Message in a Bottle- Chapter 3
Published Sep 15, 2013

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-Message in a Bottle: Chapter 3-
~Gentle like Feather~

Hi there, Thank you for reading my very first ever Sims story.
I’m still kinda worry if my story was good enough to entertain you. ^^;

Well, here’s Chapter 3.
Feel free to leave comments. :)

Btw, thank you ALL CC artists especially the one who made this awesome boathouse for Jasper’s home.
(I’m not good at designing house so…) haha :D

-What a change of life events! They have decided to stay in a same roof together, but how long?

-Message in a Bottle: Chapter 3-
~Gentle like Feather~

Hi there, Thank you for reading my very first ever Sims story.
I’m still kinda worry if my story was good enough to entertain you. ^^;

Well, here’s Chapter 3.
Feel free to leave comments. :)

Btw, thank you ALL CC artists especially the one who made this awesome boathouse for Jasper’s home.
(I’m not good at designing house so…) haha :D

-What a change of life events! They have decided to stay in a same roof together, but how long?
The sound of the engine was too loud to start a conversation so Jasper and I remained silent.

I’m so embarrassed at him, I didn't expect this would happen. How can be a good person like him exists?

“Oh, we’re here!”

I jolted when I suddenly heard him shout through the loud engine.
“There it is, my home and precious baby!”
He grins brightly at me like a child showing his new toy.
His smile is so infectious and that I've smiled back.

I looked at the gorgeous white houseboat not far from our location.
It was so inviting, it was so beautiful.
He parked the boat beside the shore and helped me get off safely.

His hands really are so warm…
“Wow, this is your house? It’s huge! Where is your family?”

I asked suddenly nervous about the fact that I will be staying inside a stranger’s house and his stranger family.

“They’re not with me, I’m living alone.”

That thought gave me mixed feelings of relief and worry.

“Alone? Um, are you going to be okay with me?”

I said with a quiet voice. What if he's more comfortable alone? Maybe that's the reason why he moved out from his family?

“I should be the one asking you that.”

He chuckled.
“I know you’re a good person, and I trust you truthfully. But are you sure you’re letting me stay here? What if I’m a thief?”

I asked with a doubt but he just smiled.

“I don’t know you well enough but, I always follow my instinct and it tells me that you’re a wonderful person.”

He said with his index finger tapping his forehead and winked at me carefreely. I blinked at him. This guy is too good to be true.

“I got enough space for you. Plus, I don’t always stay in my house.”

He doesn't stay too much inside this house?

“Then why did you even made a gorgeous home like this if you’re not staying anyway?”

I blurted out without thinking and I paled as I realized how rude it sounds like.

‘Stupid! That’s not proper.’
I scolded angrily at myself.

But I was shocked to see him laugh.

“Haha! That was a good one.”

He laughs his carefree laugh and my worry about upsetting him fades. Is he for real?

“Of course I want my surroundings to be good even though I almost come home to just sleep and cook food. Who doesn't want a proper home?”

He said as a-matter-of-fact.

“Well, I know someone who lives inside a mansion but she said she’d rather live in a hut--”

My sentence broke when Jasper’s loud laugh echoes the place.

I looked at him with huge confused eyes but he continues to laugh till I start to giggle a little but it became a laugh.

I feel like an idiot, I don’t even know what I’m laughing about…

“W-why are we laughing?”

I asked between my laughs and he looked at me with a very hilarious expression.

“Huh? Y-you.. hahaha… You don’t know why you... are.. hahaha…! Laughing?!”

He did his best to say those words between his unbreakable loud laugh. He even held his knees and continued to laugh.

“But… you were laughing.”

I answered like an idiot.

Jasper laughs at me harder and for some reason, I also laughed along with him.

We looked so silly especially me, I was laughing for no reason. Oh my god, is my head got twisted when I fell down from the sea?
“Why are you laughing?!”

I exclaimed between my giggles. I was breathless.

“I---haha.. because…haha… I—wait, I forgot.”

He stopped to laugh suddenly, knotted his eyebrows and his face turned into a questioning and confused look.

I also stopped laughing and we stared at each others eyes for a few seconds.

What are we doing? Really?

I saw his lips twitching and after about 3 seconds we burst out laughing again.

“Ugh, stomach is hurting.”

Jasper said with a funny twisted expression on his face while holding his tummy.

We are now both breathless but our laugh bug was fading.
“What are we talking about?”

He asked gasping air. I chased my breath first before answering

“The laughing?”

He chuckles but stopped suddenly and pats his hurting stomach. I wanted to laugh at him but my tummy was also hurting.


He exclaimed hilariously and chuckled breathlessly.

“Oh, the hut.”

He finally said.

“What about it?”

“That’s the reason I've laughed. I expect you to agree with me,well… because it is a normal thing for a person that he wanted to live in a good, beautiful house. I just didn’t expect you to say those words. Especially with a really serious and straight face. It looks… hilarious.”

