Sudden End - Chapter 6
Published Sep 19, 2013

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Hello sim-buddies! ..
Yea not funny xD Anyways, I hope you're still having fun with reading my stories. I want to thank you a million times!

Sorry for the long wait and rather short chapter. I will blast you away with the next chapter! Nah.. just kidding, I can't do that :x

Anyways, enjoy and have fun!

Thanks again to all
the fabulous amazing CC-artists!!!

Hello sim-buddies! ..
Yea not funny xD Anyways, I hope you're still having fun with reading my stories. I want to thank you a million times!

Sorry for the long wait and rather short chapter. I will blast you away with the next chapter! Nah.. just kidding, I can't do that :x

Anyways, enjoy and have fun!

Thanks again to all
the fabulous amazing CC-artists!!!
... I slowly walked closer as my heart felt heavy, but happy at the same time.

Do you know how it feels to lose someone or something, who meant the world to you?

Probably yes, there's always something dark or sad in your past.
I left the flowers I had with me, beside the graves.

"Hello.." I said and continued, "I want to tell you so much! Every feeling, every action, every thought,. I can, but not to the real you. It kills me inside that I'm not able to see you. Do you know what I mean?"
I sighed.. and started singing,

♫♪ "On this clear and melancholy day,
Full of thoughts of you, in my mind.
Ooh dear, please hold my trembling hands,
Any sadness, Any pain will be gone.
Maybe we will be together again,
In another life.." ♪♬

I shocked and turned around.
"Oh Lance.. I said you could wait for me in the car!"

He smiled and said "Well, I wanted to check on you and I won't regret it that I had come. Your song was sad, but lovely.. You should write a song for me later."
"If you pay me a million simoleons, I might consider." I joked. He was doing good in his music career and started composing songs for many great artists.

"I'm not even an artist! So you won't get a number one hit with me."

"Well Sylvie, maybe I will.. Anyways let's get back in the car, we have to be on time at the airport."

"Oke oke! I'm ready and hey.. now I've taken a closer look at you. Your clothes remind me of Santa Claus.."

"I AM your santa claus!"

"No, just no." I said, with shivers all along my body. I had the image of Lance in my head, with a long white beard and some extra fat on his body.. Yuck!!
Then we walked back.

Three months has passed by and we are going to a ski resort for two weeks.

Hmm.. I wonder how that ski resort looks like.. I have never been to one! Nika said that we should go to a beach house and have fun, but the thing she didn't thought about was, that it was Autumn and almost Winter.. Drew came up with a ski resort and we all agreed.

Our flight was this night, two days before christmas, which was not a good planning.. Because it's day-time over there now. That means we'll arrive when it's night-time too and it's probably busy at the airport! I had no idea who had planned the trip.

Here we come ski resort in.... wait, where was it located.. I forgot!
At the airport we met Nika and Drew. The four of us went to the airplane. Desira should already be at the resort with Elwin.

Oh well! For now, our mission is to stay awake in the airplane! Well yea..

Mission failed.

Then, we arrived in Saumore.
"N..Nika, we are at the right place.. Right?" I asked.

"Yes we are! But somehow the lights are off.. But heck! This is amazing, I haven't been here for a few years, but it's still fantastic!" She said enthusiastic.
"Anyways, Sylvie, I will show you around tomorrow!"

The snow kept coming down and I examined the building. It's huge.. Too huge. I don't like huge. But since it's a resort or something like that, it's normal, I guess.

The building looked magical, as if it came from a fairy tale. I wonder how the inside looks like. On the left and right side there were cars parked.

Then I felt someone touching my shoulder, which seriously shocked me. Next to me Nika screamed.
I turned around and looked straight into Drew's face, but immediately I turned away. "Sorry.." He whispered.

Nika was tickling Lance and was saying "How dare you to scare me like that!" and Lance could only answer "Stop! Stop! Stop!"

I had no idea how I had to act to Drew anymore. Nika and Desira took me out for dinner and told me.. That drew had always loved me.
It was weird to hear that.. and since I'm working for my grandparents now, I have to work with him and Eva. I think.. I'm just confused.

I looked up at Drew again "Noworries, you only startled me for a moment." I said trying to sound happy and smiled. He just smiled back.
We walked through the layer snow to the frontdoor. When we were inside, we looked around. There were only a few lights on and it was actually pretty cold in here. There was no one behind the desk and there wasn't any sign of someone.

Nothing.. No sounds, no movement..

