Message in a Bottle- Chapter 4
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*Message in a Bottle: Chapter 4*
~Heart Shocker~

Hello everyone, thank you for reading, “Message in a Bottle”

I’m so glad you seems enjoying this, and I’m doing my best to keep it interesting. ^^

It took me a lot of screenshots here and been switching characters for screenshots but it was fun!

Thanks again to CC artists!~

I hope you enjoy this!

They arrived at Jasper’s home with a very interesting start, what can possibly happen next…?

*Message in a Bottle: Chapter 4*
~Heart Shocker~

Hello everyone, thank you for reading, “Message in a Bottle”

I’m so glad you seems enjoying this, and I’m doing my best to keep it interesting. ^^

It took me a lot of screenshots here and been switching characters for screenshots but it was fun!

Thanks again to CC artists!~

I hope you enjoy this!

They arrived at Jasper’s home with a very interesting start, what can possibly happen next…?
…I can hear… those loath-filled voices again… “…what are you doing?! Get up from there, it’s disgusting! You need to learn---” “…I’m busy, get out from my office! I will—“ “…no! you mustn’t play that kind of easy---“ “…you must obey---“ !!! My chest feels so heavy and just like in the dream, I am breathless. It was exactly the feeling of almost getting drowned.

It was just a dream… It was just a dream…

I comfort myself as keep my breathing steady and waited for my heart to calm down.

Jasper’s memory came flashing through my mind.
A giggle came out from my throat and surprises me.

Just thinking about him calms me down… what is with him, anyway?
I unconsciously smiled at the memory of him and I remembered the heavenly taste of his seafood spaghetti yesterday… I sat down comfortably on the soft bed and let my mind gather together.

My thoughts traveled into the past and the painful memories I got but I tried to remove those in my mind and starts thinking of a plan.

What will I do from now on?
I sign. I don’t really know where to start. What if I look for a job? Well, that’s a pretty good idea… but what job? I don’t have my diploma and certificates with me and as I could use them that carefreely..

I sigh again.

But at least I got lucky and met Jasper, he was too kind and offered me his home.

I would be sleeping on that same bench if I he hadn’t approached me. I smiled at the thought of him.

He doesn’t ask for sensitive questions and if he does unconsciously, he will not push me to answer.

He’ll just smile and laugh it off. He’s such a sweet guy and feel really guilty about being quiet.

He even gave me a pretty name. I liked it very much and I unconsciously accepted it as mine.

My heart aches.

I wish that name would be mine.

I hated my name very much.

It was a name given to me without even a slightest love in it.
My parents…

I suddenly felt tired and closes my eyes. I didn’t realize I drifted off.
I can’t seem to stay or sit at a same place.

Hah, those eyes really haunt me…

“It’s kinda heartbreaking to see her eyes like that. I hope she’ll be okay, Hmm. I wanted to help her but I don’t know what I can do for her.”

He sighs. Then an idea sparks into his mind.
“Oh, I Better make her some of my seafood spaghetti. I’m sure it would lighten her problems a bit… well for a few hours.”

I laughed silently at my thoughts.

'Oh, well. It’s better to do something than nothing. It may be a simple thing but it was the thought that matters.'
*He prepared the ingredients and Jasper starts his specialty with a happy face and a silly whistling. * *After a few minutes, the meal was done perfectly and the heavenly aroma filled the room*

“Oh, better call her up.”

*He went down the basement where are rooms are.*
Oh, she’s sleeping but I need to wake her up for food. Hmmn, I also need to replace this glass door for her privacy.

Jasper knocks softly at the door, enough to wake her up.

“Erin~ sorry to wake you up but you need to eat.”

He tried to not to call her too loud, she seemed so tired.

Erin’s eyes blinked open and she realized she fell asleep.

Her eyes are heavy and she’s feeling a bit disoriented.

“Sorry to wake you up but you haven’t eaten a thing since we ate lunch.”

She hears him say and she looks at him sleepily at the glass door.

Speaking of food… She’s hungry.
“Sorry, Sorry… I fell asleep.”

She said in confusion, still dozing off and starts to walk towards the door, then followed Jasper to the dining area.
“Wow, Jasper! You’re amazing!”

Erin exclaimed with shock while chewing the spaghetti. Oh, it feels so good the way it melts in her tongue.

“I’m glad you like it. My spaghetti is a real problem remover, well… for a few hours.”

He chuckles and he puts a huge rolled spaghetti in his mouth.

Erin’s face softens, he really is a good person. It makes her want to be stronger.
Her thoughts were cut off when she saw how Jasper eats.