He chuckled again and I giggled quietly. We were both tired from laughing, that was weird… and surprisingly fun.
“Alright, Let’s get inside. I hope my home would be comfortable for you.”

He said, walking inside the house with a slight anxiety. He was nervous about my reaction after I see what’s inside, is he?

I followed him inside and gasps.
“Tada~! Welcome to my home sweet home!”

He said proudly. He must love his home even though he doesn’t stay here too much.

“Oh my gosh, your place is amazing!”

Everything around it was so… ‘Free’.
What I mean is, this place is so like him. Even though I don’t know him too well, I’ve seen enough of his personality and just like him, this place is very relaxing, refreshing and everything around it feels so cool.

“So, how was it? Rate it, one to ten. Be honest okay?”

He said with a smile and slight anxious.
“Yo’ do’ niid tu wowy a-bou’ yo’ house. I wull rwate ist tw’entey orf tern wi’th thrie stA’rs.”
(You don’t need to worry about your house. I will rate it 20 out of 10 with three stars.)

I said while imitating a funny British-Welsh accent, the one who sounds so upper class with exaggeration, that even I myself, had a British RP accent finds it funny.
Jasper laughed at me with mixed amused and relief. “Wow, who designed your house?”

“My mother and I designed it together, Oh I must warn you about the sauna area. My mom insists on putting those here. When it comes to designing a house, she’s going nuts.”

He chuckled his face lit up with adoration of the said mother.

My heart clenches of envy but I removed the thought quickly out of my head.

“C’mon, I’ll show you my room. As I’ve said, this houseboat is still under construction, so the other rooms are still empty. My room isn’t yet fully furnished and my mom designed it, I’m still thinking for my personal design. I’ll show you the upper part of the house, maybe later.”

My eyes sparkled at the thought of going into the upper part of his house.

“Sure! Lead the way.”

I exclaimed excitedly. Jasper smiled a thoughtful smile at me. It was clear that he was happy I’m getting excited because of his home.

I was surprised at myself for being thrilled about exploring his house.
“First is the sauna. I will warn you again, my mom’s a nut. Having a sauna inside a guy’s house? She must be kidding me.”

He said chuckling.
“Wow, this is amazing. Maybe your mother wants you to relax once in a while?”

It really looks amazing to me.

“Yeah, she said that because I am always out at the sea, travelling.

But, the main reason is… She insist of having this because she hopes that if I ever met a girl I am interested at, she will probably doesn't want to leave my house after seeing this girlie room.

But, isn't it embarrassing having this inside a ‘guy’s house?’ what’s worse is that my mom ‘isn’t’ finish yet about designing this girlie room.

Oh, I don’t even want to imagine her putting roses and pink stuffs here.

I will never be able to enter this room again. Ever.”

I giggled at his funny rants. His mom sounds so interesting.
“And this is my room, I haven’t had the time to fix stuffs here or even add some furniture to make it more boyish. I loved to make this room blue if I had the time.”

“Your room looks so relaxing, you never wanted to leave the sea do you?”

“Haha! How’d ya know?”

“Your room says it all.”

I said with a smile.

Then I gasped as I saw something at the corner of his room
“Wow, what an awesome sound system! You’ve got a lot of CDs, you loved music? Oh my, you also like guns n’ roses? Oh, Breaking Benjamin, Aerosmith, Bon jovi, David cook , FM static… and many more great bands and composers. Oh, so many, all of these are also my favorite! ”

I got pretty excited and rummages his CDs, there are so many. He had classics and modern songs.

He chuckles.

“Yeah, It was one of my favorite relaxing hobby. Listening to music and lazing around. Wow, you really liked those? Some of the people I’ve met say old bands are kinda lame nowadays but whenever they hears the song again, they would never stop singing along.”

We laughed.

“That is so true. Old songs have the most beautiful melodies. You cannot just find a beautiful songs in modern music but luckily there are some who are really gifted musicians that makes beautiful songs as the old ones.”

I smiled at the CDs softly.

“Wow, you sounds like you loved music more than your life.”

He muttered softly and I paled. This guy really has the gift of ‘instinct’ does he?

“Yeah, more than my life.”

I muttered absent-mindedly my thoughts wandering about the only happiness I had before with music.

“Alright, this will be your room. So, be comfortable to do anything you want, well… except rummaging into my cabinet, especially that drawer. It would freak me out to see you finding my underwear.”

He said with a very amused voice and I know that he’s trying to change the topic and make me feel better.

Was there really something in my face?
How does he know when and what to say?

I giggled at the ‘underwear’ part.
“Where are you going to sleep? You don’t sound like you wanted to sleep with me… um I mean, ‘sleep’ literally.”

I blushed at my words and he smiled amusingly.

“no, no, no. of course I won’t sleep with you. ‘Sleep’ literally.”

