll be surprised by what you’ll remember. Dillon xoxo”
Underneath the note was an envelope filled with $1000. I gasped at all the money he was giving me to spend on clothes.
I went shopping that day and got a whole new wardrobe for myself. I was still a bit weak and slow on my legs but I was independent now and didn’t need help walking. Each time I tried on an item of clothing Dillon popped into my mind and I wondered if he would like the way I looked in it. When I returned home I went straight to the piano and continued to play music. My fingers were speeding away at their own pace regardless of what my brain new. I was filled with joy. This was the first real thing that had come back to me since my accident. Suddenly the phone rang. I looked at the clock and realised it was 4 PM, I had been playing the piano for 3 hours. I didn’t know whether I should answer the phone or not but decided it wouldn’t hurt to.
“Hello?” I answered.
“Good, you answered” came Dillon’s voice from the other end. “There is a beach party tonight right outside my house.”
I didn’t reply.
He laughed “ will you come to it with me?”
I smiled “sure.”
I looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t felt this alive since my accident. My memory hadn’t come back to me in total but something inside me was on fire. I wanted to let go. Dillon knocked on my door.
“Hey, are you ready to go to this party?” came his voice.
I looked at my appearance; the mirror reflected nothing of how I felt.
“ go and I’ll meet you there shortly.”
“I can’t go without you” he said.
“It’s right outside, it’s not like I’m going to get lost Dillon, I’ll be down soon.” I replied.
I walked down from the house onto the beach. The party was just beginning, and then I saw Dillon... At first he looked right passed me as if he didn’t recognise me but then shifted his glance back to me. His expression was one of shock and it made me smile.
He walked up to me “You look...amazing.”
I didn’t say anything in return, we just looked at each other.
“How was your day?” he asked.
“It was amazing” I replied, “I remembered more music.”
He took my hands in his “That’s fantastic, you will have to play for me later” he said and then gestured to get me a drink.
Before he left I pulled him back to face me. “Oh and there’s one more thing Dillon, I remembered my name.”
He smiled at me “Well? I’ve been waiting a long time to hear this” he said playfully.
“It’s Arabelle.”

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TrifyMSep 18, 2013

Love this story!!

SarahBeaaarrSep 15, 2013

Love this!

NisukiSep 15, 2013

Waw, her name has the word beauty itself in it \:wub\: Lovely chapter and damn Dillon is supersweet. \:D He doesn't deserve that other mean chick \:mad\:

MarijaJSep 13, 2013

Great chapter, and her name is beautiful \:D I wonder if she'll remember more things. \:\) Waiting for the next one. \:wub\:

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