Instant Crush - Chapter 7
Published Oct 3, 2013

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Here you guys go!
Chapter 7!
I Hope you all Enjoy ^.^
Please leave a comment and a rating! :D
And I hope you enjoy the new Cover Picture for the story! :D

Here you guys go!
Chapter 7!
I Hope you all Enjoy ^.^
Please leave a comment and a rating! :D
And I hope you enjoy the new Cover Picture for the story! :D
Thomas- What is this about Bill?

Bill sighed and ran a hand through is hair.

Bill- I let her drink my blood.

Thomas scoffed and turned from his brother.

Thomas- how could you....
Bill- I thought she loved me!..... I thought she was the one.


Bill-I ..... thought once I shared my blood with her...our bond would grow and I would come to love her but.....

Thomas- She used you!
Bill- I was alone!!!.... you think that I don't care when you have so many relationships...but.... I hate it... I hated that I was always alone, you having a new girl by your side. Admiring you...most of them fell for you but you did not care! And there I was... Watching girl after girl heart broken and I envied you!..... Even the girls before Matilda that showed interest in me only used me to get to you!
Bill spat his words. He pinched his nose and tried to calm himself down while Thomas starred at his brother in disbelief...disbelief that his brother envied him and that he gave his blood to that witch. Bill- then....she came... She said she really liked me, wanted to be friends...she seemed so genuine.... and.... eventually we started dating.... she said she loved me but I couldn't look at her in that way... and I wanted to. I thought she was my only hope of being some-what happy and not alone after all these years...ALL THESE YEARS......
Bill took in a breath and looked at his twin..

Bill- That's why I did it..... so please do not make me feel less than I already do. YOU THINK I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!
Thomas- I'm sorry.....

They sat there in silence while Bill had his head in his hands. Thomas patted him on the back.

Bill-....... she wants more of my blood. she does not want me...just my blood.... it makes her more powerful..... That's.... all she wanted in the beginning.
Thomas- Look at you and Odette you think?

Bill shook his head and breathed out.

Bill- I feel that she is the one for me...I really do. It's a relief.... to feel..... what I wanted to feel for so long.
Thomas- That's because you stopped moping around and actually took my advice for once.

They both laughed, then the atmosphere became serious again.

Bill-....what are we going to do about her, Thomas.... she could ruin everything.
Thomas- We'll figure something out.......
Odette- You are never going to get in shape for the photo shoot with that attitude, dear.

Una- UGH!... I can you do that?! are cheating with your fairy powers.

Odette laughed and got up from her split.

Odette- You are the one who dragged me here to the gym and asked me to help you learn to be more flexible.

Una pouted and nodded her head in agreement.
Odette- Why don't we start with some dancing first then?... help you get in a fun mood?

Una- Sure...

Odette went to turn on the stereo when she heard a high pitch scream.

??? - OH MY GOD!!!! It's you! from the cover!! .... OH MY GOOOOOOOD, you are my idol you know that?!
Una stepped back from her screaming fan and smiled. She signed some photos of her self and the fan's cellphone.

Fan- Thank you so much! You are so sweet...awwwee... I can't wait for your new work..Okay... BYE!

The fan then ran off on her way to tell her friends.

Una-...hahahaha.... I kinda wish more fans would come up to me!

Una smiled and began dancing.
Una-... it such a good feeling!

???- You will learn to hate it..

Odette was turning the music on, so she was not able to catch the new figure that walked into the dance room.
Una- Oh no.... I don't think I could ever hate it.

???- Heh..

Una- I'm sorry.. what is your name?

???- ......... Sasha...

Una- Hi I am Una!

Una extended her hand but the girl walked right by to the other end of the dance floor, passing Odette. Una scrunched up her face in anger.
Odette- Wha??... whats wrong?

Una- Let's just get to training...

Una grumbled. Odette looked between her friend and the new girl. Something must have happened in the few minutes that Odette stepped away, she thought.

Odette- Ready?

Una began to dance and copy Odettes moves, Una Smiled and soon forgot the bad meeting with Sasha.
Odette- I'm going to go shower real quick.

Una- Okay! I'm going to just going to work out a little more.

Una continued to dance when she then saw Sasha quickly make her way to the showers, Una shrugged and figured she had somewhere to be in a hurry. She was glad she was leaving.
Odette stepped under the cool water and hurriedly washed her hair. She heard her someone walk in to the showers and saw the girl that was sharing the same room as her and Una. She stepped into the shower next to her.

Odette cleared her throat and looked over at the other girl.

Sasha- Hi!

The girl smiled and started to wash her hair.

Odette- H-hi...
Sasha- I'm Sasha! and your name ?

Odette- My name is Odette, nice to meet you.

Odette smiled and looked away from the girl.

Sasha- Could apologize to your friend for me, I really treated her wrong and...I was just in a bad mood... I actually would like to be y'alls friends!... I just moved here you see.

Odette stared at the girl as she continued to talk.

Odette-..uh..y-yea! That would be nice!
Sasha- GREAT! should we meet for dinner!!??, just us three..I really need some friends.

She frowned and begged. Odette nodded and smiled awkwardly.

Sasha- Oh wonderful!, SO, Little Bistro then, at 8 ?

Odette- Sure! See you there.

Sasha walked out of the shower room and Odette was left alone once again, Until shortly after Una came in and Odette explained what happened with Sasha.
Odette- Please Una, She is lonely and really wants to be our Just if you not like her still, you can leave.

Una frowned and entered the restaurant with Odette.

Sasha watched the two girls, Smiling to herself.

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fruitopia VIPOct 6, 2013

Sasha is the one that Bill and Thomas are speaking about.

Odette, girl you better watch your back.

heatherlulaOct 4, 2013

Love it I am addicted to this. I knew it would be that girl... Love what you have done.\:rah\:\:wub\:

NisukiOct 3, 2013

Oh my gosh. That.. That woman is that.. I KNEW IT!!!
What an absolutely wonderful chapter. Btw, I can't help it but..
HE SPARKLES! HAHAHA \:wub\: Sorry, but I just love it. Hehehe \:D
Oh one more thing. Someone's really naughty at scene 4. \:wub\:
I'm looking forward to see what happens next!

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