He always loads his mouth with huge amount of food, making his cheeks puff up and his lips so small. He looks so cute, like a child enjoying clearly his food. By the looks of it, he likes to eat with his mouth full.

She giggled quietly.


Jasper said with huge eyes and cheeks puffy with food.


She said smiling and continued eating her food. Yum, it really is delicious.

They ate their dinner with a smile.
“Oh, by the way. Let’s go out tomorrow. I don’t have any work that day, luckily.”

He said after a few moments when they were about to finish the food.

“Where to?”

She asked while chewing up.

“I’m sure you haven’t gotten around here but there’s a summer festival at the park, It’s such a good event to miss it.”

He smiles his boyish smile and but Erin hesitates.

Is it okay to have fun at the time like this?
“C’mon, forget your problems for now. Let’s have fun. We’ll go crazy! I promise you it would be fun.”

He said with great excitement and enthusiasm.
His enthusiasm was infectious and Erin’s eyes finally sparkles with excitement.

She giggled.

“Go crazy?”
“Hell yeah! There’s a lot of fun activities there, it would be awesome! And oh, I’m not allowing you to be shy because you will never enjoy yourself. You can pretend that were best friends from our past lives and got separated because of the civil war.”

It was fun listening to him talking like that, his excitement was contagious.

She laughs at him and his face turned into an amused quizzical expression.
“Hey, I'm serious! Oh, and by the way, you should buy more clothes and girly stuffs, A girl should always have everything she needs to be presentable.”

He said as a-matter-of-fact and she was surprised about it.

“Err, you sound like you are used of women around you. Are you a playboy or something?”

She smiled carefully and was stunned the way she’ve felt.

Her heart squeezed for about a nanosecond.
What was that?
Jasper laughs at her and scratches the back of his neck.

“Haha! I know I'm handsome but I don't go out with girls just like that.”

He said with a funny fake-arrogant-confidence.
“I have 3 stylish sisters and a very girly mom, so me and my pops are the only men in our house.”

He said with an amused disapproval on his face.

He has three sisters, interesting.

Maybe that’s why he’s so kind with girls. The thought makes her smile.

“Really? No wonder you know so much about makeup when you told me about my ruined face a moment ago.”

She said grinning at her fork while playing with the little food left in her plate.
“Urgh, as much as I don’t want to know about it, my sisters and mother would always talk about girlie pink fluffy stuffs. God, can you imagine how mortifying it is with me and my father?”

He chuckles after he remembers his family.
“They talks about makeups, dresses and hairdos all the time. And when I say, ‘all the time’… as in ALL THE TIME. In the family living room while we’re watching TV, everytime in front of the dining table when we’re eating our meals, in our backyard when we’re having a small barbecue party...” “… and the worse part is, they would always come to my room, the only place that can hide me away from those pink stuffs, and would come storming inside whether I‘m sleeping or not and asks me about their new dresses, or how they looked like and why they were wearing that kind of makeup.”

Jasper shakes his head with great disapproval and his face twisted into a funny expression.
“The worst days are when they decided to play Barbie doll dressing-up. They would make me sit at their bed ALL DAY to asses their clothes combination. As if I know those stuffs! or even interested.”

Erin giggled as his funny rants and the way his face twisted in different expressions of amuse, disapproval, funny disgust and ‘can-you-believe-it?’ expression.
“But you love them.”

Erin muttered surely and softly.
Jasper's face softens.

“Of course, I love them. They were sweet and lovely girls. It was fun watching them getting excited about girlie stuffs but sometimes they would go overboard. My pops has the talent to avoid bugging him and laughs at me whenever I’m helpless in the middle of squealing girls.”

He laughs at the memory.
‘What a sweet family…’

Erin whispers in her mind and a heavy envy came running through her heart.
“I know how important girlie stuffs are for girls like you, so I want you to have them. It would make you comfortable.”

He said and her thoughts went back to reality.

He’s so sweet.

The thought made her smile, all the uneasy feelings fades.

“Oh, and you should buy beach dresses and swimsuits.”

She blushes at the thought of swimsuits.

“Ehh… swimsuits?”

She muttered uncomfortably.

“Why are you being shy? As if it’s your first time wearing those!”

He chuckles at her expression.

“Um… I did wear bikinis… when I was 6.”

She muttered shyly and Jasper burst out laughing.

“Seriously? You’re funny. I can understand you’re an extremely shy person but if you’re with me, It’s a sin for not having beach wears.”

Erin couldn’t help herself from giggling quietly at his choice of words.

“A sin?”

