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What are friends for?! chp. 5
Published Oct 5, 2013

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Hey guys, this is gonna be a short chapter. I just had a lot of stuff going on and didn't really know how to continue after Marcus arrived, but I promise to make the next chapter a long one.
-mischa :)

Hey guys, this is gonna be a short chapter. I just had a lot of stuff going on and didn't really know how to continue after Marcus arrived, but I promise to make the next chapter a long one.
-mischa :)
Marcus and I sat on the couch and talked for hours. He was a really nice guy and very smart. He told me that he came to college to become a world renowned surgeon which I thought was pretty awesome.

Molly: Wow, you want to save lives that's amazing Marcus. What made you want to do such a thing?

Marcus: Well in high school, I took an anatomy class and we took a trip to the hospital. We were able to get in and see a live surgery and it was amazing. Watching the surgeon perform a risky heart surgery, but it being successful and the way he gave that person a second chance to live. Made me change the path I was going down to a more positive one. What about you, what made you choose film directing?

Molly: When I was little, I got the chance to go to the screening of a Spielberg film and the craftsmanship that was put into the film. The way it brought a story to life was astounding and I wanted to do the same thing ever since. So, I tried to join plays, direct them, and I got shut down every time. But that didn't stop me from pursuing my dream to direct films.

Marcus: Such true passion for the arts is wonderful. We should totally hang out sometime, outside the house and school, I mean.

Molly: Sounds like fun.
It was fun hanging out with Marcus after classes and outside the house. Over the past few weeks, we met at the coffee shop... the movie theater... we've gone out to eat a few times by ourselves and then with Lacey... then sometimes we would end up at the bowling alley. It was great to know that Lacey and Marcus could be great friends. Even though they're the complete opposite of each other's personalities. Molly: Who knew bowling would be so boring, hahaha.

Marcus: You're just saying that because you lost a couple games.

Molly: Oh, whatever. I did have fun though these past few weeks. I never thought college could be this fun.

Marcus: Just wait til finals come Friday, you're gonna have the time of your life. haha

Molly: I'm gonna make sure that I pass, let's just hope that Lacey can.

Marcus: I'm sure she'll do fine.

Molly: If you can believe it, then so can I

Marcus: Come to my protest tomorrow

Molly: Protest? What are you protesting?

Marcus: I know it stupid, but I'm protesting the Yeti. You know, starting small and then working my way up to the bigger issues.

Molly: Sure, I'll come see your protest. It sounds fun and I've never been to a protest rally before, it's just so rebellious. I can't wait.

Marcus: Great, see you at the Quad around 4 p.m.

Molly: I'll be there.
It was the next day and Lacey and I headed off to the gym before a noon class. I was glad that we were making this a regular thing. It felt good having all this energy last could last through out the day.

Molly: I can really feel the burn, how bout you, Lace?

Lacey: I wish I could stop feeling it

Molly: You can do it, I believe in you.

Lacey: That's what you said last week and yet everything still hurts

Molly: Soon the pain will be your guide to continue on

Lacey: Yeah, whatever. So, Let's talk about Marcus and Molly sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Molly: You sound like you're five years old

Lacey: Spill it, I know you two have been hanging out these past few weeks.

Molly: It's good, it's really good.

Lacey: I only picked him because he is cute and rebellious, which is something you need. Someone that can take you when you can't.

Molly: I can take charge

Lacey: Yeah, whatever you say.

Molly: Let's go we're gonna be late to class.

Lacey: This conversation is not over

Molly: It is now
Once class was over, Lacey came up to me to continue our talk from earlier.

Lacey: Finish telling me what you think about Marcus.

Molly: Fine, Marcus is an amazing person with a good heart. I mean the guy wants to save lives, can you believe that. Once you get past the fact that he dresses like a rebel, you'll see that this man knows what he wants and he goes after it.

Lacey: Wow, that sounds like Kyle.

Molly: Who?

Lacey: Kyle, you know the guy back home waiting for your return.

Molly: It's been almost a month since leaving him a message and he still hasn't replied. So, there's no point in waiting any longer, Lace. I've moved on and I'm moving on with Marcus, if you want Kyle you can have him.

Lacey: I don't want Kyle.
Molly: Good, then let's go to a protest. Marcus is throwing one at the Quad in half an hour, wanna go?

Lacey: Since, when have you been interested in protest?

Molly: Since, Marcus was throwing one for a simple cause. Now, do you want to go or not?

Lacey: You really are changing, aren't you?

Molly: I guess that I am
We jogged over to the quad to see Marcus beginning his protest against Yetis'. It was insane how many people actually showed up to support the protest. Just looking up at Marcus and seeing him attract all these people to fight with him. I t made me appreciate what this man does ever more. It made me realize that he was the better man than Kyle. Yeah, Kyle wanted to be a five-star chef, but Marcus wanted to give people a second chance to live. You might say that I'm torn between the two, but in this moment I've made my decision It was even more surprising when he allowed me to get up there and lead the protest in chant. I was having the time of my life up on that podium. It felt great to open up and face everybody and yelling at the crowd. Once the protest, I went up to Kyle to congratulate him on a successful protest.

Molly: Congratulations, Marcus that was amazing and I'm just speechless. I've never seen something so surreal before. Not bad for your first one.

Marcus: Yeah, it was great the way everybody just joined in to get and add things n top of the subject. Hyping up the crowd to fight for or against Yetis' was awesome. It was even better when you joined me up there. It looked like you were having the time of your life up there.
Molly: Never in my life have I felt such adrenaline from people before. It got my heart pumping to fight the cause with you and being up there on that podium was the cherry on top. The way you had everyone in the palm of your hand hanging on your every word. I was just completely blown away. Molly: I've never been that type of person that wanted to be around people. I was always the shy one when it came to large groups of people. I knew when I looked inside their eyes, they would see nothing because I was invisible to everyone. But today when I got up on the podium, everyone could finally see me and it felt great. I wanna thank you for giving me the confidence to truly pursue my dream of becoming a film director. Now, I can go out there and be more social. I might even decide to become an actress. Thank you so much Marcus.

Molly: Marcus....
....... Marcus: You're welcome. If you looked into my eyes, you would see that the girl in front of me is very much real. I find her to be very beautiful, smart, and could kick my butt at bowling if she tried. I really like you Molly and I want you to be my girl. So, what do you say....

YES or NO?

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MarijaJOct 8, 2013

SAY YES! \:D I liked this chapter \:wub\: Rated 5/5. ^.^

NisukiOct 6, 2013

SCREW KYLE, that he doesn't even say a thing is just argh! Say yes, yes, yes! \:D

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