Message in a Bottle- Chapter 5
Published Sep 28, 2013

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*Message in a Bottle: Chapter 5*
~Paralyzing Words~

Hello there, sorry for the delay, I've been busy writing some books at the same time, creating new casts for the story ^^

anyways, here's the chapter 5. I hope you like it.

Thanks to all CC artists!

From the previous chapter, there is something developing between them... will they realize it?

*Message in a Bottle: Chapter 5*
~Paralyzing Words~

Hello there, sorry for the delay, I've been busy writing some books at the same time, creating new casts for the story ^^

anyways, here's the chapter 5. I hope you like it.

Thanks to all CC artists!

From the previous chapter, there is something developing between them... will they realize it?
It's been three months since I came here at an Island called Isla Paradiso, Autumn is here and winter is almost there.
My days with Jasper are... well, the best.

There's so much we had in common and we didn't fight even once. Well, except for a few teasing arguments such as ‘Egg sandwiches are better than Hotdog.’ Nonsense debate.

Every day is always unpredictable, because Jasper prefers it that way. He rarely plans about what to do next.

He just keep on doing his small routines and going to his sometimes-big-sometimes-na-uh’ variety of jobs.
One day, he's a bartender. . . . . . then after he's a scuba diver with a job of hunting something. . .

. . .Or he can be a substitute soccer coach in elementary school students.
. . . at Some rare nights, he would go play guitar at certain bars but he told me that he's not accepting some offers to play more often to, according to him was to let him stay at home more often, especially at night, he just hate it when leaving me alone in the house when it's dark. Then one day, he would do some researching in his study room and then, goes to science facility for some research that I don't understand. He's mostly a Lifeguard though, well . . . knowing Jasper, he really can't leave the ocean. *giggles*

Yep, he's a hard worker . . . a REALLY hard worker. I admire him and I think he's a superhero. I told him that and boy, the way he laughed so hard . . . and whenever I remember it, I can't help myself to giggle at the memory.
I remember the night he came home from what he calls, 'Treasure hunting job' where he got requests from different people and asks him to get something out from the depths of the ocean.

I cooked him food for the first time to show my appreciation. I didn't know lobster terminator was his favorite.

I'm so pleased that he liked it very much.

So, he told me that, he was officially giving his kitchen to me. *giggles*

He's such a cute guy.
He taught me how to fish, how to water ski, how to scuba dive . . . anything that goes along with the sea.

It was so much fun! (Though I had to admit I had an awful lot of embarrassing moments when he was teaching me, I almost gave up.)
He was amazing in every way; he never fails to surprise me every day and every minute I’m getting to know him. There's also a time we talked about ourselves. Oh, take note . . . he didn't asks for sensitive parts. He told me that if I'm ready, I can tell about my past anytime.

I learned that his favorite color is Blue. (Well, it’s predictable, right?)
Lobster terminator is his favorite food and he doesn't have any allergies, what a lucky guy.
His birthday is on April 24, spring time. I laughed at him, telling him he has a ‘flowery’ birthdate and he gave me a funny disgusted face.

I also shared about myself.

I told him my favorite color is Lilac and my favorite food is shrimp.
I'm allergic to dust and peanut butter.

My birthday is on December 24, winter time.
He laughed so hard at me and tells me that my birthdate is on ‘Ice-age’ day, maybe that’s the reason, why I am so pale.

I smacked his shoulder playfully but giggles along with him.
I told him that I want to work; I need to help with expenses as well as to keep me busy. He agreed and we went to the 5-star resort he was working with and I choose to be a food stall crew.

The main reason is, I want to see him work as a lifeguard. He occasionally waves at me or give me funny faces. I never got bored.
By the time we had spent together, we’ve come to know the inside and out of each other.

(Well, except for my past, but I know someday, I may be able to tell him my story.)

We became best friends and we're always happy and laughing.
I hope this would last forever. . . "---rin! Erin! Yohooo~~!" I jolted in surprise as my mind goes back to reality.

"Oh, sorry about that."