She exclaimed with a grin on her face.
“Well, you know… half of my soul is in the ocean. It means, you are spending more than half of your life in the beach while staying here. So, I’m not accepting no for an answer.”

He grins his jaw-dropping boyish guy-next-door smile.

“Well, okay but I think, I needed to get drunk first before wearing those.”

Jasper looks at her with huge amused eyes then throws his head back and laughs heartedly.

Erin giggles out of his reaction.
Their laughter echoes through the place. “Pffft…”
An uninvited giggled escaped in my throat as I remembered our dinner last night.

Jasper really is a very interesting person. I can’t imagine I had that whole day laughing.

Staying with him for just a day… he made me laugh more than my 22 years of life.

“Alright, I need to get up.”

*Erin walks slowly out from her room and went to the kitchen.*
“Good morning, Jasper. That smells wonderful.”

Erin said yawning.

Jasper was putting some food in the oven and looked up to her.

“Good morning to you—whoa! Ouch!”

Erin jolted in surprise.
“Are you okay?”

She asks carefully with a twisted expression on her face as she peeks at him.

“I’m fine, I just burned my hand a little.”

He said laughing at himself, shaking his injured hand.

“You surprised me! You look good in red. That nightwear looks great on you.”

He smiled his dazzling smile at her and she blushes.
“Oh, Stop teasing me.”

Her cheeks are on fire.
He laughed and stood up.

She blushes more to see his naked chest.

“So, how’s your sleep?”

She tears her eyes out of his abs with her face scarlet.

“Umm… well.. Yeah. Er, I mean i-it’s fine.”

She stammered looking away.
“That’s great! By he way, I hope you haven’t forgotten about our plans for today?”

She hears him say and her face snapped back at him.

Oh, yeah. They’re going out today. She smiles.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Great! It will be fun.”

He exclaimed enthusiastically and everything around him seemed to brighten, It makes the day beautiful.
The oven pings and they happily arrange the table, eats their breakfast with small conversation. After they had eaten and washed the dishes, they went to their rooms to change clothes… “Oh, will you look at that. You look refreshingly beautiful.”

“Eh, don’t tease me. Hmn, well you’re not so bad. You look… great.”
Erin smiles a shy smile that made Jasper’s heart melt. Jasper smiled back with his ever boyish guy-next-door smile. It made her heart beat fast. “I think I’m going to have a headache.”

He groaned with an amused expression.

“Huh? Why?”

Erin asked confused.

“I think there’ll be a lot of guys that are going to watch and look at you.”


She asked with more confusion and Jasper scratches his nape.
“Remember what I’ve said yesterday? You have a snowy white skin and all the people around here had tan skins. That’s the one of the reasons why you will stand out. Ugh, I think I’m going to get my fingers ready so I could stab their eyes out to leave you alone.”

Jasper explained with a funny expression and Erin blushes more.
“Shut up… You’re exaggerating, that’s not true!”

Jasper chuckles.

“Ha! Let’s see later.”

He smirked at her and Erin just rolled her eyes with amusement.
They went to the seashore and loaded again into Jasper’s speed boat. He made her wear a suit so it would not ruin her dress, Erin was touched by that small gesture of kindness.

After they arrived at the said summer festival, people really are looking at her and Jasper laughs at them, whispering to her, ‘I told you so...’ And she blushes.
They played and went roller skating. Erin almost fell down many times but Jasper was holding her hand and laughing at her. It was her first time so, it was a challenge to her.

They played around, eat some stall foods and got crazy.
“Hey, let’s join the eating contest.”

Jasper said suddenly and Erin gasps of horror.

“A---Ahh… No way!”

She exclaimed out loud that made her British accent sounds funny.
Jasper held her hand and drags her running to the eating contest stall.

“N-no! I can’t! I would only embarrass myself, I can only eat little.”

She exclaimed nervously trying to slow them running down.

Jasper laughs freely.

“No! It'll be fine!”

He grinds a mischievous smile that made her pale. What a naughty Jasper!
“N--no! I can't even finish a single hot dog sandwich!”

She exclaimed mortified but Jasper was in his playful mode.
“It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's the experience that's important. Well, I like to win, so I'll never go easy on you.”

He shouts through the loud sound of the park's stereo, smirking.

The music from the eating contest grew louder and she can’t help herself laughing out loud.

“Hahaha! You’re crazy!”

She shout through the loud music and Jasper’s infectious laugh mixed perfectly with the music.

“Just as I said... go crazy!”

He shouted back cheerfuly looking at her with a very happy face.