He repeats my words with a smile.

“There’s still one room that was decent enough to sleep on but I won’t let you sleep there. My room’s more comfortable.”

He said it like I don’t have to argue on sleeping at the other room but I can’t let him sacrifice too much for me.

“Can I see the room then?”

“Oh, sure. It’s just right beside my room.”

Jasper said while opening the door and held out his hand in front of me.

“Ladies first.”

He muttered hilariously with a silly face. I giggled at his reaction and went out the door.
“Oh, I think this room suits me. Can I stay here?”

I said trying to sound innocent. He looked me into the eye with an amused expression.


He said smiling. Oh, he knows what I’m thinking.
I bit my lip trying to hide my smile but I’ve failed. I sigh, admitting defeat and rolled my eyes.

“Alright, I feel so guilty for stealing your room. Please, let me sleep here.”

He just gaze into my eyes amusingly and smiling like he was laughing at me.

“Please, it would make me comfortable.”

I pleaded with exaggeration. His smile turned into a grin.
Did his background brighten a bit? Ohh, the way he smiles...

Oh my, that smile really makes my heart race…

His cobalt blue eyes are so beautiful, and that smile…

That boyish smile

That... smile....

I gasp.
‘Um, what the hell am I doing…??’ “Um...”

I cleared my throat and heat crawls into my cheeks and ears. What the heck am I thinking?

'Shhh! go away! I need to concentrate or I will look like an idiot...'

I started and licks my lips.

“It would really make me ‘happy’ if you’d let me stay here.”

I said emphasizing the word ‘happy’.
His grin turned into chuckle.

“Haha! You do know how to use your charm.”

He sighs amusingly and shakes his head.
“Alright, you win. But you can always tell me if you wanted to swap places, okay? Promise me to tell me so, if you suddenly feel uncomfortable here.”

I grin at him.

“I promise.”

I said reassuringly. He really is a nice guy… a VERY nice handsome guy.

‘er, did I just said handsome?’

Gah, what is happening inside my brain?!
“Okay, you said it. So, I’m going to leave you here for a while. Take rest or something.”

He said thoughtfully.

How does he always know what I need?
“Um, Jasper?”

Wow, my heart seemed to have swollen up after I said his name. He really does have a nice name.


He said, still smiling gently at me.

“I haven’t had the chance to say thank you to you. Really, I thank you with all my heart for letting me stay here even though I’m a complete stranger.”

I said whole-heartedly and suddenly, I felt so fragile and emotional. I had realized how big this thing is, of how much he’d helped me. Tears start to prick in my eyes.
Jasper’s eyes and face softens and held my hand so gently, It felt like a feather.

“You’re welcome. I’d be glad to help you out. Really. So if there’s anything you need, promise to ask me, okay?”

He muttered with a feather-liked softness and I blinked my tears that were starting to fall. It would be embarrassing to cry in front of him.

His eyes are so genuine and understanding.

I nodded as I don’t trust my voice right now.
He kept holding my hand very gently.
I could feel his earnest heart that will be ready to help me if I broke down.

It made me so emotional.

“Thank you…”

I whispered softly so my voice won’t tremble from the tears I’m holding on.

I’m not sure if he heard me---

Then, I hear his soft whisper.

“You’re welcome.”
---but he heard me... Yay, I've finally finished this up. This chapter has really took my time but it's worth it. ^^

Thank you again and again for reading my first Sim story, 'Message in a Bottle'

I'm so happy with your comments.

I hope you will still continue reading this because the story's just getting started and I would love to hear your comments about this.

Again, Thanks a gazillion!

Chapter 4 comin' up:

The two seems having a special understanding and getting along pretty well for a first day. I wonder what will happen next?

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#1martoeleSep 16, 2013

Jasper is almost too good to be true. Nice continuation to the story! \:\)

#2FiyaaSep 17, 2013

This is so exciting!\:wub\: Can't wait for more!\:rah\:

#3NisukiSep 17, 2013

Beautiful chapter! And indeed he's so so so superb sweet. \:wub\: Can't wait to see more!

#4MarijaJSep 17, 2013

I need one Jasper! \:D AMAZING chapter and I love his music taste. \:wub\: The house is beautiful and he's so nice to her, even though she's a complete stranger. \:\) Also, I like those funny thoughts and the picture where she sweats haha \:D Great job Jusu ^.^ Waiting for the next chapter. :3

#5Katherine1091VIPSep 17, 2013

Awwww this is a really cute chapter \:wub\: He is so cute and sweet and considerate! A really handsome guy. \:D Breaking Benjamin is one of my favourite bands, too \:wub\:
I want to quote this sentence: "I’m still kinda worry if my story was good enough to entertain you." Please don't worry about that!! It's absolutely fantastic! \:\) I really love this story \:D

#6fruitopiaVIPSep 17, 2013

Screenshot 22 love it

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