I blush of embarrassment, I'm daydreaming again.
"You're such a daydreamer!"
Alex laughs at me.

By the way, this is Alex. . . my new friend who was also working here at the resort as a famous bartender.

Her whole name is Alexis Lewis. And just like her boyish nickname, she's a tough woman who is manlier than real men. (Well, that's what she tells me)

She’s a cool person to be friends with. She has a loud mouth and loud laugh but she is a sweet friend in her own special way.
"I know, sorry. Um, why?"

I smiled at her.

"Nothing, I'm just taking a walk and because it's not that crowded today except for some annoying group of girls, I mighta check you out."

My eyes flickered to the place where Jasper is.
They’re here again. . .

"Isn't they college students? Er, it's still weekday they must skipped class."

I mutter while watching them chat with Jasper.

"Well, because the hot shot Jasper is here as a hot Lifeguard. Those girls are willing to get drown just to receive a sweet mouth-to-mouth from him. HAHA! They have no shame at all!"

Alex laughed her loud cheerful laugh.

My eyes came to the girls and a stabbing emotion of irritation came to my heart.

Mouth to mouth?

Then, an image was suddenly come rushing to my mind: Jasper, giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to some random sexy girl.

My heart aches. What was that?
"So what?”

I blurted out with a very irritable tone that surprises both of us.
“Ohhh, Ms. Sweetheart has a teeth! It’s my first time hearing you snap like that, awesome!”

Alex laughed out loud and I blush.

“Sorry, I---I don’t know what came over me.”

I panicked and stare at her eyes with a soft apologizing expression.

“Aww, even a soft-spoken Erin would snap like that. It’s normal.”

She said while gesturing his hand like ‘It was no big deal’ expression.


I knotted my eyebrows in confusion.

“Well,yeah. . . because you like Jasper, right?”
I blushed scarlet and my heart pounded at the same time as my palms sweat.

I blinked at her, did she just said that I like---

“N-no, d-don’t be absurd.”

My British accent sounds funny as it goes along with my nervous, fake laughing and panicked voice as I stammer those words.
She did not just told me that.

That’s ridiculous.

But why am I so nervous? Maybe because no one asks me that question before, it made me uncomfortable.

Yes, that’s it.

I relaxed a little.
“Ohh? How can you not fall with each other? You two are both single, both attractive, both good person. And you live in a same house.”

She raises her eyebrows at me, she smiles a sly smile. It makes me uncomfortable.

“Y-you know it’s not the way it sounds like.”

I blushes more.

“I know, he saved you and it’s really understandable he took you in. but, hello~ girl, are you awake? He’s a nice catch; I will not believe it when you said you’re not attracted to him.”

She said with a teasing voice, her eyebrows now are going up and down.
“N-no. . . He’s my best friend.”

I snapped vehemently, clearly embarrassed of the topic.

“Eh? Really… hmmn, so. . .”

Her eyes was suddenly clouded by a . . . frightening desire?
“. . .can I have him?” What?!
My mind screamed.

I look at her with horror.
“Could you help me get closer with him. . . as a lover?”

My heart stopped beating hearing those words.

Those words are like a venom, It paralyzed me.
I'm already editing my screenshots... I hope I could finish it fast so, chapter 6 will be out soon.

Thank you again for reading this, and appreciating my story.

*hugs and kisses to you guys~*

Up next:
Erin's new good friend just ask her help to get closer to Jasper, will she accept it?

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martoeleOct 9, 2013

Nice part but I don't like Alex's mouth... Looks very unnatural... \;\)

MarijaJOct 1, 2013

This chapter was great, I love how Japser looks and how he behaves \:D But, Erin, FIGHT, I mean Alex looks like a sweet girl, but she can't be with him. I'll stick with Team Erin. \:D
Rated 5/5, awesome. \:wub\:

paulandrew092891Sep 30, 2013

Juzu... Nice story... Haha! Andaming kinikilig haha!

FiyaaSep 29, 2013

OMG!\:eek\: Is she serious bout that? NOOO!! Erin, fight!! haha. I'm so excited for next!\:wub\:\:rah\:

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