“Haha! Crazy!”

She shouted hilariously.
They laughed their way to the eating contest. The eating contest started… Jasper took huge bites and chew the hotdogs with great speed… … While Erin seems to laugh more than eating. She’s trying her best though… with her tiny bites while making sure her plate isn’t messy. And ends with Jasper as a winner.

Erin giggles hilariously at him, he does have a huge stomach. She wonders where all those foods going in his body?
And just after Jasper got his price, it started raining so they had ran their way to the nearest restaurant They chattered happily while waiting for the rain to stop. They arrived back home laughing. “Ha, I'm beat. Did you have a good time?”

Jasper asks smiling a tired smile at her.

Erin was tired too but she feels so alive inside. She has never been so happy like this before.

“Yes. Very, it's all thanks to you.”

She whispered softly with her eyes melting into his. Jasper saw how much that day meant so much to her and his face softens while his heart sinks with mixed emotions of sympathy and happiness.
“You’re welcome, I’m glad you had a great time. You can go to your room now and take a rest. I need to navigate this boat, we’re moving to another Island. I have to work there tomorrow, so you can do anything you want here. But I suggest you to never leave the house first or go anywhere far, you might get lost.”

He said with a smoothing aura and Erin was very touched by his kindness. He’s really thoughtful.
Erin stares at him with touched and soft eyes. Her heart seems beating slow and heavy.

Something was magical for a moment.
Some emotion was pulsing through her heart and without thinking… She kisses him gently in his soft cheek.

Jasper was stunned from the shock.
“Thank you so much for this day, you really know how to show a girl a good time, thank you.”

She whispered softly, her warm and sweet breath lingers through his cheek and nose.

He was too shocked to respond, thankfully Erin doesn’t seem to realize his reaction and with a smile, she walks her way through her bedroom.
*cricket singing* I don't know how long I'm standing and holding my cheek like an idiot here.

I just kept on holding my cheek with a great and silent disbelief.

“Did she… really did that?”

I muttered like a fool.

“Pfft...” “HAHAHAHAHA! That girl really is interesting. I got kissed for being crazy the whole day, unbelievable!”

I’m laughing like an idiot, I don’t know why I feel so happy. I feel like an old delusional geezer.
Then, a warm feeling flooded through my chest while remembering that sweet girl.

“She really is an unpredictable girl.”

I signed with gentle adoration.
*and while Jasper was laughing like an idiot upstairs, Erin was changing into her long nightie when she seemed to realize what she did.* “Oh, plumbob… I--- I kissed him. Oh my god, why did I do that?!”

I muttered to sharply with mortified and embarrassed feeling at the same time.

What was that that came into my head?!
“What a Heart shocker.”

Jasper and Erin muttered to themselves in unison with perfect timing… without knowing.
And now, they are off to Shelly Shore Island…

Alright! Things are getting cheesy~ *laughs

Thanks for reading this chapter, it was one of my personal favorite. ^^,

The more I release chapters, the more anxious I seem to get. O.o
It was my first story released publicly so… that’s why haha!

I was surprised how long this chapter is o_O
but it would really ruin the flow of the story if I made this short. Sorry ^^;
I hope you’ve enjoyed this. The story was a bit slow-paced, so please forgive me… I like long stories xD

Chapter 5 comin’ up!
-Ohhh… romance is in the air! New friend, new life, new island, new world, new love?
Stay tuned! :)

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#1martoeleSep 22, 2013

Erin can really be thankfull to have met a boy like Jasper. It was not a very 'active' part but they had a good time and in each story there often is an - in between chapter - for the sake of the story itself. \:\)

#2NisukiSep 22, 2013

You made me feel intimidated in the beginning O___O ! My parents are like that.. PERFECT, IT'S PERFECT. Where can I get my own Jasper? Hahaha \:wub\: A chapter like this is needed once in a while ^o^ By the way, YOUR SIMS OR GORGEOUS! Waiting for the next chapter :]

#3MarijaJSep 22, 2013

THIS IS AMAZING! \:eek\: I love how it goes slow, but the beginning is very mysterious, I can't wait to see what happened in her past. \:D
And just to mention, I've read your "About Me" and your really similar to Erin haha \:D
Waiting for the next chapter! \:wub\:

#4FiyaaSep 23, 2013

This story really made my day! \:wub\: I rate this 5!! Yeahh\:rah\: Seriously can't wait for chapter 5!\:wub\:\:D

#5AlessaFayeSep 23, 2013

That explains his makeup knowledge! \:D It was such a cute chapter, and your sims are so gorgeous!

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