Before I could ask something, Nika started yelling which made my heart jump. "HEELLOOOO!! ANYBODY HERE?"
"ARGH NIKA! Did you really think that someone would come after you scream like that? Jeez." I said to her still trying to lower the beating of my heart.

"Aw, but it never hurts to try! Drew, do you have any idea where we need to go or who we can call?" Nika asked.

Drew turned to us and wanted to say something, just when Nika gave a scream, which made everyone startled.
It was just a young woman.

"Wow wow! Calm down. Did I scare you? Well that's quite hilarious. Do you want me to tell you a horror story? Oh I'm sorry! I shouldn't be talking about that. Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome at Saumore's best resort! We didn't expect anybody, so yea. The staff is having a party at the moment! I'm sorry! Anyways, I'm Mira Dam. Do you need to register or are your names already in here? Let's go to the desk. Is it your first time here?.."

Mira talked and talked. Drew and Nika gave all the information. Mira informed us about a few stuff, told us some more stories and finally we headed to the elevators to go to our rooms.
Did I say rooms? I should say our own floor!

As soon as we came out of the elevators I took a quick look around. At the left side I saw some benches, a big tv and is that a massage table!? The other side practically looked the same. Boring.. And there's so much space which is left empty!
"Oke, listen." Drew started, "There's still one empty room at the left and two at the right. Elwin and Desira are sharing a room at the left. So yea, who goes where?" After what he said he yawned and you know what? It actually looked adorable.

"Well, I don't really mind. Anyways Drew, you look tired. Do you want to sleep together with Lance in one bed? OH! Or do you want Sylvie?" Nika said, but she sounded quite tired too.

I prod Nika at her side and she just smiled innocently.

But then..
Nika turned to Lance and said with a childish and overjoyed voice.

"OKE, I know how we are going to do it! I will share a room with Lance and the two of you go to the right and get those seperated rooms!

I wanted to object, but Nika shot me a creepy glance which made my mouth shut. She went through the door with Lance. Then I was alone with Drew.
I turned to Drew who just stared at the door which Nika went through. At the moment he saw I was looking at him he walked to an other door.

"Well.. I will show you your room. Then I will let you use the bathroom first.."

I agreed and followed him.

Seriously.. The next time I see Nika, she will need to payback. I know that she has been trying to couple us, but I just.. I don't think I'm worth it for him.. He's just a good friend! Too good.. There's probably someone better than me..

Wow wait, where did this crappy love stuff come from!
I walked through the door and really, this was the first time I actually liked the place. Wow, this looks kind of cozy. It's much better than all these huge rooms, with a lot of empty space. This was really better.

"E..e.." Drew said. I heard that he was nervous. Cute.. I've never seen him like that.. I frowned at him and smiled. "Hm, so Drew, which room will be mine?"

"Eh.. You can have the one behind that right door. It's just next to the bathroom. I will be in the left one."

I nodded and said with a posh voice "Oke milady Clyde. I will head to the little room where I will be preparing myself for bedtime!"

Drew laughed and said he was going to check on Nika and Lance.
As soon as he left I went to my bedroom, put my coat off and took everything I needed for the bathroom.

I entered the bathroom and wow. It was dazzling white! This wasn't going to help me to fall asleep, but I wanted a quick shower before I headed to bed.

Oh well, a warm shower is always good.
I took my clothes off and stood underneath the shower.
Drew sighed and said "I just knew that you'd be doing this Nika."

"Hey Drew!" Lance said "Look out, she has that huge stick in her hand you know.." Nika turned around and stared at Lance which made him step back.

Drew laughed "Hahaha. Anyways, Nika! Since you and Des told her that I like her, she's acting totally different around me."

Nika sighed and layed the stick down. "She just doesn't know what she wants. Drew.. I still need to talk to you about something."

Drew nodded. They talked for a while. Then Nika said that she would use the bathroom first and Drew said he was going back.

*Sylvie.. I've been wishing and hoping that you'll trust me and let me stay at your side. I truly loved you since we've known each other and learned all your perks and flaws.

But I.. I was too weak and dumb. I gave you to Elwin and left to Bridgeport, because I wouldn't handle to see you together with someone else. I was stupid..*

Drew knocked on the door "Sylvie, are you still in the bathroom?"

"Eeek! Drew! You scared me. I'm done! Just brushing my teeths!"
"Bah, you peeper!" I shout out, while my mouth was still filled with toothpaste and water.

"Hey, you said you were done and only brushing your teeth! You better finish quickly."

I quickly brushed my teeth while I saw that he was looking at me. I finished, walked up to Drew and stared back right to his face.
I wanted to start talking, but he was quicker and put an amazing sweet smile on his face which left me speechless. He probably saw my reaction as he stepped closer to me and gazed into my eyes. I stared back and couldn't take my eyes off from his darkbrown eyes.

"Sylvie.." He said and slowly put his hand up and touched my cheeck.

"I.." he just wanted to say something, but I ran past him and ran to the door which led to my room.
The door closed with a slam behind me. I leaned against the door and heaved a deep sigh.

Argh! why was my heart beating so fast. I.. Drew.. We are just friends.. I sighed again and shook my head. Why me.. How am I even supposed to face him again! I ran away in a moment like that. What did he want to say..

I tried to calm myself down and after a while I felt better. I stood up and walked to the bed.
I sat down and tried sitting comfortable.

Drew.. I've never thought about him as a lover. HOOOO wait, what was I thinking! I shook my head again and patted my cheecks.

But even if he does like me, I shouldn't act weird like this. Maybe I should go back and apologize. I don't know what to do..

I kept thinking and eventually I stood up and walked to the door, back to the bathroom.
... Poop plumbobs.
Did I really forget about the fact that he was in the bathroom! Why didn't I come at a better moment.

I wanted to go back as silent as possible, but the door behind me closed itselfs with a hard bang. I shocked and Drew immediately turned around, looking shocked too.

His eyes were fixed on me and before I could say something and run away, he rushed to me.
Drew pushed me against the wall and with a thud sound I leaned on it. "Ah! Drew stop that." I tried to say, but instead of words I gave a little squeal.
He didn't say a thing, pulled me closer to him and hugged me tight.

I didn't know what I had to do. I felt his warm skin against mine. So warm.. It actually felt nice. His skin was still a bit wet, but that didn't matter.

Then he backed off and stared into my eyes. "Sylvie.." He said and softly kissed my forehead.
"Before you ran away.. I just wanted to say,

I love you."

I hope you've liked it. ^-^

BTW! If you read this, good. because I'm going to tell something interesting! Well, maybe it's not but whatever!

I'm not sure about how long the story is going to last, I think five or six more chapters. I've sort of figured out the end, but I'm not sure.. XD

I have BIG plans for my next story. Nah just kidding, normal plans :P
I first wanted to do a normal fantasy/supernatural like story, but I promised a friend to write a horror too.

So I thing my next story is going to be fantasy/horror like. o:


ANYWAYS, Massive thanks for reading my story!
Huuuuge hugs from me and all my simmies!

Hugs & Likes for you!

♡ Suki

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#2jannikapralinSep 19, 2013

You really should write a horror! \:\)

#3megumiRikazukieSep 19, 2013

awi~ At last! My fav story ever~ \:wub\: hee~ he confess his love to Sylvie~ How adorable~ \:wub\: anyway, I'm looking forward the next chapter~ \:D

#4martoeleSep 19, 2013

Yes, it's a nice idea to do a horror story, thinking about Halloween gives it that something extra interesting.
How do you get these notes ♪♬ in your story? \:cool\:

#5AlquizSep 19, 2013

I would love a fantasy story!

#6mariacoraSep 19, 2013

nice chapter as usual \:D !!
well , I guess it's better to write an horror story haha \;\)

#7BluegardeniaSep 19, 2013

\:rah\:Very nice story!!!Beautiful sims!!!\:wub\:

#8smileface101Sep 19, 2013

Great Chapter \:\) I think Drew and Sylvie would be cute together \:\) I'm looking forward to your next story, fantasy/horror sounds interesting \:rah\:

#9MarijaJSep 20, 2013

AAAAAAH SUKIIIIII, I love this! And Drew is too beautiful, I just like how they look together. \:D I hope Sylvie won't reject him, since she's confused. And the house is amazing! Really beautiful, and the bathroom especially. \:D I can't get enough of this story, I'm hungry feed meeeee hahahahaa xD Anyways, rated 5/5 as usual, but this chapter is best so far. \:wub\:

#10AlessaFayeSep 21, 2013

They're so cute together! And definitely write a horror story! Looking forward to reading it! \:D

#11stinkybutt123Sep 25, 2013

I love that you keep changing the subtitle thing, Everything was perfect, Everything is perfect, it's a brilliant idea! Pretty exciting! \:D \:D \:D Cute chapter, your Sims are fabulously gorgeous! Oh my and the screenshots! I love it! Great work! \:\) bah bah bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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